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^ '"'wV-O^r^ ''^^ r 'y ^:V V.V ^^-^^ '^7%- X- -.-■•; '.-^ >'V.>^ ^'V '^■v.- -: 

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Otoiiimerrtal {ntormntton^ 

*' poua rARTxyiE a bonns fov." ' 

Molto 4/^Ae Cti<Lt^ j&fmc>^ 

•00CSI9 ITK BUSUniSS TAXI CAES TO'.KUT lf)» jK^vi. CaiBD2T. 




• •• • • 

•.. • • • 


HisxoBT or Shbtfiild. . • ••• ▼ 

Parisb Church ... .• ... xizrii 

St. Paul's Church ... ... ... zUt 

St. James's Church ... .. xWi 

St. George's Church .. .. •• zM 

St. Philip's Church ^ ... ... zlWi 

St. Mary's Caiurch ... ... .. xlTiii 

£cclesall and Atterc1i£fe churches . . zliz 

Upper or Unitarian Chapel ••• ... zliz 

Ketfaer Chapel ... ... li 

Coalpit lane Chapel ... ... ••• li 

Howard street Chapel . . ... Hi 

Ijee croft Chapel ... ••• ••• Hi 

Garden street Chapel .•• •• liii 

Queen street Chapel ... ••• •»• liii 

Baptist Chapel ... ... liii 

l^orfdlk street Chapel ... ... ... liv 

Carrer street Chapel ... ... It 

£benezer Chapel ... ••» •• It 

Bridghoases Chapel ... .«• It 

Scotland street Chapel ».. ... Wi 

Quaker's Meedng-bouse ••• ... M 

Boman Catholic Chapel ... •• M 

Bow' street Chapel ... ... Ivii 

South street Chapel ... .• Ivii 

Shrewsbury Hospital ••• ... liz 

Hollis's Hospital •• ... .. liz 

Grammar School .. v* . - ; „••"• •*'•;.• i-^ Iz 
Boys' and Girls' Charity Scho»)l %. J^.\, . .^ ; ." -Iz 

National, Lancasteriauy and Si/A^ay Schoob , Izl 

General In6nnary ... ••..*""..> ' Izi 

Theatre and Assembly Rooms »• ; ^-'••i* ,*,''>' Izii 

Music Hall .. ... '^.. « • * Izii 

Literary and Philosophical Society . / : .« ' • ;.,• •** Ixiii 

Subscription Library . : r.t * ;' : .• • IzIt 

Mechanics* Library . . * * ' * 1 . Izit 

News Rooms ... .. ... IzIt 

Kewspapers ••• •• ... Izr 

Trade of Sheffield ... ... ... Izrii 

Xzcurslons from Sheffield ... «. IzTii 

List of Streets in Sheffield .. «• Iziz 

Public Officers, &c. ••• ... IzziT 

Post Office ... •• .. ... IzzT 

List of Coaches .. ... ... Jzxvii 

Ust ^f Carrlen, by Land and by Water •«. •• Izxzi 


*>^! PA«X. 

Alphabetical List of Merchants, Manufacturert, &c. ... 1 

Alphabetical Classification of Professions, trades, &c. ... lio 

Directory of Towns and Villages around Sheffield : — 

Attercliffe ... .. ... 157 

fiUckbum Wheel ... ... ... .. 159 

Bolehili .. .. ... ... 160 

Bradway •• ... ... ... 160 

Brigbtside^ Carbrook, and Tinsley , ..« .. 160 

Brightholmlee •• ... .. •• 161 

Canklow, Catcliffe, Treeton, and Woodhouse Mills 161 

Chapeltown .. • .. ... .. 161 

Crookes ... .«• •*. .. 162 

Damall ... •• .. ... 162 

Bronfield and Dronfield Woodhouse .^ '. • 163 

Dungworth ... ... j*. ... 167 

Ecclesall .. >. .. ... 164 

— ' Ecclesfield ... ... ... ... 164 _ 

£ckington .. ... ... ... 166 ' 

Ford, High Lane^ Ridgeway, Troway, &e. ... 167 

Greenhill ... .. . ... 167 

Grenoude ... ... ••• 167 

Grimesthorpe ... ... ••• 168 

Handsworth and Handsworih Hallgate ... 169 

Heeley, Nether and Upper, • ... 169 

Hill-Top and Hisst .. 170 

Masbro* ... ... •.• .. 171 

Mosbro' .. ... ... ... 172 

Norton and Himswortfa ... ... ... 173 

Norton Lees and Norton Woodseats .. ... 175 

Oughtibridge ... ... •• 174 

Owlerton - ... - ... .. •• 174 

Pj^fO^por^ • • ... - ••• ... 175 

lUvHtB^X*^ •* •*• 4* /•••* .«.. ••• •*. 175 

i&aMyi^Moci \:\: tlly. ... ... 181 

Shire Qreen '..'. ••*>**... .. .. 181 

Southey^'e^****** '•*:•• — "• ^®* 

Stann4ngtl>«.;*r**Y^;'': ...• •.• •.• 183 

5tdJr8/,«» •••«.. *•.• ••. ••• 183 

Th<9;i<flifre.l>0M;^mkt : ... ... - 183 

Upper*»altt4i.*:*..«;.^.:. .. ... 183 

Wadsley .. '* •• •.• ••• 184 

Wadsley Bridge .. ..* ... 185 

Walkley ... " •• ••. ... 185 

Wbiteley - ... • .. • .. ... 186 

Wincobank • .• • •*• ' **• 186 

Worral ... .. ... •• 18« 

List of London Bankers ... ... ... 187 

List of Provincial Bankers ... ... .. 18& 

Table of Stamps •• ... •• ... 203 

Btmovals and Alterations • .. ... 304 


In giving a descriptive sketch of the town and parish of 
Shemeldy we shall refrain from entering into a critical examin- 
ation of its doubtful points in its more early history, and con- 
fine our view to a general delineation of its most prominent 
features. On the minutiae of its early annals, the Rev. Josbph 
Hunter has been sufficiently elaborate to supersede the ne- 
cessity of any such inquiry. Nor would such an investigation 
aeeord well with the nature, plan, and intention of this small 
volume. To be brief and intelligible, rather than diffuse and 
obscure, is the chief object of this introductory essay, nor will 
, our subscribers and the public, we are persuaded, expect more 
at our hands. The vast mass of printed paper, which the press 
is daily pouring forth, will, unless it slacken, render perspicuity 
in arrangement, and conciseness in description^ a qualification 
absolutely requisite in every writer, or the leisure of ordinary 
men will be found insufficient to afford time to read the annals 
of his own immediate neighbourhood ; — but to proceed. 

In a topographical point of view, the situation of Sheffield, 
is rarely, if ever, exceeded. Surrounded . on all sides, as the 
parish is, by bold and abrupt swells of the earth, encircled by 
rivers and artificial lakes, at once rapid and gentlci and envir- 


oned by rocks and woods, tend to render its local site, a place 
of high interest and unparalleled beauty. Nor are seme ponions 
of its immediate neighbourhood wanting scenes of a character 
closely approximating to the picturesque. In the vicinity of 
Bradfield, and on the banks of the Don, Rivelin, &c., the hand 
of nature has been exceedingly bountiful. To whatever quarter 
in these extensive and highly-favoured vales, the observation of 
the visitant may be directed, gigantic hills, rugged rocks, and 
massy piles of terrestial matter constantly attract his attention, 
and excite an involuntary burst of admiration. To these 
scenes of natural beauties, the murmur of the cataracts, and 
the clattet of the noisy wheel, add considerably to the effect, 
and produce a sensation on the mind difficult to describe. 
These things do, indeed, exhibit nature's God, in. an attire the 
most lovely, while they create ideas of majesty, dominion, and 
power, nothing short of omnipotent. 

On the geographical situation, in reference to its local 
boundaries, it is needless to- dwell. A place so noted, would 
derive no advantage whatever from such notice, nor would our 
pages become more generally interesting, by detailing at length 
matters of such notoriety. It may, however, be requisite to 
.say something relative to its prpgress in population, as, on that 
«ircuro&tauce alone, an important and useful part of its history 

The earliest direct ' information, which we possess on the 
population of Sheffield, is that which' has been long before the 
public. On what occasion the estimate of 1615 was made, we 
know not, but the account itself is not lesa circumstantial than 
humiliating. At that period the ' baptisms wer& only 159 per 
annum, and the population ^,207 souls. ' The census which 
took place in 1736, would a|^ear, from Dr. Short's MS., to 
have been made preparatory to the erection of St.'Pliurs, when 
the population of the town had increased to 9,695 and the bap- 
tisms to 465 per annum. From the above MS., which must, 
have cost the author a life of toil and anxiety, it would seem 
that, in the. period which elapsed between the years 17S0 and 
174fO, the number of souls in several towns was taken ; hence] 
it would appear, that it is somewhat problematical whether thr 
building ot St. Paul's church was the sole cause which led t 
the estimate of 17S6. 

So far as a parish, register may be considered a criterion f( 
Judgment on the subject, that of Sheffield being tolerably co 


recUy kept, is a valuable dooDment*. lb 1561, the year in which 
the first entry was made, the baptisms there entered were only 
112, which, on a comparison with other known data, woold 
infer a population of about 1 ^500' In 1755^ the town had 
increased to 12,511 ; 1788, to 25,141 ; in 1796, 29,013 ; in 
1801, to31iS14"; in 1811, to 35,840 ; and in 1821^ to 

It. may, however, be necessary to remark, that the above cal- 
cnlattoiis are ccmfined to. the township of Sheffield, and do not 
by soy- me8n8'(tho8e'of) later date especially) comprise the ejLtent 
of the town of Sheffield; if continuity in streets, and contiguity 
in houses, constitute a town. On > the north andl noith-east 
sideaof the township -of Sheffield, and, indeed, on every other 
sidr, the townships . ofl Brightside-Bierlow, Ecclesall-Bierlow, 
and' Nether* Hallam, members of this parish^ would, by ^ving 
up a small part of their number, contribute, it is likely, to swell 
the present population of the town of Sheffield to 50^000 
or 55,000: souls* 

Id the more- earljr periods of its history, Sheffield, like most 
olhfer towtis, was but tardy in the multiplication of its inhabi- 
tants. Three centuries agp, the chief part of the population of 
Eingland waa employ^ in agricultural pursuits, and it was not 
until «oommeroial:efitdrprtse'calIed from the plough to the anvil, 
the' sons of' Ceres, that Sheffield began to exoeed its neighbours 
ia the number of its soul^ In 1592, the number of baptisms 
iath» four ndghbouxing: towns of Barnsley, Chesterfield, Don- 
caster,. aadiRotherham,. were as follows : — ^viz., Bkrnsley, 39 
per ami.; Chesterfieid, 65 ; Doncaster, 92; Sheffield, 117; 
and' Rotherham,.119 ; hence it will be seen, that Kotherham 
at' that time was equal' in population to Sheffield, and Don- 
castef but little inferior. 

The following table will be found a summary of the pre- 
ceding and subsequent brief remarks, together with the number 
of souls in the whole parish, at the different' periods of its his- 
tory, transcribed partly from the Rev. Edward Goodwin's 
Account of Sheffield, published in 1797, and partly from our 
own coUfcctiona, and the MS. remarks of Dr. Short ; — 



A.D. Fam. Males. Fem. Souls, 









Seven hundred and twenty- 
£▼6 of which were begging 
poor. One hundred house- 
holders, who reliered others. 
One hundred and sixty 
householders not able to re- 
lieve others, and 1,222 chil- 
dren and servants. 

Of these were Quaker &mi- 
lies, thirty-dxj souls, one 
hundred and seventy-two* 
Roman Catholic8,57i souJs^ 

In Sheffield Park and Manor, 
fiun. 207, souls 915. Nor- 
folk-street, fam. 113, souls 
34^ Ponds and Pond- 
lane, fam. 105, souls 455. 
New Church-st, Cheney- 
square, and Pincecroft-Iane^ 
film. 85, souls 464. 

Burgess-street, fam. 74^ souls 
404. Coalpit-lane, film. 31, 
souls 128. Fargate, Pepper- 
alley, Chapel -yard, fiun. 
220, souls 2,007. Church- 
lane, fam. 133, souls, 597. 
High-street, fam. 99, souls 
491. Change-alley, fiun. 
16,)»ouls80. Butcher-row, 
Change -alley, Jehu -lane, 
Bullstakes, Dixon - lane, 
•Butchers* Shambles, Shude- 
hill, Shearbridge, fam. 161. 
Castle - folds, Waingate, 
Bullstakes the other side, 
Butcher.row the other side. 
Back of Shambles, film. 105, 
Pudding-lane, Market-st., 
Market-place, families 63. 
Hartshead, Scargill-croft, 
and New-street, 151 fam. 

Hawley • croft, Sims - croft. 
Ratten -row, Broad-lane, 
Townhead-cross, Red-croft, 












Sua. 223^ Blind-lane^ Or- 

ctiards, fam. 108; Custle- 
• green -head. Water -lane, 

Millaattda, Snig-bill, fam. 

135. Westbar,,Bow8pring. 
, coat, Stone-crofU, and idl 

up to Townbead, aboTe 

6road-*lane^ on both tide^ 

764 fam. 






319 Roman Catbolies. 


360 Roman Catholics. 












15.483 15,831 



17,387f 18,453 35,840 






F««i; ' Hales. 




21 1 




AttercliffQ-cum- Darnal. 



Ecdesallwdthetwo Hallams. 










; ^,675 




! 1^041 







Halllim, Upper. 

















Hallara, ijjpper. 






Brigbtsidf - Bierlov. 





Attercliffe-cum- DarnaU 










Hallam, Nether. 





Hallam, Upper. 



Th« census of 1755 was taken by the desire of the Rev* 
James Wilkinson, but not in that regular manner as to ensure 
complete accuracy.' It was done by John Rotherham, and was 
proceeded in as follows : — He first tqokan exact number of th« 
families and souls in a certain portion of the town, and then 
the fiimilies only in the other part, as is noticed in the table^ 
and therefrom inferred the number of souls. This system 
would not be attended with the same correctness which attends 
later estimates ; but it is sufficiently near to answer the purpose 
for which we have introduced it. 

In every part of the parish, the number of inhabitants are ao 
rapidly increasing, that we should not wonder to see its popula* 
tion, in 1831, amount to nearly 80,000. The increase in the 
ten years which intervened between 1811 and 1821, was, in 
the whole parish, 12,044 ; and in the township of Sheffield, 
6,317. The entire population of the parish, in the latter year, 
was 65,275; unoccupied houses, 1,664. 

On the event of the memorable survey which took place in 
the reign of William the Conqueror, Sheffield was returned a» 
a member of the Manor of Hallam, and is said to have been 
inlandf an expression not easily to be understood ; nor doe» 
Mr. Hunter's explication solve the problem in a satisfactory 
manner. However, whatever might be the condition of Slief- 
field in the Saxon era, before the expiration of a century and a 
half after the advent of the Normans, the consequence of the 
Saxon Hallam gave way to its rival, and Sheffield for nearly 
six hundred years has been considered the head of the district. 

That it was of much importance under the Roman dpasty, 
it matter of doubt. No vestiges have yet been discovered in 
anywise calculated to impress an idea of that nature, nor is it» 
immediate neighbourhood traversed by Roman roads or marked 
by other relics of that renowned race of warriors. That they 
occasionally resorted to this immediate neighbourhood is, how- 
ever, as observed by Mr. Wainwright, in his History of the 
Wapentake of Strafford and Tickhill, — rendered more than 
probable by the masses of scoria which are found in every 
part of the parish and vicinity. Some few Roman coins have 
also been met with, and two manumission plates were found on 
the banks of the Rivelin in 1761. These indicia, however, 
are insufficient of themselves to stamp on the place where they 
are discovered, the dignity of a Roman settlement. They 
are portable, and therefore liable to be removed to places 


wkeie m Roman foot never trod nor Roman standard waa 
ever reared. 

We have already hinted that, of whatever importance the 
Manor of Hallam waa in the Saxon era, much of it was lost 
before the lapse of a century and a half subsequent to the con« 
quest. This change might be effected through the defection 
and ambition of its Saxon owner Waltheof. The high walk in 
which that noble Saxon moved, and bis influence in the society 
of that age, would have a tendency to render his residence a 
place of no ordinary consequence, and it is extremely probabla 
that the population of Haliam at the period of the conquest 
was but little short of 600 souls. The Lovetots, it is true* 
were a family of great respectability, but in nowise equally popu* 
lar with the high-souled Waltheof, whose alliances were not 
only noble but princely. Exclusive of this consideration tha 
chief residence of the Lovetots was at Worksop ; therefore, on 
the removal of the Saxon owner from this sublunary world," 
the great concentrating power which formed and held together 
a Saxo-Normanic community had disappeared without leaving 
a successor. 

On the erection or re-edification of the Castle of Sheffield 
by a De Fumival, and his constituting it the head of his ba« 
rony, a spirit of emigration would soon be manifested by our 
Hidlamshire ancestors, and the delapidated walls of the aula of 
Wdtheof would be deserted for those of the new owner reared 
on the banks of the Don and the Sheaf. This circumstance, 
it is probable, was the first cause that ultimately gave Sheffield 
that superiority which it has ever since possessed. 

At what era the Castle of Sheffield was first erected is now 
unknown, but it is obvious from the citations of Msdox, that 
it was in existence in the time of King Henry II., for Ralph 
Murdac, who was ShireJBT of the counties of Derby and Not- 
tingham ** accounted for the firm and profits of the barony of 
Lovetott, and was allowed for the decitme constUuUB paid in 
the several manors of that barony, and 2s.5d. for Castle guard 
of Tickhill Castle, and £4< 10s. for the wages of Gensdarmei 
that kept guard in Sheffield Castle belonging to the honour or 
barony of Lovetott." From a further quotation made by tha 
same vnriter, it would seem, that the true period of the founda- 
tion of that structure may with some probability be referred to 
a period sometime in the reign of that monarch, as the sama 
sheriff accounted to the king — ^in whose bands the barony then 


wasj for monies laid out in stocking and husbanding the londar 
belonging to tlie same barony, viz. in stocking the Manor of 
Sheffield with cattle, and idso the Manors of Worksop and 
Gringeley, and fbr monies laid out in tiDalling Sk^ffkld Castle^ 
Whether this walling may with justice be esteemed as fi>rmiDg.* 
apart of the oiiginal fabric, or surrounding one abready built i^ 
difficult to say. 

At all events, SHieffiWld at this period was making rapid ad- 
vances towards more than an ordinafy town, and although, like 
most others, it was comparatively tardy in the extension of ita 
commerce, it Ihid already effected much on the score of impnove* 
ment'inits internal comibrts« To a strong castle on > a com- 
manding site, may be added a bridge across the Don^. andiift' 
dl probability across the Sheaf also ; a church, an hospital, and' 
a mill. These were privileges at that time not universally ex*- 


If we were permitted to haeard a conjecture on the state of 
Sheffield at this early period; we should be inclined to limit itat 
extent to the Ponds on the south, the Old- Church on the 
west, and the lower part of West Bar on the north»west side.- 
Eet us not,- however, in givingit this extension aupposetfaaf the 
houses and^ streets were so compact in their formations as we 
now behold tliem» ' House was' not attached to bouse aa' at 
present, nor wore the streets bemuked in by btdwarks of build-- 
ings* A few straggling huts wen scattered' over the surfiioe, 
whichj together with their outhouses, oonsisting of' piggeries^ 
cowhouses, stables, Ac. all on one floors and annexed to the 
dwellings of the inhabitant^ constituted' our towna at tfaia 
period. The dwellings of twenty families in modem times 
occupy less room' than the dwelling of one in' the age idluded 
to ; hence it is easy to conceive, that a>towfi might- be widely 
^read, and the inhabitants very ^w. 

AtiWbat period of time the genu vraslaid, which was de^ 
tined>to rwse Sheffield to its present eminence as a cutlery 
mart! cannot now be ascertained; but the great number of cin^ 
der bills which so often meet the eye denote an origin of very 
early date. That the nucleus was deposited before Sie Roman 
era^and that our Brigantian ancestors were acquainted with the 
art of smelting is rendered manifest by the testimony of Ca9sar> 
^c: and the contents of barrows undoubtedly British. The 
difficulty, however, which attended the process of extracting 
this valuable metal from its drossy envelope would rend'er it 


both scaorce snd dear, hence it was that it became the circo- 
latiug medium of the Britains, and an ornamental appendage in 
the attire of our fiiir aboriginals. ^ 

With the process of smelting the Romans were well ac- 

Suainted, and it is a fact worth noticing, that notwithstanding 
lie scarcity spoken of by Caesar, Strabo, who lived about a 
hundred years subsequently, names iron as an article of expor- 
tation. A century and somewhat morea&er the time of Strabo, 
iron was again an article of importation, and sent to us chiefly 
from Germany ; hence it is reasonable to infer, that the artizans 
here in that branch were either better workmen, the zqaterial 
scarce, or a superior commodity was obtained from the conti- 

Before the age in which iron was either better known and . 
more appreciated, stones^ flints, thorns, brass, &c« were the 
only weapons with which our ancestors were able to pierce th« 
scaly armour of the fish, dress their victuals, form their canoes, 
slay their enemies, and perform their sacrifices. Arrow head^ 
made of flints have been found in this neighbourhood, and 
many others may be seen in the cabinets of the curious. 

That smelting ore and artificers in iron were cultivated and 
encouraged here soon after the conquest, may be gathered from 
the charter of Richard Builli made to the monks of Kirkstead 
in the reign of Henry 11. As the charter is curious and of 
considerable importance in the history of this neighbourhood, 
we will give so much of the original deed as relates immediately 
to the subject in question. This we will beg leave to do from 
Mr. Wainwright's transcript. (See Introduction, p. xxxiv,. 
where the matter is treated more at large.) After the usual 
formula the deed proceeds to state that they ^^ dimisisse mo- 
nachis de Kirksted unum managium in territorio de Kymber- 
worth ad domos suas et ortum et quatuor forgias faciendas ; . 
doas scilicet ad quoquendum ferrum et duas ad fabricandam, 
quandocunque voluerint ! et mineram ad fodiendum per totum 
territorium ejusdem villse, quantum sufficit duabas ignibus, et 
mortuum nemus de Kymberwyth quantum sufficit Dus quatuor 
ignibus, et pasturam ad decem animalia, et quatuor equos, in 
communibus pascuis camporum eorum." 

Here the learned reader will observe that Richard de Builli 
gave to the monks at Kirkstead, amongst other things, four 
forges, viz. two for smelting the ore, and two for wor^ng the 
iron, with liberty to delve for coal for two fires ; and dead wood 


safficient'for four, throughout' the territory of Kymberworth* 
ThiSy as Mr* Wainwright remarks^ is presumed to be the first 
nention of the staple trade of Sheffield any where to be founds 

For two centuries subsevjuently to the conquesti the state of 
commerce generally is but little known, and that of the cutlery 
branch still less. The changes in society effected by the con- 
quest were of a character but ill calculated to advance its in- 
terests or promote its culture. The' Normans were warriors by 
profession, antl the martial tinge which coloured almost every 
action of life saon became the most prominent feature in an 
Englishman's character* 

Anxong the export^of the next century, iron formed a small 
part, but lead and tin were the chief metals that found a fo- 
re^ markets In this century the cutlery of Sheffield is spoken 
of by Chauoer, and no doubt can possibly exist but that it was 
then the chief, if not' the only pkce in England where hwittlte 
or Wittks were manufactured. Hpicel, aa the: characters^ im- 
port^ is. of' Saxon original^ and is a term^^onymous with the 
Latin (nilieUm,a\h%\e knife* HytcdsAso stgnifiesraifrocky a- 
dose jaeket', a-8oldiepVcloak,.&e*> Hence may have been de- 
rived itsname, aswe are informed, that the whittle, . contrary 
to the usual' practice amongst the Saxons, was carried in the 
hose, while thej^eax; on sworif adter vel gladiuSi vftiSi abmy% 
suspended from the side. 

To the common whittle, it is probable that a few other arr 
ticles* might be added^ as constituting, the staple trade of Shefr 
field, but the whittle for more than six. centuries has been the 
chief branch- of the Sheffield trader The whittle of the 
Saxonsi as well as that of the Normans, consisted of a straight 
Uade about four inches long with au handle of wood,', several 
of which we have seen, but some have been found to extend 
from haft to point six inches, and are formed like the daggm: of 
modern days, saving only that they, are full on the back instead, 
of on the middli. 

From the contents of barrows we learn, that the Saxons, as 
well^s the Romans and Britons, had several instruments made 
of iron, but those of the latter people were chiefly of an orna- 
mental character. The spear head, the rude knife, of the 
whittle fbrm; shears or large scissors, bow braces, rings* hooks, 
arrow heads, chains, &c frequently compose apart< of the relics^ 
found in the tumuli of the Romans and Saxons. The scissor* 
closely resemble our modern pruning shears*. Many of theses 


probably foimed a part of the Sheffield trade, ami laid the foun- 
dation of our present popularity. 

From the middle of the fourteenth to the Wter «sd of the 
aeventeenth century the trade of iSheffield was giaduallyon the 
increase. The population, as we have already »seen, adfanoed 
in the latter century with rapid strides, and enterprise, aiid In- 
vention went hand-in-hand, but a foreign raarket in-a direct 
diannel was yet wanting. This,, however, was accomplished in 
1750, by the enterprise of Mr. James Broadbent. At th<t 
time, however, as well as at the > present, Hallainshire was not 
without its rivals, and the plumes with which, its adversaries de- 
corated their brows were rifled from its own ho id, which, Iflkt 
the bays of an hireling, were sold by the disaffected of its own 
ranks to omaiDent the temples of its enemies. Such a. state 
of things ought not to exist; but remote evil is seldom suffi- 
cient to counteract an immediate good, espec iaily when the 
bene'fit hangS; in the scale of improbability. 

In 1624. the Company of Cutler&in Hallamshire, was made 
m corpoiate body, through the interest of Sir John SaviUe. 
From the preamb^ of this bill we learn, that the greater part of 
the inhabitants of Sheffield and its vicinity were employed in 
>the various departments of th^. cutlery trade, wlierein they bail 
acquired mjueh skill, and were very ingenious; but owing to a 
lawless will, too prevalent .amongst some of the members, over 
whom ) there* was no restraint, the interests of the whole as a 
• b«dy, « was conceived to be greatly on the decline, and soma 
coercive meass! requisite. How tar this bill liad the deairad 
efiect experience has shewn. 

For some time, the Company of Cuders, as a body, was very 
. poor, bot before the middle of the seventeenth oeitury by ^e few 
per^isites which their bye-Uws and other internal regulations 
had produced,, they, were enabled to erect their selves a HaU. 
This Hall they placed on the south side of the parish church ; It 
win be hereafter noticed. 

On ^edawn of the eighteenth century, things in Sheffield 
.began to wear a more favourable aspect. To edifices of utility 
which alone had hitherto been reared in Sheffield, those of 
pleasure and amusement were added. The Don, the navigation 
of which, before the year 1726, had been confined to the town of 
Doncaster, and- that too for criiftof only small bui then, was now 
extended to the town of Tisdey ; . and in various periods of thii 
. century^ new sources of wealth were opened. In 1742 the art 


of uniting silver and copper, was accidentally discovered by Mn 
Thos. Bolsover, which happy hit laid the foundation of an exten- 
sive and profitable trade and the establishment of an Assay Office. 
The manufacture of buttons soon followed that of silver plate, 
but its rival in this branch — Birmingham has long since borne 
away the palm. To follow the improvements which the eighteenth 
and nineteenth centuries have witnessed, would be indeed to 
anticipate a subject which our subsequent pages will detail, 
in as brief, but in the mean time in as comprehensive a manner 
as our limits will allow. Suffice it to say, that in A. D. 1760, 
the first stage coach from Sheffield to London was started by 
Mr. Glanville, from the Angel Inn. In 1765, the first cofiee 
room was opened by Mr. Holland at the Angel. In 1770, 
Mr. Roebuck opened the first bank. It was in the Church- 
lane. In 1786 Messrs. Proctor established the first steam- 
engine grinding wheel, on the east side of the Sheaf. And in 
1793, Mr. Nelson set up the first hackney coach. These 
useful vehicles have been lately resumed, and we wish them 
success. We would here beg leave to suggest, that if one were 
in attendance in the Haymarket, stranfi[ers who daily arrive by 
the coaches, with their luggage, would have an opportunity of 
being conveyed to any part of the town, with more &cility and 
less expense than can be done by any other means. 

We have before adverted to l^he state of Sheffield in the most 
early part of the Norman era. We will now be more explicit. 
From the book of Doomsday we are enabled to gather, that the 
parish of Shefiield was in a tolerably prosperous state. Indeed 
such a state might be naturally inferred, when we become ac- 
quainted with the splendid rank which its chief Saxon owner 
sustained in the society of that age. From the difficulty, bow- 
ever, which we find in giving a correct and literal translation of 
the Doomsday record, we are unable to be so decisive on the . 
agricultural interest in Sheffield and its hamlets as were desir- 
able. But this difficulty is not confined to the topographical 
history of Hallamshire. Ancient terms and old designations 
generally, are of dubious import, and too often pu2zle the re- 
searches of our best taught antiquaries. 

Amongst the Doomsday abbreviations, none are lefi more to 
the arbitrary will of fancy, than the car of that record, which in 
reference to our district is, we think, wrongly translated by the 
author of the History of Hallamshire. This abbreviated word 
occurs eight times in the survey, in six of which it iaUh du- 


bious, and whether to write it carruae terrcB or carrue we 
know not. In the parish of Sheffielcl there were thirty-seven 
earucates and a half of taxaUe land, with nearly an equal num- 
ber of ploughs. Mr. Hunter, however, has only named twen- 
ty-five ploughs, which we think is a manifest error. If we give 
to each carucate about seventy acres, it will make the total of 
arable land in Sheffield amount to about 2,600 acres instead 
of nearly 4,000 as named by the historian of Haliamshire. In 
this estimate is included the doubtful Grimshow. 

The number of inhabitants which peopled the parish at that 
time, is stated by Mr Hunter to be about 1,400, but unless 
the iron trade kept in employ a greater number of hands than 
we have reason to believe it did, their number is also much 
overstated. The total of families, arguing from the face of the 
survey, was about 76 to 80, which would infer a population lof 
about 380 to 400. But the survey is wholly silent touching the 
manufacture^ of the neighbourhoo<L Indeed it is but rarely 
that the state of trade is adverted to by that document ; we are 
therefore left without a guide, and shall not at present pursue 
the mazy intricades of the question. 

As to the situation of the aula of its Saxon owner, there 
cannot, we conceive, be room for two opinions. The distin- 
guished superiority of Hallam over Sheffield in the Saxon era, 
points out incontrovertibly, the site of the hall and the centre 
of population. To the pages of Doomsday tradition adds her 
testimony. In following the latter guide, however, we do not 
OD all occasions he\ warranted in deciding according to her 
depositions ; but when popular opinion, founded solely on 
unwritten evidence iB found to be in accordance with subse- 
quent discoveries, ic amounts to but little short of moral cer- 
tainty. Hence, then, we shall be led to the banks of the 
Rivelin, and, in the bosom of that begirted valley, meditate 
over the ruins of the *^ city of Hallam.'' 

In accounting for the manner in which the ma^ificent resi* 
denoe of Waltheof has disappeared, tradition has been less 
happy than on the former occasion. That it was destroyed by 
the insatiable vengeance of the conqueror, is in no-wise pro- 
bable. In aid of this opinion, we are not aware that any cir- 
cumstance calculated to carry conviction to an impartial mind 
has been adduced. A state of the hedges in the vicinity of 
Ecdesfield as having been destroyed by fire, is indeed adverted 
to by Mr. Hunter ; but this is a solitary instance, and does not 


bear directly on the question : nor Is the defalcation in tb^ 
reputed value of the surrounding manor less objectionable as « 
tlwory. The fallacy of the latter case is in some measure ex-' 
posed by the introductory essays prefixed to Mr, Wainwright's 
Wapentake. The defection of the unfortunate Waltheof was 
one of the many rebellions which the conqueror found it re* 
quisite to suppress, and with which his character as a warrior 
might, in some degree, be tarnished by a spirit of revenge. 
The aula of Edwin may be found where the Doomsday of the 
conqueror places it ; but the Saxon Dadesleia and Campo- 
donum, like the aula of HaUam are difficult to identify. 

The immediate successors to the Doomsday owner of this 
fidr domain were the Lovetots, but how, or by wlrat authority 
they acquired their ample patrimony has not been Well accounted 
for. The conjecture of Thoroton is certainly an untenable 
one, nor is that of the Hallamshire historian free from difficult 
ties. The fact of the Lovetots having succeeded to property^ 
formerly owned by the Buillies is a circumstance which gives 
countenance to Thoroton's opinion, but the supposed homo of 
the paramount lord, is, as Mr. Hunter justly remarks, the man 

In the Monasticon, is an acdount of the ancient lords of the 
manors of EUetton and Todewick, from which it would seem^ 
that a Dom* Lovetot had the disposal of two of the thiee 
daughters and heirs of Symon, son of Thorn, viz., Matilda 
and Cassandra. The former ^as bestowed on Ralph de 
Tortemaines, and the latter on Wiilkm de St. Paul, both dT 
whom were bountiful friends to the Abbey of Roche. From 
this circumstance, added to the previous ownership of the 
Ricardus Surdus of Doomsday, Mr. Hunter has inferred an 
identity, and supposes that the Kicardus Surdus was the imme* 
date ancestor of that respectable fkmily; but we shall not Stop 
to critically examine the question at present. 

The Ralph Tortemaines who married the second daughter, 
would appear to have been armourer to the Dom. de Lovetot, 
hence it is reasonable to infer that the frimily was then in high 
estimation, but who Emma his wife was remains unknown. 
Had we eVen reason to suppose that, Ricardus Surdus died 
leaving female heirs, and that William de Lovetot married one 
of them, the difficulty would not be removed, because the lat- 
ter was in possession of mudi property over which the former 
had no controul, and the Lovetots themselves were not para- 
mount owners of the Manor of Todewick. They held it of the 


Lutterells, of whom also they purchased Whialon, fte. phwaa 
formerly belonging to Ricardus Surdus» the aubinfeued tenant 
of the Earl oi Mortaig^, This qui^ion ia of aaaterial iateraal, 
bat we caniiflt purine iu In. our ne^Et edition we may resume 
die subject, Qj SmiM hia wife he had 

BiCHA^p, bis son and sucoesaory wko married a lady 
named Cecilia ; hul qS vh^t pareatage she was of^ we are igB9» 
fffio^. To Kipliard succeeded 

William* his sop, who was living in the fiOth Hemry II. 
Tbia npbla propsietor of HaUami^biiia allied himsetf to the 
house of Qm^f by wbipb ha aeqntrad n« small share of honour, 
buthewiis QptdftPtiiiad to enjoy it for a leaglbened period. 
His hdy SMrviv^ him and w«s living in tba 27ik Heniy IL, 
when she was aged cw^nfty-four yeava^ 

To the home of Lovetot it ia that we must look fba the first 
msiitution of one of our noblest edifioes^^the Pacisb Churohi 
in which r^ul^r duty waa deae by an mmate of the newly 
founded VKk^V} of Worksop* It is a gratifying leflcction when 
we bebpld mf anceatois providing for the wefase of their de^ 
pai>d«>Mi» by tltQ endnwment and ereolmg of ohurohea; the 
estahlishfqent of hpspitals; thc^ rearing of millsi and the buildT 
ing of bnidgsA. Thei^e neeeasary appendages to a manor had 
eipstenea in thia of Sbaffiield h^ie %U^ ekm of the long re^ 
^f H^nry lU-t hut it was left for a De Fumival to emancipate 
dio mind^ and bodies of his tenants, by an act at once liberal 
and enlight^pdi WiUiam de Lovetot left an only daughter 
iiamed Maiid* whose band was bestowed by the son of her royal 
gnardian on 

QpEARD QK !Fx7ai¥ivAi«» « vsHant Norman knight, whose 
Cither b^d embrued bis sword in the Uood of the Saracens. In 
the 4 John, G. Fitzpeter certified to the Barons of the £i> 
chequer that this Gerard had rendered Conan de Lion, whom 
he took prisoner at the battle of Mtrabell, to the King, <' who 
gave him to the said Gerard to help his journey to Jerusfr' 
iem, and redeem him for 400 marks of silver, which the said 
Qerard gave the King as a fine for Gerard his son, and his 
wife, the daughter of William deXx>vetot, concerning the landa 
qfthe said William/' 

Tlus noUe proprietor of HaUamshire would seem to have 
imbibed the benevolent disposition of those, whose property 
had been intmaied to bis care. He confirmed the gifts of the 
Lovetots to tba Priory of Wocksop^ and added to them no 


small sbare of property and privileges. His lady survived hhttr 
and in her widowhood con&med also the gifts of her ancestors 
made to the above named priory. To Gerard succeeded 

Thomas db Furnival, whose wife is not recognised by 
any of our biographers. This gentleman was also a candidate 
for fame in the armies of the Crusades, and was unfortunately 
slain by the hand of a Saracen. In those mad enterprises his 
brother Gerard was his companion and a more successful warrior. 
On his return from Palestine, he, in some measure, kindled bis 
mother^s wrath by suffering his brother's bones to repose in the 
land of infidels, and was therefore sent back for their recovery* 
He brought them and had them honourably interred in the 
Priory of Worksop. On what authority this story rests we 
know not, but we are disposed to believe it, inasmuch as it is 
a trait corresponding with the character of the times when the 
parties lived. His son and successor 

Gerard db Furnival married the sister and co-heir of 
Richard Fitz John, son of Geoffery, justice of Ireland, who sur« 
vived him, and was secondly the wife of William Beauchamp, 
Earl of Warwick, by whom she had issue Guy, the noted sub- 
ject of minstrelsy. Gerard dying without issue, his brother 

Thomas db Furnival succeeded, who had h'cense to 
construct of stone a firm and embattled castle at Sheffield, ef 
castrum iUud sic constructum Jirmatum et Jeemdlatum siBi 
et heredibus suis tenere possit imperpetuum. From this 
charter it would seem that the old castle had, through some 
cause or other, become either weak or dilapidated, and had 
we not evidence that it was in existence in the time of Henry 
II., we should be disposed to have ascribed its ruined state to 
the mandate of King Stephen, whose commands in this par- 
ticular were so punctually attended to, that numbers were 
swept from the &ce of the earth with such effect, that not a 
vestige can be seen. He married a lady named Bertha, who 
was living in the 7th Edward I., and was followed in the 
ownership of Hallamshire by his sou . 

Thomas db Furnival, who was a minor in th^ Jst Ed- 
ward I. He married Joan, daughter of Hugh le Dispencer for 
his first wife, and for his second he took the widow of William 
Earl of Salisbury, and daughter of Sir Peter de Montford, of 
Beldesert Castle, in the county of Warwick. To this Thomas, 
it is, that the inhabitants of Sheffield are under more than 
ordinary obligation, as with him originated a trust, which has: 


hem of Yeiy maUml 9emee to the town and Qeighboinhoo4 
The oE%iQ»l dped boa been long hefcare the public, and btthftr 
fMiflly t^aoisUled. copies have appeared in seTeral publioationa. 
The eervile condition^ in which the great body ol the populaF 
tioo of England was at that time, had its leign also in Hallani* 
dybe, Jmt the noble yiews and benevoleait disposition of this 
benigmmt chieftain induced him to slacken the galling chains 
which bound the minds and bodies of his dependents, and thus 
early he deposited a germ that was destined to class his tenants 
amongst the sons ^ humanity. We also £nd this manorial 
Wrd no less soh'citous for the welfare of religion. H« 
confirmed to the Priory of Worksop, '^ twelve marks of hia 
Q^iUs at Bradfield per annum ; and fire marks of his yearly rent 
qS Breckshtrihi (Brightside) and also sijity shillings and m« 
pence and one haBpenny in the name of tythe of the yeai^ 
rent of his manor of She&ld in Hallamsbire^ in the county of 
York, and pasture for forty head of cattle in his park/' Thift 
confirmation is dated at Nottingham, A, D. 1S28» This £ail'. 
died in the 6th Edward III. and le& his soo^ 

Thomas de Furnival to succeed him, then aged abovft 
forty years. He married Joan, the eldest daughter and co- 
heir of Theobald Vernon, Lord of Alveton, in Staffordibiri» 
wbere.he chiefly resided. With the history of this manorial 
proprietor that of Sheffield is but little connected. After en-« 
joying this ample patrimony fof the term of about seven yean 
he died, leaving his son 

Thomas n£ Fu&nival, called the hasty, as bis suc- 
cessor; who, after espousing Joan daughter and heir of 
Thomas de Mountney, died without issue, in the 39th Edward 
III., and was followed in the ownership of Hallamshire by his 

William de Furnival, who was appointed to be the 
last of the Fumifals that should hold a paramount interest in 
this fair domam. William was bom a Stafibrdshire man, on 
the inheritance of his mother. He married Thomasine, daugh- 
ter and heir of i Dagworth of the south, and in the 6th 
Richaisd II. died, leaving only female issue. His daughter and 
heir Joan became the wSis.of 

Thomas Neville, Lord Furnival in right of his 

wife. The cause which conferred on the barony of Lovetot a 

stranger as its owner, added materially to the dignity of the 

£iQiiIy. The NeyiUes were a family no less ancient than re- 



•pectable* The husband of Joan, was brother to Ralph, fiivf 
earl of Westmoreland, and treasurer of England. He obtained 
for the manor of Sheffield, a charter of confirmation, touching 
its market and fair. He died the 8th Henry IV., and vrofh 
honourably interred in the -priory church of Worksop. Like 
William Lord Fumival, however, he left only female issue, 
viz., a daughter named Maud, who became the wife of, and 
therefore carried her rich inheritance to, 

John Talbot, the first eu-l of Shrewsbury, whose heroic 
deeds on the continent stand • memorably conspicuous in the 
annals of his native country. His advancement to the earldom^ 
of Shrewsbury, took place at Windsor, on the 20th of May,- 
19th Henry VL But the earldom of Shrewsbury was not the 
only title which graced his lordship's paternal name. He was al- 
ready earl of Weishford in Ireland by inheritance, and the 24tli- 
Henry VI. was creai^d earl of Waterford ; steward of that 
kingdom, and marshall of France. To his second wife he 
took Margaret, daughter and co-heir of Richard, earl of War- 
wick, by whom also he had issue. He was slain at Chatillon 
in 1453, and was succeeded by his son, 
- John Talbot, the second earl of Shrewsbury. To his wife 
he espoused Elizabeth, daughter of James, earl of Ormond, 
and like hk father was slain fighting for his prince* He fell at 
the battle of Northampton in July, 1460, and was conveyed 
from the field of battle to the priory o( Worksop, where his 
ashes added to the mass of human mould, which nobility of 
birth, and chivalry in deed, had rendered sacred. As well as 
his father he was a knight of the garter and lord treasurer of 
England. From this earl descended the present Earl o£ 

John Talbot, the third earl of Shrewsbury, was bom in 
1448, and died in 1474. His earthly career was short, but 
the sword of war did not terminate his existence. He married 
Catharine, daughter of Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, 
and left 

George Talbot, the fourth earl of Shrewsbury, to suc- 
ceed him. He was a knight of the garter, and stood high in the 
estimation of his sovereign, King Henry VIII. In consequence 
of the early demise of his father, he was only very young when 
called to the participation of his ample inheritance; He wa» 
ward to Lord Hastings, whose daughter Ann he espoused for 
his first wife, and for his second consort, he took Elizabeth^ 


daughter and co-heir of Sir Richard Walden, knt. Hitheito 
the gloomy apartments of the castle were the only accommo* 
dations which this family was possessed of in Sheffield. The 
intestine shock which domestic quiet had lately felt, hegan in 
some measure to subside, and person and property to wear an 
aspect of security* This state of things induced the fourth 
eaH to construct on a dehghtful eminence, an edifice called the 
^' Lodge, or Manor house." Scarce had this retreat reared its 
embattled crest shore the neighbouring forest, than it had to 
witness the humiliation of the proudest and most potent man 
in England, — the fiamous Wolsey. Hither he was brought 
by the Earl of Northumberhind, and safely delivered into the 
custody of Shrewsbury ; and hence he was taken after a sojourn 
of sixteen days^ by one, who, it is likely, would have led him 
to his execution, had not death arrested him at Leicester abbey, 
and thus saved him the abasement of a public deathon the 

To the house of Shrewsbury has been falsely ascribed the 
base and unprincipled act of administering, or causing to be ad- 
ministered, the contents of that fatal cup, which is said to have 
eventually carried him to his grave. That he was seised by 
a violent dysentery, during liis abode at the Manor House, has 
not been disputed ; and that his death was occasioned by a 
violent flux, is not a question of doubt ; but that Shrewsbury 
was in any way instrumental to his death, or that the medicine 
had any bad effect, is not less fidse than in&mous. In the latter 
part of the life of this earl, his sovereign had again occasion for 
his further services in the field of Mars. We therelbre ^nd 
him in the ranks of the royalists, contending against the Pil- 
grimage of Grrace at Doncaster. He died at his Manor House 
at Winfield, in 1538, and with unusual solemnities was interred 
in the Shrewsbury vault, lately excavated for that purpose in the 
eastern part of the parish church of She^eld. 

Francis Talbot, the fifth earl, drew his first breath within 
the walls of the castle of this place in 1560. Like his father^ 
he was in very considerable credit with Henry VIH., and had 
the honour and advantage of filling several lucrative and distin- 
guished situations. He was Surveyor-General of the Manor 
and Chase of Hatfield ; one of the Commissioners appointed 
to hear and determine the claims of Grand Seijeantry, previously 
to the coronation of Edward VI. ; Lord Lieutenant of the 


counties of York> Laneastev, Cheshiie, Nottkiglwin, &affi)td, 
and Salopi &o« 

On the 22d of NoveaOier, SSd Henry YIII., the Seal of 
(Au^nentatioa Office was affixed to a very extensive grant of 
moaastie pFOnertv, when some of the vast possessions of the late 
pciory of Radford^ were again annexed to the patnmoDy 
whence they weie first^ chiefly taken. The conditions on whidi 
this vahiabie grant was first made, had been long perverted horn 
theif original intent, and King Henry, instead Preforming the 
abuses, as his pictext was, riveited them still firmer. - In the 
room of pure and pei^tual alms, they were now to be held of 
him and his heirs in capiUt by the service of a tenth part of one 
knight's fee, ^' and also by the royal service of finding the king 
a ri^-hand glove at his coronation, and to support bis rights 
arm that day as long as he should hold the sceptre in his huul> 
and paying yearly £23 8s. O^d." To his first wife he took 
Mary, daughter of Thomas, Lord Dacre, who died in 15S8> 
and was interred in the vault at Sheffield. He married secondly, 
Grace, daughter of Robert Shakerley, of Holme, in the county 
of Chester, Esq. This noble earl died at the Manor Housteia 
Sheffield Park, in A. D. 1560, and was buried in the vaub 
beside his father, the fourth earU His son and successor, hy 
his first wife, was named 

George Talbot, the sixth earl, who to his first wi& mar^ 
ried Gertrude, daughter of Thomas, Lord Ross, and £ari of 
Rutland, by whom he had a numerous issue. After losing this 
amiable consort, he was so unfortunate as to espouse Elizabeth, 
daughter of John Hardwick, of Hardwick, in the county of 
Derby, Esq. This lady had ahready attended the funeral 
obsequies of three husbands, and was destined, to witness 
the departure of a fourth. She died at the lengthened a^ 
of 91 years, apd was buried in the church of All Saints, in 
Derby. The eulogy on her monument, as is too often the case, 
differs materially in substance firom her real deserts. Unfeeling, 
proud, selfish, and inipmous, she marketed for a husband a» 
she would have done for a favourite dog ; and the wiles which 
she used to entru> their persons, and appropriate their property 
to her own and her children's advantage, will for ever stand as • 
a distinguishing mark of her avarice and meanness of souL 
From this complication of plagues, Mr. Lodge remarks, this 
earl was withdrawn by death, on the 18th of November, 1590. 


To the custody of this noble personage, the beautiful Mary, 
Queen of Scotland , was assigned. The limited number of sheets 
assigned to our introduction, precludes the possibility of our 
entering at large into the history of this interesting female, or 
we should have gladly added a few more pages to the many 
which her sufferings have produced. 

On the character of the ^' Virgin Queen/' the sacrifice of 
Mary has left an imperishable blot. The moment that she be- 
came her prisoner, I he length of Mary's days was numbered, 
or her person devoted to imprisonment. The anxiety which 
Elizabeth altogether manifested for the security of her royal pri- 
soner, is a 8u£Bcient proof of this position ; nor would a world of 
diamonds, we are persuaded, have induced the cruel and unre- 
lenting matron to relinquish her hold. From place to place she 
was hurried, and spies were planted around her dwelling, with a 
▼lew to watch the conduct of both Mary and her keepers* 
During her abode in Sheffield, the fears of Elizabeth were not 
a little excited. A rumour had got abroad, that Mary's libera- 
tion would be attempted. This report soon reached the 
palace of the Queen, and extra watches were placed about the 
Manor House ; nor had she full confidence in the long-tried 
fiddity of Shre^bury. He also must be questioned, and spies 
were, it is probable, aJso sent into the interior of his dwelling, for 
no other end than to watch his movements, and mark his con- 
duct towards his royal captive. 

Highly culpable, however, as was Elizabeth, on this melan-^ 
choly occasion, the conduct of the ** Scots Queen," it is to be 
feared, will not stand a severe and rigid scrutiny. The crimes 
of Mary, however, did not interfere with Elizabeth, nor ought 
hers to have been the hand and heart that devised the unfeeling 
and diabolical acts, which deprived her of liberty and life. 
How far Mary was accessary to the death of Damley her hus- 
band, it is now impossible for us to say. Her conduct towards 
him, together with her questionable carriage iowards, and the 
eventual espousal of Bothwell, were not of a character to ad- 
vance her pretensions to a superior portion of moral rectitude, 
or to class her in the list of paragons of virtue. Be these acts» 
however, what they might, the sufferings of Mitry, at the shrine 
of jealousy, have thrown around her name the feelings of com- 
miseralion and pity ; and so long as cruelty has a name and ia 
understood, so long will the memory of the vindictive Eliza- 
beth be associated with the subject of her victim. 

X3cn HiBTOBT QV BUTrnvmuu 

Like a true patnot^ the attention of this noble earl was not 
solely confined to the deeds, and tninsaetions of the eouit* 
Whenever occasion required^ he could step out of the pakoe of 
the prince into the cottage of the peasant, and assist in devising 
sehemes for the government of a family or town, as well as 
legislating for an empire. In the first of Queen Mary, a me* 
aaoeial was laid at the foot of the throne, toudiing the late se- 
miestration, of a portion of property, which, biafore the reign of 
Edward VI. assisted in the support of three c^Bciating priesto, 
or assistants to the vicar, the maintenance of the poor, ftc, but 
which, in vhlue of the statute made in the reign of the last 
named monarch, t^as seized and handed over to the com* 
rolBSionenB of the augmentation office* 

Conceiving that the property was not of a character to he 
afibcted by that sweeping eiktctment, the inhabitants petitioaed 
the queen on the subject, and were heard with success. An 
enquiry was instituted and restitution soon followed. Differ^ 
ent, however, as were the objects embraced by these ecclesiastical 
donations, k must be acknowledged that they had something 
in their nature approximating very closely to chantry endows 
ments. That they contemplated different objects is mani&sip 
and that the trustees were instructed by the various doooss to 
appropriate the annual income to the maintenance of the pow, 
the support of a priest to say mass at the altar of St. Catlwrine, 
in the parish church : the annual obi\ or yearly diridge, repan 
ration of bridges, highways, Ac, is not less obvious. 

The letters patent proeured through the joint cfEorts of the 
earl and his father, his tenants and the inhaiiitants at laige^ 
combine, as near as the reformed mode of thinking would pef«> 
mit, the ends for which the donations were first made» viz. ; the 
repairs of the church, bridges, and highways, xelief of the poor, 
tfa^ maintenance of three assistant ministers, &e. To the rdief 
of the poor, the reparation of the highways, &e., their fuiid% 
however, have but contributed little for a number of years ; noc 
do the burgesses seem willing to do what a majority of die 
parishioners would deem right, respecting our ecclesiastical 
polity. The church yard of St. Peter has been long in a 
eondition at variance with the feelings of humara'ty, and repag- 
nant to the dictates (of reason, revelation, and common d'»« 
cency. For want of a more extensive place of sepultuias, the 
mangled remains of our dearest friends, firequentfy become 
exposed to the vision of the living, harrow up the finest feelings 

HMTOfi^ Of IS8ni£U>* Txm 

of saiurey wboHj unfimne the mind) and unfit it for idigious 

In the distribution of the annual incoiney which is now aboTO 
flOOO) the inhabitants hare long had no hand^ That they 
have a right to autieridtthd the appropriation of the ^nds is 
onqiicstioiiable. The t^ns df Ihe deed ate unambigupns and 
di&iite : ** Ac per ptcSKtites pro ntriiis hered3)ua et suocomh 
aribttsnostrisvolumuSyordiflamu^ determinaoiilSy constituimus^ 
qaod dicti Burgenses et Idhabitantefi villa et paroefaie de SfaeB* 
fidd predict* sint et erunt ineoTporat« per nomen duodeoem 
Capitalium Butgen&itttn et Communitat. vilhe et parochia de 
Sheffield in Cocn. Ebcir id re £u;ta et notnine iniperpetuum." 
Than these words nothing can be more expli(;it. Some years 
ago, the opinion of an eminent barrister, was taken on some 
poittts connected with this trusty when he recommended that 
in addition to the twdve capital burgesssSf twenty-^r other 
discreet men» ehosen by the inhabitants, should aet in company 
with the burgesses. This, indeed, would be in effect, the 
^^dieta Burgenses et Inhabitantes villie et paroehise de She£Seld," 
for the twenty-four, chosen by the inhabitants, might be &irly 
presumed to be the representatives of the commonalty* Were the 
inhabitants, or such of them as pay church rates, highways, 
&c» to demand their rights, no doubt can reasonably exist but 
that the constitution established by the letters patent would be 
reeognised* The same power whieh ordained the one created the 
other* Nor could the burgesses offer any consistent aiguments, 
detrimental to the claims of the inhaUtants, or reasonably im- 
pugn their exertions. We rscolleot extremely well, that the 
corporate body of the borough of Doncaster had, for a e|reat 
nomber of years, the entire controul of the elective j&an^ise* 
Not that they ever refused to recognise the right of the 
twenty-four common council men, or commonalty, as they are 
generally denominated, to take a part in all their proceedings, 
but, what amounts to nearly the same thing, they objected to 
any other right than that of their own to appoint the coundl^ 
or dect its members. Eventually, however, the inhabitants or 
freemen, alive to their true interest and the importance of the 
question, determined upon filling up a vacancy in the body. 
The struggle between the body and the freemen was long, ex- 
pensive, and obstinate, but ultimately the freemen, succeeded, 
and ever since that period have on all occasions appointed the 
members of flie corporation. 


daughters, one of whom, it will be seen, was destined to continue 
the male line of this noble house. 

We are now arrived at a period, when the sword of war was 
unsheathed, and fatally pointed at the breast of domestic peace. 
Civil broils and intestine commotions had more than once dis- 
turbed by their baleful influence the harmony of Britain ; but it 
is questionable whether any previous contest was so keenly pur- 
med, or more rancorously prosecuted, than was that between 
Charles and his subjects. In these. heart-rending feuds, but few 
towns in England were exempt, either direcdy or indirectly, 
from the evils always attendant on internal war. The storm, 
which had long laboured with deep and portentous throes, had 
in some measure prepared the minds of many for the dismal 
event, and those of all, as to the part which they took in the 
eventful struggle. Sheffield and its neighbourhood declared in 
&vour of the Parliamentarians, and active measures were adopted 
to oppose the Royalists ; but it was some time before the im- 
mediate neighbourhood was convulsed by the din of war. After 
the attack on the premises of Sir Edward Rhodes, at Great 
Houghton, this and the adjacent towns began to feel " the in- 
fernal smell of gunpowder," and Rotherham Moor was appointed 
the place of assembly. 

In the diumals of that age and other political notices, we 
but rarely find Sheffield mentioned. This is in some measure 
strange* Under the protection of a castle, capable of being 
rendered very strong and a zealous population, it would have 
been reasonable to infer, that a string of important movementa 
would have connected themselves with the place, but such was 
not the case. At a. very early period of the war, the castle of 
Sheffield was in the possession of the royalists, and under the 
government of Sir William SaviU, an officer of much experi- 
ence. To this circumstance the town of Sheffield probably 
owed its tranquility. Under the immediate eye of a vigihint 
royal garrison, the numerous population of Sheffield would not 
have an opportunity of manifesting the warmth of its feelings 
in the cause which a majority of it had espoused. 

The letters of Major Beaumont and other distinguished 
officers have been preserved, and are now in that vast depo- 
sitory of our national history, the Bodleian Library, They 
have been printed by Mr. Hunter, and contain a great number 
of notices relative to Sheffield, highly interesting. 


On the 7th of July, 16M, the Earl of Manchester sumr 
mooed Major Beaumont to surrender the castle, together with 
the aims, ammunition, ordnance, &c« On the 4th of August, 
no symptom of surrender appearing, nor reply being sent to the 
Earl, Major-General Crawtord and Colonel Pickering, with 
three of their heaviest pieces of ordnance, were sent to reduce 
it. On their arrival before its walls, three shots were fired, and 
some execution done ; but willing to obtain possession of the 
cflfitle without a formal siege, a trumpeter was sent with a sum- 
mons of surrender, but he was shot at by the besieged, and 
narrowly escaped with his life. Night coming on the Parlia* 
mentarians marched into the town, and prepared for active 
service. On the following morning, two batteries were raised 
within sixty yards of the earth* works, when the walls were again 
assailed by three guns with considerable effect. After a con- 
tinued fire of twenty-four hours, notwithstanding their proximity, 
no very serious injury was yet done. Time being a matter of 
moment with the besiegers, it was thought advisable to 
send for a more effective engine, when Lord Fairfax forwarded 
the '' Queen s pocket-pistol," and a whole culverin. On their 
arrival, they were mounted, and set to work with ruinous stic* 
cess. The walls soon fell before the weight of their shot, and 
filled the diteh witn rubbish. A breach having thus been made, 
and every thing prepared for the storm, a council of war was 
held, when it was resolved to again summon a surrender. This 
summons, which was the third, had the desired e£Eect. Three 
gentlemen on each side were deputed to treat, and articles of 
surrender were speedily agreed to. These articles are already 
before the public. 

In the castle were a troop of horse, and two hundred foot, 
four hundred stand of arms, eight pieces of ordnance, two mortar 
pieces, twelve barrels of powder, much match, twenty *two tons 
of iron shot, about four hundred pounds' worth of corn, beef, 
bacon, cheese, &c., most of which were left in the castle for the 
use of the Parliamentarians. 

The castle was well fortified by a broad ditch, 18 feet deep, 
nearly filled with water ; a strong breast-work pallisadoe^, and 
a wall two yards thick. In the centre of the area, was a keep 
of considerable strength, in which were a dungeon, chapel, &c. 
But according to Dr. Peter Berwick's account of his brother's 
life, the walls were full of cracks and in a tottering condition. 

No sooner had the Parliamentarians made themselves masters 
of the neighbourhood, than they proceeded to levy contributions 


on the town and neighbouring gentry. The vast possessions 
in the north, belonging to the noble proprietor of this manor, 
were among the first which felt the iron grasp of these merciless 
visitors, Sheffield, Rotherham, Kimberworth, Wadsley, 
. Whiston, Treeton, &c. were leased by the Commissioners to 
Messrs. Philips and Holland, and £30 per annum were stipu- 
lated to be paid out of them to Midhope chapel, and £20 to 
the minister of Bamsley, which subsequently was augmented to 
£4*0. In 1648, a composition of £6,000 was voted by the 
House, and on payment thereof, the Duke was suffered to re- 
possess his property. In this year, also, the castle was rendered 
untenable. Destructive, however, as had been the work of 
demolition, the wreck was not so fully completed, as to render 
all ideas of restoration a vain conceit. Attempts were made to 
render it habitable, but the scheme was abandoned. 

Thus fell that proud baronial residence, which for five cen- 
turies bad frowned with dauntless defiance on the engines of 
hostility ; and in which the socisd bowl of the Lovetots and 
Talbots had accomplished many joyful revolutions. 

We will now resume the thread of our story touching the 
Lords of the Manor of Sheffield, &c. 

The marriage of Henry-Frederick Howard with Lady 
Elizabeth Stuart, eldest daughter of the Earl of March, was done 
withoui his Majesty's consent ; he and his lady, therefore^ were 
put in custody of Archbishop Abbot, at Lambeth, but he was 
oon liberated, and took his place as a peer, by the title of 
Lord Mowbray. On the attainder of his noble neighbour, 
Thomas, Earl of Staffisrd, be gave his vote against the bill, 
and adhered steadily to the measures of the King. On his 
death he was succeeded by bis son 

Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel, Surrey and Nor- 
folk, who on the petition of ninety-one of the most potent and 
distinguished noblemen of the realm, was restored to the for- 
feited title of Duke of Ningrfolk, with limitation thereof to the 
heirs male of his father. Soon after this event, he set out on 
a tour to the continent, with a view of improvement, and was 
absent something more than twelve months. In 1668, he was 
created doctor of the civil law, at Oxford. To that University 
he was the munificent donor of Marmora Arundeliana. He died 
a bachelor, at Padua, in 167T, and was succeeded by his 

Henry Howard, the sixth Duke of Norfolk. This 


gentleman married two wives, by both of whom be had nsue. 
His first wife was Ann, daughter of Edward, Marquis of 
Worcester* For his second consort he took Jane, daughter of 
Robert Bickerton, son of James Bickerton, Lord of Cork, in 
Ireknd. He died, aged fifty-five years, in 1683-4, and was 
followed in the ownership of Hallamshire^ &c. by his son, 

WiirLiAM Henry Howard, seventh Duke of Norfolk, 
who was of Magdalene College, Oxford. During his father's 
life time, he had summons to parliament, by the title of " Lord 
Mowbray," and took his seat accordingly at the upper end of 
the baron s bench. Bishop Burnet says, *^ that the king giving 
the Duke of Norfolk the sword of state to carry before him to 
the chapel, he went with it as far as the door, and there stood ; 
upon which the king said to him, * My Lord, your father 
would have gone further,' to which the duke replied, * Yoor 
Majesty's father was the better man, and he would not have 
gone so far." In 1677, he espoused Lady Mary, daughter 
and heir of the Earl of Peterborough, but the venture was an 
unfortunate one. In 1685 he separated ''from her, and ten 
years subsequently he moved for a bill of divorce, but failed in 
the attempt. . In the following parliament, however, he suc- 
ceeded, but not without considerable opposition* His Grace 
did not marry again, but his lady became the wife of Sir John 
Germain. This earl died A.D. 1701, without issiM, and was 
succeeded by his nephew, 

Thomas Howard, the eighth Duke of Norfolk. He 
married Mary, daughter and heir of Sir Nicholas ^herboum, 
of Stony-hurst, in the county of Lancaster, bart., and died 
without issue, in 1732. His duchess survived him, and was 
afterwards married to Peregrine Widdrington, brother to Lord 
Widdringtou. She died in 1754* He was followed in the 
ownership of Hallamshire, by his brother, 

Edward Howard, the ninth Duke of Norfolk, and the 
eleventh in the paternal descent from his ancestor John How- 
ard, the first great duke. He married Mary, second daughter 
and co-heir of Edward Blount, of Blagdon, in the county of 
Devon, whose ancestors are recorded to have held thirteen 
lordships in Suffolk. His Grace died in 1777, having no 
issue. Philip Howard, the fiflh and youngest son, bad two 
wives, by both of whom he had issue ; but the male children 
dying unmarried, and the act of restoration, passed in 1664, 



confining the dUe and estates to heirs male of the body of 
Henry-Frederick Howard^ son of Thomas, by Lady Alethea 
Talbot, the male issue of Ann, by his second ^ife ; Henrietta^ 
sister of Mary Blowit, Duchess of Norfolk, by Robert-Ed- 
ward, Lord Peter, was prevented from succeeding. 

In consequence of this almost unprecedented failure and 
fatality of misde issue, in the first house of Howard, Lord of 

C A AALES Howard, son of Henry-Charles, son of Charles 
of Greystoke, fourth son of the above named Henry-Frederick, 
became the tenth Duke of Norfolk. He was bom in 1720, 
and^married Catharine, daughter and co-heir of John Bracholes, 
of Cloughton, in the county of Lancaster, and had issue, 

Charles Howard, the late and eleventh Duke of Nor- 
folk. This nobleman had two wives, viz. : first, Mary- Ann, 
daughter and heu: of John Coppinger, of Ballivolane, in the 
county of Cork. She died m 1768. Second, Frances, 
daughter and heir of Charles Fitzroy Scudamc»re, of Holm- 
Lacy, county of Hereford, Esq., I^ neither of whom he had 
issue. In 1784;, and during the ownership of this noble pro- 
prietor, an aet was passed which enabled the duke to confer 
considerable benefits on the place. Hitherto the rapidly in- 
creasing town of Sheffield, haa no convenient place wherein to 
hold its market. The butchers' stalls and slaughter houses 
were scattered in the midst of the town, and no regular area in 
anywise fit to hold its fairs was to be found. In virtue of this 
act these desirable ends were in some measure atttained, but 
the short-sighted views of the committee appointed to carry 
into effect the proposed alterations, excepting the shambles, 
have in nowise met the convenience of the present enlarged 
condition of the town and neighbourhood. To do this, indeed, 
would have required the omniscience of a being superior to 
man, nor may the shambles probably long continue to be eligible 
for the purpose for which they were first erected. 

To effect these and other desirable improvements, the acts, 
of which there was a series, empowered the Earl to sell some 
of the hereditary property of the family, viz. such as chief rents, 
rent charges, &c« common land and leasehold property, a cir- 
cumstance which' has, in some measure, militated against the 
welfare of individuals having occasion to build. 

On the death of the late Duke, which occurred in 1815, 
the issue of Bernard Howard, the eighth son of Henry-Frede- 


rick, became next in remundery limited by the Act of the 13 
Charles II. Bernard Howard died in 1717. His son Ber- 
nard succeded him, and died in 1 735. Heniy, second son of 
the hut named Bernard, was of Glossop, and died in 1787> 
leaving behind him a numerous family. 

Bernard Edward Howard, the present and twelfth 
Duke of Norfolk, was the eldest son of the above named Heniy 
of Glossop. He was bom at Sheffield, on the 21 st of No- 
vember, 1765. He married Lady Elizabeth Bellafffse, daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Henry, Earl Fauconberg, (which maniage 
was dissolved by Act of Parliament in 1794*,) and has issue 
Henry- Charles Howard, Earl of Surrey, heir^pparent, who 
married Lady Charlotte-Leveson-Gower, daughter of George, 
Marquis of Stafford, and has issue Henry Lord Fitzalan, and 
other children. 

The titles which his Grrace inherit are. The High, Pdssant, 
Most Noble Prince Bernard-Edward Howard, Duke of Nor- 
folk, Earl Marshal, and Hereditary Earl Marshal of Eng- 
land, Earl of Arundel, Surrey, and Norfolk ; Baron Mowbray, 
Howard, Segrave> Brewse of Gower, Fitsalan, Warren, Clun, 
Oswaldestie, Maltravers, Greystock, Fumival, Verdon, Love- 
tot, Strange, and Howard of Castle Rising ; Premier Duke, 
Earl and Baron of England, next the Blood Royal, and Chief 
of the Family of the Howards. 

The paternal coat of this illustrious house is, gules, in a 
bend between six cross croslets fitchee argent, a shield or, 
charged with a demi lion rampant, pierced through the mouth 
with an arrow,within a double tressure floree counter florae gules, 
being an augmentation for the victory at Flodden. Afo^o— - 
Sola virtus invicta. 

In taking a retrospective view of the noble owners of this 
ample domain, Hallamshire ; we cannot but be sensible of the 
high obligation under which the present popuhition is, for its 
civil, religious, and domestic jprivileges. From the Lovetots 
to the ** last of the Howards,' a string of important and well 
organized schemes has been in continual operation. At a 
time when the state of commerce and the mutual obligations of 
society were not so well understood as at present, we have evei 
found our manorial progenitors the ready contributors to the 
welfare and comfort of their dependents. To the Lovetots we 
owe the first erection of a Temple dedicated to Almighty God ; 
an hospital for the poor, the maimedi and the blind ; a mill ; 


4 bridge over the Don ; and a castle for the defence of the place* 
To the Talbota we are. indebted for an early emancipation from 
servile servitude, for a &ir and market ; and to the Howards 
for a catalogue of privileges) emoluments) and advantages too 
numerous to name. 

Nor has our country reaped less succour from the toil, the 
valour, and the wisdom of those mighty chieftains, whose names 
have briefly passed under revieviT) than their domestic circle has 
fek blessings. Most of them were loyally disposed, and some 
of them fell victims at the shrine of its ambitious glory. John, 
the first of the Talbots that had any interest in the shire of 
Hallam, was the scourge and terror of France ; and George, 
the fourth Earl, in paternal descent from John, acted a worthy 
and. coQ^icuous pact in opposing the extravagant demands of 
the Pilgrimage of Grace and its abettors, at Doncaster. For 
ih9 particulars of the latter transaction, we would beg to refer 
our readers to Mr. Wainwright's History of the Wapentake* 
where the matter is exhibited more fully. 

Before the year 1818, the state of Sheffield, in reference to 
its police, had been long complained of. The mercenary views 
of individuals, Ae caprice of some, and the lawless will of 
others, were suffered to mar the fair condition of the town, by 
buildings at once unsightly and disproportionate. On every ^re- 
erection, the old ground, and in some cases a part of the street, 
was re-occupied by the new edifice ; the footpaths were narrow 
and incommodious, the streets dirty, and crowded by vehicles 
and animals,-— the town ill-lighted, and badly watched. Nor 
4lid the {earners of the act, which was intended to remedy the 
evils go far enough to be effective. The lawless will, the ca- 
price, and the sordid motives of the mercenary race above com- 
plained of, were still left to operate without a sufficient check, 
and buildings more like the hovels of 1650 than the buildmgs 
of 1821 are seen to frequently rear their heads, and disfigure hy 
their grotesque appearance the uniformity of some of our best 
and most popular streets. 

In other respects, the act has had considerable effect, and, 
together with the co-operation of the Gas Light Company, has 
rendered the streets much more safe and convenient. 

Sheffield, in modem times, has made rapid strides towards 
local aggrandisement and commercial enterprise, no less than in 
moral improvement, which justifies its being mentioned with the 
foremo^ in Uie first class of extra-metropolitan towns. The 


canal, for whicb an act was obtained in 1815, and which was 
finished in 181 9> the first barge entering the bason on the 22d 
of February in that year, amidst an immense assembkge of 
^ctatorsy has opened a direct water communication between 
She£5e]d and the German Ocean, and indirectly from all fNirta 
of the world. In 1818, an act of parliament was obtained foe 
incorporating a Gas Light Company ; a capital of forty thou- 
sand pounds was presently raised, and a large laboratory, with all 
the necessary appendages,wa8 established near the Sheaf Bridge. 
The first exhibition of this beautiful light in the streets was on 
the 6th of October, 1819. The advantages of this light were im- 
mediately seen, and its adoption soon became almost univerBid: 
it has at present in most situations, not only superseded the 
twinkling oil-lamps in our streets, but has been carried, in some 
directions, to a great extent beyond the limits of the town ; 
and those only who have looked upon the illuminated scene 
from the adjacent elevations, can conceive the splendour of 
these suburban constellations!. A general disposition to prefer 
this light by the shopkeepers and others, has been met by a 
corresponding Hberality on the part of the proprietors, and the 
advantages have been mutual. The gas has been furnished on 
moderate terms, and the dividends of the company have been 
abundantly satisfactory. Contemporary with the latter incor- 
poration, was the obtaining of a Police Act, a measure which, 
as it compels the public to pay for its execution amongst them- 
selves, at the same time allows them to complain, that the pro- 
portion of overt vice, especially nocturnal disorder, is yet so 
considerable, and which evidently arises less from any flaw in 
the provisions of the act, than from feebleness of administration* 
We shall now proceed to give brief notices of the principal 
public buildings, which, with some account of the institutions 
of the town, will include a general outline of the modem history 
of Sheffield. 


This noble and venerable fabric, the pride and representative 
of ancient Sheffield, as well as one of the most distinguishing orna- 
ments of its present state, stands near the centre of the town, in a 
most elevated and commanding situation ; as, from whatever 
point of view it is beheld from a distance, the ample body and 
lofty spire appear to surmount the general assemblage of ordinary 


buildings of the town with an air of solemn and appropriate 
grandeur^ and associated, as it were, with our ideas of its sacred 
and protecting superiority. 

In the ecclesiastical history of Sheffield there are many things 
which we might dwell on with advantage, but our limits forbid 
lis being so ample as we could wish. 

At what particular time the benign doctrine of Jesus advan- 
ced so far up the vale of the Don is unknown ; but, on its 
being planted by Paulinus, at Doncaster, in the early part of 
the seventh century, it is rational to suppose that its progress 
would not stop much short of Sheffield. On the event of the 
survey, indeed, it would appear to have reached Rotherham, 
Treeton, Tankersley, &c., and Sheffield no doubt, although 
not honoured by a Christian temple, was not destitute o( the 
saving faith of the gospel. 

The determined and hostile movements of Penda and C^d- 
walla, would, of course, for a time damp the growing energy 
of the new converts, but the seeds were sown which, under the 
eye of a watchful Providence, would not be suffered to lie Imil 
corrupt. The ends and designs of Almighty God, may, for a 
while appear to meet with successful opposition, but in due 
time they will advance to maturity. 

'On the death of Edwin, and the consequent extension of 
the devastating march of the pagan army, the hopes of the 
Christians were almost on the verge of destruction. At a mo- 
inent when the mind of man is held in doubtful suspension on 
affairs so important as is that of his final safety, triffing circum- 
stances have often powerful influence on his ultimate views, and 
ftequently idetermine for ever his future fate. This was pecu- 
liarly the case with the early Christians of the south of York- 
shire. The ministers of Paganism and the new converts to 
Christianity were now contending for victory, each expecting 
the direct and immediate interference of their respective Gods; 
and if the pages of the veneraole Bede are to be credited, the 
latter did not expect in vain. Miracles were multiplied to 
a countless number, and saints and sinners were added to the 
catalogue of holy martyrs. But that was an age of credulity 
and extravagant enthusiasm. 

The Christians of that day were not so well acquainted with 
the divine attributes as modem theologians are, or they would 
not have formed such mistaken notions of the Christian Deity. 
If we had room, and it were consistent with our plan, we would 


gladly follow the progress of the disciples of Jesus, in this part 
Mid neighbourhood, to the commencement of the present cen- 
twy, but we must leave the delightful theme to future writets. 
On the survey of the Conqueror, the village of Sheffield 
had not the privilege of a Christian temple, or at all events 
Done are ou record. But in the absence o^ a public edifice 
dedicated to the worship of God, we are not to suppose that 
ihe converts had no places of worship ; private altars undoubt- 
edly were prevalent, and such as felt a disposition to attend the ' 
temples set apart for that purpose, might occasionally visit 
Rotherham, Treeton, &c., where such edifices had then exist- 
ence. Soon, subsequently to the conquest, however, the noble 
bouse of Lovetot graced the village of Sheffield with the bat- 
tlements of a temple, wherein public worship and divine ordi- 
nances were regularly performed by a monk of the house of 
Worksop, to whidi one third of the perquisites arising hence» 
together with the patronage of the rectory was attached by the 
founder of the edifices at Worksop and Sheffield. The other 
two parts, according to Pope Nicholas' taxation, were, with 
the manor of Ecdesfield, &c. in the possession of the Abbot of 
St. Wandrelle, a noted Benedictine convent near Rouen. To 
that institution they continued attached until the time of Richard 
II;, who, in the ninth of his reign, transferred them to the Car- 
thusian house of St. Ann, at Coventry. On the event of the 
great survey in the 26 Henry VIII., the following return was 
made by the commissioners : — 

£x RsciOBis [i>B SHxmxtD'] Arvmova' hokar*xo 
ssu DOM o voc' Chaki* HO* VK CoYZVXaiA. 

VieariaUI'mvaktin ja % ^ 

Sit* manconis eu* gardino x. i. Ian* & agn* dee* 
xzxvLs, oblae* vi.U- xviij. s. Libro paach' 
deebn* minut' et privat ij. a. viu* d. In toto 

ann' per co*ibiis ann' ziQ. vL viii. 

Sma valoris patet sup*. 

Jleprtt* our. m 

Denar' ann* solat* ArehiepS Ebor* p* sinod* 
iiy.8. et Arebino cgusdem dioe* p' expen* p' curat 

ib*m Til. 8. vL d. In toto p* ann' ..«. • — xi. ti. 

Soa'a repris p* s»ip'. 

£t valet clare ...•.....••.« xg. xr. ij. 

^ na p inde .• .• ••.••.■•«•*•.•.•...• ^" xxv. vj. q. 


Her& the learned reader will see that the net produce of 
the vicarage of Sheffield was £12 158. 2d. which was xa&ie up 
as followsi viz. :•— 

U S, D. 

A house with the garden 10 

Tithe ofwool and lambs 1 16 

Oblations [of the fidtbful] 6 18 

Easterbook m t. 4 

Small and privy athes 2 8 

£13 6 8 

Out of which the Vicar had to pay annually as under, viz; : — 

I., s, s. 
For synodals to the Archbishop of York .... 4 
To the Archdeacon for procurations 7 6 

£0 11 6 

Which leaves the above total of £12 15s^ 2d. as the deari^- 
venuQ ot the vicarage* This suni> small as it may appear, was 
amply au£Bcient for the maintenance of the vicar. In 1 5S8» tiMs 
period in about which the above survey was made» it waaiOfr 
dered that butchers should sell their meat by weight. Be«f teas 
one halfpenny per pound ; mutton, three farthings; andii.£lt 
hmb was sold for a shilling. Two years subsequently^ eight 
bushels, or a quarter of oats, were sold for two shillings and 
eightpence. In 1551, eight bushels, or a quarter of wheat, were 
worth eight shillings^ and malt iive shillings and a p^ny. In 
155S, a quart of red wine was sold for threepence ; and m ^ 
following^ year, a quarter of rye was worth six shillings and 
eightpence. Hence it will be seen, that the Vicar's stipend 
was amply sufficient for his maintenance ; and hence also it 
was, that we see no ordinations pnade by the Archbishops of 
York touching the support of the Vicar. . Nor had they match 
to pay for wages. A labourer in husbandry had by the year 
one pound six shillings and eightpence. The chief hind, carter, 
shepherd, &c. one pound per year. A common servant it\ 
husbandry sixteen shillings aud eightpence. A female servant 
ten shillings ; a child six and eightpence. Frob 
Michaelmas, the daily wages of a master mason, carpenter, 
bricklayer, tyler, plumber, carver, joiner, &c., were with diet 
fourpencei without diet sixpence. 


On tfa^ dissola^h of the monasteries, the rMOrid popefties 

oFtbe cliimh, together ivitli the patronage of the s&mei Ml ititb 

the hands of the crown. On the ISthof Aptil^ 3d Ed<«irard 

VI.9 such portion of the rectorial property as had hel6nged to the 

Carthoaan convent at Coventry, was granted to Mary, Coantesd- 

dowager of Northumberland, daughter of George, the fourth 

enl of Shrewsbury, with reversion to her brother, Francis^ the 

BSik ekri, to be held by him and bis heirs for ever in capite by 

the twentieth part of one ki^ght's fee* The eotidiCions of this 

grant^ so far as relates to the two parts, have not been disturbed. 

Ih the 35th Henry VIIL, the remaining thlM part of the 

rectorial interesb in Sheffield, was in part disposed m. Robert 

Swift, of Broomhall, Esq., and Wilfiam, his brother, ai!nongst 

much other property, purchased a third-part of the tithe of £c- 

clesdl and the two HaBams, from whom it descended to the 

Willdnsons and the Gells. Through female heirs, the Wilkin* 

sons' pah is now in the hands of the Rev. Marmaduk^Lawson. 

Another thiid-part thereof wais in the ownership of Wiffiam 

Wentworth, who^in the reign of Elizabeth, thmstfenred il over to 

a Kdiard Fenton, by whom ft was annexed to the manorial 

property. The remaining third part was, in the 18th of Qdeen 

jSlisabeth, transferred to Gilbert, earl of Shrewsbury, by Roger 

Manners, fbrthe sum of £856 ISs. 4d;, and wiub veMea in the 

Norfolk fani3y» ike noble owners of this ample p^monj. But 

the Rev. Mr.Wiftinson purchased two-thirds of the smatt tidies, 

and annexed tliflem to the vicarage. To return to the fabric. 

It was, according to the most authentic statements, about the 
middle of the twelfth century that the foundation of this mon- 
ument of the pie^ of our ancestors was laid under the ddniui- 
ation of the De Hovetots, who had the lordship between the 
reigns of Henry the first aud Henry the third. The ground 
plan of fthis church was originally laid out in the form of a 
cross, but in a subsequent re-edification, the ancient indmo- 
graphy has been disregarded, and the whole building is merely 
rectangukr, measuring in length about 240 feet, and in brieadth 
about 130. ** In the original design,'* says Mr. Hunter, 
^ were included side isles both on the north and south, above 
which arose the nave with a range of clerestory windows. Per- 
haps (conthiues he,) the first change in its form was produced 
by the erection of the Shrewsbury chapel, which now forms the 
south-east angle of the building. Since that period there have 
been many changes, and many re-edifications, till nothing re- 


mains of thd original fabric, except the massy pillars that sap^ 
port the tower, and the whole has assumed a form which never 
belonged to the ancient churches of this country, a panallelo- 
gram, contained by walls of equal altitude." The little sepul- 
chral enclosure denominated the Shrewsbury ChapeI/, 
and which was formed in the fime of Henry VIII., is the de- 
pository of some memorials, at once interesting to the antiquary 
and the general visitor — ^the latter indeed is often deterred from 
a gratification of his curiosity by the dust and lumber which he 
may have to encounter within the railing. On an elaborate 
altar-tomb, with spiral columns at the comers, and adorned with 
numerous heraldic insignia, repose the cumbent effigies of the 
founder, George, the fourth earl of Shrewsbury, who died on the 
'26th of July» 1538, and was buried in the vault beneath, and 
« his two countesses — Ann, who was laid with her husband, 
and Elizabeth, who. although scidptured on the moaumentt 
and included in the Hie quoque jacenU was buried with her 
ancestors at Erith in Kent. Nearly in the centre of this qhapel 
stands another altar tomb without effigies or inscription, but 
the ^des of which are plentifully enriched with shields of arms : 
we are indebted to this blazonry and the estensive and accurate 
heraldic knowledge of Mr. Hunter, for the only probable con- 
jecture as to the foundation of this memorial, which he sup- 
posed may have been erected by George, the sixth earl of 
Shrewsbury, for hjmself, and subsequently abandoned for ano- 
ther design, or for Francis Lord Talbot, his heir apparent, who 
was interred here in September, 1582. The remaining memo- 
rial is an elaborate and what must once have been a splendid 
monument, erected by the before-mentioned, George, the sixth 
eail of Shrewsbury, ^* in distrust of his executors.-' It c(H)8i9ts 
of a sarcophagus, upon which is laid a sculptured represent- 
ation of the ead, who died Nov. 1 8th, 1590. Above Ihese 
was a long inscription in eilt letters, written by Fox the martyr- 
ologystt vindicating the character of this illustrious nobleman* 
who had for a long period the custody of the Queen of Scots, 
from some contemporary imputations of familiarity with hia 
royal prisoner. The whole erection has been profusely orna- 
mented with emblematic designs, military trophies, and heraldic 
devices ; among the latter, are numerous aOusions to the family 
matches of the earl's ancestry. 

In the general re-edification of the main body of the church 
the numerous mortuary memorials dispersed through that por- 


Uoii of the &bric perished, nor does it appear that any inven- 
tory of them exists, beyond their partial enumeration in the 
pages of Mr. Hunter. The chancel, however, remains nearly 
ia its pristine state. The walls, decorated with various insignia 
commemorative of the buried dead, and the area under foot 
literally paved with gravestones, charged, in many instances, 
with names once of account in the neighbourhood, but now, 
not unfrequently either absorbed into the undistinguished mass 
of common life, or utterly extinct. Several of these memorials 
it might be interesting to notice more particularly ; but want of 
space obliges us to pass them over. There is one monument, 
however, which claims a special exception — a tablet to the me- 
mory of the Rev. James Wilkinson, Vicar, (who died January 
1B» 1805,) surmounted by a bust (irom Chantrey, " the eldest 
bom of his chisel !" This is a treasure appropriately placed in 
the Parish Church of Sheffield, where the sculptor ^ if not the 
man J may be said to have had his birtb. ' Mr. Montgomery, in 
Ws ealogy on local genius, delivered at the institution of the 
Literary and Philosophical Society, made the following striking 
aiitifflon to his bust : — '< Were la rich man, who could pur- 
duue the costly labours of such a master, I almost think that 
I could forego the pride of possessing the most successful effort 
of his later hand, for the nobler pleasure of calling my own the 
preeious bust in yonder church.' 

The rehgidus services in the parochial church of Sheffield, 
are adtnftnistered by the Vicar and three assistant ministers. 
The right of presentation to the living is exercised in turn by 
Marmaduke Lawson, Esq., of Boroughbridge, and Philip Gell, 
Esq., of Hopton, as die representatives of Robert and William 
Swyft, who hod a grant of ihe advowson on the 15th c^ May, 
1544, S6th Henry VIII. The latter somewhat uncommon pro • 
vision of three officiating clergymen, who hold their situations 
by a right and emolument irrespective of the vicarial patronage, 
flippears to have existed previously to the Keformation, originat- 
ing in the first instance, it is probable, by voluntary contribu- 
tions maintained by virtue of a pious zeal in thd inhabitants for 
a more extensive enjoyment of religious services, than could be 
commanded under the ministry of a single individual, and sub- 
sequently confirmed to the town by charter and endowment, in 
the Reign of Queen Mary. The present vicar is the Rev. 
Thomas Sutton, A. M., instituted March SOth, 1805. The 
sasbtant ministers arts the Revs. Matthew Preston, Edward 


Goodwioy and William H. yale4 The services in the Parish 
Ciiurch are as follow : — Sunday, forenoon quarter-past ten, 
after-noon half-past two, evening six. Sermon on Wednesday 
evening, and prayers every other evening, at seven o'clock* For 
the Sunday night and Wednesday night services, the congrega- 
tions are indebted to the pious disposition and laudable solicitude 
of the present Vicar and other mini8ters,who officiate by turas. 

The church stands in the midst of a spacious burial ground 
'-which, spacious however as it is, has long been not only too 
small for the wants of our immense and encreasing population, 
but so thoroughly filled as to be rendered very improper to be 
opened for the reception of any corpses, besides those whose 
relatives claim the privilege of interment : we are anxious to 
see this cemetery sown with grass seeds ; the gates locked 
during the night ; and the memorials of the dead preserved 
from unnecessary effiicement and wanton demolition* 

We have alluded above, to t£e striking appearance of this 
church at a distance ; we would here observe, that in conse- 
quence of the open space which surrounds this noble pilei it is 
seen with great advantage in its ardiitectural eflTect, either by 
day-light when its parts can be examined in detail ; or noctu- 
nally, when it appears merely as a fine mass of shadow, either 
dimly perceptible in its general outline, or more accurately de- 
fined in figure, as the h'gnt or the darkness may predominate* 
Under these circumstances, strangers have often been struck 
with the view of the &bric from Church-lane, and even our 
town^eople themselves, to whom a daily fiimiliarity with the 
object may be presumed to have somewhat diminished the im- 
pression, often find a pleasure in gazing on the ma^iifipent 
appearance of their parish church, either when fidntly aiscem- 
able in the gloom of midnicbt, or when more strikingly defined 
in the clearness of an evening sky. 


This IB an elegant structure in the Grecian style of archi- 
tecture, and was erected in the year 1720, in consequence, 
principally, of the munificence of Mr. Robert Downes, a gold- 
smith of this town, and other spirited individuals- — though, 
owing to some unforeseen difficulty in the settlement of the ricbt 
of presentation, not opened till 1740. It is surrounded with a 
spacious burial ground, and stands at some distance to the south 



of St. Peter's, in the direction in which the town first began 
considerably to extend itself. For, although when first erected it 
might be said to stand out of the town — and e?en some persons 
yet living recollect when corn waved on the site of Howard-street, 
and the streets adjacent — the church is now not only completely 
xnUhin the town, but, from the effect of the smoke upon it, ex- 
hibits much of the hue, though none of the dilapidation of 
antiquity. It occupies a ground plan of about 26 yards by 
19; and exhibits, over the west end, a well proportioned tower 
surmounted with a dome and cupola, the latter of cast iron. 
Inside, it. is commodiously and substantially pevred to accomo- 
date 1250 sitters, and contains, besides a good orjgan by 
Snetzler, another object of great interest — a monument with 
emblematic figures, surmounted by a fine bust, which is also 
esteemed a capital likeness of a late pastor, the Rev. Alexander 
Mackenzie, A. M., from the chisel of Chantrey. The remains 
of the Rev. T. Cotterill, the predecessor of the present incum- 
bent, rest within the communion railing. The deceased was 
universally beloved, and rarely, if ever, has Sheffield witnessed 
such a spontaneous tribute of respect as was evinced by the mul- 
titudes which attended his funeral '; and never did charity more 
readily and liberally distinguish herself, than in. the noble con- 
tribution which was made for the assistance of his amiable widow 
and fatherless children. The nomination of the minister be- 
longs to the Vicar for the time being, and his salary, besides 
some surplice fees, arises out of the pew rents, the whole of 
which goes to his support, with the exception of forty-eight 
pounds per annum reserved, as payable for ever, to the heirs of 
the late Joseph Downes, of Manchester. The present highly 
esteemed and excellent minister is the Rev. James Knight. 

In an ancient and well known engraving of the town, trees 
are represented as growing in St. Paul's churchyard. HoW 
much the burial *ground would be beautified by a double, or even 
a single row of limes planted within the inclosure all around ! 
why is this economical ornament denied to those who would 
so gladly look upon it ? Why, indeed, is Sheffield generally, 
situated as it is, amidst almost all that is beautiful in scenery, so 
strikingly devoid of every trace of vegetation, and every sylvan 
ornament within its compass ? Is it solely on account of the 
unfavourable effects of the smoke ? We believe not. 




A small, neat, stone building, erected in 1788, ''on part of 
the vicarage croft, at an expense of somewhat more than £3000, 
which was raised in shares of fifty pounds, eachi of which en- 
titled the subscriber fco a pew, as a freehold inheritance.*' By 
the conditions of the act of parliament authorising the erection 
of this church on the glehe land, the mhiister was to be ap- 
pointed by the vicar for the time being ; the fees to the vicar, 
the same as at St. Paui'ii, who was likewise to enjoy a rent 
charge of twenty pounds a year, fixed upon the church. 
Generally speaking this church is neither distinguished for any 
thing striking In its architecture without, nor in its surange- 
ments within: it is capable of seating about 700 persons: nas 
a good organ, and at the east end a large window of stained 
glass over the altar, containing a representation of our Saviour 
on the cross. This church is vaulted underneath^ and tbe 
whole subdivided into small compartments as a depositary for 
the dead ; a consideri^le number of theise mortuary mansions^ 
are in actual occupancy, and the rest remain to be disposed of at 
a certain rent fixed by the incumbent; there is besides the vaults^ 
a very small portion of burial ground without the church. 

The present highly respectable and pious minister is the 
Rev. Thomas Best, who is not more generally known beyond 
the town from the interest excited by his annual sermons against 
Theatrical Amusements, than deservedly beloved by hid congre- 
gation, for the faithful, zealous, and wsctionate discharge of 
his pastoral duties. 


The beautiful stnicture denominated as above, and which 
occupies an elevated situation to the west of the to^, ^as th^ 
first-fruit to Sheffield of the act for building new churches* — 
the sum of 4^14,819 being allowed for this fabric^ out of the 
parliamentary grant. The first stone was laid by the Rev. T. 
Sutton, on the 19th of July, 1821, bein^ the coronation-day 
of his present Majesty, in honour of whom it is nazned St. 
George's. The building is a very beautiful design, composed 
in that style of Gothic architecture, which prevailed in tbe l4th 
century. The masonry appears to be as perfect as can well 

His^BY OF aw&miBuy. xlvU 

be imagined: the lofty tower, 139 feet high— -which rises al 
the west end, and which is beautifiiQy modelled throughout— 
is a striking object at a great distance ; while the finishing of 
the inside, including all the arrangements, is of a very handsome 
and satisfactory description. There are, on the whole, accom- 
modations for 2,000 sitters, including the important convenience 
of 1,000 free seats, which, as well as the pews generally, ^re 
well filled with serious and devout hearers,— -eiqieciaUj on Sun- 
day evenings, at which time divine service is regularly perform#d 
here* The church was consecrated by the Archbi^op, and 
opened for divine service on the 29th of June, 1825, on which 
occasion it was crowded by an attentive audience, principally 
admitted by ticket. The present highly esteemed minister is 
the Rev. Stephen Langston, A. M. 

Owing to ai£Perences of opinion on the subject of a C^rch 
Baie, at present existing between the Churchwardens and the 
inhabitants, a large piece of ground which surrounds St. 
George's church, and which has been consecrated ever sinqe 
1817, remains at present mostly uninendosed, and the inhar 
bitants, in con^quence diereof, are deprived of those advantages 
and conveniences in the selection of places for int^ment, which 
they have so long required ^nd $i^pected« Although this is 
not the place for any discv^on on the question above alluded 
to, yet we may b,e permitted to express our rc^t that on^ 
misunderstanding between such parties should be p^rmitted^ as 
it certainly does, to impede that decent imd reverent di^sal of 
the dead, which is so distinguishing a trait in the chari^ter of 
the inhabitants of this country; additiondi grave-ground is Ipudly 
called for in Sheffield. 


This church, situated ijiear t^e InfirmarjTs «nd which is d^e- 
nominated after the aboye Saint, in testimouy of respiect to 
Phih'p Gell, Esq., of Hopton, who laid the $rst stone^ on tjtie 
26th of September,! 822^ is f^t pi;esent unopened, though quitje 
finished, and is, we believe, intended to receive consecrf^Ton 
during the present year. It is a handsom^ strupture, in the Xzo- 
thic style, and on the whplej not differing veiy grje^tly £rom St. 
George's in the general view. Of the arcliitectur^ meints of ,e9G& 
building respectively, different persons have expressed different 
sentiments. Standing in a most commanding situation as St. 


George's does, its tower has been objected to as too ^igA. 
Without challenging any credit for correct taste in this matter, 
much less as pretending to any architectural science, toe never- 
theless venture to differ from the preceding judgment ; nor 
should we have objected (as far as effect is concerned) to have 
seen this high tower surmounted by a spire of proportionate 
elevation, whidi would in this case have rendered that church, 
to an extent even beyond what it is at present, one of the most 
conspicuous and interesting objects in the neighbourhood. St. 
Philip's, however, may be characterised generally as being less 
elaborately finished, as well as less ornamented, both without 
and within. It is, moreover, from its lovi situation, not so 
striking at a distance a^ the above-mentioned church. These, 
however, are very unimportant considerations, compared with 
the advantages likely to be derived by the neighbourhood, from 
the opening an house of God under such favourable auspices , 
for Christian worship. This church is likewise surrounded 
with a considerable plot of ground, intended for a cemetery, 
which was presented by Philip Gell, Esq., the patron of the 
vicarage of Sheffield. Minister, the Rev. William Drayton 
Carter, M. A. 


This magnificent Gothic fabric, at present in progress of 
being erected, at the bottom of Brammall Lane, at the south 
east extremity of the town, appears likely — judging from the 
artist's sketch of the elevation, and the present indications of 
the work, to surpass our other new churches in splendour of de- 
sign and beauty of execution : while, however, we give our un- 
qualified approbation tp the architectural pioprielies which so 
abundantly predominate in this building, we cannot but regret 
that a series of barbarous Gothic masks should have been 
thought necessary to the perfection of that florid style of orna- 
ment adopted by the arcnitect : let it be understood, that we 
have no serious objection, nor indeed objection at ^1, to the 
introduction of faces, or other subjects in the abstract ; but we 
do think that whatever may have been the origin of these he- 
terogeneous conceptions, and however much they might be ad- 
mired in the infancy of art, it surely ought to be a maxim in 
the nineteenth century,— -even in architecture, that whdt is ob- 
viously an insult on good sense, can never be in absolute ac- 


cordaace widi good taste. Tlie foundation i^ne of diia 
dmrch was laid October 12tfa, i826» bytbe Countm of 
Suuey, surrounded by a highly rei^ctable coippapy gl our 
townspeople^ as well as by several illustrious visjltors. The 
entire expense of the building, to be allowed out of the Par* 
liamentary grants was JC12»64*9 Ids. 5d. The site of the 
diurch aq4 cemeteiy was the munificent gift of his Grace the 


Besides the churches already mentioned, there are two or 
three. other consecrated places of worshm within the parish; 
one a Chwel ^f ^ase in the township of Ecclesall, about three 
miles south*w^ of Sheffield, and surrounded with a ^lacious 
grave ground, which, from tl^ multitude and character of the 
memorials, would lead ev^n a, stranger to think that it was the 
fiiahionabie burying place* Rev. M. Preston, minister* 

Christ Churcbi is in the township of Atterdi&y aliout 
two miles north of Sheffield, has been buik out of a fum 
of money allowed for this purpose by the Comxnissionem fw 
the management of the Parliamentary grant before mentioned* 
The firat stone was laid by jiis Grape f^e Duke of Nor&Uc, 
Octob^ SQth, 1822, and Uie church was conmrated an^ 
opene4 fo^ public worship, July 26tjb, i$26. This edifice if 
considi^r^ a gism among the . i^ccIesiasUcal stftMtures of th^ 
neighbourhood, and will well repay the visit of the connoiseur 
in sacred arclutecture. The appropriate de^corations withi^ 
are terminateid ^^ve by a handsomely grained ceiltog ; and the 
windows are decorated wi^h istained glfss, exhibiting the armo;: 
rial bearings of the various illustrious individuals wl^o haye 
taken an inlf^est in the erection, and of several old families in 
the vicinity. The old Chapel at Att^rcliiSe, which had bec(MCDe 
partially dilapidated, was erected in 1629, and is sunounded 
by an extensive burying ground. Rev. J. JBlackburn, mincer. 
In this hamlet the Independents and Methodists have likenvise 


The place of worship occupied by the above denomination 
of dissenters^ stands in NorfoUs-street, and is generally c^ed 


the ** Upper Ch«pel," to distinguish it from the <' Nether 
Chapel/' which \& hv$X mentioned. This building, which 
is of brick, in the dark heavy style of the tinaes, was erected in 
3700, for the use of a congregation of Independents, who had 
at this time for theit pastor,the Rev. Timothy JoUie, an eminent 
minister of the Gospel, who was at the head of an academy then 
existing at Attereliffe, for the education of young men designed 
for the ministerial office among the dissenters. On the death 
of this oKcellent man, in 1714, and after much unpleasant 
disunion in his bereaved congregation, he was succeeded in the 
pastoral office, by Mr. John Wadsworth, who had for his as- 
sistant a son of the late Mr. JoUie. On the resignation of the 
latter, and after the death of the former of these gentlemen, Mr^ 
Haines and a son of Mr. Wadsworth succeeded in joint occu- 
pancy of the pulpit. It was under their ministry, about 1750, 
that the majority of the congregation adopted Unitarian views, 
and from that period to the present, a succession of ministers 
holding the same sentiments, have held and occupied the place. 
Hie Hev. Jos. Evans, who resigned his pastorship over this place 
in 1798, adopted for the exercise of his unwearied kindness and 
instruction a native youth, who not only grew up to do honour to 
the education of his foster friend,but who has laid Sheffield and the 
neighbourhood under lasting obligations by the manner in which 
he has illustrated the ancient and modem history of this dis- 
trict. The Rev. Joseph Hunter, now of Bath, is a name 
which we have had too often brought to our remembrance dur^ 
ing the compilation of these notices, to allow us to forget that 
meed of humble acknowledgment, which we are no less re- 
minded by duty, than inclined by gratitude most unequivocally 
to pay to the author of a work to which we have been of course 
so extensively indebted. Mr. Hunter's '^ Hallamshirb,'^ 
is a performance not more justly distinguished for antiquarian re- 
search and historical ducidation,than deserving of commendation 
for the candid, dispassionate, and gentlemanly manner in which 
ihe auUior has guided his pen through every page of his delight- 
ful work. In the burfal ground of this ancient chapel, amongst 
other '^ pious dead," rest the remains of the abovementioned 
Rev* Timothy JoUie, who is particularly noticed by Mr. Hunter 
in his account of this place ; a fine portrait of whom may be 
found in the Evangelical Magazine, accompanied by an inter- 
esting memoir written by a gentleman of high respectability 
and attainments in the Calvinistic body. The present pastor is 


the Rev* N» Philippsy D.D. Service is perfensed here on the 
Sabiwtb forenoon and aftemoon>and occasionally in the evenidg. 


This chapel was erected about 1715, for the accommodation 
of a small chjurch, or society of Christians, who, in consequence 
of the Arian dispute, had separated from the congregation aft 
the place last mentioned, and united themselves in a distinct 
body» under the pastorship of Mr. John de la Rose; a preacher 
of evangelical sentiments, who had been assistant to the elder 
Mr. JoUie, and who died in 1723. Dark, incommodious and 
heavy, this old stone-cornered brick building resembled the 
Unitarian chapel in its unattractive appearance, till the year 
1826, when it was pulled down, and the present very handsome 
edifice commenced, on the site of the original chapel, and on 
the credit of a subscription, instituted two or three yeais ago 
among the friends of the place, who have herein exercised a 
spirit of application and liberah'ty o{ contribution, worthy of all 
applause. The new chapel which occupies the site of its pre- 
decessor, and which, it is intended shall be opened before the 
close of the present year, is a handsome and con^modious build* 
ing, about 66 feet long, and 51 feet wide : the front espe- 
cially, is a finely proportioned elevation, and the judicious inter- 
mixture of ornamental stone work, adds much to ihe imposing 
effect of the whole building. The present pastor is the Rev. 
Thomas Smith, A. M., classical tutor of the academy at Mas- 


This small place of worship appears to have been built i^out 
1775, by Mr. Edward Bennett, for the reception .of a small 
number of persons who separated with him from the society at 
the Nether Chapel, and over whom he exercised the pastoral 
office till the period of his death. On the removal of the ori- 
ginal congregation, as afterwards noticed, this chapel became a 
floating convenience to any incipient denomination which could 


wht il{ is u d mpmil fy, it Ino b^n in vaHous h^nds : at ptes^t 
i^tKSCtpiied by the laiembeiB of a sumU sect, caSing ihemdelyesr 
Primitive Methodists, 


Mr. HtmteTy iqje^dung'of the circtimiBtattices of the laatmen- 
tbned chapel, s&ys — ** The isimafi sums which the seat-holdets 
paid were irfaeed lit interest till the thne of Mr. Bennett's dealh, 
when he direefed by will that this sttm, to^dxer with £iSO 
mdMy should be paid bV his executors to the church and con* 
gNpyflion, fi)r the purpose of buMng a hr^r place of worship, 
n thai witt |HNtferred to tonaining wherd they were; Thiif Iflie* 
nd ofik was adceptdd ; and with t^e tton^, increased by fmther 
dooMlona frotti Mr. John Bennett and oOieV persons, the chapd 
in Howaid'Street was erected^ to which th6 toti^ptffSxok t^ 
movtfd fttm Goldpif-'Iaiie in 1790. They hiiv6 bad ti if/Mi 
sueetiMtctt of ni^iati^; namely^ Mr. Bingess, Mr. SUtlerfe, 
Mr. Teflon Mr.fttoseyMk Bam^, to v^hdnn succeeded^ir 
fast, ministeifv Mr. Jlnte^ MlEfcha^' 

This ehi^ dOQftttns ah oi>gan,' which was fibtMludiii'dItt-- 
tng thtf tnniMhr of fSk^ Bet. J. Mather, ii^ removed itt«n 
tlriii pbtoe Co ffirmrajghain^ in: 1827V sO thht at present the j>dl- 
pil is supplied by strangers suc^sdrely engaged to pr^aoi to 
the con^eg^ticto. We shaH be gkd to see this preteibus 
method p#<esenliy superseded by tbe acquisidon of an effi^iiHat, 
pious^fopuluv and regulariyseltled minister. Thle ndtfdesof 
the four chapels feBowing, are in the words of Mr. HmHelr u^-^ 


About 1780, a small society of Independent Drssenter^bi^It 
Ihe chapel in Lee-croft» and invited Mr. Povah to be their mi- 
nister. They. soon, gave up the place to a congregation of 
Independent Methodists, whose minister was Mr. Macnab. 
.Some years after Mr. Macnab's decease, the Rev. Francis 
Dixon, with a society of Independents, obtained possession of 
the place. 


Was erected about the same time, by the Rev. Mr.' Bristol, 
who preached in it for some time to a congregation of Inde- 
pendients. He sold it to the Wesleyan Methodists, who occu- 
pied it till the erection of their great chapel in Carver-street* 
It was then again occupied by a body of Independents, who8« 
minister was Mr. Bell. - He was sccceeded by Mr.' Barton, 
and he by the Rev. Mark Docker, the present minister. 


• On the 20th of June, 1783,a lease for 99 years was gratiied 
by the church burgesses of Sheffield to Thomas Vennror, of 
Sheffield, gentleman^ and John Read, of the same plads*,' mer 
chanty of a piece of land situated near a new street to be called 
Kg-street, or Queen-street, at the rent of £5 2s. per annum. 
A chapel was erected upon it, Mr. Yennor contributing £^^, 
M/. Read £S50, and other persons £S00 or thereabouts, to 
defray the expense. Mr. Yennor, by will dated 3l8t of Marth, 
.1786/ gave up what he had advanced for the benefit of the said 
chapel * as long as it should continue and be regolarfy used as 
a place for the worship of Almighty God, if the min^sfer 'who 
«ho|dd perform the usual duty therein s^uld maifiUnnf and en- 
bic€ ih^ doctrine agreeable to the first tiiirty-one articles of the 
Chwdi of England/ Mr. Yennor died tfoon after, and Mr, 
R«ad, the surviving lessee, by indenture bearing dafe^ the 11th 
of March, 1794, conveyed over the premises to Joseph 'Read, 
1^ Sheffield, refiner, Thomas Yennor; of Wakefield, arehrtect,' 
and nine Gather petsons, in trust, to permit the portion of ground 
in front of the chapel to be used as a burying-place by -itm 
fiunilies of Yennor and Read, and the chapel to be devoted to 
Ae purpose expressed in Mr. Yeiinor's will : - and in their d&-' 
fiiult to be sold, and the purchase money divided among th«' 
representatives of the original subscribers, in proportion to their 

The first minister was the Rev. Jehoiada Brewer. In 1796 
he removed to Birmingham, when the present minister, tha 
Reverend James Boden, settled here. 

About 1806, the few Baptists who were scattered among 
the diffisrent Independent societies began to meet together at 

the Chapel in Coalpit-lane, and chose Mr. WiHiam Domes 
(one ofthemseiyefi) to be theiir niintsteK Alter some time 
lliev determmed upon the erection of a larger place of wordi^ ; 
■ad the chapd at Town-head Cros$ was built hj them^ and 
opened in 1814. On Mr. Downes'a removal, the Rev..Mn 
Jones settled for awhile amongst them. He was succeed^ ^^ 
the Re7. C. L^ffom, the present highly-reqpected pastpr. . 


The Wesleyan Methodists are a nnmerons body in Sh^ldp 
tlie members in -society amounting to 21 03, according to At 
returns made to the Conference of 1827- The first^tace rf 
this people experienced in SheflSeld a foil share of those petiie** 
(jutions, obloquiea and other vicissitudes, which so gcnerjUly air 
tended their appearance in other places. Mr. Everett, one rfthe- 
ministers of the bodyi and who resided several years in-thii<o<«li- 
first ad a. stAtipned preacher, and suhccquently as a '^T^^'^ 
hooka^leffjh^ published a, Hw^ory ^i\ie^AoA>« /o^AgpR^ 
irhich ponl^iim. »otr merely a copious and accurate account irf 
the rise aq^^progr^w of ^he saqietj tq which hebdonp, but 
IJl^wiae j»s|ny: siriking anecdotes and curious partip^lars^ dla- 
ttieieristic of the local manners^ and several interesting iii«?i- 
di|ids>otthoM time«, which were rapidly passing fron^ «W?n 
S«ice to.oiiUvion, with that ancient race of oral chronid^ 
many ofiwhoTP had Po* only had them from the parties wh<i 
are mentionfld^ but bad themselves been actors in the soenf* 
which they describe. aa^i. rv 

The chapel in Norfolk-street was opened on the SOth of Jane, 
1780. It ia a large and commodious place of worship, caprfw 
QfaEating?J>OWt 1300, #nd contains a large proportion of fat. 
aittings^.,A,^ode of accommodating the poor, of which Metfto> 
dism may 'be justly proud, having herein set an example which 
has been worthily followed by other religious denomination^, 
y^o are anxious that to the poor the Gospel should be preached. 
On the. first opening of this chapel, and for a considerable tune 
afterwards, the congregation within exhibited an arrangement 
peculiar to early Methodism — ^the men and women seated on 
different sides — a regulation which, however commendable at ago very properly given way to the preference 
of; individual!, and the comfortable ad^tation of family pews. 



Iti ike year 1804^,the krge^ hAndsooie, And ooramodioat. 
do^et «t the top ef CsrveiHilfeeC, mas elected by tke Weidejaa 
Mefebodiftsi ]paiftiy by fMlo sttbscrlptfkm, but prineifmRy 
tkiongh tbeidSuence of several opulent meniberB «if the bodj^ 
who cohlv&dted mtirtificeiitly to tliis wofk* The building is 
of inicky and » 'fery judiciofisly designed, not being chargeable 
eiliiBr.iritha;laick or with a preiftisioa of omamient: it is cor- 
leiytiirikttdy ^ed uf in the insid^» and eontsins within the 
p^wraitthigs for llSOindhiduab: besides which there ibre free 
seals for S50 persons. Withiaihe. chapel there is a neat mural 
au>auiBent in jnemory of the late Mr» Henry LoB|^en, a man 
wlio«a zeal, piety, aod usefulness, secured for him a consider- 
shlo flinare of respect^— 4iot oidy amongst the Methodists, where 
bm iKted as a loqal preacher, — ^but with all who knew fahn. A 
conttderable plot of ground, attached to this chapel, is occuped, 
0fkitiy «s i^ cemetery, and partly by the dwelling-houses of three 
<^.tJi» pseadieiB. 

- •■' ' • t , ^ 


l-W 182$^ an^arther large cfaapel» cakulated t^ iest nearly 
Jli60pL.peRiof»» was ereotdl by the MeAodists, on a piece xi 
\fx^ belonging, to T. Holy, Esq*^ near Moorfields, in the 
spu^-westerq suburb of ihe town. This chapel is bidhr of 
|^e;.in.^epseudo-jothip style ; and is more to be commended 
for Its present and prospective utility — ^and even fo> its. internal 
fi|tti^iup« Aan jsither for the beauty or eaKoelleniCy of th«^extej?ii3 
sreEuecture^ The chief entmnee is a vestibufe under a ivell 
jpniiportioned tower, which rises at the south end of the build*^ 
loyp^and is itself surmounted by a light wooden erection — ^fen^ 
i^ifi^Ijr < composed, but in oar opinion, neither an hafmdnious, 
ijoc ao pmamenial appeudage. The whole is enclosed within 
a good fence. 


. Wje lastly notice this place of worship belonging to the 
Methodists, as being the smallest chapel which they occupy in 
the town ^ although, in the ordbr of tirne, it was ere<Aed befbre 
the two last mentioned, having been built' hk lJ9&i 


9i3i:q»y..qf fki^^mm^D. 


According to Mr. Hunter, the chapel in Scotland-street was 
liuilt about 1764, by Mr. Bryant, one of the persona who se* 
eeiv'ed ordination from a bishop of the Greek church, who was . 
iri London about 1760. He preached above thirty yeassia 
this chapel. Since his death, the place has been occupied by ' 
the Methodists of what is called the New Connexion. They ^ 
sepafated from tiie great body of Wesleyans on a point of in*y 
tergal discipline. Mr. Alexander Kilham^ a leader in the ae?-. 
cesdon, was for some time minister here. 


The society of Friends, as the Quakers call themselves^ aa* . 
semble in a large and substantial meeting-house, built witK 
brick in the. year 1800, and situated between the top of. 
Watson's-walk and Bank-street. The interior is furnished with ^ 
an ample gallery, which is fitted tip, as well as the space b«Iow^ 
with plain but substantial benches, with back-rails, and an elev- 
ation at one end below for the accommodation of the elders, as 
is usutd among this people. The whole chapel is eapaUe of ; 
containing 120^ persons, but is rarely so filled — ^nor indeed is & 
the gallery ever opened, except on particular occasions, as tbe~ 
visits of strangers, &c. Connected with the meeting-house is. 
a verdant burying-gr<>und, . 

•'. 'Wbqre weary pilgrims find their last repose : 
The little hills are ranged in comely rows. 
With walks between, by friends and kindred trod, 
Who dress'd with duteous hands each hatlow'd sod : 
No sculptured monument is taught to breathe 
H(f praises whom the worm devours beneath :** 

thtfs exhibiting in its unadorned simplicity of appearance, a' 
striking contrast to those fashionable grave-yards which are 
crowded with every description of memorials, from the rudest 
inscription-stone to the richest tomb. 


The severity of the laws once in force against popish recu- 
sants, prevented, for a long time, the regular assemblage of 
Roman Catholics for purposes of worship according to the . 

ttinoKT ^ SHErmLD. IvH 

ijtual of thmr own <&ttrch«' On die BdbmMtsa<itnmaj of (hoM 
imdeties arising out of the ciicumstenooii <^ the EeyohtioOt 
tfvd the eomcquent vetaaoition of these enaotmentt, and when 
Cadiolios were falfy tolerated in the exercise of their religion^ 
tfcejr con^ued to assemble in a large room) which heretofore 
had bben regarded in the light of a private chapel> in the ancient 
house belonging to the Howard utniljj commonly known at 
** The Loid's House," which stood at the upper end of 
Norfoft-row, and in which the present Duke of Norfolk first 
drew breath. In 1916^ assisted liberally by his Grace» die 
Catholics in this town erected the present respectable place of 
wonhip, contaiaing a smaU gallery, a good organ , and the usual 
coateniencies and paraphenwlia of a Roman Catholic Chapel. 
Annexed is a small enclosed eemetery, neatly palisaSoed mm 
the street, and planted with trees and flowers, which give it that 
pleasing air so uncommon in the burial-grounds of larcetowmL 
Ir odnfiiins a neat momiment to the memory of John Curr, 
Es^^ hte of Belle Vue House^ in Sheffield Park ; a man 
distinguished as an engineer^ and especially deserving of remem*' 
bnmce as the inventor and original patentee of ^ejlat ropcj 
alike calculated for coalpits and sh^ cables* Present priest,^ 
die Rev. Riduwd Rinuner ; asdsted by the Rev, Mr. . 


This chapel war erected m 18^, by a society denominating 
themselves Independent Mithodists^ whose distinguishing che- 
racteristic is, that instead of maintaining their ministers apart 
from secular employments, they supply their pulpit from among 
themselves, by the gratuitous services of those who maiy be able 
to read, pray, and expound, for the general edification, and 
whom they deem, on these accot/nts, eUgible for pastors. 


The New Connexion of Methodists increasing in numbers 
and respectability, and Scotland-street Chapel, heretofore their 
only place of worship in this town, being both incommodiops 
and out of repair, they resolved, in the year 1827, upon tbe 
erecdon of a 'neat, comfortable, and additional chapel, on a 


Inu .HISVtlRTOF uawsBitu^. 

eonvenieot piece of ground bebnging. to Eail Fitzwilliam, and 
joining the great south entrance into ithe town. This chapel, 
si^/.tNijKriy fitiished, and which is intended to aocosrimodate 
10(^-pa2^0j|j^ will be opened duiing the present jear. We 
trust the aehi'oIHfl^qffjafid re-edification in aJighterstyb, ofthe: 
old chapel in Scotlahd«ittreet,e1(|^4h^ckly populated neighbooiv^ 
booi}^) will speedily follow the bpeniA^^of this place. 

In concluding our brief notices of the different places of 
pnblic worship, we may just remark, that there is not a town in' 
the kingdom where religious liberty is better understood, or its- 
principles more extensively practised, than in Sheffield. Tk^j» 
is the utmost good-will prevalent amon^ the ministers of tha 
various denominations ; and they are not mm^e generally tinani>- 
ni0us in their efforts to do good, than they aie indtviduaUy 
rMpected by the inhabitants for the exceliencie» of their Gh»»^ 
rieters iind conduct. 

, But one of the most attractive and lovely features in the Histoiy 
of Sheffield remains yet to be noticed'^-— its cheritd[>le instttutioiw«' 
In ihe ancient world rK)thing like these had existence. Greece^ 
and Rome with all their boasted valour, their public edificeB» 
their games, shows, and triumphs, with all the trappings of a 
gorgeous hienrcby, and a pompous display of military parade^ 
wanted charity. For this benignant and most prominent oi;t&-. 
line in the character of the modems, we are indebted to the 
spirit of the gospel. Carp at the gospel as unbelievers may,; 
had it no other recommendation than its humanizing principles^ 
its good-will towards men, and its amiable and benificent ineuK 
cations, it is worthy of our regard, and excels every other system 
of ethics, whether ancient or modern. 

We shall not stop here to minutely examine the revenues of 
these interesting charities, but the subject should not pass wholly 
unnoticed. In A.D. 1786 or 1788, the net annual sum of . 
their joint produce exceeded two thousand pounds. What 
the real product may now be we are ignorant, but if they have 
been well attended to, the annual income is much greater than 
the last parliamentary return reported them. It is probable :^, 
that they may realize from four to five thousand pounds pi^'i^;»v'^ 
annum. - ■, .;r 

HiSTonr OF «ismE£D. lix 


Thia chanty originated ia oonaeqaence of a clause in tha will 
of Gilbert* Earl of Shrewsbury, who died in 1616. His estals, 
however) being insufficient* the bequest was nugatory till 167 St 
wheni ft^cording to an inseription once to be seen on the ancient 
chapel, this hospital was *< erected and settled by the Right 
Honourable Henry, Earl of Norwich, and Earl Marshall of 
EDf^nd, great-grandchild of the aforesaid Earl, in pttisuanoa 
of his last win and testament/' The endowment was for 
ei^bfoen inen, and aa many wfHneni who had each a small 
dmlUiigy with ten sbilUogs a-iweek the men, and eight shillioga 
the women ; besides coalS} eoatSy gowns, &e* The original 
baildings formed three sides gf a quadrangle, with, a ehi^ in 
the centre, and were situated in the Paik, just at the aa^ 
formed by the junction of the rivers Don and Sheaf. The^v 
afieieiit buikUngs have recently been demolisbed, to make way 
for a mwrket, and the pensioners removed during the last year to 
a moat beautiful and comfortable suit pf apartments, just ereoted 
fof their reception on the brow of the hUl overlooking CUj'^ 
waod» on the eastern side of the town. The new establisb^ 
meol^like its predecessor^ consists of a commodious chapel, and 
eighteen convenient dwellingp, with one for the Chaplain, tba 
Sev. T. Robinson, who resides on the spot. The whole ai^ 
raoigement does great credit to the spirit and judgment of 
Miphael Ellison, Esq., agent to the Duke of Norfolk, who ia 
this, as in oth» instances, has evinced his disposition to act 
with thQ utmost liberality in (he improvement of his Grace's 
Sheffield estate. 


This charity, locally designated the Bromn Hospital, in 
contra-distinction to that above mentioned, which is sometimes 
called the Blue Hospitalf owes its existence to the piety and 
benevolence of Mr. Thomas Hollis, a gentleman who acquired 
large property in London, as a dealer in Sheffield goods. The 
establishment, which occupies the premises where once stood an 
ancient Dissenting meeting-house called JSeuj Hall, Contains 
dwellings for sixteen elderly women, widows of cutlers. They 
have seven shillings a-week, besides coals, and a gown once in 
two years. This place was originally connected with the con- 

» gregation of the Upper Cbapd, out of which the trofiteee used 
to be chosen. On the ascendancy of Unitarian tenets, the trust 
eontfinued to be locsHy sttadied to that place, though the sen- 
littients of the founder were EtangeKed ; and little did be 
think, that in after tines, it would be required as a sine qua 
non with the rectpieots of his bounty, that they should- attetid 
an Unitarian cbapell 


The royal letters patent foundkig the above nraied sdioot, 
were granted by King James, 4tk May, 1604. The iaeticii- 
lion, howeter, which was tlius^^ incorpomtedi appeafs lo haire 
Of iginated in the generous respei* of Thomas Smitii, of Cvoir-> 
hnd; in the county of Lincoln, but supposed to hare been ■ 
natiTe of Sheffield, who by his will, dated 2d July, 1603, gava 
tbirty^ pounds a year to thie town of Sheffidid) ** m long as tllt^ 
worid should endure," for the maintenaoce of two *^ suffideot 
leMiied nief> Uy teach and briag up the young children tbiis» ia 
godlkeM aiid learning." The lands out of which the ongifejil 
eadbwineut arose^ and which were situated in Caoibitdgesoimi 
w«ie« subsequently soid and lands purokased with the mouey m 
Wadsley, and wlrich,with some o^r and mora recent beneCie» 
tions, comprise the Gmmmar School estates^ The ancient 
building formerly used as the sdio^, and whidi many pttuen« 
fifing will remember, was ntnate in Townbead-strc*^ and 
erected in 1648, of materials said to have partly been brougbt 
k0m the ruins of Sheffield cas^. In 18249 a new school wan 
erected on a handsome scale, at the eastern extremity of Sc 
Geoige's church yard : this building, so creditable to the liber- 
ality of the governors) is ably conducted, and likely long to 
perpetuate the charitable intentions of the original founds. 


** At the north-east corner of the parish cfaurch-yard stands a 
school-house, where sixty bo^sare dothed, maintained, and edo- 
cated till they are of proper age to be placed out as apprentioes." 
The present bnildbg which is substantial^ airy, and every way 
commodious, has been recently erected, and is the^uccessc« of 
one which was built in 1710» to receive the objects of a cW 

sitfoay ow «Hs»xftiiDr Ixi 

rifep-vilueb appeM tD have onginfted in 1706. Thb scliool it 
supplied by various benefuctioiis and legacies, and annual co)- 
ledionfi in tbe ohurcbes. These is in the school^ a poitrail of 
Mr. Thomas Hauby, who left a legacy .of jfSOOO (or the bene6t 
of this town* He is supposed to have been educated on the 
fouDdation, and to have been a native of Sheffield. His me* 
mory and his name 8ti]l flourish in the benefiMtion which in this 
place is dispensed annually, on his birth-day, 29th June, to a 
number of creditable, poor housekeepers, members of th» 
Church of Engknd, not under fifty years of age. 

Another {charily school, for the maintenance, education^ 
mni dolhing of sixty poc^ girls, stands st the opposite coiner 
G^lhe ehurch«yafd» was established in 1786, and is supported 
in • sii^ilar manner to the boys' school. 


iSheiMd has to boast of two large free day schools for th«, 
edawtion of poor children. That in connexion with tbe Nd* 
tioant'Sk^ool Society, and which is in a very flourishing con-^ 
diiioav stands near the top of Carver-street ; and is of course 
excMskely identified w^ the Established Church. 

'A> large building m Gibraltar-street, includes the Lancaate* 
ridtf reboots for children of both sexes : these schools are well 
filled^ arid well conducted ; and are chiefly under the patrouaga 
of the dissenters. 

iStroday^schods, conducted under the auspices of all the 
diffftrent religious denominations, are liberally supported by- 
pul^c contributions, generaHy made once a year in the various 
pUuies of worship. It may be assumed as a probable fact, th»$ 
the whole number of Sunday-scholars, in the schools connected 
with the Sheffield National District Society, and the Sheffield 
Sunday School Union is at least 14,000. 


This noble institution, the proudest monument of local be- 
uevolence, and the worthy object of general support, was begun* 
to be erected in 179S, and opened for the reception of patientSi 
on the 4th of October, 1797* The extraordinary munificence,- 
displayed by the opulent and charitably disposed, in ecmnection 

\9ii mwnmx ^i$ nxu&mm^ 

fiui Jiboral <»&r of £1^00 liy Mrs. Fell» of this neigbbour^ 
kfioAt Mscompmei bf (b^iprDmud of jS290 by Mn. Sw«Uo«^. 
Ilbo <^n/ttUAic«t«d the gMieffoM* indeatiou of Madam Fell $a 
tbe public. It should hece be meotioned, to the credit of our 
tovmsmany Dr. Younge^ that lie wae not only the first indWidual 
wbp piintedand circulated addresses on the desicabihty of such 
m io6titutioD» but likewise that he had freqtiendy impressed the 
Me|K)rtAnce of the subject upon the attention of the lady above* 
mentioned^ several yean pravious to the announcement of lH<t. 
humsde pcoposition. In mentioniqg this charity, howeveri it 
wewld be All act of unpardonable Injustice not to pay a tribute^ 
to the memory of Dn Broffne-«aname which oii^fat ever to be 
r^arded with filial veneration by the inhsbi^mts of this ipifp*. 
His large, active* and discerning mind, had its full scope in 
maturing the project and watching the progress of this, his Ift^ 
vouirke design-^a design which he lived to see abundaatly ueei% 
fut and wbichj when he died» was justly regarded, in connection 
with his laboucs therein, as the best legacy that he oouU have, 
bequeathed to posterity. The buildiog^ which is large ep4j 
cpHiqapdious, wa sfrom a design by Mir. Rawsthorne^ and s^de^ 
Uf/^ healthy and delightful situation* Jiear St« Fhilipj» Chpfgh*] 
at the north-western exiisemity of the town. Dr. Xrnesfx the^ 
hou^e 9ui|geofi, has published, a History, of the Iul^rm'^j,^tp 
which, With pleasurcf we refer the reader. The blessm^s^ii^ 
tl|iie cb^rity axe dispensed on the most generous and expaoMve. 
acale.; and we trust the funds will always be so maintained i» Vi(^ 
I9fet every ejipense 9f tbe Institutioue , ' 


The Sheffield Theatre was erected in 1762 ; as were sji^li^'i^^ 

4esemb]v Rooms, which are a part of the same extensivQ pife. 

of brick building, and present a striking front, relieved byjstcoe! 

pillars and a handsome pediment towards Norfolk-street. . 


In the year 1823, a number of gentlemen co-operated in the 
ejection of a large building, which &onts the top of £yre-8treet| 
and which, although emecially calculated for. musical perform* 
ances, was also designed to be let for various- other purposes^. 
As observed below, the.: Museum, the meetings of ^e. Jpiterary 
and Philosophical Soeiety, the Subscription Library^ aud.tb^ 

BMnffNfft of 0110 of ihe N^ws lOdONt are nspcetifi^y mcobi* 
niodated under its roof. tMidea these, however, and itt 
fwttawee of ki ]iriiu»pBl ty^eeta^giuidttttndka^ Conaerii 
ai» held dofing ifa» aeaeoiiy wider tlie directimi of tiie Choni 
eoBcert; GomviiMws. 


• Oa the l^h of December, 1822, after a public meeting,^ 
hdfl for the ptiipose, fn the Ctltler^s Hall, interesting addresses 
w^'dellvered by Dr. Knight, Mr. Montgomery, and othef . 
gifntlefneo, on the fbundation of a Literary and Philo- 
^OPRTCAX SociBTT, an institution contemplating the cufil* 
Tfttion anddisplsy of native or local talent in private discussion, 
ctiif tbe acquisition of scientific and general knowledge by tba 
diyivery of public lectures by professional strangers and oifaeW? 
^^9fh can only reftr our readers to the above-mentioned df^ 
ediineiii, Which were published' under the auspices of fb'e 
edclety. Mr. Montgomery's contained, besides a general' 
expose of the advantages of such an institution, and some , 
af||anients in favour of the pretenstona of SheCeld to the epi- 
ttet ^^ classic" — jsplendid eiuogiums on the characters of several 
Ibteit'worthies, livmg and dead. The public lectures of th#. 
lOoety are delivered in the saloon of the Music Hall, and' have] 
E^tofere been of a very satisfactory and interesting character/ 
IKe private meetings of the members are held in a handsome^ 
rbom ibcluded in this buildinj;. This room contains, besides' 
the «bkperimental apparatus ofthe society, a good collection of 
fosaOs, with many entomological specimens. Sec. in ileat glass ' 
cases : a number of curiosities from the South Seas transmitted 
by pur. townsman, G. Benn'et, Esq. ; an immense collection 
01 Kotonical specimens, gathered and classically arranged with 
great nicety and beauty, by the late Mr. Jonathan Salt, of this 
town,i — a man deservingly eulogized by Mr. Montgomery in^ 
his introductory address, for his ardent dievotion to this delight-* 
ful science. 'With the example of such a man, and the advan^ 
tage of such a collection, to stimulate us— how gladly should 
we hail the establishment of a botanical garden in this neigh- 
bourhood, either under independent auspicies, or as an adjunct 
of thift society* We must not, however, omit to state, that a 
principal object of attraction in this room, is a fine full length 
pcntrait of Mr, Montgomery, painted by Barber, of Derby, in 



y Of late years there has been a condderable improvement 1^ 
tile extennon and management of the Subscription Library ; 
the books of this society were for many y^ars contained in a 
hired house in Surrey-street, and circulated under very indifier- 
ent management. On the death of the aged female libruiaBy 
the library was for awhile removed into George-street, where a 
better system was iotroduced; on the erection of the Mnsis 
Hall, a commodious apartment was therein fitted up for the 
reception of the books, with a comfortable reading room an- 
nexed. A collection of the Public Records of the kingdom^ 
as printed by order of parliament, is deposited in the Library, 
to which every person has the right of access, on application to 
the president. These works consist of thirty volumes, including 
the statutes of the Realm, Rymer*s Fcedera, Hundred RoUs, 
Ecclesiastical Surveys, Abstract of Doomsday Book, catalogue! 
of the British Museum, &c. &c. 


Another public library, occupying a convenient room in 
Watson's Walk, was opened in 1824, chiefly designed for the 
tise of mechanics and apprentices ; a number of public spirited 
Individuals have become honorary members, besides a consider- 
fd>le proportion of subscribers who are also readers, so that this 
library promises in a short time, not only to become of encreas- 
ing advantage to the class of persons for whose benefit it was 
primarily established, but an important acquisition to the lite- 
rary resources of the inhabitants of the town in general. ' The 
library at present contains'upwards of two thousand volumes :-«n 
novels and plays as well as any book adjudged of an immorid 
tendency, being very properly excluded by a law of the founda- 
tion. It may be observed that the library is opened six even- 
ings in the week, under the gratuitous attention of six of the 
members who act as librarians. 


A neat stone building, forming a portion of the East Pa- 
rade, which was erected some years ago, is now used for the pur- 
pose of a public news room-— a scheme which has met ve^ li- 


benl enooux^g^sient ^from the refip»ct«Ue . inhabit«nt8 •£ die 

Another institution of a similar nature distinguished as the 
CemuBercial News Boobi> has mose xeoeDti(^4)eeii eatoUisbed 
in one of the i^paatioents of t^ Miwie Hall. An attempt mm 
made at the b^isming of tbisinetitiitilaift, (toitppropiiate^aeeaft- 
^nodious part cf the soom £ot the purposes of an j£»oh0ng0^ 
huk the expenmeiit did not sucoeed^or do'we tbink the meN 
can^o a£^r8 of Sheffield are. muc^ adapted ier Irasiaiotioiifl w 
joch M place and .wag^ • 

Nearly allTthat is interesting-^ndfled nearly all that is know|i« 
.coacemiog,the earliest efforts to fuiwsh liie .people of Hallaw- 
jhire .with news^ prendously to ike eatablishment of the oldest J9f 
the existing papers, is eomprisedan. the words of rMn^Huotery 
" Between 1740 and, 1760, several attempts had been made to 
establish a weekly nciW^aper, but without sucoess ; and the 
public were disposed to acquiesce in an arrangement of Ward'si 
to emulate in Sheffield on the Monday the Nocthamipton Mer- 
enry, idbicfa was published in that town on the Satuiday*"***^ 
.ihher and subsequent ^.attempts/' of ii. similar nature, might 
he iaddedy which .were equally *' without success." There caxe 
4t paaeent four weddy new^pers published in the towiiy via* 

Thb SHXFFXSI.D Iais,'e8tabh'ahed in 1787| by Mr. GiJee» 
under the title xif The SkeMeld R^hters from 1794 lo 
lB25f this paper -wae issued by Mr. Montgomery as editar> 
paUiaher^ and {xoprietor : at the latter :period it was transbrred 
lo Mr. Blackwell, at whose office, 439 HighHtfracti it is pub- 
lished every Tuesday moroio^ 

Dbs Sheffisjup M«r<3urt, waaeetaUi^hed in 1807r by 
Mr. Todd, and by him published at the head of the Maik)^ 
place, until 1826, when it was transferred to Mr. Ridge, by 
whom it is now published, at the top of King-street, eveiy 
Saturday morning. 

Tbb SHBn^ELD Inbbpeudi^vt was established ift 1819| 
by Mr. Bacon, by whom it continues to be publishedrevei^ Sap 


tuiday moroing, iittbe sbopof Mr* B. Leader^ bookseller. 
Angel street. 

The Shsfvijbld Courant, established daring the last 
year, by Messrs. J. C« Platts and Co., at wliose oSce in Uie 
Haymarket it is published every Friday morning. 

We may here notice the fact, without attempting to account 
for the failure, of the publication of several other local periodicals 
within the last few years ; especially the Norihefn Star^ which 
contained in each number a well executed engravings and ex- 
tended to three volumes : to this may be added the Yorkshire 
and Derbyshire Magazine, The Parlour Fireside, &c. 

The inhabitants of Sheffield may be generally characterised 
as frank; hospitable and benevolent. That honest openness of 
exfvession and sincerity of manner, which constitutes in some 
degree, the first of the above traits, and which is perhaps, pe- 
culiar to the county of York, was universally conspicuous itl 
the ancient Sheffielders, and we feel proud to remark, that while 
it continued for toany years as a staple material in the charac- 
ter of the upright, doivnright tradesmen who laid the founda- 
tion of our manufacturing credit, to distinguish our forefathers. 
It is stiti appreciated amongst us as the heritage of a population, 
who are taught to prefer the substantial advantages of a good 
conscience and an enlightened understanding, before 'the im- 
moral concomitants of an infidel philosophy which is iiOir too 
much in vogue, and the showy accomplishments of a fashionable 
education. Let us not, however, be misunderstood as congratu- 
lating our townspeople on the prevalence of what in itself could 
do them little credit — the retention of their ancient roughness 
of character, to the disparagement of the various refinements 
and improvements of modern times : no such inference is in* 
tended or warranted by the above remarks : but as the statac 
of Hercules could not be resculptuted into that of Apollo with* 
out losing in strength what it gained in elegance, so we woul^ 
have the men of Hallamshire to recollect that the manners o 
the fantastical, as well as the vices of the immoral, may presen 
themselves under a s()ecious and even amiable gorse, while h 
' reality they are frittering away the strength, to produce only tli* 
dexjteritj of character. 

Whatever Lord Byron might mean — if indeed he had ata^ 
r'efiQite meaning in his application of the (g^pithet of. '^dassli 


SfaeflbU " to this placcy-^we may remark, tiiatSheflSield is not 
destitute of literary talent, nor of men who have distinguishtd 
themselves as authors in almost every line of polite learning. 
A mfsne euunieratioa of the names of those individuals who 
have IB various ways exercised their pens amongst us from 
time to time, would not here be e&actly in place, nor 
be easy to render such a list complete : a curious article on the 
suk^ect of ^^ Sheffield Poe^/' including notiees of a number 
of our townspeople, who have been votaries of the muses, ap- 
peared in that spirited but short-lived periodical the Cambridge 


In conuection with the trade of She£^ld, it may be inter- 
esting to observe, that the curious and intelligent stranger visit- 
ing Ube town, will not merely be gratified by an inspection of 
the various beautiful articles of our manu&cture in a finished^ 
state^ as they are shewn in the warehouses,— -but, in general he 
would be very highly delighted, and in some instances. perha|Mi 
astonished, to witness the process of manufacture itself, which in 
no case nor place, that we know of, woidd he be debarred from 
seeing* Our forges, furnaces, and grinding wheels ; the shops 
of our sflversmiuis, opticians, and cutlers, with many others, 
would well repay the visits of the curious. 


Chbstsrfisld road.— Highfield, Heeley, via Meers- 
brook, Norton, the birth place of Chantrey. Woodseats, Beait- 
chsef Abbey, Beauchief Hall. Dronfield, church spire plea&ing, 
fine chancel. Chesterfield, curious twisted spire, French pri- 
sonets here during the war. Staveley, Bolsover Castle. 

Buxton roail.— -Highfield, Milnhonses, Totley, Peacock 
]bn, Montgomery's ** Bolebill Trees" conspicuous to the left. 
Badtm, Chatsworth House, (<< Palace of the Peak") seat of 
the Duke of Devonshire, Waterworks. Bakewell, White 
Watoon^ F.L.S» t Haddon Ha11| belonging to the Duke of 
Biitknd,«Taddh]gto»y Bttxton. 


Manchester roacl.-^South-street, Banner cross, beaadfbl 
modem-gothic mansion, Ecclesall, fashionable burying places 
Bent'stpgreen, Rising-sun, scene of Mrs. Hoffiand*s " Tale oi 
the Moora," (Amulet 1827.) Ringing Lovr, York Minster 
sometimes aeen from hence. The moors^ grouse. Hathoisage, 
cfaiirch yard, " Robin Hood s Arrow/* " Grave of Little 
John." Hope* Castleton, ancient ruin scene of ^* Peverel of 
the Peak/' << Devil's Cavern/' one of the most famous grottos 
la the world, lead mines. 

Glossop road— West-street, Hallam, ^* HallamskireJ* 
Rifeling river, fine romantic scenery, the Woodlands, Glossop. 

Penistone road. — Gibraltar-street, Infirmary, Owlerton, 
Greno-wood head, telegraph station during the war. Wortley, 
seiit of Lord Whamel^, Whamcliffe lodge, ancient idserip- 
tioni enchanting scenery, cave of the ** Dragon of Wanflq^/ 

Bauksley road.— Bridgehonses^ fine prospect, Bhnti 
H<DuM, to the right via Shiregreen, The Grange, seat of thie 
late Lord Effitlgbam; Ecclesfield, *^ Mineiter of it^ TAOtftsJ" 
Chapet-town, iron works. Worsbro, Bmrndey. 

DoNCASTER roadi-^The Wicker. Atter^ffe, beautMA 
new church. Archbishop Seeker educated here. RetkerhftRi, 
fine old church, birth ^ace* of Archbishop R6th€?ham. Mas^ 
brough, iron works, dissenting academy; to the east^ via 
Maltby, Roche Abbey, celebrated ruins, sequestered walks, 
indigenous plants; adjoins Sandbeck, seat of Earl of Scar- 
borough : to the west, via Greasborough, Wentworfch House, 
seat of Earl Fitzwilliam, mausoleum of Marquis of Rocking- 
ham, fine statue by NoIIekins. Conisbrough Castle, ancient 
Saxon fortress, scene in *^ fvanhoe." Doncaster. 

Worksop road— The Wicker and Attercliffe. Handsr 
worth, pleasant village, Cinderhill-green, where George Fox 
used to preach) Quaker graves. Aston,. Rectory of Mason, 
author of '^ English Garden," and '< Life of Gray/' pafsonage 
garden besuitifuily laid out, once visited by Gray ; adcient seal 
of the D' Arcey's, now of Verefet, Anstoifr, eastward on the 
hill» the tiJl spire of Laughten»ea-le-M^thdgn churchy seetifroin 
the German ocean. Worksop. 



Mansfield road* Dake-street, Sheffield Park, Maiior- 
Lodge, ruin of a mansion of the Earl of Shrewsbury, where Mary, 
Queen of Scots, was confined. Windy House, whence Lin- 
cob Minster may be discerned. Intake, Collieries. Mosbrou^. 
Eckington, Renishaw Hall, seat of Sir George Sitwell, iron 
fotmdery, Bolsover Castle seen at a distance. Bailbrough, 
residence of the late C. H. Rodes, Esq. Mansfield. 


In 1828. 


A.LSM>M ROW, Broad lane end 
Albion square, 20 Solly street 
Allen street, Gibraltar street 
Alpha cottages, Higbfield 
Alsop row, 5 Porter lane 
Andrew street. Wicker 
Angel street, Market place 
Arundel street, Norfolk street 
Arundel lane, Arundel street 
Backfield, Division street 
Back lane. Division street 
Back lane, Rockingham st 
Bacon Island, near Hillfoot 
Bailey lane, Trippet lane 
Bailey street, do 
Baker's hill, Market street 
Balm i^een, Bafley street 
Bank street, Angel street 
Barber's nook, Crooks moor 
Barker's pool, Fargate 
Barnet street, Snow hill 
Barracks, Penistone road 
Bates's square, top of Wesbar 

Beet street. Broad lane 
Bishop street, Tudor street 
Blast lane, Canal bridge 
Blonk street, Wicker 
Bow street, West street 
Bower spring, Westbar green 
Bower street, Spring street 
Bowling green street, Gibraltar 

Bradow row, 85 Rockingham 

Bradwell row, Bailey lane 
Brammall lane. Lady's walk 
Bridgefield, Bamsley road 
Bridgehouses, Bamsley road 
Bridge street. Lady's Bridge 
Bright street. South street 
Bright's row, Hawley croft 
Broad lane, Townhead street 
Broad lane end, Tenter street 
Broad street. Park 
Broad street lane, Broad street 
Brocco street, SoUy street 
Brook hill, head of Broad lane 


BISPTOirraF 9H£irFlEC>D. 

Broomiiall In* mill, Slwmeld't 

Brown street) end oi Pond st. 
BwgeM8ti«et, Bialm' green 
Bttrton Bridge Oafdfifns^ Pond 

Button lane) foot of Carver st. 
Calver square, Duke street * 
Campo lane, Hartshead 
Canton place, Upperthorpe 
Carpenter st. near Iron Bridge 
Carr's yard, 62 Newfield 
Carver Jane, Divisioa street 
Carver street. West street 
Castle folds. Castle hill 
Castle green, Castle street 
Castle hill, bottom of H«f^ 

Castle street, foot of Angel st. 
Catou square, SS Nursery 
Centre fields, Infirmary resd^ 
Change alley, Fniit market 
Chapel street, Bridg^onses 
Chapel; lane, 23 Chape) street 
Chapel waflki 5 Fargate 
Charles street,* Union street 
Charles lane, back of Charles 

Charlotte street, Broad lane 
Cheney i^w, Norfolk street 
Cheney square, New Chureh 

Churcb street,' top of Hijgh st. 
Cloth houses^ 10 Gaol street 
Clough hSH,near Clough wheel 
Coalpit lane. Barker's po(^ 
ColUers* row> Park 
Copper street, Gibraltar street 
Com hill, Solly street 
Cornish place, Coniish street 
Cornish street^ end of Moor- 

Com market, Maiket placv 
Cotton mill bridge^ Cotton 

mill lane 
Cotton mill lane, Longeroit 
Cotton mill row, Cotton mili 

Cottdh street, end of Bm^e 

Coulston street, Westbar 
Cricket Inn lane, Park 
Crook's croft, Hospital walk 
Crook's moor, end of Broad 

Cross Burgess St., Burgess st. 
Cross Orchard st. Orchards;. 
Cross Smithfield, Smithfield 
Cross street, 12 Chapel street 
Cumberland street. South st. 
Cupola street, 21 Gibndtarstb 
Daisy waik> 52 Allen street' 
Daniel hUl^ Upperthorpe 
Division E^reet, Carver street 
Dixon's kne, Haymarket 
Duke streel«Broad street, Fark . 
Duke'e lane, back of Duke 

Duke street. South street 
Dunnfields, Shalesmoor 
Dunn wheel. Cotton mSU' wdk ' 
Dyer's bridge, Pbnd hili 
Earl street South street 
East bank,^ Pond street 
East parade, Chureh ywd 
Edward street^ Scotland street * 
Eyre lane, bottonr of Surrey HU 
Eyre street, Surrey street 
Fargate, 25 High street 
Fig tree lane, 12 Bank street 
Fish market,* King street , 
Flat street j near Market stwet^ 
Floekton's row^ 66^ Itockti»^, 
ham street 

issaaoKf OF sKsmsu). 


Fofjgeltfiei ShiidehHI 
Foige lane, 20 Cumbwknd sti* 
Foundry lane, Duke street 
Fruit marked near Haymaik^ 
Furnace hiU, Westbar green 
Furnace hill, Nursery 
Fnnnval street) Union stwet 
Gaol street, South stimt 
Garden street, Broad lane 
GeH street, Portobello street 
G^ige street, High street 
George sta-eet^ little Sheffield 
Gibr^tar street, Westbar green 
Globe Works, Shaksmoor 
Glossop road, West street! 
Greoi iane, near Rosooe Place 
Green kae, 28 Pye bank 
Greeft street, Gaol straet 
Grindiegafee^ Westbar: gnaeo 
Hadfield row> 9 Gad street 
Harmev hue. Pond street 
Harlsheadv Watscm's walk 
Harvest lane, Bridgehousea 
Hawky oroft, Campo laae 
Haynarket, Market pkK» 
Headlbrd street, Yoang stueet 
Hereford lane, I3t Cumberland 

Hereford street. South street 
Hicks' hffle, West bar 
Highfield, Little Sheffield 
High street^ Market pkce 
High alieet, Broad st. Park 
Hill foot, Penistone road 
Hofik cnAj Broad lane end 
Holly street. Balm green 
Hospital Walk, near Sheaf 

Howard street, Norfolk street 
Howd laBe> Bond street 
Hojie stm^^ 29» Shalesoioor 
InfonlaTy lane, Shaiesmoor 

Isle, Bridge street 
Jehu lane, Haymarket 
Jertdioi Alien street 
Jeasop street. South street 
Johnson street, 29 Narsery 
Joiners' street, 39 Nursery 
Killam Island, Dunn whael* 
King street, Aogel street. 
Lambert street, Westbar gieen 
Leavy Greare^ Broad lane 
Lee croft, Gampo lane ^ 
Little Pond street, Shudehill 
Little Sheffield, bottom of 

South street 
Loi^ croft, DunfieUs 
Love stfeet, Spring street' , 
Low street. South street. Park 
Mansfield road, Duke stnet, 

Market place, bottom of High 

Market street, Fruit raavket 
Meadow bank, Poad stMet 
Meadow street, Allen street 
Meeting lane, Bank street 
Milk stieet, Norfolk stitet 
Milk lane. Bridge street 
Millsands, Bridge stireet 
Moocfields, Gibialtur ittaet 
Moor street^ Tudor stveet^ 
Mulberry street, High stseet 
Nag's Head Couft, HaymedEct 
Neepsend, Harvest lane 
Nelson's row. Wicker 
Netherthorpe, Allen stseet 
New Chrneh street, Noifolkst. 
Newfield, near Iron bridge 
Newliall street, Snighill 
NewhiU^ Sheffield moor 
Newmarket street, Noriblk at. 
New Meadow street,. AUen st. 
New street. Bank street 



New streeti Park 
New town, Park 
Norfolk latiey Survey street 
Norfolk street, Market street 
Nonis-field, Love street 
North street, Queen street 
Nursery, Wicker 
Nursery lane, 15 Widter 
Nursery row, 20 Wicker 
Oborne street, Bridgehouses 
Old street, Broad street. Park 
Orange street, Broad lane 
Orchitird lane, Orchard street 
Orchard lane, Park 
Orchard street. Church street 
Orchard place, 12 Orchard 

Paradi6e square^ Campo lane 
Paradise st. Paradise square 
Parkgate, Broad street, Park 
Parkhill, New street, Park 
Paternoster row. Pond street 
Pea croft, Tenter street 
Penistone road, Moorfields 
Pepper alley, 25 Fargate 
Philadelphia place, Penistone 

Pickle, Wicker 
Pinfold lane, Church street 
Pinstone street, Norfolk-street 
Pitsmoor, Bridgehouses 
Pond street, Flat street 
Pond hill. Flat street 
Pond hill. Sheaf gardens 
Porter brook, Jessop street 
Porter lane, Porter street 
Porter street, Union street 
Port Mahon, Meadow street 
Portobello, Rockingham st. 
Providence row, Allen street < 
Pye bank, Bridgehouses 
Queen street^ Bank street ' 

Radford rofr^ Townhead slreel; 
Radfi>rd street^ Allen street. 
Red crofty Pinfold lane 
Redhill, Broad lane 
Red place, Solly street 
Regent street, Glossop road 
Rockingham lane, Garden at. 
Rodungham place, Rocking- 
ham lane 
Rockingham street. Broad lane 
Rock street. Chapel street 
Roscoe place, Shales moor 
Rough Bulk, Park 
Sambourne square, 7 Edwanjr 

Sans Paviours, West street 
Sargant's buildings, Wicdcer 
Saville st. Rotherham road 
Scargill croft, 7 Bank street 
School street, Duke st. Park 
School croft, Townhead atiee^ 
Scotland street, Grindlegate- 
Senior's row, 20 Spring street- 
Shales Moor, Moorfiddiai 
Shales square, Duke St., Park 
Sharrow grange, Highfield 
Sbarrow green, Highfield 
Sharrow head, Highfield 
Sharrow lane, Highfield 
Sharrow moor, Highfield 
Sharrow mount, Highfield 
Sheaf Works, Canal bason 
Sheaf Island, Pond street 
Sheaf street. Pond hill 
Sheffield moor. South street 
Shemeld croft. Forge lane 
Shirl hill, Sharrow grange 
Shudehill, Baker's hill 
Siddal street, Broad lane 
Silver street, Westbar green 
Silver street bead, Lee croft 
Sim's croft, Townhead street 

uwrntt cfPBo^fnwst^ 


Sttighillt Angel street 
SnowfaiUy Brbad stieety Paik 
SnowbiUy Scotland street 
Solly street. Pea croft 
Sorter's la&e^ Toimhead st 
SotHk stiectv Park 
Sooth ilraet, Sheffield moor ^ 
SpiDMOg'st. Ccidstonawft 
Spittal fidds, Widser 
^ittal hiU^ Wicket 
Spriagioiey BroonafaaH* bae 
Spring gardens, Tliomas stMet 
Spring street^. Goulston street 
Spiing street^ Snighiil 
Stag's head court, Ptnstoae St. 
Stanley street, 15 Wicker 
Sted bank, Crooks' moor 
Steelhoase« kaei 84 Westbar 

Sk Jmm* ttm^ Gburob stnet 
Stofiey croft, near ]iio» bric^ 
Surrey stme^ N«i£& stveet 
SyiMlieife Inll, Unioii lane 
Syoamorvvlieet, Avundelst. 
Siddal s&eet, Broad lane 
Sykosfisld, 22 Poftcf }an» 
Sylvester Gardens, Porter 

Tenter street Westibar greeft 
The Banks, near Clough wheel 
Thomas street, BroomhaUlane 
Thomas street, Broad lane 
Tilt yard, SO Pond street 
Townhead cross, Townhead st. 
Ttbii^ street, Gibraltar street 
Trippet lane, Pinfold lane 
Tudor place, Tudor street 
Tudor street, Syoamore street 
Twelve o'clock, end of Wicker 
Typ# tUeet^ Nufswy 
UttioQ 8tiieet,> Nedloik stwet: 

Union lane, Charles street 
Union Walk, near Iron bridge 
Upper Edwvd street, Edward 

Uppertborpe, Infirmary 
Yickgn? gmro, HiMnut 
Waii^e, Haymaiket 
Walk ibSI, Twelve o'clock ' 
Walker street, 2S Wicker 
Wari^ucton's s^piatvy }8 £yie< 

Water hne, Ange^ street 
Waleiloo^aee, Green lane 
Water street, luring stneet 
Watery lane, Roscoe pkwe 
Watson's wa&, Angel stieit 
We%h kne, Park 
WelHngtoA street^ Carver al. 
Well BMcdow rowv Jerkbo 
Westbar, Smghill 
WesHbar^gzeeRi. Westbar 
Wesfc D^ Philadriphift place 
Western bwk. Broad kn* 
Westfidd laae, P»Ui lana^ 
West lane, West street 
West street. Church stmet 
Whieldon street^ Broad laae 
White Bear walk, NtHPfoUc st. 
W^hite croft) Teoter street 
Whitehouae hwe, lafiimavy 

Wicker, Lady's bridge 
Wicker lane» Nun^ 
Wilkinson street G^ street 
WiUey-V street, Wickes 
Wood grove, Hillfoot 
Woodside, 12 Harvest lane 
WorkhoQse ezofit, P&radise sqr. 
Workhouse kne,. Westbar 
York street, SI High street 
Young street, Sou£ street 



Magistrates. — Lord Wharncliffe ; Hugh Park«r, Esq., 
Woodthorpe ; Dr. Corbett, Wortley ; Rev. R. Lacey, Whis- 
ton ; Dr. Milner, Thribergh ; Kev. John Lowe, Wentworth ; 
}tev. George Chandler, Treeton ; Rev. Wiiliam Alderson, 
Aston ; Henry Walker, Esq., Blythe ; J. Wortley, Esq.; 
M* P., Wortley ; James Riinmgton, Elsq., Broomhead. 

Magistrates' Clerk. — Mr. Albert Smitli, solicitor, Castle- 
street. — Days of sitting, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

C^9ron^.-^Mr. A. A. Hardy, solicitor. Bank-street. 

Master Cutler, -^Samuel Hadfield, Esq. 

Tovon Co^/fc/or.— Peter Brownell, Esq. 

Surveyor of the Police. — Francis Fenton, Esq. 

Police Constable. -^WiWisLm Bland. 

Chief Constable. — John Fisher, Esq., llotherham. 

Constables^ — Thomas Smith, Scotland-street; Thomas 
Flather, Church-street; John Waterfall, Castle-sbreet f Jer^« 
miah Saynor, keeper of the gaol, Castlenstreet* 

Sherd's Officer^-^ohn Gascoigne, Church-street * 

Inspectors of the Flesh Market. — Henry Genn, WaKam 
Pass, Thomas Toyne, Joseph Hammond, and William Fm»- 

Inspectors of the lish Market. — George Ridge, and Wil- 
liam Famsworth. 

Inspectors of Weights and Measures. — Thomas Hohises, 
Charles Rhodes, Benjamin Southern, George Woodward, and 
William Famsworth. 

Inspectors of Butter and Eggs.'-~- Thomas Smith and 
William Famsworth. 

BeUman. — John Smelter, Town-hall. 

fowwflfer.— George Ward. 

Leather Searchert^^A\&ed Smith and Matthew Thomp- 


Shield. — Messrs. John Newton, George Robinson, John 
Pearson, WilHam Stenton. — George Crossmnd, Vestry clerk* 
Ecdesall^F^Measrs. William Hall and John Greaves* 
Brightside^^^S&mue} Redfem and John Shephinrd. . 



Steuoardy Hugh Parker, Esq.— -D^z^y Sieooardf Michael 
EllisoDy Esq. — DayofsittiDg, every Thursday. 


Siewardy Richard Danser, 'Esq^^^^Deputy Sieward^ Robert 
Eodgers^ Esq^— Day of sittingj every Monday three weeks. 
ConsiaUeJbr EaJesall.^^GeorgQ Marples, Ciirver-street. 


S^^e^«— Messrs. Thomas Ellin, John Waterfall, Robert 
tlobson, and John Hall., 

Ecdesall iliV/oti;.— Leonard Cowley and Jessqi* 

Bright^ide Bierlotv,^^ ohn Taylor and James Sorby. 

*^ Sh^pMnnd Hallamshire Saving Banky In the Cutlers* 

Hall. Open every Monday and Tuesday, from twelve to one. 

^Ir. B. Sdhoiiield, Secretary. 

' Suiiciipiion Librari/, Music Hall, Surrey-street 

'* Mechanics* Likrarvy in Watson's-walk. 

Literary and Philosophical Society, Rooms and Museum 
lit the Music Hall. 

Sheffield News Room, East Parade. 

Corkmercial Netvs Room, Music Hall. 


Times of the Arrival and Departure of the Mails. 

Mr. JOSEPH WREAKS, Postmaster. 

Bamsiey, Wakefield, and Leeds. Quarter to one morning ; 
letters ready for delivery when office opens : bags made up at a 
quarter to three afternoon : letters received till arrival of Lon- 
don mail by paying ] d. each, dispatched twenty-five minutes 
after arrival. 

Manchester via Glossop, with Letters from Liverpool and 
IV.iblin. Due at twelve at noon i letters ready for delivery 15 


.9»H^0B a&et arri^l : bfgamade up tit baif-^past one^ letters pe« 
ceived till dispatched by paying Id. each : dispatched at two 

London, South, and Foreign-^ ue at ten minutes past three, 
letters ready for delivery at 20 minutes past four ; bags made 
up jit.ten eyening, letters received till half past ten by paying 
ld«9 and 6d. each until dispatched : dispatched at one morning. 

Birmingham, with letters from Cornwall, Devonshire, So- 
mersetshire, South Wales, &c. Foreign Letters by Falmouth 
Packets— due at twenty-five minutes past three, letters ready 
for delivery twenty minutes past four ; bags made up at ten 
evening, letters received till half past ten by paying Id., and 6d. 
each tUl dispatched : dispatched 4it half paU six morning. 

Bawtry and Hotherham, with the North letters, and Lin- 
colnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, &c. &c-— due at four 
a&emoon, letters ready for delivery at 20 minutes past four ; 
bags .made up at a quarter to nine morning, letters received till 
a quarter past nine by paying Id. each : dispatched at a quarter 
.past nine morning. 

Manchester, through Stockport, Buxton, and Bakewell, 
with letters from North Wales and Ireland, and parts of West- 
morland and Cumberland — due at five minutes past six even- 
ing, letters ready for delivery fifteen minutes after arrival ; bags 
made up at ten evening, letters received till half past ten by 
paying Id., and 6d. each till dispatched : dispatched at five 

Rotherham Ride — due at nine evening, letters ready on ap- 
plication ; bags made up at a quarter to three afternoon, letters 
received until the arrivd of the London mail by paying 1 d. : 
dispatched after arrival of Birmingham mail. 

Bags with Foreign Letters made up every Monday and 
Thursday evenings. 

The Letters for Rotterdam and Hamburgh may be Sent by 
the Steam Packets, if specially so directed. 

Letters for London are dispatched by the Bawtry mail, if 
put into the Office a quarter before nine o'clock, and ad^ssed 
•< via Ba!wtry." 

*^i* The Office opens at seven in the morning ^m the 1st 
of April to the 1st of October ; and from^ October 1 to April 
1, at eight o'clock. The letter-box closes at ten in the even- 
ing. Letters are received till half past ten by paying 4«l. each, 
and to the time of despatching the mails by paying 6dr each. 

; . ■ • . . • . ;• '' '' '. :'!' .• * . ^ c'« 


to the Bull and Mouth Inn, in twenty-two hours. • ' 

THJbediDbj; "'Tbiet^ik^i^i ev^#]^^'ae^itf*-paiBt one^ m five 
-botii8tbthelid0ek . '' - 

To Leeds. The Comety every morning at fdur^ ^ to the 

To Manchester and Liverpool. The WclAigtOD, every 
Mottttng iit a qtittttf-pa6t eight, to the Star Inn. 

To Birmingham. The Telegraph, every morning at hdf- 
•.^fBSfe' iiioe (Sfii^ay ezeepted) to the Swan and Hen & Chickens 

To HuU. The John Bull, every morning at a quarter 
Mom foar,'(SaDd)iy8 excepted) to ^Thome Waterside. 

To Worksop. The Industry, every Monday, Wedftesdiy, 
. It&d Fndiiy,'at twelve. 
: • 2V» Y^h and Seariorough. The £bor, every Mv>ming 
al bai^past five^ to the Bull and Plough Inn, Scarborough, 

'Jthe jBuxion and Manchester Mail. Every morning at 
half-past four to the Royal and Swan Hotels, Manchester. ^ 

To Mantliester* The Royal MeuI, on the new line of road, 
:ei^'day lit a quarter before two, to the Royal and Swan 

To Lincoln* The Defiance, every day, (Sundi^ excepted) 

IV IhhCMer. The Cotnmander-in-ehief, every monin^ 
(except Saturday) at eight o'clock, and en the Saturdays at a 

Thomas Ludlam^ Agent. 

?««>llf *»fc COttMERWAL AND ANGe£ XMS^ 

iTa-Limdon. The Royid Mail, every morning at a quarter^, 
before one, through Chesterfield, Mansfield, Nottingham^ 
MehpadME^hvay^ Kettering, and Bedford ; and arrives at thi^. 
Bull and Mouth Inn> by nine the same evenmg. 

To^^Sirmn^am* The Royal Mail, every Moraing at a, 
quarter past six, to the Swan and Hen and Chickens, by huf, 
in time f<»^ the ^ifiitdl Mail and Oxford Coaches same evenirig. 
xFo tjdmu^ter^ Liverpool^ and Chester. The Bojal. 
Mail^ every morning at a quarter before five, to the Bridge- 
wotef Arms Inn^ by twelve. 

To Manchester and. Liverpool. The Eoyal Mail, eurj 
day at A quarter before' two, through ' Glossop, Mottram, ho.^ 
tajAfivBcidgewat^r Arms and Swai^'Ionsi Maochosteri at haU*-'. 
past seven. . ■ .. L • .. I. :.. ' v ' v' 

r XoJkBedfiyCafiideyand Glasgow..: :Tbis. Royiil.MaiI»»evez]p . 
afternoon at three, and arrives at GlasgoY^ the :ioUowing even- 
ing, a^'^^j^f* *•— • • ■•-. .; :. ; • '.-.. '•^." 

To London. The Courier, every morning at h«tf*pas& 
fivQ o'clock. / ' .... . .'v.. ' I 

To Leeds. ^TheCdufier,evefy afternoon ^ half-past two 
• to'elockj. • .... -'*.•' v.r Vl ^'' 

»J> Baint^rb* and Lincoln. The Eo^ptessi iwllllfe dtf^ ■ 
(Sunday excepted) at ha]f-^p§$t tvkreW^ :, . . . .,1^. aA ii 

'^To ,Vork. The Ebpr, every morning (Stti^ .e^afej^).^; 
rthali^pa$tfive, . • ■ ., >vii.i\:/ 

^Ta JDimdaster. The Cbmmanderri<L-chie4.eve|]r #<»Wg 
(Saturday ^cepted) at eight o'clock^wad on, SatMtdiHfsi atva 
qifarter before seven. . .. • . -.ti" ,«,>& 

To Thorne,, The John .BuU, every moming (Su^ay^l- 
cepied) at hiilf-past four. , ? :* . uitrr . ^ 

To Worksop. The Industry, every Mond|iy, Wp^ji^ioft 
and Friday^ at twelve ; and returns every Tu^d^y, Thi|^|iy, 
and Saturday, at nine, and arrives in Sheffield by twe)ye« n ' U. 

To Louth. A new light Pos^ Qcfikoh^^nryM^^SK 
WVdnes^ay, ancl Friday, at twelve. j^ .fi i.a » & 

To Askem. Coaches ^very moiling .a*;^ight i^i|d.^eiyt, 
durihg'the bathing season. ; .. . , _ , , . ■■%, ,* ;,.» ntu« \-'^.^^ 

To Birmingham. The Amity^ ever^ opi^ini^^ iSnSfiffp 
l^depteii) Bt a^^W|er>ef^^^^ ^^hbaM 

hadx coAckEis. 

qunter^ast six> and afternboa at five. 

To Do^cast^*, The Defiance^ eveiy day . (Supdtoy tx- 
t^ied} at twelve* ♦ < . , 

-^^^ Newcastle. The Rpyal Telc^prypbi every •ftBmton at 

To Kendall The Rpyal Uuion^ every morniiigy (Suaday 
&cejpGed) at a quarter before fife. . . <i 

^ To Leeds, The Ebor^ every morning atlialf'paet ftv 
"T^' Leeds. The Amity, every . afteiuooa (Sjuodbijrs ex" 
depted) atfive, , . . . 

3^ Harrogate^ J^ipon^ Hudder^Jt^d, Sfc^ E^mytwrnn^ 
iDg (Sund^^a exci^^d) at five 

^7h Buxton. Every morning at a quarter before five* 
'JPo Scarhro. The Blucher; every moniiog» (Sundays ex- • 
€epted)'at half-past five. 

To Newark and ^atnford* . The Tiinedy^ 6V^ vdWnmg 
(Scoi^^s excepted) at hau-past four. 

^ "' George Greaves, Agenim 


To Manchester. The Royal Mail on the new line <tf voad 
enn?^ iflftwodn at two. 

To Louth. The New Royal Mail| every morning at a 
qi&ilfter')ytet ttine. 

To London. The Roya) Hope, every morning at a qp«fler 
b^SRNr'niSie b^clock, to the ^ngd Inn, Angel street.. 

£2^ ^Sitmnghami The Devonshire, every Sunday, Tues- 
day, and Thursday mornings, at seven« 

'^''Sfihff^iestet and Li'oerpool. The Wellington^ ev^ry 
morning (Sundays excepted) at half-past eight. 

iWi^'^Leedi. The Ebbr, every moroingat a quarter-past five. 

9^^ Huddef^eld and Halifax. The Champii)n, every 
Monday^ Wednesday, and Friday mornings, at seven* 

*3!^Yofk.<1bt Ebor, every morning (Sunday excepted) at 
a quarter-past five. 

To Sea/rbtd. Prince Bluch^, during the bathing season, 
every morning (Sunday excepted) at a quarter-past five* 

^fW^filiStfoir* The Hope, during the baching ^eisoni every , 
Monday, l^PMtiesday, and TiSday morning, al seven. 

^ Ixxx * ioifeftts. 

2b JkmeiMff^ Neir Post Coach, every forenoon at eleTea, 
in time for the York, Edttiburgh, 8rc. coaches: 

ToLtriccXh. The fisjiAess, evcrry day "(Siiirday Excepted) 
at half-past twelve. 

' fb Idt>^tp6(fk ' Th6 BaHooti, «v«ry nfbtnihg (Sand^y ex- 
cepted) at half-past eight. . . 

To NeMfkJ Thi ChaiDpion, every morning at a garter 
. < Wore none* . i ' 

^ik-MancheOer. Every Mondayi W^doasdqr, a{ijU|iday 
* -tnomings at seveh, through Wortley, &c. 
. To Gai^uhro' g$4 Hi/Jl. , Paul Fif^ ev#9 bnotnix^ (iSlan- 
' diif aM|»ted>a« hdiVpast five. * 

0€^^ Waddinghm,.Agc$i. 

... ^ < »rt 

*3V iMihn. Hie Coi9ier» :^ety afiemdon kt iiv/i |)'clock 
r« £iMGb. The Cooi^, eveiy afternoon «t two.. W4» 

' ' FROM TttB-AtBlON HOTEt. v^ , 

• t- •' at 

,, ^ ^ To IsomknitB. . The CouHery.every afiernidon at fit^f -^ 
2b Leeds. The Coi^riery every afternoon at two. 


The Accoipmodationy to Gheater^eld^. every afternpinii from 
Michaehnaa to "Lady Day at fbur, and 'firoip Lady uaj to JVf i- 
chaehnafatfive. •. .-.,. \ 

* • - ' - ' - • -;••■: '^y '- » 

Cars fron the Bull and Mouthi and Boie «ad iSrbwiiy t^ 
Rotherham^ several times a day. >. > 

CARRIE R«. Ixzxi 



Pidcford and Co., Arundel stteet^ by emma mi Otui, 
l)iroiig[h Nottingfaami Loughborough, LeioiStery Nonhamplony 
Dunstable, ftc. 

Joiepb Gamble and Co.» Anmdel ilMal» by waggoiu 
dirough Derby, Loughboroc^h, Leioeater, MovAampton, 
Danaiible, ftc. ; idio by canal from Deiby to Noithamplon, 
London, ftc 

Robert Hunt, Eyre street, by^ waggon, durougb Wwksop, 
Newark, Grantham, Stamford, &c, and by cand via Derby. 

Deacon, Harrison and oo., I^eamoie street, by waggon and 
canal, throo|^ Nottin^^luun, Leicester, Noffthampton, && 
Also via Stamfbid, Ac. 

Wheatcroft and sons^ Norfolk row, by canal, through Budc- 
land Hollow, Loi^borough, Leicester, Northampton, Ac. 


Joseph Gamble^md Co., Arundel St., by waggon and canaL 
Ridswe and Lister, "Em street, by wsggon and canal. 
Wheatcroft and Sons, Norfolk row, by waggon and canal. 
Deacon, Harrison, and via Nottingham, Ac. 


J. and R. Hibberson, Sycamore street, 1^ waggon* 
Johnson and Son, Gibraltar street, by waggon and carafait. 
MatdMw Johnson, Cheney square, by waggon. 
Pickford and Co., Arundel street, by waggon 
Fidrfbrd and Green, Orchard street 


Dawson, Change alley, by waggon. 
Joseph Gamble and Co., Arundel street 
Deacon, Harrison and Co., Sycamore street. 


Joseph Gamble and Co., Arundel street, by wi^gon. 

Edward Ridsdale and Sons, Eyre street, by waggon. 
Deacon, Harrison and Co., Sycamore street, by waggon. 
Wheatcroft and Sons, Norfolk row. 


Joseph Gamble, Arundd atreetl . .j ^. 


J and R. Hibberson, Sycsmore streiet. 

J&vMej and 3on«<^Offic0 at Johnsoni Mid $qii'% Gjbr4U«r at. 

J. and R. Hibberson, Sycamore street.— -Ejvird Warpjo^ 
Km, Norf(|lk ati«et.*-^oacpIi Morton, A^^rm fitneef, Wi^er, 
•every Tuesday. 


Jackson, Fumival street, to Rothefham and D.QOp§|ytePii 

Wilkinsoo, Chenej 8ipiare| do. ifh \ 

Downing, Orchard street, io* 

Chantrey, Hibbersons, Sycamore ^i do* 

Goodwin, from Outlecs' Inn, Fjrg^M^e, (o PaVewAU^ &<^; . . 

Cox, do. do. . Dfiiwfield^Ch^l- 


Bargh, from Biadk Sway, Far gate, U> Dronfield* 
- Handley, from the Albion Hotel, to {lotherbiw. 


R. Pearson, to London, by way of Thome, every Friday. 

Thomas Wright ^nd Co., to HuH, every Tuesday. 

W. Morley, Sous, and Co., to Hull, every Friday. 

W. Laverack, to Hull, every Friday 

John Newbould, to Gainsbro*. 

(jreo. Ridgway, do. 

John Ridgway^ 40. 

James Newbould, do. 

Matthew Ridgway, do. 

William Hall, do. 

John Deamaly, to York. 

James Hawkswell, to Leeds 

Thomas Wright, to Doncaster, every Thursds}. 


Abbet^ ChaxloSy manu&cturer of brace bits, augeis, gimblets^ 

&c. Djyisioh-street 
Abbotty Jobn, eCdier upon steel, 68, West-bar Green 
Abiahttn, J, H., F.L.S^ dassical, mathematica], pfailosoplu- 

caly & commercial acad«ny» Milk-sft, resid. Holy-green 
A^kroyd Williami painter, and dealer in oils and colours, 9 

Acton John, chemist and druggist, 11 Union-sfereet 
Adams Abraham, tailor, Tnppet-Iane 
Adams, Joseph, manufacturer of spoons, 40 Pea-croft 
Adams Ann, Tictualler, Royal Oak, Alfen-street 
Addiman Mary, patten maker, 24« Pinstone-street 
Addy arid Sons, manufacturers of superior table knires, sfllFcr 

and plated dessert knives and fbrks^ and general mei^ 

chants, Pea-croft 
Addy John, drawing master, 18 Bank-street 
Addy Greorge, merchant manufacturer, restdenoe Gefl<«8tioei 
Addy John, leather tanner, Upperthorpe 
Addy Charles, hair dresser and perfumer, 98 Fargate 
Addy Joseph, hair dresser and perfumer, 14 Union-sb^el 
Ainley Elizabeth, dress-maker, 51 Pye-bank 
Ainley Ann, rubber, shampooner, and electricioner^ 51 Fye*bk; 
Ainley Thomas', carpenter and joiner, 14 Brightest, SheSl-nw. 
Akeroyd Hannah, tobacconist, 10 ¥krgBLH 
Akeroyd John, tea dealer and tobacconist, Gibrallai^straet 
Akeroyd Joseph, tobacconist, 48 West-bar 
Albert Angelo, dedler in Sh^fidd, Birmingham, and London 

goods, also manubeturer of weatherglasses, 8 Waingate 


Alcock Joliii> manufacturer of shot-belts, powder-flasks, dram- 

botdes, rasor-strops, razor-cases, &c. 9 Queen-street 
Aldam Thomas, wine, spirit, and porter merchant, 13 Church-st 
Aldam John, carrier to Doncaster and Thome, 23 Pin8t.-st. 
Aldam Benjamin, boot and shoe maker, 56 South-street 
Aldam John, butcher, Shambles, residence Park 
Aldam William, gent. Upperthorpe 
Aldam John, tanner, Upperthorpe 

Aldam William, boot and shoe maker, Nag's-head-yd, Hay-mt 
Aldam John, boot and shoe maker, 12 Jehu-lane 
Alder John, gent. 44 Arundel-street 
Alexander Richard, victualler. Vine-tavern, 1 1 Hartshead 
Allan John, victualler, Lion, West-bar 
Allen and Ware, plasterers, West-street 
Allen R., victualler, Olive Branch, Hollis-croft 
Allen John, butcher, 75 Scotland-street 
Allen Thomas, cooper, comer of Pinstone-street, Ni»folk-«t 
Allcard James, carpenter and builder, 48 RbckinghansHflilreefr 
Allcard W., bone mold maker, Spring'^streeC 
Allender Steph., man. of pen and pocket knives, 1 1 Spring^ 
Allison John, victualler, butcher, and gunsmith, Horse and 

Jockey, Ba^ker*s-pool * ' 

Allison Edward, victualler, Barrel, and manufacturer of rasors, 

Allott Joseph^ nmnnfacturer of scissors, 2 AH^n-stteet 
AUwood James, silk dyer, 3 Willey-street, Wicker 
Allwood Misses, millmers, dressmakers, & straw bonnet makei% 

3 Willey-acreet, Wicker 
Alsop Th., manuf. of pen and pocket knives, 48 Scotliind-street 
Alsop Thomas, victu^Ier, Checquers, Coalpit-lane 
Alsop Thomas, manufacturer of files, 43 Coalpit-lane 
Alsop Samuel, grocer and dealer in flour, 64 Carver-street 
Alsop Sarah, milliner and dressmaker, 64 Carver-street 
Alsop W. and J., manufacturers of anvils, and whitesmiths, 

21 South-street 
Amenster Pei^ manu&cturer of fine fancy scissors, 12 Spting-st 
Amory William, whitesmith, 3 Little Pond-street 
Amory Thomas, manufacturer of fine penknives, 14 Arundel-st 
Andrews Samuel, tailor and furniture broker, Hartdbead 
Andrew Joseph, grocer and dealer in flour, SO Fumace^hill 
Andrew Joseph, jun., grocer and flour dealer. Paradise -square 
Andrew A*, carpenter and joiner^ Hawley-bne 


Andivw Isaaoy grocer and dealer in flour^ 46 WesUbtf 

Andrew James, gardener, 34* King«8tree$ 

Andrew John, gent., Spittle-hill 

Andrew Matthew, grocer and dealer in flour, 5 Finatone-slcett 

Andrew William, grocer and tea-dealer, 104 Faigate 

Andrew Matthew, manu&cturer of scythes, strides, glass, sand 

and emery paper, 102 Eyre-street 
Andrew Samuel, grocer and raanu&cturer of fine seissorii 8 

Anstiss Joseph, butcher, Silver-street head 
Appleby Mrs. gentlewoman, Broad-lane 
Arculus Henry, brewer, Sharman's Row, South-street 
Annitage Benjamin, victualler, Saddle Tavern, West-street 
Armitage Thomasy tailor. Bow-street 

Armatage James, dealer in earthenware, 85 Workhouse Croft 
Annatage John, Wctualler, Three Tiuis, Bridge-street 
Amatage Thoma% Fye Bank 
Armatage William, ^nt« 86 Howard-stseet 
Aratttages & rStafidinhj manu&ctucers of britannia metal goodly 

AmoU Luke, victualler. Hussar, 18 Scothmd-street 
Amett Geoigf, The Original Sausage House, 10 George*8t 
Arundel George, manufiMcturer, 9 Southpstreel 
Arundel & Mappin, (hte Robinson, Lamb, 8c Arundel) 

merchants and manufacturers of cutlery, £yre-lane 
AA William & Go^ manu&cturers of all kinds of edge tool% 

brace and bits, skates and nma, pkntation tools, &c« 

Ashall J. plumber and glazier, 5, top of South-street 
Ashbury James^ manufacturer of penknives, Lambert-street .- 
Ashfiirth, Cresswiok, & Hartshorn, silver platers, Silver-st 
Ashforth Jonathan, manufacturer of table knives, 14 Pond-st 
Ashforth Eh'zabeth, governess of Brightside Bierlow Poorhousc 
Ashley John, plasterer, 51 Gibrakar*street 
Ashley Haanab, victualler, Waterloo Tavern, Wataon's-w»lk 
Ashly James, butcher. Shambles, residence Bridge-street 
Ashman WjlHam, victualler. Crown and Cushion, Oldnrt, Park 
Ashmore & Osborne, manufacturers of fine steel, and all other 

kinds of ^ectacles, reading glasses, optical instnunenti 

&c. 42 Burgess-street 
Ashmore Cornelius, plumber and glazier, Rawson*s Yard^ 

Snig HiU 

Ashmon Coraeliuti ^^hmbei and glazier^ 8 Maikot-atieel 

Ashmore James, pawnbroker, 20 Soulh-etreet 

Ashton Joseph, shoemaker, 24« Triotty-street 

Asbten Mary, victualler, Barrel, 2S Broad-lane 

Aspenall John, hair dresser and perfumer, Park Gate 

AAuttOEk Peter, mamifr. of fine fancy scissors, 

Atherton John, press-maker, Robert's Buildings, Fmnival-flt 

AthBrton WilHam, pa«n4>roker, 28 Bric^stieet 

Atkin Mrs. Hannah, 36 Norfolk-street 

Atkinson William, manufacturer, Broom*spring 

Atkinson John, fellmongM*, Bridge-street, house Nursery-sfieei 

Atkinson Jos. opd Sons, linen & woollen drapers, 12 Angd*fet 

Austin George, manufacturer of pen and podcet knives, 59 

Aveyard Jos^h, hair dresser and perfiimar, Watson's Walk 
Axe WiUiam, victualler, Union Inn^ ^9 Coalpit-lane 

Bacon H, A., printer of ^ Sji£FffiBiLD iNDEPENDEMt^ 

tSatordfry,) 19 Angel-street 
Bacon Thomas and Son, manu&cturers of taUe knives, 45 

HoIUsHsroft,-— warehouse, Wardrobe^laoe, Do^dft' 

Commons, London 
Bacon Clay, type fmm^h 44< Wtober 
Bac^ Jonathan, joiner, btt^i;^ and pump mtk&f 25 Povto* 

. beSo^street 
Badger Mrs Jane, 45 Pond-^fveet 
Badger Thomas, tailor, Solly-street 
Badger Mrs, gentlewoman, Highfield Tenaoe 
Badger Misi^ genliewoman, Glo8Sop<-road 
Badger Jonatli^ tailor^ 98 Eyre-street 
Bag&liaw George, nannfacturer, house New Geoi]|^8treet 
Bagahaw Geoige, manufacturer of scissors, nuEois, tehk knives 

and forks, Rocktngham-street 
Bagshaw Hannah, confectioner, &c. Sharman's-row, South-<6t 
Ba^lmw William, grocer, manu^cturer of fine pen^ sportsman 

and pocket knives, 12 Spring-street 
Bagshaw John, and Son, fine scissor, raaor, and table knife 

numufacturers, 22 Button-lane 
Baggaky Joseph, victualler, Blue P^, Cross Burgess-street 
Baggaley Lydia, grocer and dealer in dour, 30 Carver-street 
Bi^y Bdward, cabinet maker, upholsters, and in^roved 

copying machine maker. Bow-street 


Bailey George, victualler, Lamb, 7 Radford-row 

Bailey Edward, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Bow«8l 

Bailey Samuel and Co., general mercbants, Love-street 

Bakewell William, baker and flour dealer, 9 Broad-lane 

Baker James, pork butcher, 21 Lee-croft 

Baker, William, victualler. Balloon Tavern, Sycamore-fltreet 

Ball Jonathan, dealer in earthenware, glass, &c», Paradise-st 

Ball, William, victualler, Minerva Tavern, Hill-foot 

Ball, Edward, dealer in earthenware, Barker s-pool 

Banks, Thomas, grocer, 1 Pea-croft 

Barber Edward, pen & podcet knife manufacturer, 29 Soath*st 

Barber Ralph, joiners' tools and skate manu&cturer, Regent* 

street, Glossop-road 
Baiber Mrs, gentwm. 1 Carver-street 
Barber Benjamin, cooper, 1 Flat-street 
Barber Hannah, milliner and dressmaker, 11 Tudor^st 
Barber John, manu^icturer of razors, razor strops, table knives 

and forks of superior quality, 14 Norfolk*st 
Bardwell Thomas Newman, auctioneer and appraiser, Com- 
mercial sale room, Haymarket, house St James'-row 
Bardwell Ann, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 95 Fafgate 
Barge Joshua, butcher, 27 Shambles, house White-lane 
Barker William, merchant and manu&cturer, 22 Carver-st 
Baricer and Lord, saw manu&cturers, Gh«en-st. Sheff.-moor 
Barker, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, 2 West-bar 
Barker John, boot and shoemaker, 9 Snig-hill 
Barker James, boot and shoe maker, 29 Pinstone-street 
Barker William, baker, 17 Scotland-street 
Barker James, butcher, shambles, house Wisewood 
Barker John, butcher, 39 Shambles, bouse Richmond 
Barker John, jun. butcher. Shambles, house Richmond 
Barker Henry, butcher. Shambles, house Sheffield Park 
Barker William, baker, confectioner, &c. 10 Baker's^till 
Barker Thomas, blacksmith, 2S Coalpit-lane 
Barker John, victualler, Blue Bell, 13 Jehu-lane 
Barker Joseph, grocer and tea dealer, 20 Angel-street 
Barker John, boot and shoemaker, 47 Gibrahar-street 
Barker George, manufacturer of combs, Campo-lane 
Barker John, leather-seller and dealer in hemp &c., 6 Snig^h^ 
Barker William, manufacturer, house Western Bank 
Barker Hugh, cabinet maker and upholsterer, shop Division- 
street, house Barker's Pool 


Barker Robert, boot and shoe mdter, 96 South-street 
Barker Sainudl, butcher, SfaambleSt house Birley 
Barlow Samuel, stag and buck penknife manfr. Neepsend 
Barlow John, saddler and harness maker, 16 West Bar 
Barlow Thomas, scissor manufacturer, 15 Howard-street 
Barlow Samuel, scissor mandaeturer, 18 Arundel-otreet 
Bailow William, baker and £oat deader, 21 Casde*8treet 
Bk^Iow Samuel, master of the National School, Carver-street 
Barlow James, sdasor and nzor manufacturer, 76 Allen-stieet 
Barlow Charles, professor of music, IS Aiundelrstreet 
Barnard George, tailor, 7 Jehu-lane 
Bomes Samuel, bladesmitfa, and forge for shoeing horses, 1 

Barnes Samuel, whitesmith and bladcsmith, GibraUar-stnet . 
Barnes Edwin, pen and scissar knife manuftr., 67 HoUia^roft 
Barnes George, factor and manufecturer of pen, podcet, prumng, 

and table kntres, 34 Campo*lane 
Bamett Samuel, (late Wymi,) boot and idiocmaker, Angel-st 
Bamsiey WiUiam, plnmber and glaner, 42 South-street 
Barnes M^ manufr. of sdasois and penknives. Wester-green 
Barradough ?ohn, grocer and tea deokr, top of Broad-kme 
Bartholomew John, elothes deider, 18 West-bar 
Barton Jonathan, gnooer, 57 Wes^faar 
Barton Godfrey, boot and shoesoaker, fiouth«8t^ Little- Shef. 
Barton James and Henry, and Co* merchants, Nor^i^-lane 
Barton William, jo^ieis' tool manu&cturer, Coalpit-lane« 
Barton James, merdiant, house 94 Ejrenstreet 
Barton James, watch and clock maker, 12 Union-street 
Barton William, jun*, dealcv in spirits, 75 Wiekn 
Barton William, sen., gnocer and flour dealer, 75 Widcer 
'Barton Thomas, butcher, 7 Waingate 
Bartram Jas., corkscrew, horn inkstand, steel magnet, butcher's 

steel manufr* and ivory turner, 2 Workhouse*croft 
Bartram M ., milliner and dressmaker, 10 Grrindlegate 
Barret James, manu&cturer of files, 19 Townhead-street 
Barret Thomas, victualler. Black Horse, AUen-street 
Bashford Thomas, table knife manu&cturer, and haft and scale 

presser, 6 Cross Smithfield 
Bateman George, brewer & pocket knife manufacturer, 31 

Bates James^ tailor and draper, 6 Campo-lane 
ates Brian, tea dealer, Union-buildings, Union-street 

U0T OF KAME8. 7 

Batt Thomaai pawnbmker, West^bar Green 

Bett and Sadgell« brast and iron founders, manfrs. of fetters for 

•ignsy fender ornaments, &C9 Meadow-street 
Battle WiUiam, ivory mercbant and cooper, 5 Townbead-street 
Battie Jos., powder flask and sbot belt manufir., 6 Fumace*hill 
Batson Samuel, boot and shoemaker, Cumberland-street 
Batty William, butcher and constable, 39 Nunery-streeC 
Batty William, gentlemw, Leavy GreBve 
Batty Ann, shoe warehouse, 35 High-street 
Batty James, tailor and diaper, 104 South»street . 
Baxter. John, pen and pocket knife manufr. 4 Scotland-streel 
Baxter George, house pabter, Bradshaw's Yd., Townbead-st 
Baxter Wm., house, sign, and furniture painter, 28 Rnslone-st 
Bastor Rhoda, milliner and dressmaker, 21 Pinstone-street 
Bayes George, boot and shoemaker, 102 Fargate 
Bayley Benjamin, West-street 
Baylcy Richard, gentleman, 33 Norfolk-street 
Beadle Henry, grocer and dealer in flour, 3 West-bar 
Beadle WiUiam, grocer and dealer in flour. Bower-spring 
Beadle Samuel, TiotuaUer, Old London 'Prentice, 25 Spring««t 
Beal Enoch, victualler. Grapes, Trippet-lane 
Beal Enoch, manufr. of scissors and shears, 53 Trippet-Ume 
Beal Samuel, dock and watchmaker, 20 Cumberland-street 
Beal Thomas, mold merchant, bottom of Duke-st, Arundel-st 
Beirdow, George, wheelwright, 47 Gibraltar-street 
Beardshaw, J. and Son, manufacturers of saws, ladies' cast 

steel budu, doctors or calico webs, and general dealers 

in cutlery, 5 HoUis-eroft 
Bearddiaw Jonathan, victualler and manf. of 8aw8,17 Hawley-KT 
Beardshaw Wflliam, stag, budc, wood, and bone acale cutter, 

Beaumont Joseph, boot and shoemaker. Silver-street Head 
Beaumont George, tailor/ Cliff's Yard, High-atreet 
Beaumont John, stay-onaker, 6 York*8treet 
Beaumont Mary, straw hat maker, 6 York-street 
Beaumont Jessey, tailor and habit maker, 15 Lee Croft 
Beaumont James, boot, dioe, clog, and patten maker, 73 

Moor Fields 
Beaumont Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 79 West-bar^green 
Beaver John, Weighing Machine, Moor Fields 
Beard John, dyer, 7 Bridge-street 
Beet Thomasi iron, steel, and wire warehouse, 106 Broad-lane 


Beet Jonathan and Son, merchants and manufiu^urers of 
table, pen, and pocket knives, steel, &c. 76 Broad lane 
Beet Benjamin, victualler, Shakspeare Inn, 48 Gibraltar-street 
Beet Benjamin, pen and pocket knife manu&cturer, 48 Gib- 
Beet Ann, victualler. Seven Stars, Trippet-lane 
Beetson Francis, powder-flask maker, 20 Orchard-street 
Beckett Thomas, clerk and sexton of St. Paul's church, 9 

Cheney Row 
Becket Thomas, agent and collector of debts and rentals, Ac. 

9 Cheney Row 
Beck, John, dealer in tea and coffee, 18 South-stieet 
Beldon James, tailor. Moor Fields 

Belcher & Sons, box and ivory rule manu&cturers, 4 Bright-st 
Belcher Thomas, butcher, Shambles, house Tinsley Park 
Belk John, victualler. Red Lion, Duke-street, Park 
Belk George, gent. 4 Whieldon-street 
Bell J. linen and woollen draper, 3 Queen-street 
Bell Joseph, baker and flour dealer, 103 Fargate 
Bell, Jane and Mary, 8traw»bonnet makers, Mackenzie's-walk 
Bellaniy John, hair dresser and dealer in foreign toys, 11 

Workhouse Croft 
Bellamy John, horn button, and mold maker, spring knife 

and comb scale manufacturer, 19 Broad-street Park 
Bellamy William, com miller. Sheaf Steam Mill, house West- 
ern Bank 
Bellamy George and William, bone haft and scale cutters, 

Jennings' yard, 71 Fargate 
Belts Elizabeth, dealer in earthenware, 81 West-bar Green 
Belt William, butcher, 94 West-btur 

Bembridge John, house, sign, and ornamental painter, West-st 
Bendelow Joseph, plasterer and whitewasher, 30, Green-lane 
Bennet Joseph, gardener, &c. 7 Fruit Market, house Wicker 
Bennet Edward, chemist and druggist, Rockingham-street 
Bennett William, gardener, seedsman, &c. 4 Fruit Market 
Bennett George, painter and glazier, 19 Orchard-street 
Bennett Martha, milliner and dress-maker. Nursery-street 
Bennett John, house, sign, and furniture painter, 5 York-street 
Bennett Joseph, gardener. Wicker 
Benson Joseph, victualler. Old Crown, and manufacturer of 

pen knives, Little Sheffield 
Beresford Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 5 Market-street 


Bercller l^onofas, raaiffr. of pen ^md pocket knives, Siher*4lt 

Berry John, grocer, 29 Spring-street 

fierry Maiy, dealer in eaithenware and glass, '62 West-bar 

Berry Tlioiiiafl^ haft and scale preaser, 103 Eyre-street 

Berry John, gentleman, 15 Porto Bello-s^eet 

Berry Rhoda, whip hook and mount maker, 56 Hollis^roft 

Best Rer. Thomas, A. M., Minister of St. J«ne6*s Churchy 

Best Thomas, merchant and manufacturer of lahle knives, abo 

silver and plated desserts, 45 Howard-street 
Beswick John, wholesale dealer in leeches, 21 Orchard-stMet 
Bibbey andGoddSrd, merchants and general dealers in cutleiy, 

Bibhs John, victualler. Ball Inn, and manufaoturar of scisBors» 

Bickett, £^v, dressttmker, ^6^ Allen-street 
Biggin Elisabeth, dressmakei^ 16 Birown-street 
Binge John, pawnbroker and merchant, 44 Chtirbh-street 
Bingham George, steel scissor tnamifiicturer, 27 Artnidel-slivet 
Bingham William, dealer in fruit, 4il Hartshead 
Bingham Geoige, manufaceurer of table knives, 81 Broad-lane 
Bingley Robert, manufacturer of pen knives, Moorfields 
Binney, Brothers, and Co., merchants, steel converters, and re- 
finers, Hartshead 
Bhms Joseph, hackney coaches and party citrs, €9 Wicker 
Bird Edward, etcher, 3 & 1 1 Hawksworth's yard, HighnMareet 
Bird Thomas^ optician, 3 Hiiwhsworth's yard, High-Street 
Bilks Ebenezer, grocer and tea dealer, 96 (Fargate 
Birtles John, grocer. Little Sheffield 

Birtles Thomas, builder, marble and stoUe 4SUIson, and brick- 
layer, 4 South-street 
Birtles Isaac, manufacturer of pen knives, 5 Copper-street 
Bishop Matthew, manufacturer of sheepj horse, atid weaver's 
shears, garden and pruning sheatB, also j^ioe, breads 
butcher's, and cook knives, Sim's'-croft 
Bishop Luke, raaor manufacturer, (stamps magul) 1 Brocco-St 
Bishop Thomas, surveyor, 13 South-street 
Bishop Joseph, manufacturer of pen and pocket knives^ IS 

Bishop George, manu&cturer of sheep and weaver's shears^ 
Bishill EHzal^h, baker and deiderin iour, 55 South-Street 
&c. Pond-Street 


Blflckbufn Robert, tailor, Shddon-8treet» Litde SheOeld 
Blackwell John, bookseller ; printer and publisher of ihm 

Sheffield Irts, every Tuesday momio/v 
Blackwell William and Son, ailverBmiths and platers, Tovwp- 

bill, top of Bridgehouses 
Blackwell A. hair dresser and perfumer, 11 Church-street 
Blackwell Ebene^er, hair dresser and omamencal hair wodEcr^ 

18 Change Alley 
BUckwell Mark, victualler. Grapes Tavern, Fumaoe-hifl 
Blackwell Henry, marble mason, 1 1 Baak«8treet 
Blagdep, Hodg«)n, & Co. silver8niith8& platers, 20 Nuisery^^ 

Mr. W. Ellerby, agent, 8 Ave- Maria-lane, London 
Blagden William, lime burner, Tinsley lime kilos, near Am 

Canal, Park 
Bhigden Miss, Spring-place 
Bkke Thomas and Sons, meichaofts and manofacturers of fife% 

«aws, steels, taUe knives, steel eonveiftea lad teSnei^ 

43 Scotland-street . . 

Blake Thomas, merchant, Upperthorpe 
Blake John, merchant, Nether^ipe. 
Bkke and Sons, Nether Holmes grinding wheel 
Blake and Co. Rivelin, Nether Coppin grinding wheel 
Blake, Gamett» and Co. type founders, S9 AUcm-stfieeti 
BUmd William, constable, 23 Gibraltar-strsel 
Blenkin Thomas, confectioner, Moorfields 
Bletcher Francis, victualler. Ball, 99 Broad-lane 
Bloomer John, manufacturer of pattens and dealer in wirc^ 

&c. 36 Church-street 
Blunn Thomas, glass-cutter, Taylor's-yard, Bridg»<«ireei 
Blurton Anthony, boot and shoe maker, Pinstone-atreet 
Blurton Anthony, grocer, &c. 22 New Church-st 
BIythe Misses, Jadies* school, 9 St James'-st 
Boden Miss, gentwm. Western-bank 
Boden James, Broom-spring , 

Boden J. and J. A., chemista and druggista, 8 Faigate 
Boden Rev. James, minister of Queen-street Chapel^ house 

Booker Samuel, grocer, tea and flour dealer, and tallow chand» 

ler, 24 Church-street and 26 Burgess-st 
Booker William, wholesale and retail grocer, 16 Eang-st 
Booker Thomas, accountant and commission agents 68 Nor« 



Booker Bidiaid, butchery 44 Shamblesi house Newfield-graen 
Booker James, ▼ictualler, Old Cock, Hottis-croft 
Booker John, victualler. Evening Gun, Seotland-st 
Booker Jame% grocer and tea dcfaler, HIH-foot 
Booker J« and Co. mamifiietitteiB of steel, brass, common, and 
kitchen fenders, frets, stove grate fronts, and shoe, but* 
eher, and cook knives, steelis, ftc. 48 Arundel-lane 
Boekrond HoUand, manofiKtavers of fancy horn parasol mi 
umbrella handles, sword gripe, matehet sdales, table 
knife handles, fte. 35 Rockingham-street 
Boot John, grocer and dealer in tea, 11 Noroflk-street 
Booth and Co. coal mefcfaants, Tinsley Park Colliery Wbarfi 

Canal Basin 
Bootk. end Co. icon masters, Park iron works 
Booth William, victualler, Lincobshire House, 20 8ihrer-st 
Booth William, 95 Eyre-street 
Boo^ Henry, hat manufacturer, 26 Snlghill 
Boodi AAMmy, taik>r and dfttper, 8 Change*a11ey 
NBooth James, chemist and druggist, 16 Angel-street 
Booth F., milling and dress maker, 30' Howard-street . 
Booth John, currier, and^leather cutter, wholesale and retail^ 

22 Bank-street 
Boothby Wiliiam, gent. High-house 
Boothroyd John, haft and ^e pfes^r, 76 Carver-street 
Borrell William, tailor and draper, 15 Bank-street 
Bothamley Gewge, plumber and glaiier, 64* Bridgehduses 
Bottomley Mr., organist at the Parish Church, Spring-cottage 
Bettomley EHi% butcher. Pea-croft 
Bott Miss, gentwm. West-grove 
Boultbee Henry, surgeon, 9 Milk-«(treet 
Boukon John, slater, Blonk-street, Wicker 
Bower John, hair dresser and perfumer, Kifig-street 
Bowtf and Bacon, type founders, 20 Nursery-lane 
Bower Samuel, powder flask, shot belt, and fine scissor manu- 
facturer, 42 Harvest-lane 
Bower Sarah, manufacturer of iqMides, shovels, and cut naiky 

67 Park-gate 
Bower Samuel, butcher, 91 South-street 
Bower Bebecca, butcher, South^stieet, Little Sheffield 
Bower Benjamin, gilder and cabinet maker. Bow-street 
Bower Jos. boot and shoe maker. Blast-lane 
Bowet Charles^ hair dresser and perfumer, King-street 


Powlii^ Thomas^ chair makftr and wood turnecy High««titety 

Park, shop in Norfolk-street 
Bowling John, butcher, 13 Fk^street 
Bowman Sarah, pawnbroker and jeweller, 10 Queen^sUeet 
Bowman Mr William, gent* Western-bank 
BcadbiU7'£lizal)eth and Son, pen« pocket, and aportanati's knife 

manufacturers, 8 Arundel-street 
Bradlyury Thomas, plater, house Surrey^street 
Bradbury Thomas, 7 Norfolk-row 

Bradford, £. and S., milliners and dressmaken, 4« Market-pL 
Bradshaw Henry, hair dresser and ornamental hair worker^ 70 

Bradshaw Samuel, manufacturer of scissors, 38 Broad-lane 
Bradshaw William, manufactr. of table and dess^ knives and 

forks, butcher, shoe knives, steels, &c* 2 Townhtad-st 
Bradshaw James, manufacturer of hats, Fruit-ma^et 
Bradshawe WiUiam, dealer in iruit. King-street 
Bradshawe Samuel, manu&cturer of scissors, 38 Broad-hue 
Bradney and Howlden, japanners and bronsers, 4 SoUy-stieet 
Bradney John,, furnishing ironmonger, manufr. of paper and 

iron tea. trays, and every description of plated and ja^. 

nned goods, wholesale and retail, 31 High-street 
obert, manufacturer of bump and cotton, Allen«et 
Brady M. and R*, ladies' boarding school, Leavy Greave 
Bradley Geoige, grocer, 2 Castle-street 
Bradley Wm., coach office, Angel-street, house Charlea-atreeC 
Bradley and Sont plasterers, Hollis-croft 
Brailsford Jos. Hill, cabinet-maker & upholsterer, 3 George»8t 
Bramall Adain, whitesmith, jobsmith, & bell hanger, Bridgeh. 
Bramall Joseph, hosier, glover, and leather seller, 1 Sniglull 
Bramall Thomas, dealer in Birmingham goods, Tenter-street 
Bramhall William, butcher. Shambles 
Bramhall and Son, merchants and general cutlers, SoUy^alreet 
Bfambdl J* S., merchant, house Western-place 
Bramhall James, grocer and dealer in flour, 37 Gibraltar-st 
Brmnmall Thomas, file and graver manufacturer. White House 
Brammer Joseph, fine razor manufacturer, (mark, Persi Polls,) 

12 Pye-bank 
Bramwell Elisabeth, dress maker, Solly-street 
Brameld Joseph, boot and shoe maker, chapel- st, bridge-hoiMes 
Bramley Mary, victualler , Union, and liquor^merchant, 7 Sil- 
ver«fitreet head 


Bramlej Thomas, viotuaUer, Dog and Partridge^ and liquor 

merchant^ 61 Trippet-lane 
Branson Thomas, solicitor and commissioner for taking a£BdiH 

vits in the courts of law, in the county of Lanca^r, 2 

St JamesVrow 
Branson Anthony, surveyor of taxes, Broad-lane 
Bray Joseph, victualler, Ball, Green-lane 
Brayshaw and Wilkinson, White Lane Colliery, and dealers 

in cokes and coals, Eckington 
Braithwaite Richard and William, scissor manf. Bailey-lane 
Brelsforth John, cooper. Holly-street 
Brelsforth William, schoolmaster, 17 Wicker 
Brelsforth Mary, victualler, Cross Keys, 4 Shude-hiH 
Brennand James, butcher, 8 Bridgehouses 
Brennand William, butcher, Townhead-street 
Brennand Richard, butcher. Hill-foot 
Brewin Samuel, hosier, glover, &c. 2 Wamgate 
Bridge Jacob, victuidler, Green Man, 4 New Church-street 
Bridge Jacob, surveyor and undertaker of roads, 4 New 

Biidgman Rev. Thomas, Wesleyan M'ethodist Preacher, 16 

Bridgets John, cast iron founder^ White house-lane 
Bridgens and Amott, brass-founders, 15 Pond-street 
Briggs William, manufacturer of silver plated goods and cut- 
lery, Carver-lane 
Briggs William, Glossop-road 
Briggs Robert, manufacturer of files, and furniture broker^ 102 

Briggs Joseph and Son, tailors and drapers, 8 Yorl^-streel, 

house Leavy-greave 
Briggs James, tailor and draper, 9 West-bar 
Briggs Samuel, manufacturer of saddlers' needles, awb, shoe- 
maker's knives, tacks, &c. 52 Solly-street 
Bright J. and Sons, merchants, watchmakers, jewellers, silver 

J slaters, and fine cutlers, 20 Market place 
ohn. Pond-street Gardens 
Bright J., jeweller, house. Broom-hill 
Bright Matthew, scissor manu&cturer, 50 Green-lane 
Bright Paul, land valuer, 21 Wicker 
Brindley James, victualler. Chequers, Rough-bank, Park 
Brindley Matthew, grocer and dealer in flour, Pond-atrtet 


Brinnen Williaiiiy butcher* 9 Townhead-street 
Biiltain^ Wilkinson, and Brownell, merchants and manufactu- 
rers of table knives and forks, razors, pen and pocket 
knives, steel converters and refiners, Carver-street 
Brittain Samuel, butcher, 48 Shamblesi house Arundel-street 
Brittain Verdonj merchant, Brook-hill ^ 

Brittain Bernard, merchant^ house Brook-hill 
Brittain Mr., West-street 
Brittlebank Joseph, haft and tfCale presser, and dealer jn buckj 

stag, and horn, 77 Pea-croft 
Broadbent John, victualler, Bull and Mouth Inn, Waingate 
Broadbent William, linen draper and hosier, 1 1 Waingate 
Broadbent T. W. accountant and agent to the Phoenix Fire 
OflBce, and Pelican Life Insurance Office, Canal-wharf 
Broadbent James, file manufacturer, 36 HoUis-croft 
Broadhead Samuel, Britannia metal, fine scissor and spoon 

manufacturer, 15 Queen-street 
Broadhead John, grocer, flour dealer, and maltster, 75 West- 
bar Green 
Broadhead Thomas, tailor, 47 Pea-croft 
Broadhouse Thomas, board and lodging house, Glossop-road 
Broadhurst Thomas, boot and shoe malcer, 34 South-istreet 
Broadhurst Lazarus, case and ink stand maker, 3 Pond-hill 
firoadhurst James, plumber^and glazier, Tenter-street 
Broadley William, victualler, Devonshire Arms, also wood 

turner, Division-street 
Bromley J. & B^, boot and shoe makers, leather dealers, &c. II 

Market-place, and I Angel-street 
Brookfield Thomas, embosser and chaser upon all kinds of sil- 
ver and plated goods, 21 Charles-street 
Brookfield and Gould, solicitors. Paradise-square 
Brookfield Charles, Esq., Broomsgrove 
Brookes, A and £• painters, 59 Campo-lane 
Brookes James, ivory and bone merchant, Rockingham-place 
Brookes John, jun. bone haft and scale cutter^ 34 Duke-street, 

Brookes Thomas, wood turner, St James'-street 
Brookes Joseph, house, sign, and furniture painter, 12 Silver-st 
Broomhcad Henry, soUcitor, Paradise-square, and top of 

West-gate, Rolherham 
Broomhead Joseph, shoemaker, 82 Broad-lane 
Broomhead Mrs Joseph; gentwm. 25 Fargate 


Broomhead Benjamin, grocer and tea dealer, Pea-croft - 
Broomhead J. manufacturer of table knives, 55 Nursery-street 
Broomhead Robert, bellman, 11 Queen-street 
Brooks Mr Ebenezer, gent. Highfield 
Brown Samuel, slater, Portobello^street 
Brown Richard, victualler, Norfolk Arms, Dizon-Iane 
Brown and Rather, manufacturers of brace bits, King's Anns- 
yard, Fargate 
Brown John, victualler. Elephant and Castle, 85 NoHblk-st 
Brown Matthew, butdier. Shambles, house Ej^re-street 
Brown John, solicitor, Westboume 
Brown John, merchant, 39 Norfolk-street 
Brown Henry, glass cutter and dealer, 27 Norfolk-street 
Brown Joseph, watch maker, Bow-street 
Brown George, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Lady's-bridge 
Brown George C, M.D., 16 Norfolk-street 
Brown Chas., Westmoreland and Welsh siate merchant, Canal- 
Brown Charles, builder and slater. West-street 
Brown William, dancing master. Eyre-street and Assembly 

Broirn Thomas, grocer and tea dealer, 9 Coalpit-lane 
Brown Joseph, dealer in woollen cloth. Orange-street 
Brown S., J., and R., builders and slaters, Rockingham-street 
Brown John, hoot and shoe maker, 81 Church-street 
Brown Joseph, razor case maker, 15 Bank-street 
Brownell Peter, merchant, Newfield-green 
Brownell William, secistary of Sheffield Fire Office, George- 
Brownell Charles, merchant, house Norfolk-row 
Brownhill James, cheesemonger, 20 Castle-street 
Browning Benjamin, butcher, 47 Bridgehouses 
Brotherhood Mary Ann, dress maker, 18 Bailey street 
Brumby Elizabeth, victualler. Bay Childersy (and billiards) 

High-street and Mulberry-street 
Buckley George, brewer, Norris-field brewery, Norris-field 
Buckley James, intermediate brewer, 81 and 82 Eyre-lane' 
Bullas John, tailor, 14 Pye-bank 
Bulks. Miss, dress maker, Bridgehouses 
Bullous George, grocer, 9 Wellington-street 
Bunting Robnert, pen and pocket knife manufacturer, Regent- 


Barbearj Boijamio* Bolmtof^ Ghmeh-streeti residence Dam- 
honsei Crookamoor 

Burbeary James, agrat to the proprietors of the Sheflield water 
w<vk8> Church-street, residence Leavy<>greave 

Burch John, grocer and flour dealer, 21 Brcmn-street 

Burdekin Ebenewr, manufacturer of anvils and vice^^ Vulcan 
Works, South'^treet 

Burdekins and Hawley, rollers and forgers, Vulcan Works, 

Burdekins and Hawley, merchants and manu&cturers of filea 
table knives and forks, &c. Carver-street 

Burdekin Benjamin, manufacturer, house Western-bank 

Burdekin Hancock, nuanu&cturer of table-knives, West-street 

Burgin Nathan, tailor and woollen draper, George-street 

Buigm William, gardener and seedsman, 93 West-bar Oreen, 
and 13 Fmit^market 

Buigm G«orge, gardener, 35 King-street 

Burgin Joseph, grocer. Beet-street 

Burgin Jonathan, gardener and seedsmani 53 Gibraltar-street 

Buigin George, gardener, Bridgehouses 

Burgin F., manufacturer of blacking, 11 Coalpit>lane 

Burgin EUzabeib, millmer and dress mi&er, 1 Pond-hill 

Burgoin Henry, tailor and draper, 75 Norfolk-street 

Burgoo, Greeii, and Co. merchants and manufiKturers of saws, 
scytfies, hay and straw knives, table knives and fork^ 
2i Paradise-square 

Burgon William, mauufeciurer, Philadelphia 

Burrows, Robert^ blacksmith and job smith, 78 Norfolk^street 

Burt John, manufacturer of piano fortes, also tuner and re- 
pairer, Soudi-street, Little Sheffield 

Burton John, builder and joiner, Browu*street 

Burton William, plane maker, Hoftpn's-yard, 24« Bailey-street 

Burton John, butcher, 31 Broad-lane 

Burton George, chairmaker, 28 Burgess-street 

Bush Sleigh, grocer. New George-street 

Bussey William, cabinet maker and furniture broker, 1 Castle- 

Bustard Matthew, gilder, gilt spoon and ball maker, 10 Work« 

Butcher John, woollen and linen draper, SO High-street and 
7 Angel-street, house Low-field 

Butcher John, grocer and flour dealer, 65 Broad^street, Park 


Butcher, Brown, and Butcher, merchants and manofacturers of 
edge tools, skates, saws, files, hoes, trowels, joiners* 
tools. West India and Brazil plantation tools, and steel 
converters and refiners, £yre-Iane, Charles«8treet 
Butcher Wdiiam, merchant, BroomhiU 
Butler James, manufacturer. Western-cottage- 
Butler George, manufacturer. Broad-lane 
Butler G. and J., manufacturers of table, pen, pocket, sports- 
man, and garden pruning knives, phlegms, lancets, and 
dealers in all kinds of Sheffield hardware, Trinity-street 
Butler Charles, haft and scale presser, Wellington-street 
Butterell Edwin, grocer and flour dealer, 54 Moor-fields 
Butterell John, grocer and maltster, 12 Broad-lane 
Butterell John, maltster, 29 Campo-lane 
Butterell Thomas, butcher, 23 Shambles, house Tinsley-park 
Butterley Company, Iron Works near Derby, manufacturers 
of cast iron, bar, plate, rod, and hoop iron, iroa and 
brass founders, also manufacturers of steam engines, 
iron beats, boilers, machinery, &c« warehouse Norh-row 
Buxton John, butcher, Ltttle Sheffield 
Buxton Jonathan, collector of debts and rentals. Green-street 
Boxton George, manufacturer of table, pen, and sportsmen's 

knives^ 51 Tudor-street 
Buxton Joel, grocer and mason. Paternoster-row 
Buxton Thomas, pen and pocket knife manufacturer, Warbur- 

ton's-row, M*Kenzie's-wa]k 
Buxton John, druggist. Little Sheffield 
Buxton John, bookseller and stationer, S7 South-street 
Bywater Richard, farrier and cow doctor, 76 Broad-lane 

Cadman, Son, and Broadhurst, merchants and manufacturers 
of table knives and forks, steel converters and refineis« 
S7 Norfolk-street, and Wicker 
Cadman Mrs. Luke, New George-street 
Cadman Peter, merchant, Handsw'orth-grange 
Cadman John, victualler. Prince of Wales, 1 Sycamore-street 
Cadman Seth, comb manufacturer. Young-street 
Cadman John, table knife manufacturer, 41 Lambert-street 
Cadman Charles, file manufacturer, 41 Lambert-street 
Cadman Hannah, razor manufacturer, (stamp Bengal) Cadman's 

Yard, Fargate 
Cadman Hannahi milliner and dress maker, 66 Norfolk-st. 



Cadman Samuel, pen and pocket knife manufactureri Young-sl 

Cadman George, gent* Rockingham-street 

Cadman Benjamin, gentleman. West-bourne 

Cadman James,^ schoolmaster and grocer, S Hereford*8treet 

Calder Rev. Francis, Wesleyan Methodist Preacher, 17 West^st 

Cam James, Clough Wheel, house Clough cottage 

Cam John, manufacturer of files, 50 Norfolk-street 

Cam James, merchant and manufacturer of scythes, saws, sheep 

shears, files, &c. and steel converter and refiner, 50 

Cam, Blake, and Co* Slack Steel Works, Loxley Rivelin Mill 
Cam and Birks, merchants and manufacturers of cutlery, steel 

converters and refiners. Workhouse-lane 
Cam Joseph, merchant, Pye-bank, Tower hill 
Cam Charles, grocer and manufacturer pf pen and table knives, 

81 Carver-street 
CancUll Samb^ milliner and dressmaker, 6 Coalpit-lane 
Cann Richard, grocer and flour dealer. New George-street 
Cantrill Mrs. Ann, 24? Arundel-street 
Cardwell Richard, Copper Banker, 1 Trippet-lane 
Cardwell Joseph, butcher, 29 Shambles, house Cricket Inn 
Cardwell William, butcher, 32 Shambles, bouse Woodthorpe 

Carh'sle William, manu&cturer of table knives, 20 Grindle«gate 
Carey George, hatter and lace<-maker, 10 Market-place 
Camall John, tailor, Tudor-street 
Camall George, saw manufacturer. Little Sheffield 
Camall Matthew, wholesale and retail brewer, Tudor-street 
Camell Henry, gardener, 36 King-street, house Harvest-lane 
Camell John, table knife manufacturer, 6 Lee-croft 
Carr, Woodhouse, and Carr, merchants and manufacturers of 

saws, fenders, steel and composition doctor knives, 

files, edge-tools, and steel refiners. Bailey-lane 
Carr R« manufacturer, residence Glossop-road 
Qarr Mrs. gentlewoman, Gell-street 
Carr Charles, file manufacturer, 25 Broad-lane 
Carr John, surgeon, 8 t^iiistone-street 
Carr George, steel, brass, and wire fender manufacturer, wire 

worker, &c. 12 New Meadow-street 
Can George and Co. saw and scythe manufactuiers, and steel 

refiners, 62 Osbome-street 
Carr William, bone mold maker, Bow-street 


Band Canisters, improved Ship Deck Illu..* 
mnacle Lanthorns, Nails, Sparables 
ling for Machinery, Clock 
rig, Coach, and Car( 
td principles ; 

r, jfc. §*c. 





fSuccettor to Mr. Jam€$ CnwdutWy Utte IttnoiU anil KippaXjJ 

X C & S. Ws to oifor tlie following list of tlieir Mannfihotoieiy Ace. for tbtt 
fi^«etion of their firiendt s— 


imiiH bora MingeA for a fveat munbn of years in tha aaamfaetare of C«flery« 
and karine paid especial attention to this particular branch, T. C. 8c S. feel no 
haajhtionm aaaerlkg the Mipcrioritr of their Seisson, and the fact of their 
haying been requested, by the C«Hrporation of Cutlers, to maanfoctare the SeisMiv 
which were presented with other articles to His Roval Highness the late Duke of 
York, as the best specimens of SbeflSeld Cntlery, will be a snfficient guarantee for 
the general svperioiity of their Manufactures. 


With groored file, and made on a prtneiple entirely new. adapted to ent with 
equalTacility with either hand ; are not liable to slip from the nail in cutting and 
fiUag, inconyeniences eotpetieBaed by pcMoan nsiag aail idiMri manufactured 
«n the old principle. 


To persons who are in the habit of using Lamp SctMors, this article will be 
found a neat convenience, as, from the peculiar breadth and thinness of the blade, 
it is not liable to draw the cotton up, it m also calculated to secure cleanliness in 
trimming, by pierenting that falling of the refuse wick, so disagreeable and so 
gttBflsaUy comnlainod oi* 


With a Shell Comb attached to the blade, in such a way that they may be used 
wfih one hand. 

liACB Srassors, Shop and Sh^Mog Scissors, Ladies' and Gentlemen's 
Nail and left-handed Nail Scissors, Children's and Toy Scissors^ 
Hair Scissors, Trimming Horse Scissors, in sets or single pairs^ 
with Steel Combs, Spring Botr Scissors, Button Hole Scissors, 
Tailor's Shears, Silver and Pearl Shank Scissors, Flower 
Gatherer's Orspe Scissors, Gooseberry Cutter's, and Scissors 
generally of every posnUe yariety, and for all purposes for 
which they are used« 


Of the first quality, made from Huntsman^s, Wa1ker*8, and Marshall's Steel, and 
the Wootz or Indian Steel» with Pearl Shell and Ivory handles ; also the 


Which will be warranted and kept in order 13 months ; it was first suggested by 
the celebrated David Hartley, £sq.M. P., for Hull, and was made by Mr. 
Champion and his late partner, 14 years ago. S. Parkes, Esq. F. L. S., has the 
following remarks on this Razor in the 4th vol. of his Chemical £ssays, p. 486 .*— 
** When instruments have a thick back and a fine edge, it is almost impossible 
ever to give them an uniform temper by the old method ; for there will always be 
a danger of the edge being lowered too much before the other parts become 
regularly heated throughout This difficulty occurs particularly in Razors, 
where the thickness of the back is always a fonnidable obstacle to the attmnment 
o/ an untfvrm regularity o/ hardness. The inconvenience in this particular instra. 
ment has been so great, that Messrs. RHODES and CHAMPION, of Shefileld, 
have manufactured what they call the « NEW FRAME.BLADED RAZOR," 
in which the back and the finger-hold are made with an admirable alloy of 
Copper, not subject to rust, and the blade only is made with Steel. These blades 
being nearly as thin at the back as at the edge, they can be tempered withoat 
incurring the danger already mentioned, and when let into a Copper back, it 
becomes a complete instrument** N.B. A StrDp, oecasionalhf usedf will keep 
M$ Raxor in excellent condition for years, as it will very rarely, ^ ever, require the 

Particular attention at all times paid to the whetting of Razors, and eare taken 
tiiat none are sent out but such as are fit for immediate use. 


In Ivory, Sti^, with Silver Mountings, Self Horn, Tip, and Buck Handles, 
with Deserts and Carvers to match. 



Gold, Silver Gilt, Silver, and Plated on Steel, with Handles of Pearl, Silver, knd 




By whom the greatest and latest improvements in this branch of Cutlery have 
been introduced : inventor of tbe PEN NIBBING KNrVES; the LOBSTER 
KNIFE, by which 4 blades open upon one spring; the QUADRANGULAR 
KNIFE, tbe principle of which is adapted to any number of blades, and which 
has been adopted for all the Show Knives in various parts of the kingdom. 


This article is chiefly adapted to the convenience of gentlemen of the legal pro. 
fession (and was suggested by a celebrated conveyancer) it contains as its novel 
feature a peculiar gouge bodkin for the taping of documents, an instrvment 
which has long been wanted. 



A rapposea improTeinettt was some years aico introdnoed, whieli ranoTBd one 
nonnd of complaint, but snbstltated anoflier, and the Penknife now oommonly 
in use has all the original defects about it, the edi;e is made too steep, and the 
angle too obtuse, the consequence is, that the edtre in cutting, is sometimes 
unmanagable, and driven into the quill nearly across, this ineoDrenience almost 
every person in the habit of making pens has freonently experienced. To obriata 
this entirely, Mb. Jamss Crawshaw has invented this Penknife blade, 
manufactured on a new principle, the line of the edge being parallel with the 
side of the blade, forming a very acute angle ; this instrument, therefore, even 
in unexperienced hands, may be easily /governed ; no cutting but what is intend- 
ed, can take place, and the pen is formed with the utmost nicety and greatest 
facility. The blade of the Penknife is beantifVil in workmanship and the mann. 
facturer can recommend it with confidence, as superior to any article previontly 
introdnccd in this branch of Cutlery. 

F^nining and Budding Knives, Farriers* Knives^ Desk Knives and 
Erasers, SOver Fruit Knives, Camp Knives, with and without 
Cork-serews, Folders, with and without Pbn Blades, Timber 
Scribes, Cigar Knives, Nail Files, Fleams and Spring Fleams, 
Coachman's Knife, Wbamcliflfe Knife, (made at the suggestion 
of Dr. Corbett,) Pen Nibbing Knive% Quadrangular Knives, 
liobster Knife^ Pen Machinei &«. 



,n elegant and extensive varietyof Work Boxes, Ladies' and Gentlemen's WH. 
ting Desks, Dressing and Travelling Cases, SoufiSettes, &e. &c. selected 
wiui the greatest care from the manufactories of Edwabds, and others of the 
first celebrity. Desks and Cases made to order. 




Epeignes, Soup aud Sauce Tureens, Wine Coolers, Bread Baskets^ 
Venison Dishes, Meat Dishes and Covers, Corner Dishes, Can- 
dalabras, SnufiWs and Trays, Racing Cups, Patteauz, Dish 
Warmers, Cruet Frames, Salad Sunda, Salts, Table and Cham- 
ber Candlesticks, Liquor Frames, Tea Urns, Tea Sets, Butter 
Knives, Fish Knives, Tea, Tables and Dessert Spoons, Sugnr 
Tongs, &c* 


In oB the varkdet of SUver and Silver Plated ArHcka* 

AXfD OTuaas of the sbst quautt. 

Compriang a brilliMU a«artni«it of Bioofihai, Riags, Pins, BuckleSy 
Cliu^ Slides* wd Crosses; Dress Gomba. Necklaoee^ Negli* 
gMSy Chsm% «»4 BraooleU ; io Pearly Emerald^ ToiM% Ambetp 
eum^ Diinndnd, Amethyst, Ruby, Ooral, CorneUan, &e. ; 
Black Ornaments and Mourmng Rings, Gdld and Silver 
Looketi, Seala, Keys. Chains; Guards, Ribboni^ &».; Gold, 
Sihoc* and Gilt Snuff Bose^^ and Vlaegarettes. 

w>i»n jmD bumVbb watche& 

Pelisse and Belt Hooks and Eyes» Gilt, Silvered, and Black; Steel 
lliiiiriiile^ lined with Silver; Spectacles and Eye Glasses, in 
^Id, Silver, GH^ Tortoise-shell, and Steel ; Gold, Silver, and 
i^tedi Pencil Cases; Gold, Silver, Tortoise-shell, and Ivory Tooth 
Ffcks; Cigar Tubes and Cases; Gold, Silver, and Steel Tape 
KeeAes; Piirasols and Umbrellas; Silver, Tortoise-diell, Ivory, 
eod Wbakbone Tongne Scrapers; Table Mats; %ates; Cork* 
fleiewB^ Bitent, Common, and Champagne; Button Hooks; 
Boot Hooks ; Tweezers ; and FVincy Steel Toys of every descrip- 
tion ; Key Rings ; Ditto with pkte, for name and address ; 
B»trfit FransfSf Tea Chests^ in Tortoise«bdi» Turde-diell, 
Rose Wood, Satio Wood, &c Tea Urns, in Silver, Silver 
Plated, Br^nBe, and Britannia Metal; Blotting Books; Bill 
Books ; Laurence Kirk, and other Snuff Boxes ; Morocco Port- 
fiilioa, Paper CaM% Pocket Books, WaUets, and Pursea; Htf'a 
Memorandum Books; Champion's She£5eld Plate Powder | 
mperior Frenab Rouge ; Raasor and Penknife Hqbcb ; Malhe- 
nmiaal kwlmmenU; Albmns and Gleaning Bodes; Night 
Lamps; Nautilus Lamps; London Fins; Ink Stands and Glassea; 
Travelling Desks in real and mock Russia, fitted up to order, 
with Bramah's Pataoi Locks, of vesry superior Workmanship, 
«nd in the greatest possible variety ; Soufflettes, plain and gilt | 
Fsttcfaes ; Rigge's Metallic Razor Strops ; Bath and Bristol, 
Palmer's, and Champion's Raaor Strops, with Composition in 
Baaee; Chess and Backgammon Boards, with men in Ivoijr, 
Wood, Jba; Flaykig CarciB; Pearl, Ivory, Chevalier, and Indian 
Conadera ; plain and elegant Card Cases ; Tooth Brushes, Hair, 
SOsik, and Plate Brushes; Combs in Shell, Ivorjr, and Horn; 
Cbmlia made t» order, and repaired ; Thread Cases ; Lancet 
Cases ; Spun ; Sealhig-waz ; Brookman and Lang^n*8 Black 
Lead Pencils ; Instantaneous Knife Sharpeners, &e. 


J, Biackwdl, Printer. 

LIST OF NAlQia. 19 

Caniaoii James, tea dealer, 2S Oidheid-etieet 

Carries Robert, victualler^ Spread Eagle, High-street 

Carson J., linen and woollen draper, 2S West-bar 

Carson Matilda, tooth drawer, 8 {lat-street 

Cartlidge Ann, grocer and flour deider, 44 Moorfiekb 

Cartledge Charles, grocer and floor dealer, 61 Moorfields 

Cartwnght Thomas, marlMnaker, 75 Pea croft 

Cartwright Matthias, pen knife manufacturer, 71 Fearcrofi 

Cartwright Joseph, boot and shoemaker. Flat-street 

Carver Jane and Son, woollen drapers, undertakers, tailcMrs, &c 

1 and 2 head of Marketrphce 
Cassons SamueU woollen cloth warehouse, Market-street 
Casdeton Francis, victualler, Wentworth-hoase, Rockingham- 

street, near Holy-Green 
Caterer Gilbert, gig and saddle horse keeper, and manu&cturer 

oi clasps, Fumival Street 
Callwall Thomas, boot and shoemaker. Chapel-street 
Cavil George, butcher, 36 Shambles, house Intake 
Cavil Thomas, millwright, Norzis-field 
Cawkwell Charles, boot and shoe maker, 2 SpringHitTeet 
Cawton and Turner, file manufacturers, 1 Mooifields 
Cecil Joseph, ^ntleman, Fhlladelphia 
Chadbum Wm., brass and iron foundery, Johnson-street, 

Chadbum Eh'sabeth, confectioner, 28 NorMkHrtraet 
Chadbum John, optician, 3 Mulberry-street 
Chadwick William, victualler. Nursery Tavern, Nursery 
Chadwick Mrs, 5 Orchard-street 

Challenger John, victualler, Sir Francis Burdett, Pond>*hill 
Chambers Francis, victualler, Barrel, 24 Water-lane 
Chambers Samuel, whitesmith, and manufr. of silversmith's, 

tinman's, and braaier's tools, Eyre-lane 
Champion Peter, baker and flour dealer, Townhead-cross 
Champion Isaac, victualler, Hope a$id Anchor, Bridgehouses 
Champion George, slater, 6 New Church-street 
Champion Thomas and Son, merchants and manufirs. of fine 

scissors, razors, and table knives, 39 High-street 
Champion Joseph, earthenware dealer, Little Sheffield 
Chapman Thomas, sen., butcher. Shambles, house Nursery-st 
Chapman William, eogiaver, 6 Campo-laae 
Chapman B. and S., manu&cturers of pen and pocket knives, 

23 Meadow-street 

fio Ltcrt or NAMSd. 

Chapman and Stacy, pawnbrokers and dealers in clothes. West- 
bar Green 
Chapman Thomas, dealer in fruit, 58 South-street 
Charlesworth Hiram, butcher, Shambles, house Hallcarr-place 
Charlesworth George, butcher. Shambles, house Atterdiffis 
Charlesworth Thomas, grocer, baker, confectioner, and dealer 

in British wines, 17 High-street, Park 
Charlesworth John, baker, confectioner and flour dealer, 2S 

Charlesworth James, butcher, Shambles, house Attercliffe 
Charlesworth Thomas, manufacturer of gilt and plated buttons, 

bottom of Arundel-street 
Charlton Daniel, carpenter and joiner, 2 Dixon-hine 
Chatterton James, Sexton to St. Peter's Ch., Vicarage House 
Cheetham J. A., printer, 12 Fumival-strect 
Christie and Co., engineers and millwrights. Sheaf-bridge 
Chumbley Jereniiah, hafl and scale presser, rag and bone mer- 
chant, 46 Barker's-pool 
Chumbley and Edley, joiner's tools and skate manufacturers. 

Chumbley Charles, manufacturer, house 15 South-street 
Citizen Joseph, grocer. Upper Edward-street 
Clarebrough Francis, mason and brickUyer,* Allen-street 
Clark and Osbom, merchants and manu&cturers of pen and 
pocket kni?es, raxor strops, and tortoise shell combs, 
Clark M., house Shirley-hill 
Clark Ann, milliner and dressmaker. Harvest-lane 
Clark George, W., surgeon, West-bar Green 
Clark William, collector. West-bar Green 
Clark John, butcher. South-street 
Clark William, jun., joiner and cabinetmaker, backo 

Oak, Allen-street 
Clarke William, boot and shoemaker, 4 West-bar Green 
Clayton Geoi^e, butcher, Sims-croft 
Clayton Philip, broker. Silver-street head 
Clayton Francis, butcher, 5 Shambles, house Nursery 
Clayton Wm. Henry, auctioneer and appraiser, Campo-lane 
Clayton John, furniture broker. Paradise-square 
Clayton William, butcher. Shamble^, house Wicker-lane 
Clegg Cliarles, professor of music, 50 Barker*s-pool 
Clegg Charles, victualler, Mermaid, Orchard-street 

LIST eF KAME8« 21 

element Thomas, baker, 7 topof South-stieet 
CM'Thomas, flaxdresaer and ropemaker, West-elreet 
Cliff Charles, haft and toy warehouse, 4t High-street 
CKxhj Samuel, eooper, 14 Campo-lane 
Close Joseph, manufir. of fine penknives, Broad-^street, Park 
Ckwgh M. And £., oHUiners and dressmakers, 13'Cheaef-row 
Cluley Francis, manufr. of suigeons' instruments^ Surrey-street 
Coatee George, shoe, patte^, and dog maker, 57 Moorfields 
Cockayne William, &ix dresser and rope maker, SO Atigel-st 
Cockayne William, collector, 7S Ciyver-street 
CockbumThos., booksdUter, bookbinder, staticmer, and pattern 

card maker, 28 Fruit-maiket 
Cocker and Willis, cast steel wire drawers, Johnson-st» Wicksr 
Cocker Robert, grocer and dealer in iron, steel, brass, and copi» 
per, also wire of all siies, wholesale ft retail, S6 Pea»croft 
Godcer Jos^, manufacturer of penkniTes, 4r Ladies'-walk 
Ccekertou James, leather dresser, and ^e manii&ettiier, 

19 MiU-sands 
Coddn Wmiam, TietuaUer, Union, 16 LambertHrtreet 
Cocking Robt., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, SO Noifblk*strett 
Cocking Robt., cabinet and chair maker, dealer in mahonny 

and cedar veneers, upholsterer, &c., Wataon'^walk 
Cockii^ Wm«, oabinetmaker and upholstefer, Unioil4Nifldsngs 
Coekii^ Wm., mahogany, raff, and timber yard, Fumival-st 
Cole Thomas, grocer and dealer in flour, 5 PorterHBti^et 
Colley Wm. and Brother?, general merdiants and manufis. of 

shears and fine steel scissqib, 40 Lambert-street 
Colley and Hargreaves, merchants and manufiictitfera of table 

knives and forks. Eyre-lane 
CoUey Benjamin, merchant, Norton Lees 
Colley M. M., manufacturer, house Broad-lane 
Colley Francis, currier, S ParaftUse-square 
Colli^ William, grocer, S3 Carver-street 
Collier Ann, widow, Broad-lane 
Colquhoun Jas., brass founder, fiimishing braaier, iroamonger, 

and tin plate worker, S6 High-street 
CoBstantine Richd., Britannia metal manufr. 16 Scotland^stveet 
Constantine Stephen, pocket and piece knife manu&cturer, 45 

Cooke John, hair dresser. Bridge-street 
Cooke John, victualler, Bums's Head, hceiised to let ssddie 

horses and gigs, Townhead-street 


Cooke Mary, flour dealer, 6 Townliead*cro8s 

Cooper Thomas, boot, shoe, and patten makers and leather 

cutter,. 41 Gibraltar->street _ - 

Cooper Thomas, grocer and flour dealer, Fumace-bilif i 
Cooper Joseph, victualler, King and Miller, 79 NorfoK-street 
CaDfrer IX W., hair dresser, perfaoierA and deakr in liondon 

hats, top of South-street 1 ' 

Cooper Martha, victualler, Hare and Hounds, 36 Trinitir-Btreei 
Cooper Thomas, grocer and tallow chandler, 17 Iligh-JB^eet 
Cooper Joho, eonfeclioncar and tea dealer, 1 High-stree^ 
Cooper George, collector of debts and rentals, 93 Broajl-lane 
Cooper Robert, hair dresser, ornamental hair worker, ai^ dealer 
'X'H'-'. r Uiim4fm'hiBii>^, Haynarket jf 

Cooper David, gentleman, Neepsend i > 

Cooper Williathy vidtodHer/ gir J4^n Falstaff, 66 Wicker 
Cooper €reorge, victualler, Reuben's Head, 43 Burgess-lBtreet 
Cooper Francis, die sinker, Farr*s yard, Rockingham-jsireet 
Cooper John, victualler. Old George> 6 Bank-street 
Cooper Stephen, joiner anS furniture broker, 9 GrindlO'^gate 
Cooper Hannah, grocer, 31 Norfolk-street ; [ 

Cooper Thomas, tanaer, Neepsend. i f 

Cooper Jonathan, tailor, -Figtree-lane i' 

Cooper £liz., milliner and dressmaker, 21 West^bar OiWn 
Cooper Mary, and Ann Barker, milUners and dressmakers, 

Co^Iaiid' Johb, solieitor, 10 Haftshead 
Copley J^m, hairdresser, 10 Broad«lane 
Cc^y Stephen^ staler, Sim'a-croft 
Copley Mary, hair. dresser, 48 Campo-lane 
Corsan William, linen and woollen draper, 41 Church-<8lreet 
Cousins Joseph, manufr. of scissors, knives, and Britannia metal 

goods, 11 Garden-Street 
Coward Peter, wheelwright and carpenter. South-street^ Park 
Cowen, Davy, & Dixon, linen 8c woollen drapers, Rovers, lace- 
men, importers of Irish linens, tailors, &c. 47 High-si 
Cowen Thomas, furniture broker, Hartshead 
Cowen William, bras^ and white nietal founder, saw and screw 
maker, manufr. of fender ornaments, &c., 38 HoUy-st 
Cowen Solomon, dealer in rabbits and oysters, South-street 
Cowley William, day school, 8 Figtree*lane 
Cowley Joseph, manufr. of table knives and forks, and dealer in 
cutlery in general, 33 Pinstone-street 


WlooUm Bvaptw nnn QTailortf^ 



Tbs Tafloriag BusineM condueted on the Rremises, by a 
Foreman of acknowladged ability, whose excellent and fiu 
ibionable Workmanahip has reoei^ed the most flattering ap» 
probation from those Gentlemen who hare honoured him 
with their commands. 

Fasbiona from Ixnuton erery Quarter, from the first rate 
Hou&es in the West. 

**['. MhAQKWKLL, raiMTKE. j^ 


Cowley Lieonardy victualleiv Angel Inn, 105 South-street 
Cowlishaw John, clothes warehouse and salesman, 3 Waingate 
Cox Henry, grocer and flour dealer, and cheese factor^ 4 Fargate 
Coson Matthew, spirit merchant, 17 Fargate 
Crawshaw James, pen, pocket, silver dessert and fruit kniveti^ 
and razor manufacturer ; dressing case instruments, in- 
ventor of the improved penknife, long or patent tang 
lobster and quadrangular knives, &c« 39 Solly-street 
Ciawsbaw Henry, Button-lane 
Crawshaw Elizabeth, dressmaker, Button-lane 
Crawshaw Thomas, victualler. Horse and Garter, Water-lane 
Crawshaw Cassey, victualler. Bay Horse, 29 West-bar Green 
Creassey Matthias, raff yard, West -bar Green 
Cresswick Thomas, James, and Nathaniel, silver and plaled 

manufacturers, Paternoster-row 
Cresswick Miss Hannah, gentlewoman, 12 Patemoster^row 
Creswick Riehard, manufacturer, residence, Hanover-streel 
Cveewick William, tailor, Bower-spring 
Creswick Nathaniel, merchant, residence, Highfield 
Crich John, victualler, Black Swan Inn, 2 Snig-hill 
Critchley Henry, flour, cheese, and bacon dealer, 13 Waingate 
Croft James, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 19 Burgess-street 
Crocket Robert, comb manufacturer, 5 Arundel-street 
Crooks John, manufacturer of razors, 18 Smithfield 
Crooks Ann, penknife manufacturer, 33 Pea-croft 
Crooks Samuel, manufr. of guarded forks, &c,, 37 Spring-st 
Crooks Jonathan, manf. of penknives, 24« Rockingham-lane 
Crooks Isaac, victualler. Bush Tavern, South-street 
Crooks John, butcher, Shambles, house 
Crooks Samuel, scale cutter, Blackwell's yard. Church-street 
Crooks Samuel, razor manufacturer. Broad-lane 
Crooks Elizabeth, Ladies' School, 8 Meadow-street 
Crookes Septimus, stationer, bookbinder, gilder, &c., 2 

Crome John, printer, 42 Bridge-street 
Crompton Samuel, Wesleyan Methodist Preacher, Chapel-w. 
Crompton Crawshaw, butcher. Harmony-row, South-street 
Crompton William, Gainsbro' carrier, 1 1 Norfolk-street 
Cross James, green grocer and fruiterer, Barker's-pool 
Ciossland James, grocer, corn, and flour dealer, 27 Brdad*st 
CroBsland W. M. butcher, 42 Shales Moor 
Crosdand John, carpenter and builder, New Meadow-street 


Crossland Jamest manufr. of table knivesi AUen-street 

Grow David, tanner, Philadelphia 

Crowley and PearsoDi manufactoreis of improved boot and alioe 

heel and toe plateSp scissors and tailors' shears of every 

desoription, 87 Pond-street 
Crowttsbaw Thomas, Tictoaller, White SwaOi 28 Westbar 
Cryer Robert, grocer, ftc« PortmdionHBtreet 
Cryer John, penknife cutler, S Trinity-street 
Cummings Charles, grocer, 70 Eyre-lane 
Cunday Francis, htker and floiir dealer, 45 Scotland^street 
Cunday Isaac, baker. North-street, and SO Westbar 
Cundell Joseph, catpenter, joind:, and builder, 1 1 Howard-st 
Cupid Charles, hair dresser, and perfumer, 21 Townhead-st. 
Cuxr George, gentleman, SurrCTf-street 
Cuswprth Charles, grocer and flour dealer, 26 ChapeUstreet 
Cutler Hiram, merchant, house Broom-spring 
Cutler William and John, saw and edge tool manufiurturers, 

Stanley-street, Wicker 
Cutt John, toyman. Sheaf-bridge 
Cutis William, gentleman^ 86 South-street 
Ci^tts, L P. manufiicturer of spectacles, telescopes, and opera 

gksses, Divinon-street 
Cutts Martha, dress maker, 50 Hawley-street 

Daff Robt«, stone mason, 30 Trippet-lane, house Silver^street 
Daff Ann, straw, hal maker, Silfer-street head 
Di^n Benj., razor manufr. and general cutler, shop 30 King-st 
Daft John, victualler. Cutlers' Arms, Nottingham House, 88 

Daft Frederick, victualler, Ball, 30 Burgess-street 
Dakin John, com merchant, 24* Nursery-street 
Dale James, butcher, 52 Shales-moor 
Dalton Samuel, ivory merchant and table knife manu&eturer, 

15 Norfolk-street, house Cheney-row» Glossop-road 
Dalton William, boot, shoe, & patten clog maker, 14 Waingate 
Dalton George, table knive manufacturer, and dealer in ivory 

handles, razor, penknife, and comb scales, billiard balls, 

&c., 15 Norfolk-street 
D* Amour Alice, eating house, 31 Hartshead 
Damms Benjamin, block tin agent for L. C« Daubuz, Truro, 

in Cornwall, 13 Norfolk-street 
Damms Benjamin, silver and plated wire drawer, 13 Mulberry-st 


Daniels James, hat manufacturer, 6 Market-place 
Darling Mary, victualler, Three Whitesmiths, 1 Bridge-street 
Darwent Sarah, com dealer, 66 Broad-street, Park 
Darwin Samuel and Son, manufacturers of cast steel rollers, 
silversmiths', tinners', and braziers' tools, all sorts of 
turning lathes, or engines, fly presses, press screws, and 
large mill work ingeneral,Soho Rolling Mill, Shude-hill 
Darwin and Co., manufrs. of mill and engine work in all its 
branches, and of Barlow's patent cooking stove, all 
kinds of stoves, grates, boilers, &c.. Queen's Foundry, 
D'Arcy James, bodcbinder, &c., 1 1 West-street 
Davenport John, manufacturer of patent, circular, and all other 
kinds of saws, ladies' steel busks, trowels, mincing 
knives, &c. 30 Rockingham -street 
Davenport Hannah, grocer and dealer in flour, 48 Allen-street 
David Abraham, hosier, IS Bank -street 
Davis William, draper and clothes dealer, 17 West-bar 
Davies Morgan, pawnbroker, 47 West-bar 
Davis Joseph, grocer and dealer in flour, Walker-street, 

Davis Thomas, bandbox and trunk maker, 17 King-sireet 
Day Eb'zabeth, straw hat maker, 17 Hartshead 
Davy James Smith, grocer and tea dealer, and dealer in foreign 

'8nu£Ps, segars, &c. 24 Fruit-market 
Davy John, ivo/y and hard wood cutter, Grindle-gate 
Davy Dennis, grocer, flour and malt dealer, 73 Bridgehouset 
Davy Joseph, basketmaker, 68 West-bar 
Dawson Harriet, milliner and dressmaker, 72 Moorfields 
Dawson Harriet, dressmaker, 12 Furnace-hill 
Dawson Geo., professor of music and music seller. Music Hall , 
Dawson James, secretary to the Sheffield Infirmary, Beet- 
Day William, painter, 18 Smith-street 
Deakin Miss, gentlewoman, 3 St. James-street 
Dawson William, boot and shoe maker and leather cutter, 15 

Deakin Richard, manufr. of pen and pocket knives. Pea-croft 
Deacon, Harrison, and Co., carriers, 12 Sycamore-street 
Deakin George, merchant and manufr. of saws, scissors, scythes, 
shears, sickles, and every description of cutlery. North - 
street, house in the Island 


Deakin James and Thomas, merchants and manufacturers of 

tahle knives, scissors, shoemakers' tools, cut spngs, 

heel and toe plates, tilted and rolled steel, 5 Change-allej 
Deakin James, merchant. Meadow-hank 
Deakin James and Thomas, cast steel founders, and iron ware* 

house, Pond-sftreet 
Deakin George, merchant, house 53 Norfolk-street 
Deakin Joseph, fork manufacturer, 17 Spring-street 
Deakin David, butcher, 37 Shambles, house, Atterclifie 
Deakin John, gilt, plated, metal and japan button manufacturer, 

37 Garden-street, house, Glossop-road 
Deakin George, comb manufacturer, 100 Fargate 
Deakin Peter, victualler. Old Tankard, 62 Westbar-green 
Dearden John and Joseph, scissor and cut nail manufacturers, 

11 and 12 Copper-street 
Dearden Joseph, confectioner, and dealer in British wines, 15 

Dearden J. and J. manufacturers of scissQiii, nails, and clasps, 

Deane George, grocer, Tudor-street . 
Deaton John, fruiterer and confectioner,. Corn-market 
De Ballen, surgeon, 42 Carver-street 

Dent William, basket maker, cooper & cane worker, 23 King-st 
Denton Thomas, plasterer and wnitewasher, 19 Fargate 
Denton Benjamin, grocer and tea dealer, 9 Angel-street 
Denton James, grocer and flour dealer, 9 Scotland -street 
Dempster — , plasterer, Trippet-lan'e 

Denholm Robert, tailor and dealer in clothes, 35 6ibraltar-st 
Denton William, victualler. Black Horse, 38 Howard-street 
Derwent William, cooper, 39 Barkcr*s-pool 
Derby George, boot and shoe maker, 47 Broad-lane 
Dewsnap John and Son, merchants. Broom-grove 
Dewsnap Charles, razor manufacturer, Rockingham-street 
Dewhurst Thomas, grocer and tea dealer, 47 Coalpit-lane 
Dibbe William, surveyor of excise, first district, 5 St. James'-st 
Dickenson Enoch and Sons, cut nails and clasp manufacturers, 

Dickenson Joseph, butcher, 86 Westbar-green 
Dickenson and Rollisson, merchants, factors, table knife and 

razor manufacturers, 88 Pea-croft 
Dickenson James, fishmonger, Fishmarket 
Dixon Mark, silver and plated wire drawer. Wicker 


Dixou G. A.y sflver refiner, 36 Wicker^ residence Pits-moor 
Dixon John, solicitor, 6 Market-street, residence Wicker 
pixan Rey* Francis, minister of Lee-croft chapel, Sycamore-st 
Dixon 8c Son, manufactare^ of Britannia metal goods, spoons, 

fin> patty pans, scollop ^ells, &c. Comish-plaee 
Dixon Mrs., gentlewoman^ 63 Norfolk-street 
DixQsv Jamf 3, merchant, Brpom^lodge 
IXsipt^ W- % merchant^ Bidey-house 
Dixiln Joseph, whitesmith, 97 Far^^te 
Didsbuiy Mrs., gentlewoman, 63 Norfolk-street 
Digium^ Penoisy' boot and shoe maker, Scotland-street 
Dixon George» draper, house. Spring Place 
Dixon and Frith, silver plate mapu&ctarers, 30 Bailey-street 
Dixon Maria, victualler. Light Horseman, Philadelphia 
Qohbs M.| milliner and drjess-maker, Rockingham-street 
Dfllib Francis, butcher, 14 Du^e-street Park 
Decker Rev. Mark, minister of Garden-st chapel, Hanover-si 
Ifoige Robert, merchant, haft,, scale, and umbrella hook 
^ mauufacturer, and dealer in horns, bones and tips, also 
'^ fancy comb and horn scale-cutter, and dealer in fire 
'J- bricks and clay, 32 West-street 
Qo^lRorib James, table-knife manufacturer, 31 Radford-street 
Dodson, William, mason and bricklayer, 16 Wicker 
Dodson John, butcher, 43 Shambles, house Handsworth 
Dmgwojjjk l^amuel, haft and scale presser. Porter-street 
Doncaster H^ury, tea dealer and coffee roaster, 41 High-st, 
Doncaster William, merchanti manufiicturer of files, steel 

burner and refin£r, 14 AUen-street 
Douglass, Thomas, schoolmaster, Arundel-street, residence, 

5 Charles-street 
Doughty James, victualler. Red Lion, Smithfield 
Downend Samuel, grocer, and tea deder, 30 Trippet-lane 
DownenS Samuel, collector of the assessed taxes, 30 Trippet-ln 
Drabble*^, manufiicturer of cutlery, Wing's yard. Bailey-street 
Drabble Joseph, manu&cturer of penknives, Rutherford's yard 

Dnbble.and Sandenson, saw manufacturers, steel refiners, com- 
position webbs for calico printers^ 8b elastic steel busks, 
Drake EUzabetb, dress-maker, 7 Cheney-square 
Drake William, carpenter and joiner, 14 South-street 
Drayton Joseph, victualler, Old White Horse, Copper-street 


Drury Robert, plumber and glazier, house, sign, and decorative 

painter, 17 Eyre-street 
Drury Edward and Son, architects and builders, 19 £yre-st. 
Drury George, timber merchant, Pond saw mill 
Drury Sarah, hosier and glover. Union buildings, Union-st 
Duffield Abraham, cooper, 8 Gibraltar-street 
Duke Henry, locksmith and jobsmith, 37 Coalpit-lane ' 
Duke Henry, brass and iron scale maker, top of Church-st 

residence, Portob'ello 
Dungworth Joshua, baker, 23 Howard-street 
Dunkerly George, manufacturer of hats, 1 Gibraltar-street 
Dunn Thomas, manufacturer of table knives, Upper Edward- 
street, house Solly-street 
Dutton John, victualler, Pheasant, 40 Carver-street 
Dyson and Johnson, watch and clock makers, 50 Campo-lane 
Dyson Hannah, straw hat maker, Button-lane 
Dyson John, Swan with Two Necks, 8 Furnival-street 
Dyson Joseph, manufacturer of scissors, 70 Pea-croft 
Dyson Charles, grocer and dealer in flour, 3 Jehu-lane 
Eadon Charles, surgeon, 1 Charles-street 
Eadon, Sheldon, and Cd. manufacturers of fenders, saws> and 
every description of ladies' busks, webbs for calico 
printers, &c. Norfolk-lane 
Eadoii Peter, dealer in fruit, 10 Fruit-market 
Eadon Jane, milliner and dress maker, 38 Moorfields 
Eadon, Jessop, Fox, and Co. merchants and manufacturers of 

saws, edge tools, steel, &c. Park Works 
Eadon John, schoolmaster, Queen-st. — Chouse Eyre-st. 
Eadon John, gent. 1 Charles-street 
Eadon John and Son, merchants, 47 Pond-street 
JM' >n fii (II [I artists* repository, carver and gilder, and look- 
ing glass manufacturer, &c. 2 George -st, house Gell-st 
Eadon George, gentleman, 51 Norfolk -street 
Earnshawe and Smith, tilters, Birley Meadow Works 
Earnshaw Joseph, master of the Free-school, 49 High-st. Park 
Ebert Frederick, pork, bacon, and ham dealer, wholesale and 

retail, 1 Pinstone-^street, and 12 High-street 
Ebert Archibald, gentleman, West-street 
Edley and Rutherford, saw manufacturers and dealers in files> 
joiners' tools, and all kinds of cutlery, bottom of Arun- 
Elgie Henry, gentleman, Western-bank 


Eells William, coach and harness maker, Mulbeny-streeti house 

12 Bank-street 
Elliott Joseph, silversmith, 21 Nursery-street 
Elliott John, ivory, brass, and wood turner in general, manu- 
facturer of the much improved apparatus for producing 
oO gas, and agent for all kinds of goods plated upon 
steel, 11 Chanes-^street 
Elliott Joseph, razor manufacturer, 66 HoUis-crofb 
Elliott J. and R., factors and manufacturers of tabley pen, and 

pocket knives, and forks. Garden-street 
Elliott Thomas, house 66 Solly-street 

Elliott Thomas, merchant and manufacturer of table, pen, and 
pocket knives, razors, scissors, and generid dealer, 
Elliott Thomas, grocer and flour dealer, 19 Garden-street 
Elliott Ebenezer, iron and steel merchant, 61 Burgess-street 
Elliott Mr. manufiu^urer, house Broom-spring 
Elliott Charles, (late Radley) chemist and druggist, 19 West- 
Elliott John, manufacturer of watch knives, &c. Rockingham-st 
Ellin Thomas, merchant and manufacturer of table knives and 
forks, and all kinds of shoe, bread, butcher, cook, 
carving, and spear point knives, 11 Charles-street 
Ellis Geoige, boot and shoe maker, Andrew-street 
Ellis John, baker, 63 Pye-bank 
Ellis James, bookseller, and periodical number warehouse, 4 

Ellis John, cabinet-maker, and upholsterer, Fargate 
EUiss Hannah, grocer and tea dealer. Hay-market 
EUiss Joseph, manuf. of saws and files, Rockingham-place 
Elliss Sarah^ victualler, Blue Bell, High-street 
EUiss William, table knife manufacturer, 19 Hawley-croft 
Elliss Matthew, butcher, 37 Bailey-lane 
Elliss Elizabeth, grocer and flour dealer, 4:3 Fargate 
Elliss Thomas, victualler. Little Tankard, Westbar-green 
Elliss Isaac and Son, mark letter and figure maker, 19 Hawley- 

Ellison Michael, Esq., agent to the -Duke of Norfolk, and 
deputy steward of the Court of Requests, for the 
Manor of ShefBeld, offices 13 Eyre-street, and house 
the Farm 
Ellison Luke, victualler. Barrel, Pinstone-street 



Ellison Joseph, file manufacturery 5 Well Meadow Place, 

£llisson Wilham, grocer, and earthenware dealer, 6 Duke- 
street, Park 
Ellsworth Edward, hutcher, Bow-street 
Emerson William, tailor, Pepper-alley, Fargate 
Emerson Richard, furnishing ironmonger, dealer in Roman 

cement, flax, &c., Nursery-place 
Emmett John, stone mason, Noifolk-lane 
Emmett Joseph, victualler, Black Swan, 9 Burgess-street 
England Elizabeth, victualler, White Lion, 2 Wicker 
Epworth Joseph, manufacturer of pen and pocket knives, near 

, the Lead Mills 
Ernest Robert, M. D., Infirmary 
Etches Mrs. John, gentlewoman, Brook-hUl 
Evatt William, dentist, ] 5 Queen-street 
Evers Moses, victualler, Painters' Arms, house, sign, and 

furniture painter. Silver-street head 
Excise Office, Hartshead 

Eyre Edward, by his Majesty's roval letters patent, roanu&c- 
turer of fenders of a new shape, to extend and contract 
at pleasure, iron founder, and manufiicturer of stove 
grates, saws, files, edge tools, cutlery, bar steel, tilted 
and rolled cast steel. Green-lane 
Eyre John and Co., merchants, factors, and manufiicturers of 
table knives and forks, and dealer in cutlery of every 
description, silver desserts, &c. Coal-pit lane 
Eyre Samuel, victualler. Royal Mail Inn, West-hill 
"Eyre Joshua, grocer and tea dealer, 38 Church-street 
Eyre John, file manufacturer, 46 Pond-street 
Eyre Ellis, grocer and tea dealer, 28 Fargate 
Eyre Thomas, saw handle manufacturer, 22 Spring-street 
Eyre Isaac, victualler, Devonshire Arms, 2 South-street 
Eyre John, grocer and dealer in flour, 34 Arundel-street 
Eyre John, com factor, 83 Wicker 
Eyre Jane, medical botanist, 67 Spring-street 
Eyre Charles, victualler, Ball, also millwright, Pye-bank 
Eyre Mary, straw hat maker. Broad-street, Park 

Fairbank Josiah, and Son, land surveyors, civil engineers, and 

agents to the Birmingham Fire Office, East Parade 
Fairbank Josiah, 5 Division-street 



Fairbank William, land surveyor, West-hill 

Fairest Mary, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 8 Workhouse-croft 

Farmer Joseph, butcher, 12 Fargate 

Famsworth Charles, pork butcher, Silver-street head 

Famsworth William^ accountant and clerk of the market, 3 
New Market-street 

Fair John, auger maker, Young-street 

Fairar Rev. John, Wesleyan Methodist Preacher, Beet>8treet 

Fanahaw Sarah, cooper, 12 Eyre-street 

Favell John, surgeon, 78 Fargate 

Fawcett Jonathan, hair dreser and perfumer, 85 Fargate 

Fawcet^ Misses, ladies boarding school, Bedford House 

Fawcett Mr. John, Tudor Race 

Fawley William, butcher, 15 Flat-street 

Feamehough Joseph, and Co. manu&cturers of saws, scythes, 
engine and cha£P knives, &c. Wicker-lane 

Fearnley William, victualler. King William, Holly-street 

Feam John, scissor caster, AUen-street 

Feam George, victualler, Brown Cow, Rad&rd-street 

FeiQifp^frs. gentlewoman, 43 Anindel-street 

Featherstone William, Brewer, 25 Pxnstoae-street 

Fellston Thomas, victualler, Punch Bowl, 62 Wicker 

Fenney Fred^ck, razor manufacturer, ^ Townhead-street 

Fentem, Weflbter, and Danby, silver andphted manufacturers, 
iA\ Howard-street 

Feoton Joseph, grocer and flour dealer, School-croft, Townhd-tt 
Fenton Col., general inspector of Police, Town Hall, resi- 
dence Dunwood-hill 
Fenton Mr., manufacturer, house, Pond-street Gardens 
Fenton, Allanson, and Machon, manufacturers of silver and * 
plated goods, 23 Norlblk-street, warehouse, 31 Castle 
street, Holbom, London 
Fenton James, silversmith, Ndson's Place 
Fenton Joseph boot and shoe maker, 24 Pinstone-8t 
Fentpn Benj. and Co., merchants and fiactOTs, SO Arundel-st 
Femell, Mrs, gentlewoman, Highfieldj 
Fielder John, draper and tailor, 47 South-street 
Fielding Hannah, victualler, Punch Bowl, 69 South-street 
l^nningley John, gentleman. New Meadow-street 
Fhth WiUiam, ornamental chaser, 16 New Church-street 
Fish George, printer, 28 Fruit-market 
Fisher Robert, merchant, Pitsmoor 


Fisher Robert and William^ merchants, dealers in tortoise ahelJy 
foreign hardwood, ox, stag, and buck horns, ivory, bone, 
&c. manufacturers of pressed horn umbrella and parasd 
handles, snuff boxes, knife and fork handles, &c. Or- 
Fisher Peter, pork butcher, 59 South-street 
Fisher William, merchant, 3 Eyre-street 
Fisher Joseph, butcher, l4 Scotland-street 
Fisher Bernard, manufacturer of steel, brass, and iron fendeiB, 
ash-pans, &c. shoe, butcher, and cooks' knives, and but- 
chers' steels, 49 Arundel-lane 
Fisher Joseph, horn, bone, and tip merchant, 1 Cheney-square 
Fisher Mary, butcher, Trippet-Lme 
Fisher Thomas, carpenter and joiner, bottom of Eyre«lane 
Fisher Thomas, joiner and builder, top of Holy-green 
Fisher John, butcher, 96 South-street 
Fisher John, Shambles, house Damal 
Flather Thomas, constable, 18 Church-street 
Fleming James, engraver and copper plate printer, Hawks- 
worth's court. High-street 
Fletcher Joseph, confectioner, 6 Milk-street 
Fletcher William, hair dresser and perfumer, 3 Coulston-streqft 
Fletcher P. H., grocer and com factor, bottom of Chapel-stT 

Fletcher Sarui, copper plate printer. Green-lane 
Flint William, victualler. Parrot, South-street 
Flockton Thomas, Broomgrove Baths, Glossop-road 
Flockton Thomas, carpenter and builder, 77 Rockingham-st. 
Flower John and James, manufiicturers of fenders, fire irons, 
and general dealers in cutlery, Watson's-walk, Hartsd. 
Fogell Joseph, manu&cturer of cut glass, Qrchard-lane, Park 
Ford Thomas, joiner. West-hill 

Ford William, and Thos., printers and bookbinders, 9 Change- 
Ford John, iron founder. Pond-hill 
Foot Joseph, accomptant and agent to Thomas Holy, Esq. 

28 South-street 
Fordham John, iinporter of wine and spirits, dealer in hopfly 

&c. Black Rock Tavern, 7 Castle-street 
Fordham John, victualler. Queen's Head, Campo-lane 
Foster Thomas, brass inkstand manufacturer, 51 Burgess-st. 
Foster Jose|)h, butcher, 39 Church-street 


Foster Charles, engrater and copper plate printer, 90 Fargate 

Foster Tbomasy dealer in fruit, 63 West-bar 

Foster G. 2 Church-street 

Foster John, grocer, and manufacturer of razors 54 Carver-st 

Foster W. and G. tailors and woollen drapers, 20 High-street, 

sale shop 21. 
Foulds Samuel, surgeon, 4 Change-alley 
Fowler William, cabinet maker and upholsterer, West-street 
Fowler Robert, victualler, Ship, 14 Water-lane 
Fox Isaac, mark maker, Bridgehouses 
Fox William, cabinet maker and upholsterer, ] 3 Workh.-croft 
Pox Charles, fork manufacturer, 2 New Church-street 
Fox Edward, schoolmaster, and land surveyor, under the As- 
sembly Room, Norfolk-Street 
Fox Mrs Hannah, gentlewoman, 2 New Church-street 
Fox Mr, merchant, house 10 Howard-street 
Fox Godfrey, accountant, 6 Cheney-square 
Fox Thomas, schoolmaster and land surveyor, 4 Duke-st 
Fox Joseph, butcher. Shambles, house Norfolk-street 
Fox George, brewer, Shales-square, Park 
Fox J. A. dealer in clothes. Silver-street head 
Fox Benjamin, pawnbroker, 55 West-bar 
Fox Elizabeth, silk stocking, feather, and muff cleaner, 17 

France Peter and Sons, button mold and glue makers, and 

dealers in bones, Saville-steret 
France Frederiek, Western-bank 

Frank William, butcher, 51 Charles-street, house, 68 Pea-croft 
French James, grocer and flour dealer, 36 Bridge-street 
Fretwell George, dealer in fruit. Bow-street 
Fretwell Isaac, grocer and dealer in flour, 27 Bridge-street 
Freebrough John, millwright, 17 Chapel-street 
Freebrough Hannah, dress maker, 17 Chapel- street 
Frith Joseph, grocer and tea dealer, 5 Snig-hill 
Frith and Greening, linen and woollen drapers, and silk mer- 
cers, 21 Angel- street 
Frith Thomas, jun., professor of music, FVith's-sq. Nursery 
Frith Michael, grocer and flour dealer, Johnson-street 
Frith Robert, wheelwright and joiner, South-st. Little Sheff. 
Frith William, house 19 Portobello-street 
Frith Peter and Co. opticians, patent fire proof and shot belt 
manufacturers, 37 Arundel-st,%ouse Paternoster-row 


Frith Georae, file manu&cturery IS Amndel-fitreet 

Frith Joseph, file manufacturer, 10 Bower-spring 

Frith Jessey, victualler, Milton Arms, Bailey-lane 

Frith Thomas, carpenter and builder, Frith's-square, Nursery 

Frith Samuel, fine pen knife manufacturer, back of Royal Oak, 

Allen street 
Frith James, pen, pocket, and scissor knife manufacturer. 31 

Frith Thomas, grocer and flour dealer, 50 Duke-street, Park 
Froggatt R. T., optical glass manufacturer. Twelve o'clock 
Froggatt James, merchant and Britannia metal manufacturer, 

SO Eyre-street 
Froggatt William, tailor. Trinity-street 
Frost Edward, tailor, 16 South-street 

Frost George, dealer in cheese, bacon, butter, &:c. 23 Cbur.-st 
Frost T. and E. tailors and clothes brokers, IS High-street 
Frost G. B., linen draper, silk mercer, and hosier, &c. 7 Farg. 
Frost Samud, merchant and manu£uturer of table knives and 

forks. Broad-lane 
Frost George, tailor. Porter-street 
Frow James, victualler, Hare and Hounds, Nursery-street 
Frudd William, butcher. Duke-street, Park 
Fumiss John, merchant, house Belle Vue 
Furniss, Poles, Turner, and Fumiss, silver and plated manu- 
facturers, Fumival-street 
Fumiss Thomas, victualler. Old Crown, Grindlegate 
Fumiss, Cutler, and Stacey, merchants and manufacturers of 
saws, edge tools, converters of bar steel, and cast steel 
refiners. Castle-hill 
Fumiss M. A., dress maker, 17 Pye-bank 
Fumiss Matthias, grocer and flour dealer, 1 Norfolk-street 
Fumiss Luke, scissor manufacturer, 26 Howard-street 
Gainsford, Fenton, and Nicholson, silversmiths and platers, 90 

Gainsford Robert, silversmith, house Totley 
Gales Ann, bookseller and stationer, and dealer in patent me- 
dicines, stamp office, 8 Hartshead 
Gallimore Josiah, smith and screw maker ; mill and engine 

work to drawing or pattem, &c^ 33 Bridge-street 
Gallimore John, manu&. of every description of turning lathes, 
press screws, presses, &c., crimping and giffering ma- 
chines, and smith & engine work in general, Mill-sands 


GamUe Joseph and Co., carriers, 10 Arandel-street 

Gamble John, boot and shoemaker, 5 Jehu-lane 

Gardner Samuel, Broad4ane 

Gardner John, table knife manufacturer and bone scale cutter, 

86 Pea-croft 
(xarlick John, boot and shoemaker, Allen-street 
Garliek Joseph, patten and clog maker, 14 Pinstone-street 
Garnet Bryce, hair dresser and omamantid hair worker, York- 
street, and 2 Fruit-market 
Ganide Joseph, victualler, Sun, 43 South-street 
Garton Robert, saw handle manufacturer, 84 Bailey-lane 
Gaiton William, com and flour dealer, 66 Duke-street, Paric 
Gascoigne John, sheriff's officer, 2 St James-street 
Gascoigne Benjamin, file manu&ctnrer, 69 West-bar Grreen 
Gaskill, H. C, seminary, 17 Norfolk-street 
Gatley John, gardener, 37 King-street 
Gadey Thos., ironmonger, bottom of Fumace-hill, West-bar G. 
Cratley Henry, butcher, 52 Moorfields 
Gaunt James, merchant, file manufacturer, and steel refiner, 

Gaunt John, grocer, 92 West-bar Green 
Gaunt Joseph, buck, stag, bone, and horn scale cutter, 60 

Genu, M ., manufacturer, house Western Bank 
Genu Henry, butcher, 25 Shambles, house Tinsley 
Genu James, sen., butcher, 15 Shambles, house Pits-moor 
Genu James, jun.> butcher, 13 Shambles, house Pits-moor 
Genu William, butcher, 14 Shambles, house Fits-moor 
Gibson William, grocer, 12 Flat-street 
Gereson James, boot and shoemaker, 51 Porter-street 
Gill David, manufacturer of French, Spanish, pen, and pocket 

knives, Lonfr-croft, near Spring-street 
Gill Benjamin, pocket, lock, and smack knife manufacturer^ 

Gillatt G., dealer in pipes, wholesale and retail, top of New-st> 

Gillatt Jonathan, crown glass warehouse, opposite the church 
gates, High-street 

Gillatt Jonathan, wholesale spirit vaults, 18 Fargate, head of 

Gillam John, butcher and shoeknife manufacturer, 46 Duke- 
street, Park 


Gillatt Enoch, victualler, Golden Cock, 53 Broad-street, Park 

GiUatt Elizabeth, butcher, 52 Broad-street, Park 

GiUat Joshua, chemist, druggist, oil and colourman, and seed 

merchant, Market-place 
Gillatt John, bookseller and stationer, circulating library, 26 

Gillatt Misses, milliners and dress-makers, 26 Church-street 
Gillatt William, butcher, 19 Shambles, hquse, Clough-hill 
Gillott John, manufacturer of table knives, 18 Broad-lane 
Gillott Mary, patten and patten-clog maker, 9 Market-street^ 
Gillott George Moulson, surgeon, 2, Paradise-square 
Gillott George, cabinet maker & furniture broker, 8 Coulston-st 
Gillott Samuel, hat manufacturer, 1 King-street 
Girdham Elizabeth, dressmaker, Makenzie's-walk 
Gleadall Sarah, plumber and glazier, 18 Fargate 
Gleave George, butcher. Shambles 
Gleave Samuel, brick yard, canal side 
Glossop Samuel, grocer, 43 Pea-croft 
Godbehere William, tailor. South-street 
Godly John, boot, shoe, and patten clog roak;ier, 68 Bridge-h. 
Goodinson John, baker and flour dealer, 34* Westbar-green 
Goodlad George, hair dresser and perfumer, 4t Pea-croft 
Goodwin John, grocer and flour dealer, 43 Scotland* street 
Goodwin James, manufacturer of files, Lambert-street 
Goodwin Rev. Edward, M. A., assistant minbter of the 

parish church, house at the Banks 
Qoodmau Mrs., gentlewoman. Broom-hill 
Goodwin George, wheelwright and carpenter, South-st, Park 
Gore Archibald, stag horn, scale cutter, 23 Hollis-croft 
Gordon Miss, teacher of dancing, 66 Norfolk-street 
Gordon John, comb manufacturer, 1 1 Shudehill 
Gould William, tailor, 32 Coalpit-lane 
Gould Micah, hemp and flax dresser, 101 Fargate 
Gould Jonathan, victualler, Brown Cow, 1 Red-croft 
Gould Thomas, victualler. King's Head, Rockingham-street 
Gould Joshua, fine pen knife manufacturer, 24 Neepsend 
Goulder John, victualler, Robin Hood, Duke-str^et, Park 
Gouldthorpe Joshua, victualler, Cossack, 19 Howard-st 
Gouldthorp Henry, haft and scale presser, scale cutter, fancy 
combs and umbrella handle manufacturer, horn, bone 
and tip merchant, 54 Burgess-street 
Grantham Lucy, pork butcher and eating bouse, 19 Waingate 

J*|flT OP NAMU. 97 

Grant Charles, fellinoiiger, 26 Westbar-green 

Grant John, bolcbar, 74r Arundel-street 

Grant Mary, butcher^ Allen-street 

Grao^ M* A.| spirit dealer and seedsman, 25 High-street 

Gray WiUiamt apirit vaults^ wholesale and retail, Fundi Bowl, 

1 Coulston^atreet 
Gray Mrs., gentlewoman, 19 Gell-street 
Gray William, manufiietorer of penknives, Lambert-street 
Gray George, roanufaeturer of fine penknives, 45 Garver*8tereet 
Gray and Sons^ saw manufacturers, and dealers in all kinds of 

cutlery,. fileS) edge toc^, and spring steel busks^ New 

GfnysoB Thomas, shoemaker, 91 Broad^lane 
Grrayson Missy gentlewoman, top of Harvest-lane 
Grayson Hannah, hair dresser, 45 Fargate 
Greaves John, marble and stone mason, also monument aed 

gravestone engraver. Lee-croft 
Grreaves William and Sons, merchants and manufactumo of 

table knives and forks, razors, &c.. Sheaf Worka 
Greaves Nathaniel, merchant, table knife manuCscturer, and 

steel converter and refiner, Porto Bello-street 
Gi^eavea Nathaniel, merch&it, 47 Howard*«treet 
Greaves and Newton, merchants and manufacturers of tablet 

pen, pocket, cook, butchers' knives, and razors; whole* 

sale dealers in all kinds of oulery^ and fenders ; steel 

converters and refiners, 15 West-street 
Greaves and Furness, solicitors, 13 Paradise-square 
Greaves Isaac, sav^, file, and edge tool manf., 54 Scotland-street 
Greaves George, manufiEicturer of garden, tailor, tinman, and 

brush shears, (mark Gambia) 54 Scotland-street 
Greaves Elizabeth, victualler. Com Mill Inn, 20 Smithfield 
Greaves William^ awl blade, and cut nail manufitcturer, 4 

Broad^street, Park 
Greaves Henry, victualler, George and Dragoui 91 West-bar 

Greaves James, horn haft and scale pressor, 62 Carver-street 
Greaves William, whitesmith and job smith, 13 South-street 
Greaves John, gentleman, 104 Eyre-street 
Greaves Francis, grocer, and manufacturer of table knives, 40 

Greaves Thomas, tailor, 48 Scotland-street 
Greaves George, millwright, Woodgrove 


Greaves John, manu&cturery bouse Broom-hill 

Greaves George, brass founder, 24t West-street 

Greaves Hannah, victualler, Twelve o'clock, Walk Mill 

Greaves Thomas, grocer and tea dealer, 20 Pinstone-street 

Grreaves George, victualler. Golden Lion, 7orge*lane 

Greaves Richard, merchant, house Arundel-street 

Greatorex Josiah, victualler, Harrow, Harvest-lane 

Green Alfred, snrgeous' instrament and truss maker, 28 Pond-si 

Green John, shoe and butcher knife manufr., 28 Pond-street 

Green Jane, ladies' boarding school, Weatville House 

Green Miss, ladies' day and boarding school, Philadelphia 

Green Mrs. Sarah, New George-street 

Green, Bradbury, and Frith, merchants and manuikctureiB of 

edge tools and table knives, 22 Burgess-street 
Green Joseph, victualler. Cutlers' Arms, 3 New Church-street 
Green Mary, grocer, 52 Broad-street, Park 
Green John, fork, knife, and scissor manufr., 6 Burgess-street 
Green Harriet, straw hat maker, 2 Pond-steeet 
Green William, grocer, 64? West-bar Green 
Green William, grocer, 18 Orchard-street 
Green George, cabinet-maker and upholsterer. Queen-street 
Green John, boot and shoemaker, (;hapel-yard, Broad-st, Pk. 
Greenwood Ri);hard, victualler, Daggers' Inn, Fruit-market 
Greenwood James, constable and bailiff ibr the Court of Re- 
quests for the Manor of Ecclesall, collector of debts and 
accountant, at the Gaol, Tudor-street 
Greenwood' John, boot and shoemaker, MiU-lane 
Greenwood James, gentleman. Rock-street, foidgehouses 
Greenwood Sarah, dealer in meal and flour, 36 Pinstone-street 
Gregory James and Co., cheese factors, 10 Haymarket 
Gregory James, shoemaker, 4*8 Solly-street 
Gregory and Staniland, table knife manu&cturets, Jehu-lane 
Gregory James, manufacturer of table knives, razors, and plated 

desserts, &c., 105 Eyre-street 
Gregory Samuel, surgeon, 8 Eyre-street 
Gregory William, Arnndel-street 

Gregory George, manu£icturer of fleams, Bailey-lane ^ 
Gregory Richard, cheese factor, 3 Haymarket 
Gregory R'obt., victualler, Birmingham Arms, 5 NewChucch-st 
Gregory Joseph, collector and auditor, 5 Coalpit-lane 
Gregson A. & M. Booth, straw and chip hat midcers, Porter-st 
Grennill Mark, bone scale cutter, 7 Gibraltar-street 

LIST OF NJilffES. , 39 

Grenold Richard, bkicksmith and. chain makeri Canal-bridge 

Griffith Ann, dealer in clothes, 1^ We8t*bar 

Groves Richard and Sons, saw nanufactarers and steel con- 
verters «id refiners ; nuuiufacturers of cast steel patent 
torned circular saW8» and of patent bronxed ladies* busksy 

Groves William, merchant, house Upperthorpe 

Guest Thomas, carpenter and joiner, Spring-street 

Guggiari Charles, manufacturer -of picture frames, barometers, 
thermometers, hydrometers, &c,, Churcb^street 

Guion James, schoolmaster, Washington-^^bce, 46 Broad-lane 

Guilder William, engraver, 91 Fargate 

Gumey Edmund, grocer and tea dealer ; also dealer in cocoa, 
ebony, barr, and other wood handles, scales, &c., 

Gumey Joseph, wholesale dealer in ivory, tortoise shell, stag 
horns, woods, bones, &c., 29 Arundel-street 

Gumey Samuel, grocer and confectioner, Hill^foot 

Habershon Charles, defk to the Court of Requests^ for the 

Manor of Sheffield, 3 Bank-street 
Hubershon John, butcher, shambles-— house Lunb-hill 
Habershon Matthew, butcher, 8hamble8«*-house, Woodhouse 
Hadfield Mrs. Williion, New George-street 
Hadfield John, nuiseryman, seedsman, and gardener, Glossop- 

Hadfield William, manufacturer of pen-knives, Grindlegate 
Hadfidd William, bone scale cutter, Allen-street 
Hadfield Joseph, grocer and dealer in com, Cricket Inn-road 
Hadfield Rob^ and Co., merchants &c 12 St. Jaraes's-st 
Hadfield Joseph, grocer and tea dealer, 9 Union-street 
Hadfidd Thomas, pen and pocket knife manufacturer, 4 

Broad-street, Park 
Hagger and Linley, distillers and spirit merchants, 28 Campo 

Hagger and Linley, brash manufacturers, 28 Campo-lane 
Hague Joseph, patten and patten-ring maker, 54; Westbar-gro 
Hague George, rag and iron dealer, 13 Tenter-street 
Hague Thomas, nail manufacturer, 5 Watson's-walk 
Hague Thomas, and Son, carpenters, joiners, and builders, 8 

Broad-street, Park 
Hague Samuel, 4 Eyre-street 


Hsgue Thomas, brasB «id white metal founder, matiufiMiliirBr 
of metal, tin, and iron scales with brass, steel, and iron 
bolsters, springs of every description made to older, 
and general dealer in rolled bmss, and block and sheet 
tin, brass and iron wire, &c. S5 West-street 

Hague Samuel, manufacturer of pen knives, and fine razors 
for every day in the week, 9 Steelhouse-lane 

Hague William, grocer, Broomhall-lane 

Hague Joseph, clog and patten-maker, 54 Campo-lane 

Hague Isabella, milliner and dress^maker, 54 Campo-lane 

Hague Mary, dress*mdcer, 2 Garden-street 

Hague J. W., grocer, 3 Scotland-street 

Hague Ann and Elizabeth, milliners and dress*makcff^ 29 

Hague John, manufacturer of brushes, Harvesfe^koe 

Hague Elizabeth, straw hat maker, Harvest-lane 

Hague Mary, dress-maker, Widcer 

Hague Thomas, brass founder, 24 Pond<^reei 

Hague John, <»rpenter, joiner, and builder. South -street 

Haigh Abndiam, brass caster, Shemeld»cro& 

Hakes William, victuaUcSy Crown and Sh^kspeBre, 10 Syca- 

Hale Mary, straw bonnet mdcer, 78 Hridgehouaea 

Hall Charles, butcher, SS Westbar^green 

Hdl John, suigeon, Norfolk-street 

Hall Matthew, pen and pocket knife manufacturer, Jhlts yard, 

Hall John, cooper, 46 Campo*lane 

Hall George, file manufocturer, 19 Orchard-st, house NorfoUc- 

Hall John, pen and pocket kaifo manufaoturer, 8 Comhill, 

Hall Hannah, ladies' school, Cheneys-place 

Hall John, wheelwright, 7 Sheaf-street, Park 

Hall Joseph, whedwrigbt, 4, Sheaf-street, Park ^ 

Hall John, grocer and maltster, 1 Broad-street, Park 

Hall James, scissor manu&cturer, 71 Wicker 

Hall James and Son, manufoeturers of rasors, penknives and 

toitoise-flhell combs, Duke-^street "^ 

Hall James, Shirl-hill 

Hall Charles, Leavy«>greave ^ 

Hall Laura, dress maker, 59 Pea-croft ^ 

Hall John, brewer, wholesale and xetuU 87 Pea^ croft 


HaU Jobo, grooer, and manufiu^urer of file8» 2 MUl^-bne 
Hal] George, supervisor of Excise, Srd disbict, Broad-st. Park 
Hall John, maniuactarer of fancy, lock, sneck, Spanish, and pen 

knives, 65 Coalpit lane 
Hall Charles, maaufacturer of piece knives, 69 Pond-street 
Hall John, painter and wheelwright. New George-street 
Hall William* grocer and tea dealer, Union-buildings, Unionist 
Hall William, Sk manufacturer and steel refiner, Porter-st 
Hall William* cast steel drawer, engraver's and fiuocy turning 

tool maker, 57 Pea-croft 
Hall Jonathan, nusor manufacturer, (mark, Qld English) 18 

HaUam Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 17 Brown-street 
Hallam Thomas» butcher, 35 Scotland-street 
Hallet James, surgeon, &c. 21 Eyre-street 
Hampson Eliaabeth, straw hat maker, 54 Campo-lane 
Hammond Charles, pawnbroker, 29 Church-street 
Hammond Charles^ victualler, White Hart, 5 Waingat9 
Hammond Joseph, butchw, 15 Gibraltar-street 
Hammond George, razor manufacturer, SS Wicker 
Hammond Mary, dress maker, 7 West^bu Green 
Hancock Geoi^^e, butcher, 6S Allen-street^ and Shambks 
Hancock Godwey, fine scissor manu&cturer, 18 Westbar-green 
Hancock Hannah, (late William) optician and beer machine 

manu&cturer, maker of roQers for cotton machinery, 

and all sorts of brass work, 24 Waingate 
ancock William, manufacturer of files, 17 Grindlegate 
Hancock J., grocer, &c.t 7 Bailey-lane 
Hancock Joseph, manu&cturer of table knivea and razors* 75 

Hancock Samuel, grocer, 49 Bailey-street. 
Hancock Edward, victualler. Angel Inn* AngeUstre^t 
Hancock Mrs., widow, Broad-lane 
Kmcock Benjunin, manufacturer of pen and pocket-knives, 

Hancock Martha, dress maker, 7 Sycamore-street 
Hancock William, 7 Sycamore-8ta*eet 
Hancock Mrs. Mary, 9 Chailes-street, 
Hannah Alexander, manufacturer of augers, top of Young-st 
Hanson John, bricklayer, mason, and builder, Bow-street ; 

house, 18 Townhead-cross 
Hanson Jarvis, victualler, Cross Daggers, 35 Westbar-green . 

e 2 


Hangon Edward, saddle^ whip, and collar maker, 12 Waingate 
Hanson M • manufacturer of cutlery, Bailey-street 
Harder J. H. and Co. iron merchants, Hillfoot ; and also Web- 
ster's Dam Flask Mill paper warehouse 
Hardesty Joseph, manufacturer of all kinds of table knive 

forks, silver desserts, and plated on steel, Norfolk-lane 
Hardington William, glass cutter, Taylor's yard, Bridge-street 
Hardy Mary, milliner and dress maker, 31 Waingate 
Hardy Hannah, miUiner and dress maker, 88 Eyre-street 
Hardy Andrew Allan, solicitor, and coroner for the West 

Riding of Yorkshire, 19 Bank-street 
Hardy Thomas and Co., drapers, 5 Westbar 
Hardy James, surgeon, 84 Fargate 
Hardy John, manufacturer of button hooks, cork screws, Ire, 

Hardwick William, grocer and flour dealer, 14 Holly-street 
Hardwick Francis, grocer and flour dealer, 109 South-street 
Hardwick John, tailor and habit maker, 3 Fiat-street 
Hargreaves James, steel fork maker. Silver-street 
Hargreaves William, merchant, Leavey Greave 
Hargate Johq, grocer, 13 Carver-street 
Harland John, watchmaker, 97 Fargate 
Harmer Misses, gentlewomen, Pye-bank 
Harpie George, grocer and flour dealer, 2? Broad-lane 
Harris Thomas* gentleman, 74 Norfolk-street 
Harris Thomas, tap room, Tontine-yard 
Harris William, victualler, Bricklayers' Arms, Jehu-lane 
Harriss John, butcher, 33 Shambles, house Crabtree 
Harrison and Hayball, carpenters, joiners, and builders, Tudor* 

Harrison John, boot and shoe maker, 24 Broad-street, Park 
Harrison James, grocer and tea dealer, 10 Change-alley 
, Harrison James, tailor, 49 Coalpit-lane 
Harrison Richard, chemist and druggist, and tea dealer, 10 

Harrison Joseph, grocer and flour dealer, 45 Gibraltar-st 
Harrison John, confectioner, 56 West-bar 
Harrison George, dealer in fruit, 14 Fruit-market 
Harrison James, manufacturer of pen and pocket knives, 12 

Harrison Henry, tobacconist, 56 Campo-lane 
Harrison Mrs, gentlewoman, West-bank 


Harrison Thomas, manufacturer of pen, pocket, and pallette 

knives, and general dealer in hardware, Campo-lane 
Harrison The Misses, gentlewomen, Weston-hall 
Harrison Wm. victualler. Original Cutlers' Inn, 86 Fargate 
Harrop John, architect and joiner. West-street 
Hartley Sarah, miUiner and dress maker, 4i4 Carver-street 
Hartley Benjamin, victualler. Mitre Inn, 27 Orchard-street 
Hartley and Bennett, razor manufacturers, 21 Broad-lane 
Hartshorn M., cabinet maker, Campo-lane 
Harvey Ann, confectioner, 37 Church-street 
Harvey Mrs. gentlewoman. Broom-spring 
Harvey Francis, fruiterer, and provision warehouse, 12 King- 
Harwick James, butcher. Shambles, house Willey-street 
Harwood Mrs William, gentlewoman, Highfield 
Harwood, William and Sons, merdiants and manufacturers, 

Harwood Mr Edward, 32 Arundel-street 
Harrott Thomas, tailor and habit maker, 1 Andrew-street 
Haslam Rev. W. New Connexion Methodist preacher, top of 

Haslam Samuel, tortoise shell, ivory, horn, and all kinds of 

fancy comb manufacturer, 58 South-street 
Haslam Edward, tailor and woollen draper, 60 West-bar 
Haslem Edward, tailor, Barker's-pool 
Haslehurst and Son, grocers and tea dealers, 1 Church-street 
Haslehurst John, iron and steel merchant, West-bar Green 
Haslehurst John, merchant, house Redhill-place 
Haslehurst Charles, victualler and spirit dealer. Tankard, 48 

Broad-street, Park 
Hasler William, joiners* plane maker, 2 Holly-street 
Hatfield Thomas, hair dresser and perfumer, 31 Waingate 
Hatfield A. and Sons, manufacturers of table knives, silver 

and plated cutlery, Pepper-alley, Fargate 
Hatfield William, pen knife manufacturer, 13 Grindlegate 
Hattersley John, mark maker, 50 South -street , 

Hattersley Mrs. gentlewoman, 23 Gell-street 
Hattersley George, manufacturer of fenders. New-street 
Hattersley George, victualler. Fox and Duck, Broad-lane 
Hattersley Mr. Pond-street Gardens 
Hattersley Thomas, tailor. Nag's Head-yard, Haymarket 
Hattersley Isaac, grocer, pen and pocket knife manufacturer, 
13 Spring-street 

H«wke William^ grocer aad deafer in flour^ SO West-bar Gj«. 
Hawke Robert, butcher^ 8 l^aroblesy house Nursery 
Hawkin William* manufacturer of spades, [^ovelsy file6> edge 

toob, &c. 67 South-street 
Hawkrigg Jonah, grocer and fiour dealer, 26 Dukenit*, Park 
Hawksley John, haft and scale presser^ 60 HoUis-croft 
Hawksley and Sons, merchants, West-street 
HawkswcNTth George, chemist, druggist^ (hI i^d c^knu mm9i 

33 High-street 
Hawksworth Mr J. S., manufacturer, house BroolE4iiU 
Hawksworth John, letter carrier, 20 Gibraltar-stpeet 
Hawksworth Sarah, millioer and dre6Srradfi^> 4Q Borkei^pooj 
Hawley Joseph, manufacturer of scissor knives, 65 Coalpit-ln. 
Hawley Mrs Abraham, gentlewoman, Westcm-plaoe 
Hayes John, cabinet maker and upholsteief^ Hay-Hiarbe^ aeav 

Commercial Inn 
Haynes Roger, toyman and furnishing ironmong^, 38 South-st 
Hayward Elizabeth, seminary, 34 MoorfieMa 
Haywood C. W., iron easter, Queen-str^t 
Haywood Joseph, solicitor, and agent to the Guardian Vm 

and Life Insurance Office, Paradise-Square 
Haywood John, scissor nptanufacturer) Diviaion-streefe 
Haywood, Hinchdifie, and Co. merchanta and manulacturert 

of saws, files, table knives and forks^ CbarlesHStreet 
Haywood George, farrier, 2 Hereford-street 
Haywood Joseph, schoolmaster and geneial l^nd surv^or, 

Heald John, numu&durer of razcMrs, 24; Gilnrajtar-street 
Heald William,, auctioneer, t^raiser^ house, agenda collectoc of 

debts, and register office, 20 Wicker 
Healey Margaret, victualler. Rein Deer Hotel, Haymavket 
Healey £lizel)eth, shoemaker, 64t West-bar 
Healey Bemamin, fender manufiK^tur^, 25 Wicker 
Heathcote John, merchant, Pye-bank 
Heaton Thomas, watchmaker and jeweller^ ^5. King-street 
Hedley and Townsend, manufacturers of table knives and CMOiS, 

Heeley William, grocer and flour dealer, West*bar Green 
HeiiFor John, razor manu&cturer, 51 Scotland-street 
Heifibr John, hair dresser and p^umet, 51 Scodand-etreefe 
Heighington George, wine merchant, wholesale and retail tea 

. dealer, 4*9 High-streeft 
Hellifield Mary, grocer and tea dealer, 32 Howard-street 


Hemmuigway Jane, grocer and deider in floury 7 Townliead-st 
Hemingway John, groeer and flour dealer, 40 AUen^reei 
Hemsall Joseph, pen and pocket knife manu&cturer, 7 Flat-st 
Henderson Samuel, gardener and seedsman, 17 Pinstone-st. 
Henderson Robert, carver and gilder^ 7 George-street, near 

the Sheffield Fire Office 
Henfrey Samuel, poulterer and cook shop, Coulston-street 
Hensliaw Rev. William, Wesleyan Methodist Preaohec» West* 

street, comer of Rockingham-street 
Henson Miss Haniott, 40 Howard-street 
Henson John, victualler. Bay dhilders, Bridge-street 
Heppenstall John, manufiM^ra of spoons, lo Scotluad-street 
He|)penstidl John, Philip, and John, linen and woollen drapers, 

24 Snig-hill, and 18 Angelnstreet 
Heppenstall John, draper, house, 24 Snig-hill 
Heppenstall John, draper, house Upperthorpe 
Heppenstall Philqp, diaper, house, Gatefielcb 
Herring Thomas, edge tool manu&cturer, 64 CoalpitJine 
Heatings James, deakr in fruit, 15 Barker's^ool 
Heward WiUian^ pen and pocket knife num£, 28 Silver-flteset 
Hewitt George, Angel Tap Room, A^gel-etraet 
Hewitt Mrs., widow, 40 Anmdel-street 
Hewitt Geo., dealer in new and second hand ftuniture, X^ong-er. 
Heward Thomas, dealer in best brown and white RottAn-«tone, 

wholesale and retail, 67 Barker's-pool 
Hibbard Rowland, butcher, Shambles--4iouae, Damall 
Hibberaon James, carrier, Sycamorenslpee^ 
Hides John, gardener, 10 South-street 
Hides Henry, butcher, 46 Wefit^-bar Green 
Higginbolham John, vietualler, Three Tuns, 16 Orehard-st 
Higginbotham George, fine scissor manu&oturer, 81 Wicker 
Highway Office, 10 Norfolk-row 
Hill William, boot and shoe maker and leather cutter^ 10 

Hill Thomas, currier and leather cutter, 21 Hay-market 
Hill Thomas, anvil, vice, fire iron, fender, and moulding maker, 

and dealer in slit hoop and ri^ed iron, &c. 17 Wicker 
Hfll Samuel, manuSficturer of saws, files, ed|re tools, patent 

scythes, hey and straw knives, curriers and skinners 

kpives, and all kinds of knives ibr chaff machines, 

ladies' busks, &e. Rockingham-place 
Hill James, grocer, 43 Broad-street 

46 LIST or NAMES. 

Hill James, butcher, 69 Bridgefaouses 

Hill Henryi manu&cturer of Ses, 12 Lee-croft 

Hill John, and Sons manufacturer of pen and pocket knives, 

Hill John, manufacturer of pen & pocket knives, Old-st, Park 
Hill Ann, gentlewoman, 56 Wicker 
Hiller Henry, pork butcher, 43 Carver-street 
Hiller Henry, pork butcher, top of South-street 
Hillier George, pork butcher. Market-street 
Himsworth Beeston, plumber and glazier, 4 top of Silver-st. 
Hinchcliff John, file manufacturer, Rockingham-street 
Hlnchcliffe Joseph, house Rockingham-street 
Hinde Edward, com and flour dealer, 21 Broad-street, Park 
Hinde Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 13 High-street 
Hinde Joseph, grocer and chandler, 8 Hay-market 
Hindley William, linen and woollen draper, 24 Snig-hill 
Hindley William, dealer in floiir, and com factor, 21 Burgess- 
Hitehen Charles, hair seating manufacturer, 14 Bridge-street 
Hitchen William, manu&cturer — ^house. Broom-spring 
Hobson Maria, niilliner and dress maker, Button-hine 
Hobson J. C. merchant, 42 Norfolk-street 
Hobbey Thomas, victualler, Cornish Inn, Coraidi-street 
Hobson Robert, gent., 2 Charles-street 
Hobson Joseph, merchant, house 3 Surrey-streefe 
Hobson Charles, victualler, Royal Oak, Westbar-green 
Hobson Charles, pksterer and white washer, High-street, Park 
Hobson M* manufacturer of scissors, 2 Silver-street 
Hobson Jonathan, merchant, Broom-hill 
Hobson Thomas, general agent and collector, 13 Wicker 
Hobson Henry, hair dresser and perfumer, 16 Snig-hill 
Hobson John, boot and shoemaker, 5 Cross Burgess-street 
Hobson John, taUor and habit maker, 27 Church-street 
Hobson Edward, razor manufacturer, and dealer in all kinds 

of hardware, 18 Snig-hili 
Hobson James, agent to the Sheffield' canal company, 7 Wharf 
Hobson Joseph, fine scissor manufacturer, 27 Arandel-street 
Hobson Thomas, plumber and glazier, 5 Townhead-cross 
Hodgson John, surgeon, 15 Church-st, house Western-bank 
Hodgson Charles and Co. merchants, factors,* spade, shovel, 
and all kind of edge tool manu&cturers. Pond-bill 
Crown Works 


Hodgson Rowland, Esq. Highfield-ternce 

Hodgson Elizabeth, dealer in clothes, top of Silver-street 

Hodgson Thomas, pork butcher, 14 West-bar 

Hodgson William, carpenter and joiner. Spring-street 

Hodgson James, manufecturer of shoe blades, shoe knives, and 

butchers* steels, 12 Shude«hiU 
Hodgson Joseph, agent to the Butterley Iron Company, Nor- 

Hodgson George, bone merchant, Stniggleis Grinding Wheel, 

Hodgkinson Edward, tailor and draper, 45 Campo-lane. 
Hodgkinson Johu, manu&cturer of candlesticks, dust and fen- 
der shovels, JPort-mahon 
Hodkin Thomas, comb manufacturer, New-street 
Hoe' John, pawnbroker, 27 Fargate 
Hogg Paul, merchant, hatter, furrier, and tobacconist, 52 Cam- 

Hogg Christopher, meal, flour, bacon and cheese warehousci 
and agent to the Genuine Tea Comnany. 2S Ludrate- 
hill; 88 South-street ^ 

Holbert Henry, ironmonger and rag merchant^ 50 West-bar 
Holborn Robert, gentleman. Brook-hill 
Holborn Robert, jun., manufacturer, house Brook-hill 
flolden George, clock and watch maker, 21 Fargate and Nor- 
Holdsworth George, joiner and carpenter, Shepherd— street 
Holdsworth William, Britannia metal ^oon manufacturer, 

grocer, and rag merchant, 14 Angel-straet 
Holdsworth Joseph, tailor, 81 Pea-croft 
Holdsworth and Kirkby, manu£icturers of forks, Woodside 
Holdsworth , silver and silver pkte roller. Old Park Roll- 
ing-mill , 
Holland Mrs., gentlewoman, Philadelphia 
Holland James, victualler. Ball, Forge-lane 
Holland James, patent boot and shoemaker, 2 High-stieet 
Holland Robert, victualler, Blue Boar, 59 West-bar 
Holland Fanny, milliner and dressmaker, 19 Bank-street 
Holland Wm., victualler, Casde Inn, Snig-hill, facing Angel-st 
Holland Robert George, surgeon, 30 Pinstone-street 
Holland William, hair dresser and perfumer, 21 Glbraltar-st 
Holland John, Sheffield Park 
Holliday Elizabeth, milliner and dressmakeri 54 Norfolk-st 

48 1*167 OF KAM es. 

Holiely Thomas, brass, ivory, and wood turner, and tea pot 

handle maker, top of Eyre^lane 
Hollin William, Park Brewery, 5 Park-gate 
Holmes Thomas, plumber and glazier, Park-gate 
Holmes Joseph and Co., manufacturers of all kinds of scissors, 

scissor knives, tailors' shears, knives, &c., 92 Pea-croft 
Hoknes J«, plasterer and whitewasfaer, 18 West-street 
Holmes Thomas, carrier to Doncaster and Hull, Orchard-place 
Holmes Hannah, straw bonnet maker, 22 Orchard-street 
Holmes John, stone yard, Division-street 
Holmes William, manufacturer of table knives, the Bank 
Holroyd William, razor scale presser, 10 Allen-street 
Holroyd Mary, baby linen maker, 3 Carver-street 
Holroyd William, manufacturer of files, Green-lane 
Holy Daniel, George, and Co., merchants, silversmiths and 

platersi manufacturers of table and pen knives, razors, 

&c.. Mulberry-street 
Holy Daniel, manu&cturer, house 1 1 New Church-street 
Holy Thomas, Esq., Highfield House 
Holy T. B., Esq., Highfield House 
Hoole William, Morocco and Spanish leather dresser, 9 Mill* 

sands, house Pye«bank 
Hoole Wm., &ctor and manufacturer of steel, Netherthorpe 
H^ole James, butcher, 49 Shambles, house Hallam-gate 
Hooson Jos., manufr. of awl blades and jacks, Obome-street 
Hopkinson Henry, currier and leather cutter, 2 West-bar Gr 
Hopkinsoa C. R*, chemist and druggist, BarkerVpool 
Horn Thomas, butcher, Shambles, house Glossop-road 
Horrax Wm., schoolmaster and surveyor of land and buildings, 

Horridge and Hallam, manufacturers of silver fruit, sportsman's 

and all sorts of fancy pen knives, top of Silver-street 
Horrobin Samuel, manufacr. of pen, pocket, and sportsman's 

knives, and general dealer in cutlery, 40 Scotland-street 
Horton W« and J. and Co., manufaMurers of gilt, plated, and 

pearl buttons, table knives, and razors, and general 

dealers in all kinds of cutlery, Rockingham-street 
Horton Alfred, Nelson's-place, Glossop-road 
Horton T. H., grocer and tea dealer, 14 Market-street 
Houldgate Francis, butcher, 8 Silver-street head 
Houlgate William, butcher. Holly-street 
Houldsworth John, carpenter and joiner, 1 1 Shaleshmoor 


Hoult Johni pi^ niMuifiictureri Sheffield, Witdsky-brklg» 
Hounsfield, Wilson, Dunn, and Je£fcodc, coal merchants, 

Manor Colliery, wharf Canal-basia 
Hounsfield George, surgeon, Queen-streel 
HoUDsfield, Sheldon, Parkin, and Co., iron and steel tilten 

and rollers, Philadelphia 
Hounsfield Bartholomew, merchant, Clough Home 
Hounsfield J. and B., merchants. Pond-street 
Houseley George, nail manufacturer, 20 Solly-street 
Houseley Beruard, steel caster and refiner, 70 Shales-raoor 
Houseley George, victualler. Fortune of War, 62 Scotland's! 
Hounam Robert, pen and pocket knife manufr., Edward-st 
Howard John, boot and shoe maker, 97 South-street 
Howard John, veterinary forge, 6 Jehu-lane 
Howard William, manufacturer, house Bridgefield 
Howard, Battie, and Hawksworth, manufacturers of sOver 

and plated goods, Watson's-walk 
Howard George, mani^cturer c^ pen knives, Radford-slrtet 
HoweJJohn, manufacturer of table knives, AUen-streel 
Howe Edward, oyster warehouse, Watson's-walk 
Howe William, table knife manufacturer, 37 HoUis-oroft 
Howe Abraham, cooper, Eyre-street, house 3 Charles<«tie«l 
Howe Ellis, victualler, Angel, 87 West-bar Green 
Howe Michael, confectioner, 13 Union-street 
Howlden Richard, West-street ; agent to Osborne, Richards, 
and Co., map, seal, steel, and copper plate engravers, 
and printers, London 
Howlden & Ashforth, iron & steel warehouse, 107 Broad-lane 
Howlden John, manufir. of silver and plated goods, SoUy-ttreel 
Howson Mr George, Sycamore-street 
Howlden Ann, dealer in horns, bones, tips, &c. 4 Solly-street 
Howlden William, packing case maker, carpenter, joineri attd 

buildi^r, 4 Solly-street 
Hoyle John, gentleman, Netherthorpe 
Hoyland Hugh, butcher. Shambles, house Gleadless 
Hoyland Elizabeth, grocer and flour dealer, HickVlane 
Hoyland William, butcher, Tenter-street 
Hoyland Sarah, dress maker, Moorfields 
Hoyland G. W. R. tailor and draper, 22 Westbar 
Hoyland William, chemist and druggist, &c. 8 Church-sCnet 
Hoyland John Hurst, ir^n, steel, and wire warehoosey Yorkftty 
house Spring-place 


HudcDestone Alfred, Teterinary surgeon and;;jcheAi8ty SO 

ChiircliHBtreet '* " f 

Hudson John, manufacturer of penknivesi jUrtherf^d's-yard, 

4 Broad-lane 
Hudson Esther, straw hat maker, 3 AUen-s^et 
Hudson Henry, butcher, West-street, comer of ^Y>ckingliam- 

street -'[. ^ 

Hudson John, saddler and harness maker, KTW&ingate *v 

Hudson Charles, grocer and flour dealer, 44 SaUy-street A 

Hudson Joseph, parish clerk, 5 St; James's-stre«t / 1 

Hudson Robert, ohemistund druggist, 77 Wostbar-green i 

Hudson Robeit9.f€n and rule kni^ manufacturer, ^ JJ^reford V 

Hufilon AlfreS,'fihcksmtth and jobsmith, S6utb-street, Park 
Hukin George,' manufacturer of rasor and spectaale cases, &C.9 

4 Wgrkhouse-lane ' " 

Hukin John, butcher, 41 South-street ' ^• 

Hulley Frane6% victualler. Globe TaYem^ If^orter-stitet 
Hulme William, dealer in clothes, 5 Pamdise-sUieet 
Hunt Robert, carrier, 06 Eyre-stveeC "^, . 

Hunt John, umlbrdla maker, Paradise-squaijr* . \ 
Htot Alexander^ iMaufaclurer of pen and pocket ktoives, 14 

Hunt Thomas, Tfctualler,. Union Inn, Scotland-street 
Hunt Thomas, flOanufactufer of fine scissors an4 scissor knives^ 

Lo\immA • ^ 

Hunter William^ victualler. New Inn, Dukc-street, Park 
Hunter Thoma% liyer) Spring-ten:see, Gibydto^street 
Hunter William and Alfred, manufacturers oft^^le knives and 

forks of ev)^ description, also paltHte, cook, and 

oyster knives, &c., Wllley'Street, vWckeJ- 
Hurst Richard, manufacturer of ties, Green«1am 
Hurst and Hancock, carpenters and joiners^ Bjjdgchouses 
Hurst Thomas, surveyor of iand add buildings, S^ Fargate 
Hurt William^ file manufacturer, Fbnd-street 
Husband William^ victualler and shoemaker. Barrel, Hawley- 

crofe. ' " / 

Hutchinson Robert, boot and shoe maker, bsboma-street 
Hutchinson Wilb'am, victualler, Qhett^-ixe^^jlj^tmsS'fXnti 
Hutchinson Thomas, baker and flour dealer$'i'aradfl|e«'Street 
Hutchinson William, victualler, Crowni ] ()h^iii#on^'«treet 
Hutchinson George, butcher, 51 Sham|)les,^1i^§e Woodhouse 


Httlchinson William and Son, manu&ctiirers of fine acisson^ 

scissor knives, pen knives and raaors, silver and pearl 

shank scissors, crimping and goffering machinesi 10 

Hatchinson Samuel, butcher, 53 Shambles, house Richmond 
Hutchinson Robert, butcher. Shambles, house Lamb-hill 
Hutchinson John, butcher, Shambles, house Lamb-hill 
Hutchinson Joseph, pen knife manufacturer, 30 Smith-streel 
Hutchinson John, coach and harness and weighing machine 

maker, 1 Porter-street 
Hutton William, grocer, 30 South-street 
Hyde William and Sons, manubcturers of tortoise shell, ivorj, 

and horn combs, shoe and drinking horns, lantern 

lights, &c, 32 Furnace-hOl 
Hyde WSiiam, manufacturer of tortoise shell and horn combsy 


Ibberaon James, carrier, 12 Sycamore-street 
Ibberson William, manu£ of pen knives, Owen's-yard, High-it 
Ibberaon Elisabeth, dressmaker. Duke-street, Park 
Ibbenon Joseph, farrier and smith, Duke-street, Park 
Ibbetson Wm. and Geo. and Co., manufacturers of saws, edge 

tools, patent scythes, hay and straw knives, and fisttdecs ; 

dealers in all kinds of cutlery, metal and plated goods; 

steel converters and refiners. Bridge-street 
Ibbotson Brothers, steel converters and refiners, merchants, and 

manufacturers of stove grates, fenders, saws, filet, 

scythes, edge tools, &c. &c., Globe Works 
Ibbotson Henry, dealer in flour, &c.. West-bar 
Ibbotson Thomas, victualler, Old Cock, 6 Paradise-square 
Ibbotson George, hat manufacturer, 53 West-bar Green 
Ibbotson and Seville, manufacturers of edge tools, joiners' tools, 

saws, skates, files, &c. and dealers in cutlery, Brown-st 
Ibbotson William, manufacturer of pen knives, 91 Pond-itreet 
Ingall George, manufacturer, house 8 Howard-street 
Ingle and Tricket, brass founders, Rockingham-street 
Ligle William, draper, 65 Moorfields 
Ingle William, academy, Broom-spring 
Ingleson Andrew, manufacturer of tobacco, Lady's-bridge 
Innocent John, grocer and flour dealer, 68 Solly-street 
Innocent Joseph, sawyer of wood, Andrew-street, Nursery 
Iredale John, cunier and leather cutter, 10 Castle-street 


Iruh Willi«m, whitesmith and jobbing smith, 68 Moorfidds 
If eson James, manu&cturer of forksi 74 Osbonie-street 

Jackson Henry, surgeon, St. Jame8*s-row 
Jackson, Wiliiam, surgeon, 20 Bank-street 
Jackson John, joiner and builder, 17 Moorfields 
Jackson Richard, manufacturer, residence Philadelphia 
Jackson William, manufacturer of razors, Dun-fields 
Jackson Thomas, glass cutter, Taylor *s-yard, Bridge-streel 
Jackson George, butcher and dealer in fruit, 84 Wicker 
Jackson Martin, grocer and com factor, 16 Fjtrgate 
Jackson J. and Co., brush manufacturers ; toy warehouse, $ 

Jackson William, cabinetmaker, 9 Pinstone-street 
Jackson Wm., iron, shell, and wire warehouse, 29 Coalpit-lane 
Jackson £. and E. M., milliners, dress and straw hat makers, 

29 Coalpit-lane 
Jackson N. and Sons, manufacturer of files, 22 Shemeld-croft 
Jackson R. and Co., carriers, Furnival-street 
Jackson John, cabinet case maker, Porto Bello-street 
Jacob and Newgass, merchants, factors, and general agents, 82 

Jaeques William, brush manufacturer, Porto Bello-street 
James J* F., chemist and druggist, 2 King-street 
James J., tailor, 24* bottom of Howard-street 
James Abraham, boot and shoemaker, 48 Wicker 
Janris Joshua, grocer and provision warehouse, 14 Snig-hill 
Jebb James, grocer. West-street 

Jeeves George and Son, manufacturers of brushes, 95 Fargate 
Jeeves George and Sou, manufacturers of brushes, Sou&st^ 

Little Sheffield 
Jenkinson Thomas, boot and shoemaker and leather cutter^ 

21 Waingate 
Jenkinson Thomas, table knife manufacturer, 39 Silver-street 
Jenkinson James, butcher. Shambles, house Waingate 
Jenkinson Brothers, plasterers and whitewadiers, Silver-street 
Jenkinson Edward, plasterer, Moorfields 
Jenkinson Charles, collector, 9 Waingate 
Jenkinson Harriet, milliner and dressmaker, 9 Waii^te 
Jennings William, tailor, 28 Fumace-htll 
Jepson Thomas, whitesmith and bell hanger, West-tftrecl 
Jepson Wiliiam, victualler. Gooseberry Inn, Peft'Croft 


Jepsdn John, dealer in baskets, &c. Corn-market 

Jepson Joshua, shoemaker, Grindle-gate 

Jervis George, chemist and druggist, and oil, colour, and seeds^ 

man, 25 West-bar 
Jervis William, manufacturer of brass, stamped, and inlaid white 

metal, 5 White-croft 
Jessop Richard and William, manufiM^turers of sportsmen, 

pen, and pocket knives, brass inkstands, and general 

dealers, Radford-street 
Jessop Richard, manufacturer. Western-bank 
Jessop WiUiam, manufacturer. Western-bank 
Jessop James, manufacturer of blistered, shear, watch spring, 

aud best refined cast steel, 84 South-street 
Jessop Misses, 12 Carver-street 
Jewison R. and Son, manu&cturers of table knivjps and all 

kinds of cutlery, 42 Howard-street 
Jewitt William, maniuacturer of pen and pocket knives, 96 

Jobson Robert and Co. merchants, manu&cturen of kitchen 

stoves, stove grates and fire irons, iron candlesticks, 

and brass and iron founders, Roscoe-place 
Johnson Samuel, manufacturer of powder flasks, shot belts, ink 

stands, and all kinds of cases, brass, copper, bronze, 

and leather, 85 South-street 
Johnson and Co. tailors and drapers, 27 Fruit-market 
Johnson John, draper, 6 James-street 
Johnson John, grocer and tea dealer, 26 Bank-street 
Johnson Samuel, confectioner. Silver-street head 
Johnson Joseph, printer and bookbinder, 41 Trinity-street 
Johnson and Co. manufacturers of saws, and cast steel refiners, 

Johnson and Son, carriers, 47 Gibraltar-street 
Johnson John, boot and shoe maker, 5 Norris-field 
Johnson J. M, and H., hat warehouse, 4 Hay-market 
Johnson Valentine, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Mulberry-st 
Johnson Ann and Son, dealers in glass, china, and StdFord- 

shire ware, 26 Fargate 
Johnson Matthew, carrier. New Church-street 
Johnson George, butcher, 4 Pinstone-street 
Johnson James, manufacturer of silver steel razors, and cases. 

New Church-street 
Johnson John, builder, Rockingliam-strect 


Johnson George, and Co. manufactitfenofraion, table kiim«> 
surgeons' instruments, &c. Tudor»Gtreet 

Johnson Ann and Sons, manufacturers of table knives, raaora, 
and pen and pocket knives, and factors, 4 Fumival-st 

Johnson Isaac, bat warehouse, 24 High-street 

Johnson Alexander, house, sign, and furniture painter, oppo- 
site Church-gates, High-street 

JoUey Sarah, gentlewoman, 4t Hivision-street 

Jones John, linen and woollen draper, silk mercer^ haber- 
dasher, hosier, glover, and laceman, 8 Market-place 

Jones Edward, organist at the Upper Chapel, 76 Rockingh»-sl 

Jones William, manuEacturer of fine scissors^ Champioii's-yard» 

Jones Samuel, boot and shoe maker, 34 Campo-lane 

Jones Dvtfdt fishmonger. Silver-street head 

Ksy Edward, 57 Howard-street 

Kay Francis, grocer and dealer in flour, Duke*street, Park 

Kay John, gilder, and manufacturer of spoons^ 23 New Mea<p 

Kay Mr John, Sycamote-stieet 
Kay John, grocer and flour dealer, 16 Bfoad-kme 
Kay Samuel, auger maoufiiGturer (aH sorts) BlackweU's-yard^ 

Keats Mary, eating bouse, 8 Watson 'a-walk 
Keats Joiseph, poulterer and eating house, turner and chair 

makor, Hartshead 
Kebberling S. k £. manufacturers of table knives, sdasors, 

razors, and awl blades, 33 Rnstone-street 
Keeftto Mr William, gentleman, Highfield 
Keliay John, taylor, 38 Burgess-street 
Kelley Hugh, schoolmaster, Garden-street 
Kelvey Hebry, ckissicat, ma&heniatisal, and commercial aca- 
demy. West-street 
Koat Wilham, scissor and silversmith shear maanfacturev, 16 

Carver <etreet 
Kent John, brazier and tinplate worker, 13 Snighill 
Kendall Elizabeth, Leghorn and straw hat maker, 100 Bfoad« 

Kennington John, mason and bricklayer, Tudor-abreet 
Kenyon, Frith, and Woolhouse, ironmasters. Forge-lane 
Keuyon John and Cm» saw iDanufiwturei8» Willey-st, Wicker 


Kenyon John and Co. merchantSy saw, file, bar and sbeet iron 

and steel manufacturers, Hollis«>croft 
Kerman James, provision warehouse, 11 Jehu-lane ' 

Kershawe William, manufaetuftsr of table knives, 30 Lambert-st 
Kidgell William, manu&cturer of stove grates, models, and 
ornanaentSythe greatest variety of scrolls, leafage, rosettes^ 
beading, bordering, &c. letters, figures, and labels made 
to any given dimensions, 22 Allen-street 
Kime Mr. gen&roan, Sheaf-bank 
Kinder Mary, victualler. Hen and Chickens, Castle*green 
King Thomas, pawnbroker, West-bar Grreen 
Kirk Joseph, clerk at the Duke of Norfolk's office, 19 £yre-it 
Kirk John, gentleman, Portobello-street 
Kirk and Tnesdale, carpenters and joiners, 14* Wicker 
Kirk David, grocer and tea dealer. Silver-street head 
Kirk Mary, grocer, 88 Scotland-street 
Kiikby S. merchant Ss silver fruit knife manufacturer, £yre»lanft 
Kirby Joseph, hous^ sign and furniture painter, 20 Castle-st 
Kiikby Mrs, gentlewoman. Grove-house 
Kirkby Samuel, merchant. Grove-house 
Kirkby Henry, solicitor, 14 Hartshead 
Kirkby Joseph and Co., merchants and file manufacturers^ 

Portobello -street 
Kirkby James, manufacturer, house Buttbn-lane Cottage 
Kirkby Ralph, builder, 29 Bailey-lane, 
JKirkby, Gregory and Co., manufacturers of silver and plated 
goods. Carver-street, ^warehouse 4 Crane-court, Fleet- 
street, London 
Kirkley Mary, dress maker, 29 Bailey-lane 
Kite Samuel, victualler, Red Lion, 48 Coalpit-lane 
Kitchen and Peacock, fi^ctors and button manu&cturers, 60 

Kitchen George, stiver plater, 5 Broom-spring 
Knapton John, baker and confectioner, 17 Orchard-street 
Knight Thomas, victualler. Hospital Tavern, Parkhill-lane 
Knight James Arnold, M.D., 43 Norfolk-street 
Knight Rev. James, A.M., minister of St. Paul's Church, 

Knowles Francis, auctioneer and appraiser, Barker's-pool 
Knowles William, 38 Howard-street 
Knowles William, gardener, Bridgehouses 
Knowles John, gardener, 22 South-street 


Labrey William and Co., tea dealersy and coffee roastergy 
wholesale and retail, 2 Fargate 

Lamb Amy, victualler, Lamb, SI Howard-street 

Lamb Sarah, grocer and dealer in flour, 24 Pond-street 

Lambert Francis, gent., 4«0 Norfolk-street 

Lambert and Wigfall, bone-haft and scale cutters, Dewsnap's 
yard. Furnace-hill 

Lambert John^ victualler. Tontine Inn, (posting house,) and 
coaches to all parts of the kingdom daily, 14» Hay- 

Lambert Richard, grocer and dealer in horses, S4< Howard-st. 

Landers William, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 93 South-st 

Langley William, surgeon, 41 Norfolk-street 

Langston Joseph, grocer and flour dealer, HUl-foot 

Langston Rev. Stephen, A.M., minister of St. George's 
Chureh, Brook-bill 

Larom Rev. Charles, minister of the Baptist Chapel, Hanover- 

Latham William, cabinet and chair maker, 32 Barker's-pool 

Law James, slater, 38 Bath-yard, Green-lane 

Law John, joiner and furniture broker, 1 1 Coulson-street 

Law Philip and Son, edge tool, saw, file, and steel qumufac- 
turers, 66 Carver-street 

Law Philip, house Grey Stones 

Law Mrs and Misses, ladies' seminary, Norfolk-street 

Law Hannah, Glossop-road 

liaw, Atkin and Oxley, (late John Law and Sons,) manufac- 
turers of silver and plated dessert and firuit knives, 
pearl buttons, &c. 100 Eyre-street 

Law Thomas, slater, 11 Rockingham-lane 

Lawson John, grocer and linen draper, Charles-street, corner 
of Eyre-street 

Lawton Elizabeth, dress maker, Wicker-lane 

Laycock S. and J. hair seating and curled hair manufacturers. 
Mill Sands 

Laycock Isaac, scale and beam maker. Spring-street 

Laycock Thomas, manufacturer, house Gell-street 

Laycock John, manufacturer, house Gell-street 

Laycock James, manufacturer, house Gell-street 

Laycock Joseph, stone mason and builder, 80 Wicker 

Laycock Mrs., straw hat maker, 80 Wicker 

Laycock Elizabeth, grocer^ 46 Burgess-street 

Lirr OF KAMES. Bt 

T^ycock Brothers, hair seatiog «id curled hair iminufaetureiv, 

40 Arundel -street 
Laycoek Mary and Sophia,, booksellers and stationers; select 

circulating library, 52 Norfolk-street 
Layland Jervis, cut nail, awl blade, and clasp manufadurer, 36 

Layland Jervis, victualler, Royal Oak, 8 Pond-street 
Leadbeater Mary, grocer and fiour dealer, 35 Allen-streei 
Leadbeater John, saw manufacturer, Love-street, Norris-field 
Leadbeater John, grocer and flour dealer, Hoyle-squaarC; top- of 

. Leader Robt., bookseller, binder^ stationer, pattern card maker, 

and dealer in genuine patent medicines, 19 Angel-street, 

house 7 Portobello 
Leaf Johu, coach, sign, furniture, ornamental, and house 

painter, 8 Norfolk-street 
Leather John, land surveyor, Norfolk^street 
Learesley William, pearl, ivory, and tortoise-shell carver, 

Crownshawe's-yard, Moorfields 
Lee John, tailor, 6 Mulberry-street 
Lee Thomas, manufacturer of razors^ 10 Burgesa-street 
Lee H., schoolmaster, Rockingham-streei 
Lee William, wood turner. Flat-street and Little Pond-street 
Lee William, fender maker, wire worker and ironmonger, 17 

court* Angel-street and Water-lane 
Lee John, cooper, Champion's-yard, High-street 
Lee Joseph, grocer and flour dealer, 4*7 Campo-lane 
Lee William, buff and glazer manufacturer, 89 Fargate 
Lee William, provision warehouse, 90 Fargate 
Lee William, furniture broker and bailiff, 9 Orchard-street 
Lee Thomas, victualler, Bay' Horse, 89 South-street 
Leek James, manufacturer of table knives, scissors, and shoe 

heel and toe plates, 18 West-street 
Lemons Thos., manufacturer of scissor knives, 4^5 Lambert-st 
Lemons Francis, carpenter and joiner, 45 Lambert-street 
Lengthali Smedley, boot and shoe maker, Little Sheffield 
Levick Ann and Co., horn button mannfacturers and haft and 

scale pressers (agents to Hoddinott and Everitt, brasa 

founders, Birmingham,)- 27 Pond-street 
Levicks and Wasnidge, manufacturers of table knives, pen and 

pocket knives, and razors, and general dealers, 21 



Levick James, merchant and ivory cutter. Bridge-street 
Leyick Josepii and Son, merchants and manu&cturers of table 
knives, forks, razors, pen, pocket, desk and fruit knives, 
pocket combs, magnets, &c., 83 and 84 Pond-street, 
house End^diff-buildings 
Levy Richard, tailor and salesman, top of SAJg-hill 
Lewis John, hosier, glover, and^kceman, 7 Market-place . 
Lief G. T. watch and ^lock ^mak^r, goldsmith, jeweller, and 

lapidary, and pai^nbrd^er^ W Church-street 
LiUey Samuel, pork butcher, %0Q Broad-lane 
Lingard and Greaves, nianufactuFers^ of lenders, HoUis-croft 
Lin^urd Joseph, victualler, BarrdV £dward-8treet 
Linky Thomas, victualler, Punch Bowl, top of Silver-street 
Linley Thomas, patent treble xircular and common bellows 

^ maker, 1 Stanley-street; Wicker 
Linley Hiomas, spirit dealer, If West-bar 
Linley Samuel, victualler, OxQ^d^Blue, 15 Buigess-street 
Linley Samuel, taUe knife tnaoiifivcturer, 15 Burgess-street 
Linley James, merchant, fiictpr, and cutlery manufacturer of 
table knives and lorks} files, patten rings, wholesde 
' irooinQnger, steel ponve^r & refiner, Workhouse-cioft 
Linley James, raerchsnt, i Rod^rMreet 
Linley Ann, milliner' and ^ess mwer, 9 Norfolk-row . 
Linley^Gporge, mamifaetuter of weavers* diears, nippers^ loom 
ksiives, butcher and 900k knives, silk nippers, engine 
spindles for silk, magnets, sheep shears, horse and 
wo^lsters' shears, cinder shovels, cut clog ni^ls and bill 
clogs, shoe clasps, edge toois^ drawing knives, &c. 60 
Linley Elizabeth, milliner and dressmaker, 8 Duke?street 
Lindley John, buteher, ^ Shambles, hou^ Damal . 
Lindle^ Samuel, butcher, 8 Soufti'^treet 
Linlon John, dealer in lea and coffee, 64^ NorfoIkHStreel 
Linton John, optician, 15 Pond-street 
Lisett William, hat manufacturer, 65 Shales-moor 
Lister and Co. factors, 70 Broad-lane 
Lister William, cabinet maker, Workhouse^^croft 
Lister Joseph, bone mould maker. New-street, Park 
Lister John, butcher, 23 Lee-croft 
Lister Sarah, carrier, 96 £yre-street 
Littlewood Joseph, furrier, 3 Porter-street 
Little wood William, grocer and tea dealer, 12 Snig-hill 



Littlewood Thomas, schoolmaster, Spring-street 
Liittlewood Joseph, butcher. Broad-street, Park 
laversidge Joseph, blacksmith and farrier. Broad-street, Park 
Lockwood George, victualler, Granb/s Head, Hartshead 
Lockwood John, Fumival-street 
Lockwood William, merchant and file manufacturer, 64i Arun- 

Lockwood Samuel, victualler. Union, Bridgehouses 
Lockwood Benjamin, gvocer and floMr dealer, Shude-hiU 
Lockwood Isaac, blacktaith,farri^r, & wheelwri^t, LadyVbrid. 
Lofthouse John, ^henist and drugfi^t, 32 ^ward-sti^et 
Loithouse Johnu chemist, druggist, oil and • colourman, 20 

SnigThuy^ ^ ' ^ 

Lomas Jamie's, gr^eV-and flour dealer, 36 Gibralttt<4%eefr 
Lomas John, groi^r and-flour dealer, 60 Moorfielda 
Lomas Jonathan/!gtocer.and flour dealer, 24> Bro^d-lane 
Lomas Joseph, ^ck mricer, 62 Broad-street, Park 
Lomas SamueL^ocer and flour dealer, (and penny post ofiiee) 

Littl^he^eld -^ 

Lomas William, wocer'dnd dealer iif flour, Sooth-st, Little Sh. 
Longden Samuel, KuYsery Steam?iirill 
Longden, Walker, and t]lo. iron Imd brass founders, maitufaelu* 

rers qf^m&mentB} stove grates for breakfast, diiiing aai 

drawjiKg^oq(is, economical kitchen ranges with eteam 

8pparatu9f hot-air stoves with ascending ot descending 

flues fop^urches, entrance halls, libraries, 8s/6* Phcenix 

Foundrf, Fumiss-hill 
Longden He((ry,^olly-street 
Long Henry, A||itideI*sCreet 

Lord and HarVey, razor manufacturers, top of Churdi-st 
Lord Joseph, boot aod^oemaker, boot tree, - last, «fid patten 

maker, wholesale' and retail, 5 Market-place v 
Lorimer CliaiWrlinen m( woollen draper, 1 Geor^enstreet 
Loukes Jamfl£ butcher, Shambles, house Harvest-kne 
Lowe Ellis, leather seller, 25 Bank*fitreet | 
Lowe R. pen and pocketknife mt^ufitcturer, 31 Harvesl-lane 
Lowe and Co. manufacturers of carpets, Bridge-street 
Lowther Mildred, fishmonger. Fish-market 
Lowton and Thomson,milliners & dress makers, 13 Baker's-hill 
Loxley Thomas, file manufacturer, 16 Cross Smithfield and 

Allen -street 
Loy Peter, dealer in fruit. Fruit-market 


Loy Jane, dress makeri 51 Sou(h-«treet 

Loy William, grocer and flour dealer, 82 West-bar Green 

Lo^ WiUiaiOy table, butcher, and cooking kuile manu&cturer, 

afid 4;eaeral dealer In cutlery, 31 West-bar 
Loy George, oculist, 45 Broad-lane 
Le^. J.viotualler^ Brick Makera' Arms, Coa)pit*hiie 
Lucas Edward and Sons, cast steel cutlery and spindk manu* 

factuxers, 12 New Cburch-street 
Ludlam Benjamin, grocer and tea dealer, Cbarles-street, comer 

of Byi^^reet 
Lury 2|Bd Ci)« ivory, bom, wood, tortoise shell, and bone mer* 

^li^ants, S2 Bridge-street 
Lynn Sarah, milliner and dress maker, 3 Arundel-atipeet 

Mabson William, butcher. Shambles, bouse Cricket Inn 

Machin Mr Joseph, Harvest-Une 

Macartney Rev. Andrew, Catb^c Priest, 12 Norlblk-^gw 

Machiu Joseph, butcher, 20 Shambles, and 65 West-bar 

Machin William, wheelwright and carpenter, Porter-street 

Macbin Joseph, dye sinker, Uaioq-lane 

Machin William, pen knife manufacturer, 26 Pond-*street 

Machea Godfrey, silversmith, house 15 Gell-street 

Machon George, manufacturer of files, Edward-street 

Mackenzie and Littlewood, silversmiths, jewellers* music sellers, 

and general dealers, 2 High-street 
Mackenzie and Littlewood, stay warehouse, 38 High-street 

Mackley John, baker, 77 Norfolk-street 

Mahony Eliza, milliner and dress maker, Glossop-streec 

Major William, saddler and harness maker, 5 Broad-st, Park 

Makin and Sanderson, manufacturers of shoe, butcher, and 
cook knives and forks, butchers' steels, &c. 55 Hollis- 

Maleham William, butcher, 21 Shambles 

Maleham William, butcher, 23 Nursery-street 

Malkin and Wood, manufacturers of tailor's and garden shears, 
, and taik)r's scissors, 39 Campo-lane 

Mallinson David, grocer and tea dealer, 15 Hay-market 

Mappin Jonathan, engraver, 6 Hawley-street 

Mappin Mrs. Joseph, 14 South-street 

Mappin Joseph and Son, engravers, copper plate printers and 
manufacturers of pearl buttons, spoons, and dessert 
handles of the finest quality, 55 Fargate 


m i^t mnsi^tOi'tUtvii'mUnL 




SboUlv tp t^t itxbmtov, 



The VATBHT TULTBD 8TBB& 8ir8K8 are 

confidently recommended to the Fublio as possessing a 
decided preference to Whalebone, or any other Steels ; 
the PZJLTBD neither Jtutt, nor Ironmould, nor attract 
Lightning; are QUEiattaittetl to BSTAZIT TBBZR 
BBAFB and Elasticity, and to vear with pleasure and 
safety without leather covering. 


Mxffin Wmiam, gtot^ and floAr dtBler^ 89 ScflBdi«4«Ml 

Marples George, constable of Ecclesall, 14 Roet^g^uto-Btreel 

Mmrplef TbirM, im^tkety 36 MoMfiolda 

Marples William, joistm* tools and d&ate maaufaeHiirer, Rock* 

H&fples Joseph, pen and poak«e ki^ wan iA a tUi er^ ^ Solly- 
Marples Elizabeth, dress QMker. Wicker-'kMe 
Maifdeb Margaret, milliner and dvess maker, Wkber 
Maipk^ Mary Ami, milkier and dress maker, 17 Ortihard-lane 
Marples William, carver and gilder, picture frame and looking 

glass manu&etiirer, Baiker's pool 
Maiples Robert, boot and i^oe maker, 31 Soulh-streel 
Martiott Mary, dress maker, Hoyle-«trcet 
Manriott Greoige, steel file manufacturer, 7 Cross Sndthfield 
Marriott John, baker, ]2 Market-«t»et 
Marriot Francis, chemist and dfu^ist, 4^ W«Bl*bar 
. MmtIoC John, baker, %re-latie 
Marsden William, manufactiffer of avirs, ladies' dasiepatettl 

philcd steel busks, elastic steel trusses, budivava Mfatt 

ftc. Norfolk-lane, house 12 Tudor-jdaee 
Marsden and Kiik, joinem and buflders^ GftBipoi«liB» 
Marsden Thomas, wfaitesmtth, jobsmidi and eagmmh Spring* 

Hreet, Konris Field . ' '^ 

Marsden WiUiam, gentleman, S Mill sands 
Marsden £. and J., and Co.,iBami£icturei»of sa«9 and fittdoii, 

Ball-street, Green*4aD6 
Marsden Elisabeth, gendewoman, GeU^street 
Marsden George, boot aad Ao^ mtlmtf siker litiwit hdsd 
Manden Samk, grocer and dealer ki flour, 36 Hereford"!!* 
Marsden Ann, straw hat numdacturer, 36 Herefotd-sknet 
Mansdcn Joseph, manufacture of pen, pocket, and taUe knives* 

41 Scotland-street 
Marsden William, gardener, Parker^s-buildii^, Soudi«tlKM 
MaiHsh W. and T., pen, pocket, and table knifa nautt&etinreiSi 

Cricket Inn road, near Hyde Park 
Marsh Jonathan, boot and shoe maker, 3 and 4 Flat-street 
Marsh Joseph, boot and shoemaker^ S Sprioig'«8tBeei 
Marril Rob^, boot and shoe maker, 96 Pood-street 
Marshall Martin, merchant, factor, saw and out nail manu&c* 

turer, 80 Scotland-street 


Marafaall Thomas, butcher, 24 West-bar 

Marshall Samuel and David, (actors and table knife manufac- 
turers, 8 West-street 

Marshall James, victualler, Woodman, South-street 

Marshall Thomas, butcher, 51 Barker's-pool 

Marshall Samuel, grocer, 38 Campo-lane 

Marshall Jonathan and Co. converters and steel refiners, Mill* 

Marshall Charles, butcher. Center-fields 

Marshall, Hadfield, and Co. manufacturers of saws, scythes, 
straw knives, patent reaping hooks, Dutch and garden- 
ing hoes, skinners', curriers', and mincing knives, and 
patent Leger blades, Gibraltar-street 

Marshall William, dealer in pig, bar, rod, and sheet iron, tin, 
brass, copper, &c.manu&cturer of nails, furrier, genuine 
brown paper, and rag merchant, S5 West-bar 

Marshall William, boot and shoe maker. Spring-street 

Marshall Hannah, victualler, Ball, Townhead-street 

Marshall James, cook shop and register office, 31 Hartshead 

Marshall Isaac, victualler, Red Lion, 22 Hartshead 

Jlvshall John, carpenter and machine maker, 37 Barker's-pool 

Marshes and Shepherd, merchants and manufacturers of pen, 
pockiBt, table, butcher and shoe knives, steels, &c. steel 
converters and refiners, 3 Porter-street 

Martin Benjamin, pen, pocket, and table knife manufacturer, 
also silver and plated fruit knives, 12 South-street 

JUiriJii George, salesman, 74 Barker's-pool 

Martin William, butcher, Scotland-street 

Martin I. and J. manufacturer of files, Smithfield 

Maskill Jo6q)h, fishmongar, Fish-market 

Mason James, victualler. Feathers, 55 High-street, Park 

Mason John, tinman and brazier, 74 West-bar Green 

. Mason George and John, stag and horn scale cutters, King's 
Arms-yard, Fargate 

Mason Ann, grocer and baker, 35 Pea-croft 

Mason I., manuir. of hats and general dealer, 14 Lambert-at 

Mason Sampson, grocer and fiour dealer, 47 Porter-street 
Mate John, whitesmith and maker of all kinds of stamps, flies, 
silversmiths' and cutlery tools, 12 Pond-hill 

Madier Eliz., teacher at the ^.ancasterian School, Gibraltar-si 

' Mather John, hosier and glover, 11 Fargate 

Mather W. F., tailor, 11 Fargate 


Matthews Thomas, ivory, bone, horn, and wood turner, bran 
tap and batcher's steel ferule maker, haft and seili 
presser, and horn scale cutter, 5 CanreP'lane 

Maugham Mark, linen and woollen draper, silk meroeri haber- 
dasher and hosier, 10 Angel-street 

Matkin and Wood, manufacturers of tailor, garden^ biasier, 
tinman, and stock shears, 42 Campo-lane 

Matthewman Mary, victualler, Sportsman, Bridgehouses 

Maunders Robert, hairdresser and perfumer, 70 West-bar 

Maw and Staleysy merchants and manufacturers of all kinds of 
edge tools, joiners* tools, brace and bits, ftc, and steel 
refiners, Rockingham-street 

Maw Pergott, house 85 Carver-street 

Mawson Michael Sefton, victualler, Peacock, 6 Hoyle««treet 

Ma&field Thomas, ornamental chaser, Stag's Head-yard, Pin* 

May William, bone and horn mold makers Pond-street 

M'Garity Patrick, mcer, Castle^-green 

M'Turk John afad Andrew^ linen and woollen drapen, S 

Maquire John, house, sign, and furniture painter, 22 Mooifields 

M'Nay John,' diaper, 4< Orchard-place 

Mearbeck Thomas, dealer in crown window glass, wholesale and 
retail, Hartshead and Tork-street 

Megginson George, classical, commercial, snd mathematical 
academy, Netherthorpe-house 

Meggitt William, boot and shoemaker, 74 Barker's-pool 

Mellor Richard, grocer and flour dealer, Barker's-pool 

Mellor Ellen, straw bonnet maker, 7 Orchard-street 

Mellojr Mr John, Nelson's Place 

Mequiner George, engraver and copperplate printer, 12 Cross 

Merrill R. and Son, fork blade and table steel roanufiusturefi 

41 Harvest-lane 
Mettam, Roberts, and Co., manufacturers of horn table knifii 

handles and scales, umbrella and parasol handles, ftc., 

dealers in bones, horns, horn tips, and buck and stag 

horns, Howard-street 
Meyers Solomon, pawnbroker, S5 Pinstone-street 
Meyers Solomon, merchant and fiictor, S2 Pinstone-street 
Middleton John, wine and brandy merchant, 13 Market-strecti 

bouse Pitsmoor 


MUdhton Jdm, hal BaiiiifiKtiirer» 9 FiastoDe-street 

Hiddlttan John, cooper^ II St James'a-rireet 

Middleton WiUiftny maDuAdiwer of table knmi, G«oi]ge-street| 

nmAnot Sand House, Crookes 
Middleton John, butcher, 66 Atteti-atreet 
MiddUetoB Ea.tTietuaUef, Dog and Partridge, 53 CoalpMate 
Middleton Ann, dnaa maker, 19 Lit^ PondUstreet 
Middleton Joeepl^ boot and ihoemaker, BrammalMflne 
MiddktJB Joseph, ciocer, 12 ChapelnBtceet 
Middleloa Heniy, dwmist and druggist, Trippct-lane 
Middleton Thonas, taikir, Sin Vcroft 
Midgley William, Industry Inn, Broad-street^ Paiic 
Mills James, boot and shoemaker, 23 Pond-hill 
Maiington Thnotby, hut mmufiMturer, Bov-^reet 
MiHer WiUmb Ediwd, pnAssor of musie, Weat-temm 
Miller John, pork buteher, 80 West-bar 
Miber Jdbn, maanfr.of fender and stove gralea, 29 Gre«n4ttie 
Milner Frederick, tinman and bmsrier, Moorfielda 
Milner David, goMral dealer in outlay, 24 Orchard-stieel 
Milner John, tulor and dealer in fruit, SO Fai^gate 
■Bnev ChfllMi inenDonger, 81 Fargate 
Milner Thomas, manufiusturer of Spuiish and lock kaives^ 

Milner William, eardencr, 98 Kin^-steeet, house Nespsend 
MJMff John, garaener^ dS King-street, house Neepeend 
MiUward Thomas, grocer, flouv, malt,, and hop dealer, West- 

Mirfin Thomas, vietnaMer, Gate, HoHia-croft 
Mirfitt and Rhodes, coopers, 18 and 19, Wotkhouse-croii 
Mitchell Brothers and Co., nwfchaats and maoufacturett of 

bar and cast steel, shear steel, edge took^ saws, and 

emery, Fumival-street 
Mitehdl BraChers and Co., Whitekiy Wood fron Worka 
Mitchell Isaac, patten, hist, patten ring, and boot tree maker, 

11 Bnighitt 
Milchd Samu^ pea and pocket knife manufr., 16 White-croft 
Mitchell Alexander, Mnen and woollen draper, 14^ Change-alley 
Mitchell William, manufr. of forks, 82 Goalptt-lane 
Mitchell James^ wfakesmiA and jobsmitb, Park-^ate 
Mitchell Mrs. Somscl, gentlewoman. Brook-hill 
MontgOBMiry Jame^ gemkinan|.8 Hmtehea d 

Istn 09 NAlfSCU ^0 

Moore George, fishmonger, 35 Bridge-streel 

Moore Robert, fishmongerrFishmarket 

Moore Mary, grocer, 18 Edwurd-street 

Moore Samuel, retail brewer, 15 SimVcrofi 

Moore George, Tictualler, White Bear, High^reet 

Moore George, merchant, scistor and table knife mauufiietiireri 

. 21 Arundel-street 
Moore Robert, fruiterer, 19 King-street 
Moore James, whitesmith, locksmith, and bell hanger; manuf. 

of wrought iron railing gates, bottom of Broad-lane 
Moore Thomas, manufacturer of hats. Wicker-lane 
Moore Samuel and Co., ale and porter brewers, Townhead-et 
Moore Samuel, victualler. Barrel, Townhead-street 
Moore Miss Mary, Highfield-terrace 
Moorhouse, Rushforth, and Steele, pen and pocket knift ma* 

nufiicturers, 89 Sdly-street 
Mporfield Alexander, manofr. of scissors, 83 Arundel-stieet 
Morey Elihu, professor of music, 8 Norfblk*row 
Morant Thomas, pork butcher, Cbaagt^Jiky 
Morfitt John, brewer, fiim's-croft 
Morley William, Sons, and Co., timber nerchants and boitt 

owners. Canal Wharf 
Morley William, plumber and glazier. Porter-street 
Morris Joseph, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 22 Townhead-st 
Morse Henry, lace merchant, 50 High-street 
Morton Ann, milliner and diess maker, Jessopnrtreet 
Morton K., straw hat maker. Porter-street 
Morton Joseph, lineoln and Sheffield earner, Andrew^stieil^ 

Morton John, manufiutturer, house 43 Howard-street 
Morton Thomas, manufir. of scissors, 2 Eyie-etreet 
Morton John, licensed to let gig and post horses, Duke-street, 

Morton Geoige, victualler. Dolphin, Brooco 
Morton John, haft and scale presser ; manu£uturer of pea, 

pocket, and table knives, 7 Tudor-street 
Morton Thomas, joiner, 8 Grreen-street 
Morton Sarah, victualler, Rockingluun«street 
Morton Francis, collector of poor rates, 64s Broad-lane 
Morton George, hair dresser and umbrella maker, 22 Castle-st 
Moseley George, edge tool manufiurturer. Workhouse-lane 
Moeeley CaroUnei milliner and dress maker, 29 Nursery-street 

66 Lira 9W HAMSAi 

Moseley Mr. 6eoige> 41 Afundel-straet 

Moseley Benjamin, bora buUon m^kwf OUUitreet, Pink 

Moseley Thomas, victuallery London 'Prendee, Wesl^bw Gwp 

Moss Edward, grocer and flour dealer, 18 Edward-stieei 

Mottram WiUiani, cooper, Broad-street, Paik 

Mottran Thomas^ mercbant and maiidGietiurir of aM kiada of 

edge tools, steel refiner, &c. £yre>-kMaa 
Mottram Thomas, merebant and ifianu&cliirer, Aronde l D t g ii t 
Moiilson Brotbeny siw and joinera toot mandkturei%TiidoiHtt 
Moulsoa George, tailor, 56 Duke-$tveet, Patfk 
Mount SaoMiel, boot imd shoe maker, 87 SeuthnBtr^l 
Mount Jobui UmA wd ahoe makef» 11 TowAhaad-<lieai 
Mount Joboy boot and shoe mA«f, 52 Trippet4aB# 
Moxen William, linen weaveri H«rclfard*street 
Mower Mieii gf ndewomin, 3 Hoiwaid-streat 
Murfin John, tailor and doihes ckaiier, Biu%«flkr0ii 
Myeook John, ocmunardtd, naAtaMliea], mi drftwiftgacfl- 

demy, Holfy-street 
Myers Benjamin, tttlov^ SouttHglroeti IM^ SheffieKI 

Kadi^ WaiiaBit BMUmfiKturer of brushes^ Btirk-stMl 
Naisbut Thomas, hau: dresser, 4 Sihrer-Hrwit bead 
Naisbut George^ join^, Bdw^^stusel 
V$motk end Co. ale aftd porter bce«rei% innlntet^ mii dMlbtt 

in bops, Bndge*8freet 
Nanson Edward^ bmwer, liouee Hidifiald 
Naylor Thomas, butefaer, 46 GibiUtar-stifel 
JNayfer ScBMieU fsetor, bias shoulder and podnft ladi mi. 

sneck knife manufacturer, (stamp Settem) 57 Coalpil*l2« 
Naylor WiUiatt, taik>r« 11 West-bar Green 
Naylot W^iam, pen add aoisaor knife mam&iQltunt, Dtttmm^ 

Naylor Robert, pawnbroker and genend sdeanMBg 15 Faigate 
Naylor and Sanderson^ merchants^ sleel eonrertera and nmM, 

Naylor William, ftUmongef, 19 Mill Sands 
Naylor Charles, manufiielttirer^ house Gd)«^ieel 
Naylor George, mercbaBt, hoitie Westetii*bank 
Needham Charles, manu&cturer of silremd plated taduodt, 

cups, half pintsy &c. 65 Wiekef 
Needham WMam, sivgeon, 24 Bank'-stieel 
Needbam Sarab^ baaket maker, 19 West4>ar 

U8T or VUMEM^ 9) 

Needham Thomas^ boot and riioe nakert SoUy-s^iMi . 
Needbam Joseph^ boot and shoe maker, Greea-lane 
Needham John, basket and hamper maker and eana wodnrt 

PinstoiM-streety comer of Norfolk'-street 
Nell Georee^ boot and shoe maker and leather seller, 13 An* 

Netdeship Miss, milliner and dress maker, Bow-street 
Newbold Robert, file manufactmrer, 6 Pond-fltreet 
Newbonld Samuel and Co. merchants^ saw, &nder, edge too^ 

wool shear, and steel manufacturers, Soutb-street 
Niwboold Thomas and William, Am eri ca n mercbanta, Soutb- 

Ntwbould Thomas and WiUiam, coal raerebants, Intdce CoOieiy 
Kewbould Samuel, merchant, bouse 60 South-street 
Newbould William, Esq* Broom-hill 
Newbould and Wilkinson»..^6terera and whitewashen, 14 

HawkswortbVyafd^ Higb-street 
Newbould Thomas, merchant, house Higbfield 
Newbould (}eoige, grocer and tea dealer, 7 Snig-biQ 
New J. and Co. saw, busk, and bay and straw knife i 

turers, Cross Smitbfidd 
Newton Bei^amin, grocer and tea dealer, 28 Fruit-ttarkat 
Ne^rton Francis, taflow chandler. Change-alley 
Newton John, grocer and tea dealer, 18 Haymarket 
Kewton Charles, solicitor, 11 Wicker 
Newton John, fender manufacturer, 15 Broad«strset» Park 
Newton John, butcher, 84 West-bar Green 
Newton Mr. manufacturer, bouae Broom-hill 
Nowtpn Francia, victualler, Green Seedling, Bailey-street 
Newton William, brass turner, screw, be^ machine, and tap 

maker, Figtree-lane 
Newton Thomas, cabinet maker and broker, 32 Weat-bar 
Newton Mrs Benjamin, 12 Howard-street 
Newton Jobo, victualler, Bsrrel, 37 Charles-street 
Newton Samuel haft and scale presser, bottom of Sheff.-raoor 
Nicholson Thomas, grocer, tea dealer, and tallow chandler, 14 

Nicholson WiUiam, plasterer, 14 St. James's-street 
Nuiboif on Jolm, pen and pocket knife mani^turer, 2£ Pond- 
Nicholson Jacob, butcher, 17 Shambles, residence 
Nidiokon Alice, grocer and flour dealer. New-street, Pari 

6t LIST or NAMfig. % 

Nicholson Miss, gentleveomati, Wilkinson -street 
Nicholson Joseph, s^oe and patten maker, 3 Grindlegat« 
Nicholson William, hoot and shoemaker, Smithfield ' 
Nicholson John, manufacturer of pen knives, 2 Radford-8tree€ 
Nicholson Robert, green grocer, Hoyle-^treet 
Nicholson Ann, milliner and dress maker, Jessop-street 
Nicholson John, gardener and seedsman, 11 and 12 Fniit- 

market, house High^house 
Nichols George, glass cutter, glass warehouse, 78 Noifolk-strtet 
Nichols Thomas, cabinet case maker, 20 Solly-street 
Noakes John, brass founder, back of Royal Oak, Allen-street 
Norman William, victualler, Sportsman's Inn, 21 West-bar 
Norman Samuel Rhodes, portrait, animal, and landscape 

painter, 7 South-street 
North George, butcher, 20 Church-street 
Norbum Mr John, S9 Howard-street 
North W. and F. merchants, manufacturers of table knive% 

If orton Joseph, hair dresser and perfumeri Norfolk-street 
Norton Joseph, tailor, Hawley-street 
Nowel Thomas, gentleman, Hanover-street 
Nowill William and John, manufacturers of silver, (hut, and 
dessert knives, fancy, pen, and pocket; and desk knives, 
also nails, files, button hooks, stillettoes, &e* 7 Mea- 
dow-street ' 
Nuttall Laurence, butcher, 42 Gibroltar-street 

Oakes Edward, victualler, (Ball) and whitesmith, 8 Spring-st 

Oakes Edward and Son, merchants and manu&cturers, S Or- 
chard-lane , 

Oakes E., merchant, house Glossop-road 

Oakes Matthew, scissor manufacturer, Johnson-stree^ Naraery 

Oakes Miss, gentlewoman, Leavy Greave 

Oates Joseph, pen and pocket knife manufr., 17 Radford-sfiroet 

Oates James, whitesmith and jobsmith, 20 Bujlon-lane 

Oates Maria, drecsmaker. Button-lane 

Oates Thomas, Master of the Boys' Lancasterian School, house 

Oates and Son^ manfr. of pen and pocket knives, 49 Hawley- 

Oates George, manufacturer of scissors^ Lambert-street 

Ogden James, mason and builder, 8 Chapel-walk, NorfoIkHrtr. 


Qgjko Jeremialiy Tieluallery Bridge Inn, Bridgehouaes 
Oglesby Elizabeth, dressmaker, 25 Orchard-street 
Oldham John, nursery and seadsman, 103 South-street 
CMcHMMn WiUiam, bone, seale, and wood cutter, 65 Hol]i»-ccoft 
OliTer John, com miller, Club Mill, Old Park 
Oram and Adams, manufacturers of portaUe desks, gentlemen's 
dressing cases, ladies' work boxes,, surgeons' instru- 
ments, needle, knife, spectacle, and razor cases of eyeiy 
deseription, pocket booksi, strops, Suu 85, Westhar 
Otton Thomas, printer, stationer^ bookseller, and pattern eaid 

maker, S2'HigkHStreet 
Olix>nie Peter and Son, manufectureis of pen, podcet» and 

table knives, 15 Carver-street 
Odx>me S» manufiKturer, house Banner-crosa 
Odx>me J<diB, auuut&ctuf er of combs, 65 Broad-stseet, Paik 
Odiome Benjamin, grocer uid flour dealer, 4 Meadow-streel 
Osborne Alfired, stag, buck, and horn cutter, 10 Smithfield 
Odx>m Thomas, grocer and dealer ia flour, 65 Eyie-lana 
Otley Joha, clothes and shoe warebouBB, 10 UnionHStreet 
Outram Thomas, victualler. Stag, 14 Carver-street 
OutnHB Wdliam, cabinet sMker, upholsterer and paper hangiBi^ 

52 High-street, house West-street 
Outran Richanl, cabinet mi^r and uphokterer, SS PoEtai^ 

OveKcad Hall, surgeon, 28 Churcb-street 
Overton William, tailor, 30 Bridge-street 
Oipsn Samuel, linen and wooUen ^apw, 41 Hi^-strest^ house 

Owen Thomas^ manufacturer of Uacking, Towaheadnitreet 
Owen George, chemist and druggist, West^bar Green 
Owen Robert, cooper, Siher-street head, house 1 Red-place 
Owen Thomas, haft presser, and horn scale cutter, 5 Bailey-lane 
Owen George, chemist, druggist, oil and coburman. Broads 

street Paric 
Owen John, maltster, 17 Bank-street 
Owen John, house, sign, and furniture painter, 9tGeoige-Btreet 
Oxley John, shoe, butdber, and bread knife manu&cteiveri If 

Qxlay Marin, dress maker, 34> Bailey-street 
Oxspring John, butcher, 3 Shambles, house Shire-gnen 

Paoey George, broker and dealer in bellows, 73 Westbar-green 


Padley, Kotburn, and Co. store grate and fender mknufactnrervy 

8 George-street 
Padley WOliam, grocer, 61 Eyre-strect 
Padley James, butcher, and dealer in earthenware, 48 and 49 

South -street 
Padley Mr Adam, 21 Norfolk-street 
Pagden John, jun. manufacturer of saws, 59 Eyre-street 
Pagden John, grocer, 61 Eyre-street 
Palfreyman Thomas, grocer and dealer in fbur, Chapel-street 
Palfreyman Luke, solicitor, 5 Bank^street 
Palfreyman Richard, hosier, 13 West-bar 
Palmer Thomas, manufacturer of spades and shovels, 83 Pea* 

Pallett George, victualler. Golden Ball, Grindlegate, 
Parker, Shores, and Blakelock, bankers, Bank-street 
Parker Hugh, esquire, Woodthorpe 
Parker John, attorney. New-street 
Parker William, American merchant, SoUth«stree« 
Parker, Brown, and Parker, solicitors, St. James's-street- 
Parker Adamson, solicitor, Langley 
Parker Thomas James, solicitor, agent to the Leeds Insunmce 

Company, house Surrey-street 
Parker Francis, wholeale and retail brewer of ale, porter^ and 

black beer, Trippet-lane, corner of Rockingham-stieet ' 
Parker, Gouldthorpe, and Berry, wholesale and retail brewers^ 

Ecclesall brewery, South street 
Ptoker Samuel, bone merchant, haft and scale pressor and scale 

cutter, 3 Porter-street 
Parkin Edith, milliner and dress mak^, 10 Campo^lane 
Parkin, Potts, and Denton, merchants and manufacturers of 

table knives, joiners' tools, files, converters, and makers 

of shear steel, &c. 4 Arundel-scr^et 
Parkin James, manufhcturer of table knives. Pea-croft 
Parkin Thomas, grocer and dealer in flour, 66 West-bar 
Parkin William, schoolmaster, Allen-street School 
Parkin George, grocer and dealer in flour, 6 Waingate 
Parkin Mary, dress maker, 12 Norfolk-street 
Parkin Samuel, haft and scale presser, 8 Porter-street 
Parkin William, manufacturer of silver and strong plated goods, 

Parkin John, pen and pocket knife manufacturer, Killam's 


L/ST OF NAM£6. 71 

Parkin Josepb, merchant, Norfolk-lane 

Parkin Benjamin, wine and spirit merchant^ 12 Scotland-street 

Parkin Isaac, fruiterer, S Fruit-market 

Parkin and Sons, file manufacturers, (mark^Pekin,) West-streel 

Parkin Benjamin^ merchant, Norfolk-lane, residence High 

Parkin Edward and Charles, file manufacturers and steel re« 

finers, 7 Bower-spring 
Paikin George, hair dresser, 1 1 Norfolk.-street 
Parkin William, Britannia metal manubcturer, 42 Campo-Iane 
Parkin Thomas, grocer and fiour dealer, 6 Waingate 
Parkin, Ingall, and Co,, manufrs. of fenders, fire irons, stoTe 
grates, stove >gmte ornaments, polished brass and steel 
plate and Britannia goods, Wellington Works, Bridge- 
Parkin William, .iQiinufacturer of scissors, Crown-yard, Pin- 

Parkin Edward, manufiicturer, house South-street^ lattk 

Parkin Hugh, Academy, Surrey-street 
Parkin Mary, dress noaker, 11 Norlblk-row 
Parr John, butcher, 67 Snighill 
Parks Samuel, confectioner and dealer in firuit, 21 Silyer-stnet 

Parr William, butcher, top of South-street 
Parkinson Joseph, dealer in earthenware^ Bow-street 
Parkinson George, manu&cturer of files^ Dunn-fields 
Parkinson William, collector and agent, 29 Harvest-lane 
Pashley Charles, slater, Stanley-street 
Pashley JonathaA, grocer and tea dealer, 85 Westbar-green 
Pass William, butcher, Bow^street, house Pitsmoor 
IVuB Samuel, table knife manufacturer and bone scale cutter, 

iron, steel, and wire warehouse, 25 Coalpit-lane 
Pass Thomas, pork butcher, 1 Townhead-street 
Pass Edward, butcher, 3 Townhead-street 
Pattin Miss Hannah, gentlewoman, Coalpit^lane 
Paul Ann, pocket-book maker, and dealer in jewellenr, gilt and 
plated metal Birmingham and Sheffield goods, and all 
kinds of wood, lead, and tin toys, 34 Silver-street 
Peace W. & S., file and steel manu&cturers. Garden-street 
Peace Samuel, saw, file, cut-nail^ truss maker^ and cast-steel 
refiner, 5 Smithfield 

79 uav OF HAMESi. 

Peacoek Joi0pfa» baker coi edttfeefeioii6iv M 'Ohiffch>-itoBeC 
Iteee Joseph, bookseller, stadoner, bia<kr, aiusie seller, and 
general agent, S2 Gfbridtaa^streeC, and 42 IKgb-'SlMet 
Bssree John, razor and jack pen knife maawfectecr^ and dealer 

in Birmingfaan goods, S3 Gibrahar-slieel 
Pearson and CoUey, wholesale and retail wine and spkjt mer- 
chants, Harti^iead 
Feuvon Thonsas, wine merchant, nsidenee Surrey ateeet 
Pearson Shepley, gardener, 59 Kinff-street 
Fteson Robert, manufr. o^ saws, New Meadow-street 
Pearson Wm. manufr. of pen kniyes, Gteeiihlane . i,,,- 

Peerson Ann, grocer, 56 Moorfields 
Pearson Joseph, victualler, Pye-bank, comer of Soitl&^Btreel 
Pasrson James, bntcher, 4 Park-gate 

Pearson Mr. John, merchant, house 6 Howard-stKtfl .. ., ,^^. 
Pearson Mrs. Marji gendewomMi, Higllfield-^errao# ' \ - 

Pearson Francis, edge tool manufacturer, 34 ltockin^uan-Isi|Bf - 
Peat John, iumiture broker, 8 Kroad^ane '^ 

Pocket John, mason and builder. Porter-street 
Peeoh Samuel, veterinary surgeon, 8 Maik(ft*stieek^ 
Penestone, Wbeateroft, and Singleton, nerdianis, ItMMk^hA 
manfia. of saws, joiners' tools, and skates, 2^ ^nlmleil-flt 
Bsnittone and Cotdishawj fine adssor mandactuffem^ fa ut H i y 
Penistone Robert, manufiMturer, house 65 Broad-ten 
Peieival Robert, coaefa proprietor. Wicker '>;^ 

Perkins John, accountant and hop merchant, B ParadiB6^ii6e 
Perkins Soflomon, victnaller. Grey Htne^ JH%h«atreel 
Perkins Solomon, stone mason, George-qtreel • 

Pedcinson Joshua, cutler and vietuiffler. Red Lio% 54 iIo%M 
Petit F., caA}inet cise maker, 21 West-sboeet' 
Pe^ Mary, victualler, Bali, 56'Pond-laixa 
Pfafl^ps Rev. Nathaniel, D.D., Unitarian MiniaMt, BMm 

Pickferd and Green, earners^ OFshar d ^street 
Piekford and Co., carriers, 11 Arandel^street 
PicksUy, Appleby, and Bertnm, eutla% dec. to the Royd F«- 

mfly, 7 High-street 
Pierson Thomas, solioitor. Paradise-square 
Pierson Thomas, gentfeman, Norfolk-street 
Pigott Joseph, tailor, 15 Broad*^e 
Pigott James, victualler, wine and spiril merchant, 4 DfacoB^ 




^I^^^9^|1 ^ - 




f •,:a 





The abore B4K>int are an Emporiam of the Mannfactnres of Sheffield, where StranseTs 

without trouble or espenae* hare an opportunitr of TiewiuK a m3st extenaiTe 

and elegant selection of the unriTalled productions of iu 

Artizans, in all the rarious brancnes in which 

they hare been so long diitingviabed. 



A superb case of PERUVIAN STEEL CUTLERY, containing specimeni <tf the 
KBiTes, Scissors, and Razors, P., A., and Co. hare had the honour to nuura. 
fttetnre foi* their Royal and Noble Patrons ; also a splendid Fender, Bimii)|ir to 
the one made for His most Gbaciods Majjbstt, Talne one handred 

An elegant Selection of SHEFFIELD PLATE and Silver Articles of the first 
quality, design, and workmanship. 

SpoonS) Forks, Ladles, Fish Knives, Sugar Tongs, and Butter Knives in Silver. 
a«d Plated on Steel. 

A«p«ragn« Tongs, Grape Scisc«rs, Fl«ver Retainers, Nutcctkels, Snuffers, 
SkewefS) kc. plated on Stee^. 

Silvw and Plated Dessert ]Cnive» tad Foltoy with Petri, Ivory, and SUnc 

Fnravkm Steel Raacors, ^Omani P^n^aiTes, fee. af every 4eseif ptlM, wawaled 
^ a a c qnalhcd cxcellencefmaiinfaetnredexclnsively by»aY, AggLKB Yf 
and Co.— The peculiar properticB of this Steel are admtnhty cateulated for 
fine euttitrg In strument s, being of an nniform quality, a fine ctoie tezfoxv, 
and nay be hardened to the highest degree, still retaining its tenacity. 

Table tSntleiY of superior quality, mounted with Ebony, Tip, Stag, I^Ty» and 
Silver Handles. 

Patent'lMtantaneous Table Knife Sharpeners. 

Stde Bodrd Caves for TaMe Knives ,9pxmns» and SHver Foilni. 

The Aotft extensive and splendid Aseortment er«r exhibited in Sketfeld of Plaife 
and Rich Cut Decanters, Olass Dishes, Ice PIati», Wtne^ODhn, Plug e i 
Gllisses, Water Caraffs, Pickle Jars, Cetary Glasses, Apc &c. wWelt Mema, 
P., A., and B. ara enabled to offer on the same terms as if erdCRd ftavibe 
Mana«M»sry, being appointed Agents to one of the largest <^1«m Establirii- 
meats in the kingdom. 

A gi«at variety of Table, Bracket, and Suspending Lamps, Lustlts, Ldl&lexiis, 
Chandeliers, &c. on the most improved piiaciplesy plain or elegantly taioum. 
ed in gilt or bronaae; 

An extensive AMortmenf nf iisprty^vd Britannia Metal Tea.«ots, PM^Blatdts, 
Taile Soup, and Water Pnles^ Diahea' and l\u«eiis, lAquor and Crafet 
Frames, CandletttdESf lee^ 

An elegant Collection of Papier Wachee and Japanned Trays aad Wallin'a, 
Bread Baskets, Plata Warmers, dte. 

1^ and Coffee Urn* of the most m^dera patterns in Bronze, Britiuinifly aid 
CBlt Metal. 

MoTdan*s patent ev^r-polnted Peliol)s» T&kt^ and Penholders. 

Mahogany and Fancy.>Wood Writing Desks, Dressing Cases, Tea Chests, Ink. 
stands. Work Boxes and CalMhMts, plain or elegantly inlaid. 

TVavdling Cases, Portfolios, Reticufea, &ack.gammon Tables, Pocket Books, 
and Rirsesyin llforoccD and Rassia Leather. 

tltch Ailt Cornice Aod« and LookingXttasses. 

OptiealyManticaSynid Mathematical Instruments, Spirit Levels,-San^a1s, and 

Fine Polished Steel Buckles, Clasps, Reticnle, and Purse Snaps, Netting Viaes,- 
Key Rings, Boot Hooks, Snuffer Trays, Patent and every other description 
of Cork Screws, and Lever Snuffers, that cannot get out of repair. 

Bronzed Hyacinth Stands, Hand and Table Screens, Eaii de Cologne Stands* 
with rich Cut Bottles, Pastiliers, Candlesticks, and Chimney Ornaments in 
great variety. 

Patent Lapland Door and Carriage Rngs. 

Shooting and Pishing Tackle of every description. 

Livery BnttettB of the very best quality, Dies for Arms or Crests by eminent 

Hair, Clothes, Nail, and Tooth Brushes, Ladies' Patent Clogs, ice. 


or nrn mmuLBLBuaaxn amm 

IhRQMlM ill tile evteot, Tsriety, aii4 raperior worlmaiislilp of tiie MticI«B«x. 
EiMted in every descrfptfon of Register, Half.RegittBr, Aatiqae, and Saieo. 
phagos Stoves, with Fenders, Fire Iron* and Standards, to correspMii, hi 
Brass, PbUsiMd Steel, Ground Metal, Brbnse, imiutioa of MarUe, Japu, 

In^roved Stores with Folding or Sliding Doors for Smoky Chinmeys. 

ZN THE Ware sooms 

18 zxrs AX BacrursiTX assoktukits of xvxbt abticlx m rmt TAXSava 


Iron and Brass Founders, Lock and Wliits Smiths, Brasiersy Tiiime% and Far. 
nisliing Ironmongers. 

Patent £conomioal Kitchen Ranges, TCith Roasters and Steam Apparatus, 
adapted for the smallest or most extensive establishment ; also every otilxer 
description of Ranges, with SmokeJTacks, Stewing Stoves, &c. 

Kitehens and Laundries completely famished with every requisite in Iron, 
Copper, or Tin. 

Hot Air Stoves for Halls, Lihraries, Green.honses, and Churches 
Copper Sashes for Windows, Sky .lights, and Conservatories. 

Fatent f >nameBtal Window Blinds and FireOnarda,'Wire FIy.proof Meat Saft% 
Dish Covers, Chamber Safety Lantemsy and every deaoripti<m of Faaey 
"Wire Work. 

Patent Dial, Quadrant, and Balance Weighing Machines, Scales and Sleel 
Yards,|uBpwial Weights and Measures. 

Chnhb^s Patent Detector Locks* improved Quadrants and Spriaga for Swing 

Read's Patent Stomach Pump and Garden Syringe. 

Mllltf and RoHers for Grinding or Crushing Com, Straw Machines, Watering^ 
£ngines, and various implements for the Garden, Farm.yard, or Stable. 

Wcx« Composition and Spermaceti Candles, Floating Lights, Fue Sperm Oil^ 
JLamp OaCtMi, te« 


Iir extracting the following description of the Roysl York Show Rooms^iJmm the 
Briti$k TrmfOler, Meesrs. P., A., and B. gladly emhraee thia oppettMity of tm^ 
deling their best acknowledgments to the writer of the letter, and to the SdUor of 
that highly i«epectable publication f^ 

St B,— Having frequently observed in the London Journals, articles descri«- 
Una in glowing colours the splendid exhibition Rooms in Paris, I am induced to 
send you a brlM description of the Royal York Show Rooms, in Sheffield. The 
more this and similar establishments in England are known, the less we shall 
hear of the ^^rand display of the Continental Manufactares. 

The exterior of the ouilding may possess considerable attractions for the antu 
quarian, being one of the oldest fronts in the town, but it bv no means corres. 
ponds with the splendour of the interior. The entrance to the Show Rooms is 
through a spacions shop, tastefully divided by a set of handsome Balustrades, 
cast at Messrs. Pickslat and Co.'s Fonndery, and shown as a specimen of the 
perfection to which they have brought this branch of their manufactures. The 
Shop sJso contains an extensive and beautiful assortment of ivory handled 
Table knives^ 

t«iMftaMeBd«A«BetAttftlieaie into tba Show ftooBUfVliieb, liwm fin escten^ 
liigeBaitjr, and Tuiety of arttclet exhibited, and alt appansntly of the llntfato 
material* and workmanehip, oertainl j excel every thins of the kind 1 had pre. 

The flnt Room was fliniithed with a most elegant and ralnable oolleetton of 
■ilTer and plated articles ; for the qoality of the latter, SheiPeld has lone heen 
distinniahed, and in the mannfaetnre of which large fortunes axe engMed. 
• In Ae same Room, is exhibited an extenstre selection of raaors and knives ia 
an the TarioQS mounting of tortoise shell, pearl, irory and stag handles, but 
I was most struck with a large glass case filled with scissors of the most exquisite 
patterns and brilliant polish. The whole of this Cutlery is made of Steel of n. 
pecnliar eombination, manufactured and prepared exclusiTely at the works 
Dolonging to this estoblishment, aaft named PeruTian Steel. I was shown the 
rariotts metols used in the making of it, and my attendant informed me they 
were indebted to Mr. Farraday, of the Royal Institution, for the first discovery of 
improving the quality of steel, by adding silver, &c. to it, When melting. To 
those who are unacquainted with the mysteries of chemistry, it may appear 
strange that such an addition should improre the edge of cuttln|[ instrumentiy 
but such, I was assured, is really the fact; indeed, I purchased a pair of Peraviiui 
Steel Rasors, to the superior excellence of which,to any others I had before tried, 
I have great pleasure in bearing testimony. 

In the next Room, is displayed an extensive assortment of tea and coffee urns, 
fancy.wood writing desks, ladies* woricboxes, cabinets, and a variety of hand, 
tome bronsed chimney ornaments, inkstands, Bcc At the end of the Room is a 
spacious glass case that contains a great rariety of toble and other lampa^ 
chandeliers, lustres, fcc. 

In an adjoining Room is a most snperb collection of plain and rich cnt glass of 
every description. This Room being lighted from the roof shows it to great ad* 
vantege. On the walls, in neat oak frames, are prints of Messrs. P., A., and B.>8 
Royal and Noble Patrons, amongst whom, 1 was happy to observe our beloved 
and gracious Sovereign. Further on, is a large stock of Britannia metol wares, 
whtoD, in the absence of silver, hare a remarkably brilliant appearance. The 
same Room rontains a beautiful selection of paper and japanned tea-trays. 

I then crossed a bridge which connects the premises, and entered a sp ' 

Boom, filled with stove gratM, fenders, 8te. the casting and omamento of whieh 
I particnlariy admired for their fineness and regularity. Here my attentton was 
directed to an ingenious and simple cooking apparatus, by which the process of 
roasting, boiling, and steaming is perform^ with a small common fire. I was 
informM, that this apparatus is made to suit a small family, or the largest pub. 
Ito establishment. Messrs. Pickslat and Co. have fixed one at the Music Hally 
ia tiiis town, that, with the assistance of a smoke-jack, will cook a dinner for 
000 persons. 

I also noticed a register stove fitted with doors, that either wholly, or in paitt 
•hnto up the fire, by which the burning may be regulated at pleasure ; likewise, 
another stove of a neat and simple construction, which I was informed is a curs 
for that intolerable nuisance a smoky chimney. 

I was next introduced into another Room, in which fenders and stoves of a 
more costly kind are kept On first opening the door, the effect was brilliant in 
the extreme : it is hardly possible to conceive any thing more .rich, especially a 
most splendid and superb fender, of the same pattern as the one manufactured for 
the late lamented Duke of York, rained at one hundred guineas ! and admitted 
to be the finest specimen ever exhibited, for elegance of design, and superiority 
of workmanship. 

After spending a most interesting honr, 1 returned through a suite of Rooms of 
a more humble character, but not the less attractive to the nouse-keeper, as they 
seemed to contain every requisite for tiie kitehen in copper, tin, brass, and. iron. 
Some idea may be formed of the extent of this estoblishment, when I stote, that 
In addition to the exhibition Rooms, which are upwards of three hundred feet 
long, there are 12 other Rooms stored with every article in the ironmongery line, 
independent of the foundery and manufactory adjoining. To give an adequate 
idea of the variety and magnificence, as well as real ntflity of the articles exhi. 
blted, is utterly impossible : they must be seen to be credited. From the kind, 
ness I experienced on this occasion, 1 feel confident, that if any of your numerous 
readers should be induced from this brief sketeh to visit these elegant Rooms, 
they will be highly gratified, not only with the display, but likewise with the 
civuity and attention they will receive from the proprietors. 

1 am, yours respectfully, 
Sheffield, Dec. 1837. 

. / 

J. Blackwell, Printer. 


t^Ja^uSar, 20 Shiide-biU 
gotty Mary» dressmaker, 20 Shude-hill 
Key John, boot and shoe maker, 50 Pond-^treef- 
Finder John, mami£»ct4irer of £re irons^ fender blllflg ^le^r. 

rivets, ftc, Sheffield Moor 
Finder Jobn^ fire iron m^nofactHrer, Youiigyslroeft 
Finder John, scissor manufacturer, 6 Forter-street 
Finder John, groQer, 6 Porter-street 
Finder Thomas, pipe manufacturer, 3 Little Poad' ^t re et ; 

gigignd i^ddje hprses, and a neat party cyr to lit 
Finder Thomas, victualler, Barrel, 3 Little Foud-s(reet 
Pitt Mary^ pkimber and ^azier, 25 Waingate 
Pitt John, manufacturer of razors, 13 SimsVcroft 
Pitt John, plumber fuid glazier, 53 Campo-lane 
Piatt and Co. booksellers, bind»s, stationers, and printeis, and 

publisbears of .the Sh£ffij£LJ> Coubant,^ everyJEnd^y: 

rooming, 6 Hi^-mark«t 
Flatts«S.obert, gentleman, 3 Fai^gate 
Pollard Mrs, dress maker^ 8^ Broad-I^me . 
Efx^ John, Uqupr merchant, 9 Gastle-street 
Fonrett Obadiah, plumber and glazier, West-street 
Fofffgf Thomii^ gicQcer and tea dealer, 4 Kingrstceet 
Poitai«Dd Taylor, wine and spirit men^ac^ 7 High-akieet 
Pinter Johnt nerchant, residence Spring-homie 
fSp^s &mt]|el, merchant^ house Western-bank 
Potts Lawrence, merchant, Broom-Siuring 
t!m.^ :Wd Brooks^ 4snufier m«nu£Eicturen^ 26 Broadrlaoe 
Potrel John, baker, 1 1 Trippet-lane 
Popel Thomas^ confeetioner, and patten maker^ 51 West-bar 
Powel William, ^ocer, 5 Patemoster-row 
Fowel Robert, f<n^ manufisu2turer» 25 White-eroft 
]^^Mi|ton Jonathan^ tailor and draper, 29 Norfolk-street 
]^eq|oa jFle?. Matthew, A.M. (Sunn^ate) and assistant mi<* 

nister of the Parish Church, and perpetual Cunte of 

Eqclesall, 3 Orchard-pkce 
JPidbQ^ , Johp, grocer and tea dealer, 9 South-street 
Priest Joseph, manufacturer of brushes. New GeorgeHBtreet 
Priest Elizabeth, victualler, Turk's Head Tavern,. Scodand-sfi 
Pomcose Daniel, ivory i$utter and furniture broker, 59 Fargate 
PrinroseF William, plumber and glazier, 89 Westbar*green 
Pritchard John, iron founder, 44* Carver-street 
ProcUx William, butcher, 38 Pinstone-^eet 

7*' -■•r>ni8T'o^£Wi«T.fI .;y{ 

F^octor Amos, horn ^cale presser and sta^ horn cutter, tin- 

wins-yard, Coalpit-fane 
Plruen Rev. Thomas, A.B., West-street 
Fr^or Jttbi tasmr^iasMifaftioBet, GtrdeBrn^r^el --«. ,. 

Piyor Samuel, victualler. Dove and Rainbow, Hartshead 
Pryor William, plumber and glazier, S Gibraltar-street 

Quinn Edward, d^er ih hardware, cutlery, &c. Snig-hill 

Raby Phil^, saddkr, cap, whip and harness maker, 4 Wain^*^ 

gate ... 

Raddiffe James, grocer ; licensed to let gig and saddle horses, 

18 Hurtshead 
Radley Joseph, carpenter and joiner, 61 Scotland-street 
Ragg Joseph, scissor manufacturer, 28 Nursery 
Ramsay Thomas, victualler. Cup, Market-street 
Ramsden John, horn scale cutter, top of Holly-green 
Ramskar John, whitesmith and bell hanger, S Grindlegate 
Ramskar Thdnss, whitesmith, York»street 
Ramskar William, whitesmith, jobsmith, and bell hanger^ Pis* 

Ratcliffe Robert, manufacturer of pes knives, Westhar-green 
Ratcliffe 6eoi|[e, manufacturers of fenders and candlesticksy 

Raven William, watch and c)o«k anker, jeweller, ftc SS 

Raworth and .Co. crimping and goffering machine i 

rers, Xrundel-street 
Itaworth Benjamin and Joseph, (late John Henfrey,) 

luid parent axle tree manu&cturers, Arundel-sfereel 
Raworth Ebenezer Heathcote, grocer, 49 Charles-street 
Rawlins George, scissor, scissor knife, and table knife manu* 

facturer, and general dealer in cutlery, 24 RockiDg- 

ham-iane . , 
Rawlins Benjamin, silver wire drawer and cutler, 4 Cwrr^»ilt 
Rawson Thomas and Co. wholesale ale and porter breweis^ 

and maltsters, 76 Pond-street 
Rawson Missr^ gentlewoman, Wardsend 
Rawson ^c^ert, governor of HoUiaHo^ttal, Kmt Hdhitwei 
Rawson Miss, gentlewoman, Pbiiadfelphia 
Rawson,Saaiud, joiner and cai^inet maker, JEUll-ibot ^ . ^ » 
Jlawson Robejft, gentleman, Philadelphia ^ 

E. RHODES & Co. 


MAinrrAcnnrBBBS or bvbby dbsobzftxoit or 









To ihe particular aUmtian and patronage of iht PuUk, 


fgr The above Articles are hardened by a process admirably eal- 
eulated to produce the greatest possible uniformity of temper, and an 
exquisitely fine and durable edge ; any expectations, therefore^ that may 
be excited in their fiiTour, can hardly fiul being realised. 





The inequality of thickness that necessarily prevails in Baxors numu- 
fiictured in the usual way, has ever been found a formidable obstacle 
to tbe attaiBonent of an unijorm regufarity qf hardnes; without which 
90 good Basor can poasibly be madtt. Tho principle -on^which th* 


Is mawufactured, is calculated to obviate this great defect ; and it is 
easily discernible, that by no other means can this essential and indis- 
pensable quality, with equal certainty, be produced. It is, of conse- 
quence, well fitted to sustain a 6nn and fine cutting edge, and it wiH 
never want re-crinding. The heel, or finger^hoki part of ilw Made 
being composed of a metal not subject to rust, is another important 
recommendation. A confidence may, therefore, be reasonably enter- 
tained, that a angle trial will not fidl fo establish tbe decided sup«^ 
riority of the HBlRr FBASCB-BZJLDBD BJLZO& over everjr 
Other* It shaves extremely dose^ and will be fiiund both smooth and 
pleaaant in use. 

N.B. A Strop, occasionally used, will keep this Raxor in exoaUcsit 
condition for years, as it will very rarely, if ever, require the Hone. 

Extract from the idh VoL^jk 486, qf « Chemical Eu^i^m;' «y 
S, ParheBjF^,S»:^ 

''''When instruments have a thick back and a fine edge, it is almost 
impossible ever to give them an uniform temper by tl^ M. method ; 
fQr there will always be a danger of tbe edge being lowered too ii)iid& 
before the other parts become regularly heated throughout. This 
dtfiieulty occurs particidarly it. Razors, where the thickness of the 
back is always a formidable obstacle to the attainment of an wiUfarw^ 
rt^ftdarity of hardneu. The inconvenience in this particular instrument 
has been so great, that Messrs. RHODES and Co. of Sheffield, 
have invited what they call the ^'nvw VRAmXhWUkVIBD 
BiiiZOB,'' in which the back and the finger-hold are made with an 
admirable alloy of copper, not subject to rust, and the hhde only is 
made with steel. These blades being nearly as thin at the back as at 
the edge^ they can be tempered without incurring tbe danger stlready 
mentioned, and when let into a copper back, it becomes « iNnnpkta. 

See likewise some remarks on tbe hardening of Steel» p. 403^ &c 
of the same work, extracted from an Essay on the ManufiMSturt of a 
lUfor, by E. Rbodxs, Sheffield. 


Exiraei from an ** JEstay on th» Matnutfattiirt^ C^oke, and MoHagement 
0/ a Bcaorr 2d Ed. Bff E. Ehodet. 
« Some new andilBAportint ItDprofeneBtsui Sitel have lately been 
Attempted, which, If ultimateljr suooetaful, will be of considerable 
advantage to the manufacturers of Razors and every description of fine 
Cutlery. Messrs. Stodart, F.R.S. and Mr. M. Faraday, Chemical 
ikssfatant in the Aoyal Institution, have made an interesUng commu* 
nication to the Royal Sodety of London, in which they detail a series 
of experiments, undertaken for the- purpose of ascertaining how&rthe 
best refined Steel may be improved by a mixture with other metab : 
some of these experiments appear to have been very successful in their 
»esBlt%- and may probably, at no very distant period, prove of easenl 
fill siertic^ to the town of SheflBel^, where every description of Cutlery 
ia pianufiictured in the highest state of perfection. The application of 
6hMiiiedl kno^Hedge to the improvement of the best refined Steel, catii 
fltardly fiol to be attended with beneficial consequences ; this beautiful 
and highly nsefid Metal has been refined to a degree of purity and 
^[Ctelfenccf, of whtth it was at one time thought utterly incapable, and 
let iio one suppose that it has attained the maximum of ImproveBMDt. 
SmA a tmaAoAm would be not only extremely msphiloso^hica}, iaut 
injtirfoitt ihd "^^absurd. The public are therefore indebted to those 
men who^ by patient and laborious investigation, discover the hidden 
prope rtie s^*' de tect the chemical afiSnities bf' matter; and apply the 
secrets of nature to the useful purposes of life. Messrs. Stodart and 
Faraday pursued their enquiries patiently^ under a number of dia&' 
cMte^Bg^cfariMraistances and unsatisf a ctory results. The combinations ' 
tii^'iintistpated did not always tale place, but they finally detected 
tbe. exact prcq^KMiotts necessary to produce a complete and i>erftot 
afinSgaiittrfion of Steel, with Silver, Platina, &c. The former of these ' 
comKunatioBs, they say^ piodoees a metal <' harder than the best Ckst 
Sfeeel-y-or eten tbaa tbe Indian Wootz, andthe articles made of it prove 
to be 6f ai yery superior quality." They add, ** The silver aUoy liiay 
b9 advantageously uaed for almost- every p urp ose fiir which good ' 


Or all the improrements that have Utely been introduced into any 
department of the Fine Arts, engraving on Steel Plates is the most 
important. The number of impreanons this material is capable of 
bearing, fiu it peculiarly for many purposes, and gives it a decided 
superiority over Copper. It is of consequence to a Banker that the 
Plates firom which his Notes are taken should be but rarely renewed^ 
and that they should carry off tens of thousands of copies instead of 
three or four thousand only, without being defaced or worn bare. 
For Bankers* Notes, Merchants*, Tradesmen's, and Shopkeepers* 
Bill Heads, Steel u the only material that can be used with advantage ; 
this numerous class of the community are therefore particularly inter- 
ested in the use of these Plates. 

In the higher departments of Art, when many impressions ^are 
wanted. Copper is too soft, and too easily worn to bear the quantity of 
woik that iM often required. In Metzotint Engraving in particular, 
a Copper Plate will not unfrequently break down, as it is technically 
termed, with fewer than 200 impiessions. Steel is, therefore, almost 
miiveraally used in this branch of the Art ; it indeed has given to it a 
new impulse, and Reynolds, Turner, Lupton, Say, Martin, and 
Cousins, with the aid of this durable material, have carried Metiotint 
Engraving to a pitch of excellence that it never before attained. 

£. R. and Co. originaUy began this branch of manufiicture 
at the solicitation of Artists, high in their profession. They prepared 
the necessary apparatus, and made sundry attempts, before they 
suooeeded, but not without both labour and expense, which they 
were induced to incur by assutances of support. In doing this, they 
rendered a service to Engravers. They stripped the making of Steel 
Plates of the mysteries and the difficulty that were professed to attend 
the process of decarbonization, &c &c and reduced the price 
nearly 40 per cent. The finest Steel Plate that ever was produced, is 
of their manufacture; namely, the one which contains Martin's 
splendid picture of Belshazzar*s Feast^— a Plate 34* inches by 28, and 
which Mr. Turrell, who etched the outlines, regarded as an achieve- 
ment of no ordinary importance to the Art of £ngraving,-.-the surfiuse^ 
nearly 1,000 square inches, being without spot or blemish. 

J. BUekwell, Printer, Iris Offloe, Sheffield. 

ftawson Mary Ann, milliaer and dress maker, Shude-hjli 
'"Rawsdn, Barker, and Co., maniifattaters W wfeitcl l^,^ied 

lead, tad litharge, Lefad MfMs, Pbhd-ttreetf ^ '^ 

Rawstm Ediwd, surveyor of thfr gas works^ Shtide«biil : 
=B^y Jtoifl8,«ltrgemH 26 Townbead-snreefe - hki 

•SU^fOOT Mf illiam and Co.^ merohalits 4nd atffel tfiSo&m^Su 
./. • -JftiaesValreet .;>••> ... :^v:';i: 

Bi^Bor WilUara, marchant, residence 16 Paradise-aqu^e^^^ 
JS>ayQor Thoma^ hat manufacturer and hosier, 15 High-street 
Sajworth Leonard, manu&cturer of pen and pocket koiveSy^ 2 

Beet-street . , .. 

^ Keaid Isaac, scissor manufacturer, 13 Lambert-street 
!fttonejr Joseph, dealer in earthenware, glass, &c., 14r Ktrig^ 
Backless William, bread and biscuit baker, 76 Wicker- • '^ 
'Redfeam Samuel, carpenter and jonier, Nuniery-ihouaa - 
.<R«dfiiara Thomaa, mamAffitimr of p^ «ad pock^ .Iwaa^ 

^okingbaiib-street . . i -^ -.i« 

«iUcdal A. surgeon, Nprfolk«8treBt» corner, of New djiMrcbrSl^ 
Jlenshaw Mary, dress maker, Pinstone-street ;^. , 

Benton William, tailor and draper, 12 Changeralley 
*Renton John, baisket maker, 1 Xittle Pond-street ^ '"'"" 
fienwick Adam, French and Spanish knife, and lock mamlifiHb- 

rtesrer, -Pmstone-street ^ - 

ReYiH Th^ftfiB and Son, pockaft knife iiiaaiifacta7«r% naai^lht 

WelV Little Sheffield ^ , r: 

RaaBI Smuel, sugar refiner, NuraBryi>8^«et,boii6a Noi^&jhril] 
JKeviU Samuel^ brick yard, Canal side, house 45 Nprlblkrs^^ 
Jftevitt Willi/Stm, razor, razor strop, pen, pockety atii j^lni 

knife n^nufacturer, dealer in all kinds of cutlei^i 6 

Meadow-street . n' 

Rirodea Benjamin, fine scissor, scissor-knife and razor ih^hii^ 
' ' facturer,and dealer in hardware, 24 Meadovr^treiet '^ 
Rhodes Ebeliezdr, and Co.> manufiteturers of- rsbeorft, t(Sks^p 

tablesnd palette knivuv^oBov casoB, &e.^ 10 Wiojcar*- 
RiM>d08 Jamea^ gK>ear» 66 Moerfields ; 'j 

Richardson James, hair dresser smd pet fufw, ^ Qiindli^gfy^.,9 
Richardson Thomas, hosier, and deader i)a .cotton»^4i Qrc^a^ 
. ^. street ^^ >-•■..;■■'.'.-. - 

Richardson John, gent.^ New George-street . - - 

Richardson and Co.,' manufacturers of iron Atidi: b^ass iiottiilk 

for cotton, worsted, silk^ and flax. Nursery-street 
Richardson WiUjaQo^ipas^iaf^lUfiiiir,^^ Garden-fitreeft 

76 IsVnoWVMXBB. 

RicfaaidMi JoWbilvi^ Conliloii-flrvil - - 

Richmond William, grocer, Arundel-street 

Richmond Richard, grocer and brush manu&cturer, 47 WeaU 

Ridge Geor^, bookseller, binder, atadoner, and priater and 

publisher of the Shbffiud Mbrcury, every St^bu^ 

day morning, S King-alrett, house G^'SCivet 
Ridge Gtar^ currier and le«kber cutter, 40 Lambert-stitcl 
Ridgway WiUiam, butcher, Townhead-cross 
Ridgway Wflliaiii,pMvnbrokeraiid ded^in doeks^ 24 6ii%»hiB 
Ridsdale £• and Sons, carriers, 96 Eyre-street 
Riley Sarah, teacher of the giria' charity school, StJamesViow 
Riley Robert, baker, 42 W«st*4iar 
Riley J« and J., Britidli and SsreigB chin* and glass dislrt% 

Riley John, tea and oofie warahoiise» 10 Waingate 
RiBun«r Rev. Richard, CathoMe IViast» 12 NviMImow 
Bkoiagtons and Younges, bankai% Hkh-street 

Rimington James, Esq* banker, Bfoomkcad-hall 
Rinngton Miss, gentlewoman, Wilkinson^street 
Roberts John, horn dealer and scale cutter, 20 Arupdal 'Stw^l 
Roberts John, silk dyer and scourer, 26 Norfolk-street 
Roberts Joseph, gent., 2 Eyre>«iraet 
Roadhouse Thomas, hadcney-coaehnlan, Badc-fielda 
Roberts,. Smith, and Co., manufacturers of siher mL|)lated 

goods, 5 Eyre-street 
Roberts John, pearl button makejr, Back-fields 
Roberts Samuel, liquor merchant and Tictualler, Spartsmaki's 

Group, 5 Fargate , . 

Roberts Joseph, taflor and draper, Watson's-walk, xmHoiM 

86 Wicker 
Roberts John, penknife tnanufeeturtt, 46 BrodUline 
Roberts Joseph, razor manufiictofsr, 7 Spring-street 
Roberts William, bos and ifory rule liaiMiv SportsmanVyaid, . 

21 West-baf . 

Roberts Ann, milliner and dressmaker, 29 Howard-Street 
Roberts Sarah, grocer and dealer in flour, 20 Arundel-street 
Roberts and Mettam, manuirs. of taUekoife Males^ <«n4 *»« 

brella, parssd, and whip iumdieBs dealett in stag and { 
buck horns, bottom of Howard-street 
Roberts, Miss Jana^ 16 G«U*«tSMl .. ! 













Wholesale and Retail AGENTS, 





AadbWarrantedGOOD CARVING KNIVES, &c. to suit, fitted up in improrcd 
Cases, whiebt secnR them fh>m Rast, and keep the edges in order. 

■XZrVBB ]>B08BBT nrTmaS ABO voaxB, 
Id STRONG PLATED on STEEL DITTO, Mounted with Irorjr, Mother 
of Pearl, and Silver Handles, fitted up in improTed Cases, 
containing Twelve, Eighteen, and Twenty-fonr Pairs. 




BLADES tempered upon Philosophical Principles, 

and set ready for use. 


GciiiiAS, also a Case of Speeimens of Iheir Mannfigwtiire, 
similar to that whicb th«gr had tke honour to 


3 bets Sttyeri S^ttimzn of Cutlets* 

ONE BLADES* and dUEsrait ] 


FOB PAooucuro A. uon Kuv Aim sMoovM sHAmra xdob. 




Assorted Siiea« 



Gne ^intatute Specimen o( Ctitlets# 

ContainiBg SEVENTT-FITE diffin»Btarttel«s» valm Fifty •vihias. 

9 ^iniatttte Specimen of Cutlets^ 

ConlidbBlng FIFTY difierent artielMt TaliM Tbibty 6i7iviAi« 

-CoBtaudag SEVENTY Attentat artieles, T«hM 6f ztt eviN«Mk 



Containing THIRTY different articles, ralue Thirty Guineas. 

Also many beantifal Speeimens of SCISSORS, RAZORS, CARVING' 
KNIVES and FORKS, &c.&e. 

TktKinr* PMIen Penknife, the DqcImm vT Kent*! BitMi. th« Bttka of 
R«tl*iia*B Shooting Knife, the BerlbeleyF — ' ^^ — 
Knife, and Lady Milton'i Botanical Knife. 

I Shooting Knife, the Berlbeley Hunt K]ilf«r^e Whtqwllfl^ 

Improred Com Knife, wift Sihrer StecA Blades. 

Pntent Umber Scribe Knife, with a Hearare in the Handle. 

New Inrented ArcUteets* Knife, with a M eatofe In fha Handle. 

Fnnch Pocket Knires, of every de«ciiirtion. 

New Inrented Mariner's Compasi Knife, Do. ConT^aneei*! Knife, Do. 

SnnffBox Knife, Do. SpoitsMan't Knife, wilb 1H% WUetle, Do. 

Dentist's Knife, with Looking Glass in the Handle, J>o. Penknife, 

with a aniicing Gla^ in !)•. Do. with Cigar Holder, ladDo. 

Pnszle Knife. 
Hodsmrs* Patent Pen Nibbing Knife. 

Da. InpniTed Coachman's Knife. 

Fox*s Bmsh and Masticatiag Knifes. 
Chantreys Sculptor Knife. 

Portable TraTelling Knife and Foik« with Corkserew. 
Desk and Connting.House Knives, of all sorts. 
Chfldicn's Knivta and Forks. 
IiUies nnd Gentlemen's Dresssing Cases, complete. 
Ladies^ Cases fitted vp complete, with Knires, Scissors, Thimble, and 

Bodkin, &c. &c. 
Improred Lamp Scissors. 
Small Sets of testromentsfor tlo Teeth. 
Lihran Knires, with Letter Folders, with diffinent Snbjeets engrared npoD 

Lobster Knives, of all kinds. 
Qnadrangnlar Knives, of every description, containing from 8 to 16S1 Blades 

in each Knlfsu 
Spor^en's Kniws, of all sices, oontafaiing firom 8 to 900 diflbrent Aitldct 

' JB«ach Knife. 
Fairiers* Drawing Knivvs, of all slaes. 

Gentlemen's Plantation and ShrubbeiV Bill Knives, of all siaes. 
The Dnke of Wellington and Cotbett Raaors. 
Improved Chrape Scissors, Silver and Best Strong Plated on Stssl. 
„J^ Ftower Scissors, of all siaes. 
Do. Pruning Scissors and Shears, of every description. 
Do. Nail Flies of an kinds. 
Fleams and Lancets, of every description. 
flUvcrfhiit Knives, da. do. 
Cases of Razors, contoining one, two, or three pairs. 

Do. containing one ferevnrr day in fliews^ with Laek and Key. 

Bread and Botter and French Cooks' Chopping Knives. 
Round of Beef and Venison Knives. 
Obstando Promoves and Patent Corkscrews. 

FsUshed Steel Sunibr TWtys. with diffmnt Landscapea etehad «pon thes. 
Best Stoong, Plated on Steel, Snaifer^ Nuteraeks, Knife Rests, Aspaagos 

Tongs, and Meat Skewers, of all rises, 
flsb Knives, Silver and BestStosng Plated on Steel. 
Silver Butter Knives, and Silver Fickle Knives and Forks, 
gBJIJ^adBlril Boekfes, and PaUAed Sisal Netiing »cea,«fattliBia.. 
Do. Reticule and Purse Snaps, of all sorts. 

Do. Purse Slides and Tassds. 

Do. K^ Rings, of all siaes, with Names etehed nponlhem ta ardsb 

Gold and Silver Thimbles, and Steel do. with Silver insides. 
Fseket and Yial Golksersws, of all sorts. 

Polished Steel Boot Hooks and Invalids' Tongs, and Improved Com Filaa, 
SUver and Polished Steel Tweezers and Button Hooks. 
Irfidies' Stilettoes, of all sorts, and Steel Beads, of aU riaes. 
Ivory Pnper Folders, with and wifliout Hooks, of all sizes. 

Silver. Sugar Te«gs and Caddie Shells, and 8U 
Silver, Plafed, and Ivory Decanter Labels, fee. 

Silver and Gilt Egg SpoOflt. 






Of ereiy description. 






•OAimoV.—In consequence of an intimation having been 
made to Messrs. J08BPB BOBOSB8 * 0OV8, that 
aereral Merchants have SURREPTITIO USL Y attempted to 
impoie on the Public, OUTTmUMT OOOD0 of an inferior manu- 
fiKJture, Stamped wUH their Mark, as, and for Goods manufactured 
by them, JO0BPB BODOBB0 * BOWS think it right to 
Cautum the Public against the Fraud, and to observe that no 
Cutlery Goods are of their manufacture but what are stamped 
with « Rodders, CuOtn to hit Majesty,** upon the Blade, with the 
exception of Scissors, upon which article they stamp the firm of 
their House, "J, Rodgen and Sont,** 

ImlBt OV KAMSSt " •• 

RolMlllt.,lKelii|ialrer^ 29BW!94i«i '\ 

Roberts Mrs. Mary, gentlewoman, Leavy Greave 
SSribfeite^IsaiaC) lOam^Msturer of acmoTs, 26 Smfei-stfeet 
Roberts William, manufacturer of pen and pocket kniyeSy 17 

Roberts Joseph, buteher, Duke-stretti Park- 
Roberts Samuel, Esq. Park Grange 
Robelts Mrs Jacob, 8S Anindel-streel 
Robert Joha, aanulaeturer of soi6Boi% 9 Burg^ss^^trc^t 
Roberts Joseph, mason and gravestone cutter, Jessop-streel - 
Robertson Wm., silk, cotton, and wooBen dyer, irom London^ 

Robinson Benjamin, tailor, 39 Portobello-street 
Aobia^dn and Markham, butehers, 73 West^bar Grtea 
Robinson Mary, dressmaker, 20 Bridge-street 
Robinson Robert, manufr. of coaches and haraessi BroomhcadTl 

y«rd, Rugate 
Robinson George, victuaBer, Barrel, 13 Pond-street 
Robinson Thomas, house, sign» and furniture paintery Little-6h« 
Robinson Thomas, victualler, Milton's Headi Allen-street ; : 
Robipson and Kitchen, Britannia metal manufrs.* South-stiieM 
RdMdScm Wm. house, s(ign, and furniture pamter,'5fi South-^ 
Robinson Rev, Thonasi Mmisler of the Shrewsbtoy Hospitid 

Chapel, Park 
Robinson Wm. iron, rag, and bone warehousei 44 Barker's-pp^) 
^||i|i8pn Thomas, ivory and bone merchant; bone, wool^ 
-"* ' ' "tuck, and stag haft and scale cutter, RoekxRgha»-streM 
Robinson Thomas, watch and clock maker^ jeweller^ Bte., ^ 

High-street . ^ ; 

Robinson Ebenezer, table knife manufr., S9 Quis;w-9trett' ' - 
Kobsou — , dyer, 60 Scotland-street 
Richards John, victualler, Fountain, Townhead-street f 

Richardson Wm., victualler* Three Travellers, 10 Snig-hill ' 
Roddia Mary, victualler. Old Hermitage^ Little Sheffield ' 
Roddis Sarah, dressmaker, Green'»-s^are 
Roddis Matthias, provision shop, Little Sheffield ' 

Rodgers Joseph and Sons, cutlers to his Majesty and the Royal 
.> FamiJy» merchants^ and manufacturers of tf^ble knitevj 

and forks, silver and phited dessexts^ pe«j pocket, ancl; 

sportsman's knives^, nzoaa^ scisaorsiuiilw and 

goods, &c., 6 Norfolk-street 
. RudgBi 1 -Mra> MtoidcBy. gfla>lewoiBan» .WittaaacoisatiBBt 


Rodgers Robert, solidior, Cleik of Indictmeiiti^ Solictor 10 the 
Magistrates for tbe West Riding of York^ire, Deputy 
Steward of die Court of Requests for tlie Mwor w 
Ecdesall, and Commissioner for >iaking Affidavits in 
the County Palatine of Lancaster, Bank-street 
Rodgers and Staneeti tlOTe grate and fender nanufiictufemy 

New Chuich-street 
Rodgers William, wine «nd ^rit merchanl^ Frait<4narket, near 

the Commerdal Inn 
Rodgers Geoige, aceountanti 66 Campo-lane 
Rodders Greorge» deder in hardware and Birmingham goodsv 

Silyer-street Head 
Rodgers M.y mitttner and dressmaker, 79 Atoen-street 
Rodgers Mary, dressmaker, 12 Hick's4siie 
Rodgers James, victuidler, Coach and Horses, Wat^r^lanis 
Rodgers Mrs. Aam, gentlewoman, Hi|^fi^«4erraee 
Rodgers John, engraver and copper plate printer, 8 Lambert-st 
Rodgers Thomas^ silyer cutler, cap and ferule, brass iideslnkdy 

abd tinder box manaiactaver, 18 Carvei^lane 
Ro^^ers and Smith, pen, pocket, and sportsman's kntfi manu- 

&cturers, in all th^ bniicfaee, Woi^dious^-croft 
Rodgers Jdhn, engraver and cappecpkite primer, 26 OrchaidHil 
Rockers Nathaniel, patlieh clqg and ring laaker, 27 GibNilarHtt 
Rodgers Wm*, victualler, George Inn, Maiket«^laee ; Courier 

Coach 0£G»e 
Roebuck Geoige, currier and leather selleii, 6 Castl^-slreet, 

house Oocupation-foad 
Roebuck Thomas, saddler, haraiess^ asd trunk maker^ 9 Hay- 
Roebudc Wm., whitesmith ; manufacturer of turning en^^ea 

and patent axletrees cf every description, Love-stieei 
Roebuck Geoige, hairdresser and perfumer, 50 Gibraltar^street 
Roebuck Thomas^ manufacturer of penknives, Younge<-fltre# 
Roebuck Jonathan, merchant, mann&cturer of files, saws, fen* 

ders, and patent scythes, Broad-street, Ptfk 
Roebuck William, batcher, 22 Pinstone-streei 
Roebuck Mrs. Mary, 41 Howard-street 
Rogers Robert, pro&ssor of music, and music seller, 14 

Rogerson Thomas, grocer and flour dealer, 1 Pond<4tieet 
Rogerson Thomas, butcher, ChapelHBtreet and Harvest-lane 
Rooke J. S., button mold, Acmamifaotttrer, 2 Queen-street 

LIST or NAHES» 79 

Rooke Tkomaa, Juii«i sflTeir mi ^ted manuhotuTery Tttdor- 

fitreet, remenoe 16 SycaBK>re-fltreet 
Roper Robert, chemiat and drugg^a^ oil «nd eolourman, 5 

South-street, Park 
Roper John, wood turner, 58 SoutfanBtreet 
Roper Abel, butcher and victuaUnri BroombaB TaT^m^ Broom- 

Roper William, butcher, 22 Piostoiie-street 
Rose George, boot and shoemaker, Glossop-road 
Rose Benjamin, grocer and tea dealer, 10 West-bar 
Rose John, silk dyer, South-etreet, Little Sheffield 
Rose Thomas, victualler, Bee Hive, Glossop-road 
Ross George, house, sign, furniture, and ornamental patntery 

George-streel, house S2 Bri%e-hi]l 
Roston Luke, awl blade maker, SouthnBtreet 
RostoB William, awl blade maker, 16 Bridge-street 
Rotberbam Thomas, boot and ^hoeoaker, 27 Gibraltar-street 
RowboUun John, manufiMturer, hoase Gell-«tre^ 
Bowibbthaoi, Wtn^dd, and Wade, merobants, tnanufaeturera, 

of pen, podeet, fruity aportsmn, and table kaives, fa- 

aors, £^ Ac. Tenter-street 
Rowbotham Isaac, grocer and taUow chandler, \2 Tenter^ 
RcMrboth«n Allred» chemist and druggist, 9 Hay-markel 
Rowbotham Thomas, boot and shoe maker, New George«8l 
Rowley and Crich, maltsters, hop and com dealers, Ordiard-st 
Russell John, clock and watch maker, 12 CouktOB-stredt 
Russell John, clothes salesraan, 73 Barker's-podl 
Rutherford Clifford, geademan, 80 Broad-kne 
Rogrle William Matthew, grocer, 107 South-street 
Rutter Alexander, saw manufacturer, Broad^lane 
Ryals Charles, pen and pocket knife manu&ctUfer, 64s HoUis* 

Ryals Jasper, grocer and flour dealer, and raanufisKHturer of pen 

and pocket knives. Little Sheffield 
Ryals William, razor, pen, pocket, and table knife manufeotu- 

rer, 14 Hereford-street 

Sagar William, butcher, Shambles 

Salmon Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 76 Pea-croft 

Salt Jobn, ironmonger, 29 West- bar 

Salt Miss, ladies' school, 29 West-bar 

Salts Misses, ladies' achool, Spring^iiU 


Sambourne Elizabeth, ladies' boarding school, Highfield 
Sampson Henry, Britannia metal manufacturer, 22 Orchard-st 
Samuel Abraham, silversmith and jeweller, 17 Wellington-st 
Sanderson John, chemist and druggist, 4 West-bar 
Sanderson William, manufacturer of forks, butcher, shoC) oook, 

and bread knives, steels. Sec. 86 Hollis-croft 
Sanderson Misses, ladies' school, and preparatory school for 

boys, 46 Norfolk-street 
Sanderson and Colley, curriers, leather sellers, and boot top 

manufacturers, dealers in moroccos, roans, basills, and 

leather for wheel bands, frc. Market-street 
Sanderson James, merchant, Gell-street 
Sanderson Miss Mary, Wilkinson-street 
Sanderson Joshua, leather tanner, Upperthorpe 
Sanderson John, yictualler, Red Lion, Charles-street 
Sanderson John, manufacturer of circular and all other Idiidt 

of sa^ws, busks, &c. 51 Charles-street 
Sandys Robert, butcher, 7 Shambles, house Rock-street 
Sansom and Sons, merchants and manufiwturers of table kttivaa 

and forks, silver and plated dessert knives and forks, 

pen, pocket, and fruit knives in gold and silver^ razoz8» 

&c. 22 Norfolk-street 
Saunders W. H. appraiser, auctioneer, and agent to the San 

Fire Office, Auction Mart, East Parade, house St* 

Saunders Samuel, hatter, 25 Ball-street, 6reen-kne 
Saville George, victualler and pump maker, 4 Earl-street 
Saville Edward, razor manufacturer, 22 Duke-street 
Saville Peter, chair maker, and furniture broker, 68 Barker'4* 

Saville John, victualler. White Horse, Solly-street 
Saville Charles, manufacturer of skates and edge tools, 6 top 

of South -street 
Savage George, fine razor manufacturer, SO Duke-street, Park 
Savage Thomas, manufacturer of razors, 35 Solly-street 
Sawyer Thomas, collector, 56 Wicker 
Sawyer John, linen draper, silk mercer, haberdasher, and 

hosier, 51 Campo-lane 
Saw Mill Company, Canal-side 
Saxton William, bookseller, bookbinder, and stationer, 29 

Saylcs and Co. fire brick yard, Blonk-street 


StylfBa Matthew^ assi^ master ; days of assaying, Mondays add 
Thursdays, and agent to R. and W. Batdwin^ Bir- 
mingham, 29 Fargate 
Saylas Samuel, rope, twine, and netting maker, 46 Southnrt 
Sayles Thomas, rope maker and flax dresser, 21 Gibraltar-st 
Sayles L. C. surgeon-dentist, 33 Fargate 
Sayles John, rope maker and flax dresser. Duke-street, Park 
Si^rnor Thomas, pen and seissor knife, razor, &c. manu£ie« 

turer, 14* Bank^street 
Saynor John, Tictualier, Barrack Tavern 
Saynor Samuel, table and pocket knife manufacturer, 6 Ed- 
Baynor Elizabeth, manufacturer of umbrellas and parasols, 23 

Saynor Jeremiah, town's beadle and gaol keeper, Casde-street 
Schofield Thomas, 12 Norfolk-street 
Schofield Samuel, grocer, flour dealer, and tallow chandleri 1 

Silver-street head 
Schofield, Oxiey, and Co. oast iron founders, stove gnitSf 
oven, and boiler manufacturers, Union Foundery, Fut^ 
Schofield B. auctioneer, a^raiser, and agent to the Norwkh 
Fire Office, and sectetary to the Sheffield and Halhon* 
shire Saving Bank, Watson's-walk 
Scdtl FMerick, working jeweller, West-street 
Scott Misses, milliners, 57 Wicker 
Scott David, victualler. Hare and Hounds, Trinity-street 
Scott James, artist, 30 Nursery-street 
Seaman Samuel, scale cutter, IS Moorfields 
Seaton George, tailor^ York-street 
Senior John, builder, carpenter and joiner. Castle-hill 
Senior William, hosier, hatter, and glover, 5 King-streel 
Senior Joseph, grocer, tea and flour dealer, 98 South-flHtel 
Senior Francis, carpenter and joiner, 44* Lambert-street 
Senior and Son, wire workers and drawarS) 42 Church-strsel 
Settle John and T*, Gunn, and Co. silver and plated manu&c- 
turers, Norfolk-street ; agent R. X. Maitin, 6 Falcon* 
court, Fleet-street, London 
Settle John, silver plater, house Wilkinson-street 
SMe Thomas, manufacturer, house 42 Barker's-Pool 
Sewel James, commercial academy. Joiner-street, Wicker 
Seymore Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 7 Didw-streeti Pakk 


ShallcrosB George, baker and corn dealer, purveyor of oats to 

the Army, and Army baker, 43 Gibraltar-street 
Shallcross Letitia, grocer, 1 1 Moorfields 
Sharman Samuel, grocer and draper, seed merchant and dealer 

in malt. South-street 
Sharpe Matthew and £dward, scissor manufacturers, 92 Pond-st 
Sharrow Elizabeth, milliner and dress-maker, Surrey-street 
81iaw John, grocer, and fine scissor manufacturer, 39 Bridge*tt 
Shaw Elizabeth, victualler. Yellow Lion, Coalpit-lane 
Shaw, Marshall, and Co., merchants, saw and edge tool manu* 

&cturers, 66 Osborne-street 
Shaw Jonathan, pen, shoe, and butcher knife manu&cturer, 

5 Meadow-street 
Shaw George and James, manufacturers of Britannia metal 

goods, near Kellam's Wheel 
Shaw George, manufacturer. Western-bank 
Shaw W. R. tuner and repairer of Piano-fortes, Geoig»«kitet 
Shaw Samuel, tailor, 8 Wellington-street 
Sbaw Thomas, builder, top of South-street 
Shaw Thomas and Son,manufacturer8 of pen and pocket knives, 

3 Meadow-street 
Sheldon Efizabeth, dressmaker West-street 
Sheldon Joseph, builder. Chapel-street 
Sheldon Miss Hannah, gentlewoman, Little Sheffield 
Shenner Watson, dealer in tea and prints, St James'a-street 
Sheard Joseph, plasterer, 15 Orchard-street 
Sheldon Samuel, solicitor, 28 Fruit-market 
Shirwin John, whitesmith, 20 Westbar 
Shepherd George, razor manufacturer, 15 Solly-street 
Shepherd, Malin and Son, mahogany, ra£P, and timber mer- 
chants, Saville-street, Wicker 
Shepherd Joseph, bone mold maker, 47 Hawley-street 
Shepherd John, dealer in Sheffield and Birmingham goods, 

27 Snig-hill 
Shearwood John, solicitor, 16 Church-street 
Shiers Thomas, grocer and flour dealer, Stanley-street 
Shepherd, Malin and Son, cabinet makers, upholsterers, and 

furnishing ironmongers, 6 Hay-market 
Shipman Joseph, pen and pocket knife manufacturer, SoUy-8t« 
Shippam Jonathan, Albion Com Warehouse, 17 King-street 
Shippam J., baker, 28 Burgess-stl^et 
Shirby and Jackson, Albion Mill, Shimeld-croft 


Shirley Benjamin, grocer, tea dealer, and com fiictor, 72 Weit* 

Shirlcrjr Thomas, grocer and flour dealer, Townhead-cross 
Shirley Thomas, grocer and flour dealer, 1 Hay-market 
Shirley William, grocer, com, and flour dealer, 31 Gibnitar 

Shirt Wilb'am, penknife and razor manufacturer, oraamenter in 

gold and silver on combs, raaois, penknives, &c« New 

Shirt Joseph, victualler, Canning Tavern, NomVfield 
Shirt Elias, victualler, Wellington Tavern, 10 Coalpit-laoe 
Shirtdiff C. and M . manufacturers of table knives and btka, 

all sorts of table and dessert blade8,silver plated desserts^ 

&c. 102 Broad-lane 
Shirtcliff Joseph, victualler. St George*s tavem, 35 Broad-lane 
Shore John, Esq., banker. Angel-street 
Shortland Ann, milliner, and ^ess and straw hat maker, 19. 

Shortland Geom, lock, sneck, and spoon knife manufaetureTf 

19 Coflipit-lane 
Showell Charles, gun maker, 23 Castle-street 
Shutt L H., saddler and harness maker, 64 Moorfields 
Sbuttleworth John, soap boiler, near the canal bason, reaSdenoe 

Cannon Hall 
Shwerer Lawrence, German dock maker, WatsonVwalk 
Siddell John, solicitor, 9 George-street 
Siddle George, grocer and flour dealer, Phikdelphia 
Siddons George, victualler, Rose and Crown, Paterooater-row 
Simmonite John, victualler. Navigation Inn, Castle-fields 
Simpson William, die sinker, Tudor-street 
Simpson Thomas, victualler, Barrd, 92 Broad-street, Park 
Simpson John, manufiicturer of pocket, Spanish and lock 

knives, and spoons in general, 68 Scotland-street 
Simpson W. W., die sinker, 7 Howard-street 
Simpson W., die sinker. West-street 
Simpson Joseph, carpenter and joiner, West-street 
Simpson John, whitesmith, Portobello-street 
Simpson Philip, grocer, &c., 66 Pea-croft 
Simpson George, grocer and flour dealer, 49 Scotland-street 
Simpson Samuel, stag scale presser ; hoop plates for comb 

pieces and powder flasks, printed scales, and scales fiar 

Lucars, Park-hill-lane 

M Um OF VJ1MB0, 

8iai^0O»Mr* John, Lesty Gtttva 

Sims Mi», ladies' school, 9 Paradise-square 

Sisson Benjn^ bone haft and soale cutter^ Well Mea(Cbwvpla8» 

Bkabeck WiHiaoi, taMor> Long^^ioft 

Siai|ieaii Philip, currier and leather cutter, Shee£«treel 

Simpson Robert, currier and leather cutter, 8 GWs Yard 

Sinpsoa Ralph, grocer, 25 HaitdMad 
Simpson James, victualler, Anvil, party cars, fte» 2S Wungite 
Singleton John, grocer, tea dealer^ and provision wanhouse^ 7 

Slogietoii Thomas, chemist and druggist, 27 Waingate. 
SkdtOD J<»fan, tailor, 12 Coalpit-lane 
Skidmore Joseph, grocer and flour dealer^ 1 Dtdce-street, Park 
SkldakMr« Edmuftd, pen and pocket knife manufir., little Stuf. 
Skidmore Charles, shagreen case maker, 12 Woikhoiist-IaiMl 
IftidiBore Joseph, maBuCEMtnuer of scissors and razors 41 

SUdmore Jehoiada, appndsery aecountant, coSeetar o£ 4dbli» 

commission and house agent, 87 Fatgate 
Skidntore Benjamin, ^^roeer, tea and flour idealsr^ 2(^ FamM 
Skinner John, manufactucer of all kinds of fine aoissors, Isdiev* 
dress slides, belt, neidK, and wnst clasps, and polislied 
steel ornaments of every desoription, StaBley««lreet 
Skinner James, grocer, WestHrtBeet 
Skinner Samuel, manu&etarer, reaideaee Btoad-Jane 
Skinner William, brewer, and manuftcturer of fine . 

NewhaU-sCwet, comer of Bridg»»8treet 
Skinner Tboasas, otoher, Uuer, and ^£ier, 22 : 
Skinner and Barber, pen knife and razor wipnttftictawB^ 4 

Hack Thomas, etraw band maker, Forter-streeft 
Slack Oeoi*ge, chemist, dn^ist, and seedsmaD, 84 Church- 
Slack George, toiler, 56 HoUy-etreet 

Slack William, bone, horn, and tip merchant, haft aoib sod 
comb scale presser and comb fitter up, 16 rnrnpoi hnft 
Slack Ann, victualler, fleur de lis, Angel-street 
Skter Joiin, bookseller, stationer, and printer, CoBNaenial 

«" '' printing oflioe, 97 Fargate 

Slater George, butcher, Shambles, resideDot 61 Broad-street, 


Sinter Joseph, brace bit, joiners' tool and auger inaiiufiM!tarefr» 

SImAkiI Henry, hair dresser, 3 Westbar-green 
Sinilter George, weighing machine manufacturer, and white- 
smith, Tudor-street 
Smilter Miss Ann, gentlewoman, 2 Howard street 
Smilter James, bellman, Town Hall» 1 Waingate 
Smilter Benjamin, furniture broker, 46 Bridge-stf^et 
Smith WilliatQ, solicitor, 27 Bank-street 
Smith Albert, solicitor, and clerk to the magistrates, Castle- 
street, residence Leavy Greave 
Smith Henry, file manufacturer, 1 1 Spring-street, residence 1 1 

' Smith Benjamin, silver and plated manufacturer, 45 South«8t 
Smith Thomas, grocer and flour dealer. Little Sheffield 
Smith Samuel, scissor, scissor knife, and razor manufacturer, 

82 Carver-street 
Smith Samuel, agent for the patent cork hats, 82 Carver-street 
Smith Joseph, edge tool manufacturer, 51 Carver-street 
Smith Alfred, currier, and leather cutter, 9 Figtree-lane 
Smith Joseph, manu&cturer of all kinds of table kniveei Trip* 

Smith George, gentlemani Wilkinson-street 
Smith William, manufacturer, house Nelson-place 
Smith William, gentleman, Portobello-street 
Smith John, draper, 10 St. James*s-street 
Smith Davi^ hawker, S St. James's-row 
Smith Michael, tailor, 39 Garden-street 
- Smith John, manufacturer of razors, 76 Pea-croft 
Smith Henry, manufr. of files, Sieelhouse-lane 
Smith John, victualler. Star, Gibraltar-street 
Smith William, boot and shoemaker, Hoyle-street 
Smith William, gardener and seedsman, 56 Mooffields 
Smith Ann, grocer, 59 Moorfields 
Smith James, victualler, Punchbowl, 35 Bridge-street 
Smith William, victualler, Packhorse, West-bar < 

Smith Joseph, manager of saw mill. Regent-street, Canal-side 
Smith James, fish and oyster warehouse, Barker's-po<d 
Smith Sarah, milliner and dressmaker, 59 Carver-street 
Smith James, manufr. of table knives, top of Arundel-Mset 
Smith Thomas, victualler, Falcon, 6 FlatMi^wt 
Smith George, gentleman, 19 Arundel-stiect 


66 LI^ ^M NAUKS. 

Amtth Joseph, nMniifr. of fldssora, AnmdelHBlreet 

Smith Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 5S Charles-street 

Smith Mary, roillitier and dressmaker, 46 Noifblk-slreet 

tSmith John, butcher, Little Sheffield 

Smith Charles, butcher, top of South-street 

Smith Rev. Thomas, Independent IVeacheri Kether Chapel, 

house Philadelphia 
Smith Samuel, grocer, Little Sheffield 
Smith John and Sons, manfrs. of saws, files, tdgb tools, aad 

general merchants, Glossop-road 
Smith William, merchant ; manufr. of table knives, 22 Wicker 
Smith Stephen, shoemaker, 1 1 Woikhouse-laae 
Smith Geo., silk mercer, linen dr^r, laoeman, hosier, and 

furrier, Fruit-market 
Smith Thomas, governor of the gaol, 2 Scotland-street 
Smith Thomas, constable and badiff of the maior of HaBaoi- 

shire, 2 Scotland street 
Smith Benjamin, victualler. Three Cranes, 18 Queen«stwet 
Smith Benjamin, file raanufi*., to|> of Snow«hill, Smithfidd 
Smith Samuel, basket maker and !dealer in toys, wholesab and 

retail, 29 King-street 
Smith ThonMS, grocer, 40 Porter4treet 
Smith and Moorhouse, merchants ; manufitttinftra of «11 kinds 

of cutlery, Eyre-street 
Smith, Tate, Hoult, and Tate, silver «nd plated manufaeMMm^ 

15 Arundel-st., and 18 Sali«bury-st«, Strand, London 
Smith Thomas, solicitor, Divisionnstreet 
Smith William, snufixsr manufacturer, WestHBtnet 
Smith Wm. and Edward, iron masters and sted rotten^ Widcer 
Smith John, victualler, Pheasant, Broad-sbreet, Ruk 
Smith Benjamin, victuidler. King's Arms, Faigate 
Smith Hannah, wine and Spirit dealer, 28 Haynarket 
Smith Joseph, wood turner and tea pot handle maker, fipttif's 

premises, Arundel-street 
Smith Samnel, haft and scale ornamental press oiltter, Pea««ioft 
Smith Samuel, dock maker, 1 Cherry-irec'-yard, GibrakaiHSt 
Smithies Elizabeth, dealer in straw, chip, and Leghotn f 

mininery, &o«, 5 Haymarket 
Snape JohTi, hnir dresser, Lit^e Sheffield 
Sneasby Charles, butcher, Shambles, house CastkJiiU 
Sneasby Richard, butcher, Gibraltar-fltraet 
Snidali Samuel, watchmaker and jeweller, 16 Hi^-slreet 

Somerset sod* Widlon 'MhtaoBi teachers oS tlie GUW Nationil 

SdioeV Cai^er-aUeet 
Sorby John and Sqnai merchant 89. factors ; edge tool, hrace and 

bit, joioers' tools, file, saw, spade, and shovel manD&a^ 

26 Spittai-hill. N. B» AH goodaof their loaiiu&ctaw 

are marked '^ J. and U- Sorby." 
Sorby John, se©*, residence Orgrave 
Sorby John, jun., residence Spiltal-hUl 
Sorby Alfredr'reiridence Hall-earr 
Sorby Henry, residence Woodbum 
Sorby Robert, Baerchani and, manufacturer of edge took, Union- 

akreet, residmice Birk Grange 
Sfvby Jamesy sotioitar;: Agent to the North British Fire and 

Life Insurance Office; Market^atreet* housir Osga-. 

Sorby and Turner, manufactra* of edge tools in all the various 

bcanohes, hoes, bills> matohetta,. cutlasses, a^d all kinds 

of plantation tooia«. Qoodrcrqfty . Wiley-street, Wickex 
Soiby Thcwisa^vbileeiAitbiaM johswith^ 23 Lambertrstreet 
South William, manufagburer rf Fcnrks, Moorfields 
Southeran William». ml blade maker, 21 Cumb€^laQd««Ueet 
Southerait John and. Henry, coUectoraof Highway ^ssessmeAt» 

la Noifelii^tml* 
Sowter Whittibgton, gentleman, Beetnstreet 
S^wter Whttltngton, schooknastejr, Soutb-street, Park 
Speai^ Jackson and Co., aaw and steel manufrs., Gibraltar-st 
Spear John and Co., file manufacturers, Gibraltar-street 
Spencer and Crossland, general merchants and ^tors, Allen- 
street, shop 157 Fenchurch-street, London 
Spencer Matthias and Son, steel converters and refiners, manu- 

fiicturers of files, edge tools, saws, &c., 50 Fea*^roft 
Spenoer Robert, die mnker and modeller, 90 Pond-street 
Spencer Joseph, mason and builder, bottom of Eyre-street 
Spink John, pawnbroker and salesman, 40 West-bar 
Spittlehouse Edward, carpenter and builder, 88 Rockingham-st 
Spooner Joseph, bone scale cutter, 5 Burgess-street 
Spooner Edvard, preserver of birds and beasts, 21 Pinstone-st 
Spooner Edw., brush manufacturer, Waterfall's-yard, 2 Fargate 
Spu» Peter, merchant, pen and pocket knife, lancet, and phleme 

manu&cturer, 56 Arundel-street, house Heeley-bank 
Spttir Peter, dealer in tea and coffee, Broad-hme, comer of 


Spurr Hiram, schoofmaife^, Chapel-sfrect, BridgeBoui^ 
Stacey WWiBtt and George, furnkhHrg frdnmongert imd gitt 

femiture fitters up, 25 Fruit-market 
Staeey John, merchant, house Cbarcb-street 
StMCty Mra., gentlewoman, Church-street 
Stoeey Thomas, fishmonger, Fish-nuurkel 
Slwey William, dealer in earthenware. 111 SoudK«treel 
Stancer George, wheelwright, 6 Wicker 
Stafford H. C, professor of languages, 1 Howard-street 
Stafibrd John, pen and pocket knife manufr., Wheeld6n*^«et 
Stainrod John, whitesmith and jobsmith, Hick's-lane 
Staniforth John, solicitor ; clerk to the Commissioners for the 

Improvement of Sheffield, Castle-straet 
Staniforth William, jun., surgeon, Castle-street 
Staniforth David, whitesmith and locksmith, 25 Burgess-street 
Stkniforth Robert, 101 Eyre-street 
Stanifort]i Samuel, grocer and tea dealer, 30 Broad-lane . 
Staoilbrth James, slater, Andrew-street 
Stimjfbrth Joseph, grocer and seed raerefaant, Park-gate. 
Stuiiforth William, sen., gent., 2 Castle-street 
Staniforth William, grocer. Broad-street, Park 
Staniforth Luke, victualler, Black Swan, 15 Pond^strect: 
Stimtfortb James, victualler. Three Tuns, Silver-street-kead 
Staniforth Thomas, tailor and draper, 18 Norfolk -street / 
Staniforth T., raanufr. of pen, pocket, and life knives, ^ark 

Pinion,) commission agent lor all kinds ' of Si^ffield 

goods, 19 Radford-street 
Stanley Wiiliatn, poulterer ; eating house, 2 Watson's-waJk 
Staley Sarah, dressmaker, Batton-Iane 
Staley William, factor, Rockingham -street 
Staley Thomas, factor, Rockingham -street 
Stanley William, manufr. of polishing paste for brAss, copper, 

tin, pewter, white metal, plate, &c., Nor&lk-lane 
Stanley Richard, banker, Church-street 
Stead Broughton, Esq. Beauchief Hall 
Stead John, iron founder, 60 Moorfields 
Stead John, coach and harness maker, Waterloo-place, Stanley^ 

. street. Wicker 
Stead Jmieph, cast iron founder, Attuon Foundry, £yre«8treet, 

'■ shop top of South-street 
Steel Jesse, flirftitufe broker and bellows maker, £6 We8^!»r 
Steel Joseph^ butchevi Bridge-s^eet i ',„^ 


professor nf ^anenasm* 

BxsiDB the French, ItaliaD, and German Languages* 
which he writes and speaks with great accuracy and 
fluency, Mr. & gives instructions in the Spanish, For* 
tuguese, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Dutch, Romaic^ 
Anglo-Saxon, Gothic, Ancient History, Mythology, 
Oriental Philosophy, &c. 

The following encomium on Mr. SrAFFoan's System ^ 
of Teaching is from the pen of one of Mr. S.*8 pupils:—^ . 

'*As a theoretical and practical Teadier of Lan* 
guages, Mr. Stafford is justly entitled to considerable 
eminence, and in the estimation of competent and im- 
partial judges he must rank high as a philosophical 
grammarian and philologist. An exact knowledge of 
several of the dead, and an intimate acquaintance with 
most of the living languages of Europe, together with 
the experience of a long and varied professional career 
in the most fashionable and literary circles of France^ 
Italy, and Germany, give him advantages to which few 
teachers of modern languages, of his age, can have any 
well grounded pretensions. 

''His System, which invariably combines sound 
theory and useful practice, is calculated by the rational 
and forcible appeal which it makes to the understaiidag^ 
to insure the patronase of all lovers of improved me- 
thods of teachmg, and to extort approbation from the 
most bigoted friends of routine. In teaching the 
French Language, which he is allowed by well educa- 
ted foreigners to speak with all the ease, accuracy, and 
fluency of a native, he begins with the pronunciation, 
which he never fails to communicate in the course of 
twelve lessons. Thus, he enables his pupils to sur- 
mount the greatest difficulty which the French Lan- 
guage offers to Englishmen, and which ought to be the 
very first object of the attention of those who devote 
themselves to the study of it, in less time than many 
native teachers enable their pupils to pronounce accu- 
rately, the elementary characters of which the French 
alphabet is composed. 

« To effect this, he entirely rejects the long received 
practice of considering letters separately according to . 
alphabetic order, and paying attention to their names, 
and attends only to what, at all times, ought to have 
engrossed the attention of the studmt in modem 
languages in the first instance, vis. the sounds which they 
are to produce in their single or combined state." 

J, JSlackweU, Printer. 

\ ': 

;- \ 

I S -X St * A 

i ^^'^J 


s ^ 

■** ^ s- -/ ft 


Steer Wfllianiy Broad-lane 

Sleei9 and Wnkinson, iacian ; maDufiMturers of fine soiaioni^ 
nippers, table knives, &c., Castlei-hill 

Stenton William, merchant, Spring-place 

Stenton John, boot and shoemaker, 51 Moorfielda 

Stenton William, slater, 42 Holly-4treet 

Stephenson Samuel, hoiisey sign, and fiimkure paiateF, 16 

Stephenson Job, die sinkw and omam^lal ebasev, top of 
South-street --^ ^ 

Stephenson John, prmtiien@ die sinker, chaser^ and ^graver, 
near the Bridge^ Lilde SheflMd 

Stevens Antipa^yfctufllleK, 'Golden Ball, Campo4an6 

Stephens Richaul^ c^rk scre^ manufaoturer, Bailey-fidd ': 

Stemdale John^sbigeoi^ ^CNorfolk-str^et 

Stevenson J. G» die sisitef, ^outh-street, Little Sheffield 

Stevenson and A&insqoy genial mercbanta and manufiictuxers 
of combs, CornhJU *^ ' 

Stevenson Thorny butcier^^l^ Shambles, house MS^sanda 

Stevenson Luke^ gardener, SbFruit-market 

Stevenson SamueK grocer, 6^ Wicker 

Stevenson John,^mitm« bcoker, S8 Higb»street 

Stevenson John, linen and pollen draper, hebeidasher; and 
laceman, ^ Angel-str£^ 

Stoakes Samuel, gcneri^ provision warehouse, 12 Marketppla. 

Stocks John, boot and ishoemik^r, 95 Duke-street^ Park - 

Stocks John, manufr^ of garden, \tailor8', Scotch^ plaitters, And 
silk shears, B|ro6mheaS&-yard, Fargate 

Stones Frederick, mercliMmt a8d factor, manufr. of edge tools 
in all the various branches, joiners' tools^ skates, saws, 
files, &c., Albion Works, Axundel-lane, house Laurel 

Stones Joseph, manufaoturer of razor cases and strops, gen- 
tlemen and ladies' dressing cases, ladies' work boxes, 
portable writing desks, mahogany and oak table knife 
cases, pocket books, needle, knife, scissor, spectacle 
and surgeon's instrument cases, pattern cards and 
pouches for fJl sorts of cutlery, Watson's-walk 
Stones William, victualler. Gardeners' Arms, Obome-stneet 

Stones George, gardener and seedsman, 15 Fruit-market 

Stones Benjamin, hafl and scale presser, dealer in horn, bones, 
&c. 26 Arundel-street 
i 2 

90. LIST Of NAMES*. 

Slones Benjamin, 1 Paternoster-row 

Stones William Aleunder, schoolmaster, Paradiie-sqisare^ 

residence, 47 Broad-street, Park 
Stones William, dealer in fruit, Fruit-market 
Stones William, gardener. King-street, house Brightside-kme 
Stones William, boot and shoe maker, 28 Coalpit-lane 
Stones Edward, dealer in flour, 12 Townhead-cross 
Storer John, wine and spirit merchant, 12 Hay-market 
Storer William, pawnbroker and salesman, 3 Broad-street, Park 
Storey John, boot and shoe maker, Marshall's yard, Rocking- 

Storey John, boot and shoe maker, Duke-street, Park 
Straw James, grocer and tallow-chandler, 3S Westbar 
Stringer Joseph, victualler, Blue Boy, Shepherd-street 
Straw John, top haft presser, and horn scale cutter, 61 Bark» 

Straw John, manufacturer of pen and pocket knives, Blonk- 

street. Wicker 
Streatfield J. H. brewer. Pond-street 
Stringer Joseph, grocer, and manufacturer of penknives, Sbep-- 

Stubbin George, gardener, 8 King-street 
Stuart and Barton, manufacturers of stove grates and fenders^ 

also iron and brass founders, Saville Works, Wicker 
Sluart Richard, manufacturer, house Nelson's-place 
Strother and Marples, hair dressers and perfumers, 2- Norfolk* 

Styring Robert, auctioneer and upholsterer, 2 Change-alley 
Styring James, paper hanger and upholsterer, 2 Change-alley 
Styring George, cabinet maker, upholsterer and paper hanger, 

22 Lee-croft 
Summerfield and Renwick, manufacturers of baskets, hampers, 

brushes, cookery, hair, wire and lawn sieves^ all kinds 

of tops, riddles, and turned goods, wholesale and retail, 

corner of Orchard -street, Fargate, and 28 Fruit-market 
Sunderland James, bookbinder, 9 New Church-street 
Suckley John, draper, 4* Hoyle-street 
Sutcliffe Richard, chemist and druggist, 88 South-street 
SuttOD Rev. Thomas, vicar of She£Beld, and surrogate, resi* 

dence Grey-stones 
Sutton Mary and Ann, band box and trunk makers, 26 King« 



LIfiT. Of VuilCES. 91 

Sutton and Son, manufacturers of silk-weayers' picktrsy fo^ 

shears, &c. 84 Broad-lane 
Swaddel John, stone mason and bricklayer, Portobello-street 
Swallow John, tailor, Rockingham-street 
Swift Michael, gardener, Bow-street 
Swift Michael, skate and joiners' tool manufacturer, Naylor'tf 

yard, Coalpit-lane 
Swift James, razor, scissor, scissor knife, and pen knife mip^j^ 

facturer, 25 Smithfield 
Swift George, butcher, 67 Wicker 
Swift William, hosier and glover, 17 Angel-street 
Swindel Joseph, victualler. Old Star, Pea-croft . 
Swindells and Ashtouj whitesmiths and jobsmiths^Duke-streel, 

Swinden James, table knife manufacturer^ 44* Scotland-street 
Swindon John, solicitor, Dixon-lane 
Swinscow Thomas, comb manufacturer^ Hartsbead 
Swinscow John, wood turner, 52 Westbar 
Sykes and Son, patent powder flask and shot belt manufao^ 

turers, 12 Duke-street ^ 

Sykes W. and T., manufacturers of patent fire proof powder- 
flasks and secret spring pocket shot charges, and bras»- 

inkstands^ 15 Arundel-street 
Sykes Miss,. gentle woman, 55 Norfolk-street 
Sykes Joseph, grocer, wholesale and retail, 34 Pinstone^street 
Sykes George, victualler, Horse and Jockey, 10 Tenter-street 
Sykes Ann, victualler, Q in the Corner, Paradise-square 
Sylvester Geoi:ge, mason, Chapel-strf^et 

Tagg Charles, manufacturer of pen and pocket knives, Spurr s 
buildings, Arundel-street 

Tankard Benjamin, spectacle case maker, 20 Hartsbead 

Tankard William, lancet maker, 14 Lee-croft 

Tasker John, victualler, Nag's Head, Nag's Head-yard, Hay- 

Tasker John, shoemaker, 2 Pond-hill 

Tasker Richard, grocer and dealer in earthenware, Centre- 

Xattef^hali. and Hoole, solicitors ; Mr. Tatter^all being notary 
public and commissioner for taking a£Bdavits for the 

., , county of Lancaster, jFigtrec-lane, Bank-street 

^attershall Elizabeth, ladies* school; Broomhall-Iana 

92 LIST 01? NAMES* 

Taylor Joseph, TictuaHer^ Union, 31 Furnaoe-bill 

Tavlory Richard Thomas, cheipiist, draggist, oil, and colour- 

tnan, 94 South-street 
Taylor John, linen manufacturer, linen draper, hosier, &c.» 95 

Taylor William, dealer in bones, hoofs, horns, iron, steel, and 

wire, 48 Fargate 
Tayfpr John, victualler^ Queen's Head, 14 Sheaf-street, Park 
Taylor William, plasterer and whitewasher, 10 Townheadrst. 
Taylor and Burgin, fine scissor manufacturers. Snow-lane 
Taylor, Yeomans, and Shaw, manu^turers of worsted, cot- 
ton, flax, and silk, spindles, flyers, bra9S and steel steps, 

rollers, guides, &c.. Bridge-street 
Taylor John, manufacturer, house Pye-baak 
Taylor Mrs., gentlewoman, Wilkinson-street 
Taylor John, commissioner, Spring Cottage, Glossop-road 
Taylor George, victualler. Full Moon, 25 Silver-street 
Taylor Miss, gentlewoman, Neepsend 
Taylor George, razor case maker, 25 Silver-street 
Taylor John, manufacturer of pen knives. Broad-lane 
Taylor William, cooper, 13 HickVlane 
Taylor Sarah, dressmaker, 45 Spring-street 
Taylor William, nail-maker, Duke-s^reet, Park 
Taylor William, victualler. Commercial Inn, Haymarke^ 
Taylor Thomas, tailor, Jehu-lane 
Taylor John, scissor manufacturer, rag, iron, and steel dealer, 

49 Gibrahar-street 
Taylor Samuel, butcher, Shambles, residence Woodhouse 
Taylor John, surgeon. Rock-street, Bridgehouses 
Taylor Madainoiselle, French teacher, 26 Norfolk-street 
Taylor William, tailor and draper, 22 Haymarket 
Taylor Benjamin, furniture broker, 10 Castle-folds 
Taylor Benjamin, smith and farrier, 10 Castle-folds 
Taylor Richard, horn cutter, bone and hoof merchant, 33 

Taylor Edward, manufacturer of saws and elastic cast steel 

busks. Carver-street 
Taylor Miss Ann, Anindel-street 
Taylor William^ manufacturer of spokeshaye irons and gim- 

blets, Fumival-street 
Tate William, manu&cturer, house Highfield-teirace 
Teasdale James, pen and pocket knife iiMma£su!turer, West-st 


Teaadale James, fruiterer, 6 Fruit-market 
Thackray Jonathan, millwrigbt, Kelbam-place 
Thomlinson John, saddler and harness maker, 92 Fargate 
Thomas Lewis and Son, merchants and manufacturers, 7 

George-street, residence Field-head 
Thompson Robert, master of the commercial and drawing 

academy, Portobello-street 
Thompson and Barber, fine pen and pocket knives, razor, km- 

cet, and phleme manufacturers, 27 Charles-street 
Thompson C. and W. printers and publishers, wholesale and 
retail stationers, binders and medicine venders, dealeis 
in room paper, borders, carpets, hearth rugs, floor 
cloths, patent table covers, and newspaper agents, 2 
Market-place, and 61 West-bar 
Thompson and Linley, gilt and plated button maou&cturers, 

Thompson Miss Harriet, professor of music, 56 Norfolk-st 
Thompson William, solicitor to the Association for the Pro- 
secution of «Felons, Barker's-pool, house Western-bank 
Thompson William, stone mason, Rockingham-street 
Thompson Miss, milliner and dress maker, 66 Trippet-lane 
Thompson William, manufacturer, house Red-hill 
Thompson James, grocer and dealer in flour. Tenter-street 
Thompson Joseph, grocer and dealer in flour, 28 Waingate 
Thompson John, flour and horse corn warehouse, 19 Castle-st 
Thompson Gordon, M.D., 1 1 George-street 
Thompson Matthew, boot and shoe maker, 4<1 Burgess-street 
Thompson Joseph, collector of excise, 13 Paternoster-row 
Thompson Robert, manufacturer of files, 33 Arundel-street 
Thompson George, gentleman, 98 Eyre-street 
Thompson and Lawton, miUiners and dress makers, BakerV 

Thomhill Samuel, awl blade manufacturer, 8 Broad*lane 
Thomhill John, grocer and dealer in flour, 4f6 Rockinghara-st 
Thorpe, Wragg, and Co. merchants and manufacturers of 
table knives, steel converters and refiners, 10 Carver-st 
Thorpe John, victualler. Sheaf Tavern, Canal Wharf 
Thorpe James, optician, Westbar-green 
Thorpe John, manufacturer of German, Spanish, and Ameri- 
can pen and pocket knives, Cumberland-street 
Tias Aaron, rag merchant, 54 West-bar 
Till Tliomasy 1x>ot and shoemaker; Fursace*hitt 

94 XJfiT OF NABISt» 

TiUotson John and S0119 m^rtihants and manQ&ottireTs df .aeid* 

son and table kniresy butchers' ateekf and dealai in 

edge todhy file% &c. Coalpit-ianey residenoe Bikhiiiip 

Timm Nicholas, maltstery dealer in hops, and com merchanl, 

Timm Charles, M. D., 2 Bank-street 
Timm WiUiam, bone aeale cutter, Allen-stnet 
Timm John, Uilor^ 2 Edward-street 
Ttam EMOciii tailor and woollen draper, 45 Moorfields 
Timporley John, furniture broker, Brtdgehouses 
Tin^e Giufrlefi» steel refiner, 14 West-bar Green 
TiDgle Joseph, brass founder and cast steel refinciv SI Duke* 

street. Park 
Tin^. Jjbhi% boot and shoemaker, 83 Caryer-street 
Tingle Joseph and Thomas, cast steel convetteia and refinerSy 

Bbnk-sti«et» Wicker 
Titterton Charier plumber and glazier, 49 Westbar-grecot 
Todd and Co. (late Clark and Todd) general merduHits, steel 

conveitm, and refiners^ i&anufiu]ftuied solely, fimafb* 

nigB iroBi SO Orchard-street 
Todd Robert* merebant,. residence St^. JametVafcreet 
TompUa Samuel,, general engmver, copperplate and litho** 

graphic printer, 18 H^nrtreet^ residenco Buxton^ 

fiekis' Bridge 
Toothill William, maBnfactUBsr of scissor kniTet, Biight'^rtwelt 

Topham Edward, painter, &c. 15 WhiteHvoft 
Towndsew, nursery and seedsman. South-street 
Townrow Ann, circulating library, Surrey^treet 
Townaend William, builder and joiner, Broad-lane 
Townsend William, boot and shoemaker, and leather cutter, 49 

BarkerVpool " 

Toyne Thomas, butcher, 27 Shambles, house 27 Arundel-st 
Toyne Nathaniel, butcher, 42 Shambles, house Broad-lane 
Toyno' David, butcher, 81 Shambles, house Broad-lane 
Toyne Sarah, victualler, Britannia, PortohelhHrtreet 
Toyzer Mrs«, ladies' school, IS Portobello ' 
TfamSinuini ecrfkr, whip, and harness maker, 18 Waing^ 
Travis William, victualler. Queen's Head, 13 Castle-street 
Trickett Sarah, dealer in earthenware, 6 Newhall-fitiseet 
TrlckeU Ann^ seminary, 8 TudornBtreet 

Xnxr OIF NAMES. ^$ 

Tndcitt Janm, file manufiicturer, Coolpifei-liDe 

TnA Willfam, butdier, 74 Moorfields 

IWiil Mary» batcher, Shambles, house Rockiii|^iamJfln6 

Trown John, boot and shoemaker, 2 Lee-croft 

Trown Richard, tailor, 19 Duke-street, Park 

Tniatum John, hat coveier 4md steel omameiil ladkm, Chi^.|t 

Turkwin Charles, tailor, 46 Solly^^treet 

Tomell Joseph, hoaier, 86 West^bar Gretn 

Tumell Joseph, hosier and glover, 8 High-street 

Turner Thomas and Co^ merchants and Be mintifiMtuieiiS, 

Turner Samuel, ^ctualler, Shades, wine and tfknt tocf^SBtj 

ak «Bd porter brewer, 3 Watson'a-waHc 
Turner Thomas and Co., merchants ; manufis. of table and 
pocket knmsy'files, tools, &c«, steel refiner% SS Notlblk^st 
Turner Thomas, tinman, 27 West-bar Green 
Turner Robert, dealer in fruit, 37 West^bar 
Turner William, wood turner, 7 Grindle-gate 
Tumer'Williaai, butcher, 45 West-bar Green 
Tamer S. W., solicitor, Change-alley 

Turner Jlobt., phimber, gkaaer, and pamter, 34 GJbinltar-street 
Turtle John, boot, shoe, and last maker, and dealer in hemp, 

flax, and shoemakers' tools in general, 8 West-bar 
l^rton John, smgeon, 10 Gibraltar-street 
Turton George, suigeon, 14 Church-street 
Turton WiHuun, boot and shoemaker, 48 Tnppet-laae 
Turton Thomas, manufacturer of tiJes, anid steel converteri 

Spring Works, Spring-street 
Turton Jane, milliner and dress maker, 45 Bargeoi stiict 
Turton Joseph, apothecary, near Owktfeon 
Turton Thomas, victaaller. Bulls Head, S6 Didu-stieel 
Turton William, penknife manuiactucer, 4 CoppeiHBtieei 
Turton George, grocer, tea dealer, and nnltatery 4S Charles- 

s^eet ; agent to the Royal Exchange Inmmmee Ofice 
Twigg Jonathan, manufr. of sted forks, 16 OboRMHStreet 
Twigg Thomas, manufr. of pen and pocket kw^e^ XieaTtf-yisdy 

Tyson James, chairmaker and turner, 42 Sdlyn 
Tyzack M. and Sons, die sinkers and emame 

52 Carver-street 
Tyzack Moses, mann&cturer, house Leavy Greave 
Tyzack Wdliam, vic^aUer, Bku^ Swan, 5 Faigate 


Tyzack ThomaSi dealer in flour, &c. Joiner-street, Wicker' 
TysBck Willianii saw, calico web, ladies' steel budc, patent 

scythe, and riveted patent hoe manu&cturer, and steel 

refiner, Rockingham-street 

Underwood William, wholesale and retail blacking maouiactu- 

rer, 59 Porter^street 
Underdown, Wilkinson, and Co* manufiu^urers of sHTer and 

plated goods, 2 Sycamore-street 
Unwin Joseph, scissor manufacturer, 26 South-street 
Unwin William, architect and surveyor, 6 St. James's-row 
Unwin William, brush manufacturer. Coalpit-lane 
Unwin Charles, broker, S Snig-hill and 43 West-bar 
Unwin Loke, boot and shoe maker, 18 Porter-street 
Unwin' Edwin, accomptant and general agenty 28 Fndt- 

Unwin Edwin, victualler. Royal Hotel, 84 Eyre-lane 
Unwin Hannah, seminary, 12 Cheney-row 
Unwin John, schoolmaster. Duke-street academy, Park 
Unwin and Rodgers, manufacturer of pen, pocket, and desk 

knives, pearl slides, clasps, buckles, &c. in great variety, 

7 Charles-street 

Val^ Rev. W. H., A.M., one of the assistant ministen of the 

Parish Church, residence Spring-fields 
Valentine Jonathan, bone merchant, bone, wood, and scale 

cutter. Back-fields, residence 8 West-street 
Vason John, grocer, 24 Lambert-street 
Vaughan and Mackelwain, patent steam engine, and patent 

blowing machine manufacturers. Sheaf Island 
Vickers James, saw manufacturer, Thomas*street 
Vickers and Son, com merchants and miUerSi Town MSI, 

Vickers Johf^ Britannia metal manufacturer, Britannia-place, 

Garden-street, residence West-bank 
Vfckers Godfrey,, butcher, 2 Shambles, house Sollj-fitreet 
Vickers William and Co. merchants, Don Woik^ Mill-sandc 
Vickers George, gentleman. Wood-grove 
Vickers William, joiner, Balm-green 

Wade John, bookbinder, 43 Bridge-street 
Wade Samuel, victualler. Ball, Broad-street, Bark 

Wac(^ S^li, bbdkseller, itsttioher, and citedlkcfilg fidrarjf, I^ 

Church-street - ' 

Wade Widiam Netilefihip, crolTi^e/r, shd :^lii'tb tKe BHfii& 

Commercial Life Offib^, ofees Kibg^stt'^t; iesidence 

1 Orchard-place 
Wade Mrs Robert, manufacturer of taaBOrs, tabU kdiifei and 

forks, 85 A rundiel -street 
Waddingham George, agent to the Coach ^iBi^ey King^a 

Head Inri, Mifk-stre&t 
• Wadsworth John, sJater, 14 Trinify-strc€t 
Wagstaff William, victuailer and ^irit dealer, Kodhey Arms^ 

Doncaster House, 33 Barker's-pool 
Warnwfight John, coopet, Grindlegate 
Wainwright John, gentleman, 84* Eyte-streef 
Waiuwright John, manufabturer of bone molds, B\iHon4an4 
Wainwright Ann, grocer and Qout deider, 1 Afieii-street 
Wainwright Witliam, iPye-bank 

Waisnedge Witliam, bo6t and shoetnltkery S Cheney^s^are 
Waisnedge Martha, milliner and dressmaker, 3 Cheney^-s^uare 
Wake John Bernard, Solicitori Notary Public, Castle^titeet, 

residence Osgatliorpe House 
WaW Robert, tailoi-, 63 BarkerVpodl 
Wakefield William, grocer and tea dealer^ 81 Fargatd 
Wales William, tailor, 50 Trinity-street 
Walkers, Eyre^ and Stanley, bankers, Charch-iStreet 
W4ker George, slater, Baildy-lane 
Widker Robert, boot and shoemaker, Bailey^street 
Walker John, cabinet case maker, Furfiih^«jftreet| hou8& S6 

Rockingham -street 
. Walk^ Joseph, manufacturer of kn% cases, tea caddies, gen- 

tlemen^s dressing dissks, poitaUe desks, canteens^ &c. 

^&c., 33' Arundel-street 
Walker James, eonfectibner, top. of South^street 
Walker Beujamin, confectioner, 12 Fruit-mark6l^' 
Walker Peter^ penknife manufacturer, 30 Potill-street 
Walker, Wilde, and Co., steel converters and refiners, Wicker 
Walker^enjamin, confectioner and decder in Britiak wines, 

Sf! High-stre^ 
Walker Thomas, tin plate worker and brazil, 15 AagelnBtreet 
Walker John, linen and wooOen draper, silk mercor, haber- 
dasher, and laceman^ opposite the Churdi*gate8> 22 



Walker James, confectioner and tea dealer, Union-buildii^ 

Walker George, grocer and maltster, 22 Snig-hili 

Walker William, umbrella manufacturer, dealer in all sorts of 

haberdashery, gilt, plated, and japan goods, small wares, 

&c. 63 West-bar 
Waller John, brewer, 78 West-bar Green 
Wallis Joseph, silver cutler, and furnishing ironmonger, ^4 

Wallis Joseph and Sons, timber merchants, 74 Wicker 
Waller John, brewer, 78 Westbar-green 
Wall John, carpenter and joiner, Dunfields 
Walmsley William, blacking manufacturer, 28 Scargil-croft 
Walsh Thomas, victualler, Murray's Arms, 13 Queen-street 
Walsh Margaret, ladies' school 
Walsh Hannah, gentlewoman, 14 Howard-street 
Walters Thomss, coachman to the Birmingham Mail 
Walton James, victualler. Ball, Duke-«treet, Park 
Wakon MaUhew, bulkier and joiner, Silver-streel 
Walton Matthew, plasterer arid whitewasher^ 7 Westbar-green 
Wand. John, medical botanist, surgeon, and druggist, oil» 

colour, and seedsman, 67 Moorfields 
Warburton Joseph, manufiKtuier of table knives, and dederin 

cutlery, Wicker 
Vaiiiurton Thomas, rasor raanofiialurer, Union^Ume, house 

Wacbuifton A., grocer and flour dealer, Bask-street 
Warburton Maty, milliner and dressmaker, 52 Hollis-croft 
Warburton John, butcher, 4 Wicker 
Ward David and Son, merchants; manufacturers of edge tools 

an all its branches, engravers' and joiners' tools, saw% 

and skates, and steel refiners, Portobello-street 
Ward William, butcher, 40 Shambles, house Hackenthoip 
Ward T. A* and J«, merchants and table knife manuiacturers, 

4 Howard-street 
Ward T. A., Sheffield Park 

Ward George, butcher, 34 Shambles, house Woodhouse 
Ward John, butcher, 31 Shambles, house Woodhouse 
Ward Jas., carpenier and weighing machine maker, 2 South-st 
Ward James, tailor and woollen draper, 108 top of SonUwst 
Ward John, meal, flour, and horse com dealer, 82 Wicker 
Ward Isaac, giocer and dealer in com and flour, 9 Duke*8treet> 


tiST of NAMES. 99 

Ward and JBawer, wine and sph-it dealers, 5 High-street 
Ward Alfred, table knife manu&cturer, and general dealer in 

hardware, 100 Eargate 
Ward, Blonk, and Co., forgers and tiiters, Lady's-bridg^ 
Ward S. B., Esq., Mount Pleasant 
Ward H« H*, merchant, house Glossop^road 
Ward William, tailor and draper, Campo-lane 
Ward Thomas, boot and shoemaker, Workhouse-croft 
Ward Mr., gentleman, Harvest-cottage 
Ward Jonathan, boot and shoemaker, Newhall-street 
Ward John, provision warehouse, 6 Dixon-lane . 
Ward Joseph, butcher, 97 Pond-street 
Ward William, silversmith. Pond-street Gardens 
Ward Willi^n, butcher, 18 top of South-street 
Ward Jphn, butcher. Shambles, house Wicker 
Wardle Benjamin, cooper, 11 Castle-street. 
Warrington John, cutler and manufacturer of faney pocket 

combs, 7 Cliff 's-yard. High-street 
Wftnington Edward, Worksop and Lincob caniery (every 

Wednesday,) 76 Nortoik-strcel 
Warris George, grocer and tea-dedier, 27 Westbar 
Warris Thos., house, sign, and furniture painter, Gibraltar-st 
Waixis William* fly scale manufiuiturer ; all kinds of fly weA 

done, 18 Burgess-streec 
Warton and Byres,^ merchants; manu&etureis of files, edj^e 

tooils, steel, &c;, 66 Carver-street 
Warton Benjamin, manufacturer of fleams, Moorfields 
Washington Rawsoa George, button mold maker, Orchard*ta» 
Washington John, manufr. of Chinese knives, Pea-croft 
Wasnidge William, haft and scale presser, 22 Pond-street 
Waterfiill John, confectioner, 1 Fargate 
WaterfitU Johui sen., constable, 12 Casde-street 
Waterfall John, jun,, constable. Castle-hill 
Waterfall Henry, solicitor, 2 Fargate 
Waterhouse Thomas, surgeon, 35 Norfolk-street 
Waterhouse Robert, confectioner and dealer in British wines, 

6 Westbar 
Waterhouse, Wright, and Britland, file manufacturers, Trinity- 
Waterhouse, Hodgson, and Co, silver smiths and plate manu- 
facturers, Portobello-place 
Waterhouse Joseph, Brook-hill 

%09 X.1ST OF names; 

White William, baker, 1 Lambert-street 

White Reuben, stay maker, Fumival-street 

Whitehead and Guest, house^ sign, and fiirniture painters, IS 

Whhelack Henry, gent., PhOadelphia . - . ^ y ;> 

Whiteley Edward, victualler, BaII,"Edward-sTrcel 
Whiteley Eliza, dressmaker, Bridgerstreet 
Whiteley John, London hat warehouse, 11 Haymarket J - 
Whiteley H. and C^ straw hat uumufactiArers, 18 High-kceet 
Whitbam Charles, manufacturer of saws, hay and straw kniyes, 

cast steel patent scythes, curriers' knives, skinn^B*' 

knives, ladies' steel busks, and knives for allkii^Al of 

chaff madiinesjt ^etherthorpe 
Whitham George, manufacturer of files, bed and wood scxew8> 

mule, jenny, billy, and weavers' spindles, lever links 

and screws, steel and copper broaches, linked' iron^ 

chains for machinery, steel refiner, &c. Bridge-strtst 
Whitham Misses, milliners and dress makers, Gell-sfreet*. 
Whitehead George, grocer, corn and flour dealer, 9 Bb 
; street, Park '7 

Whitehead John, butcher, West-street ' .- 

Whitehead James, linen weaver, Parkhill-lane _ j 

Whittington George, ivory, bone, aiid hard wo6d turncir^ anit 

manufacturer of butchers' steels. Castle-folds iT 
►Widdison John, butcher. Shambles, house Castle-folds ^^ 
Widdison William, butcher, ShamUes, house Woodhousf 
Widdisoji James, oruamenter in .gold and silver, m razorsi^pen" 

knives, combs, &c. and dealer in tortoise. 4l|ell^ pearl,. 

hard wood, bom tips, &c. White-croft . 
fWig^all Joshua^ miller, makster, and com merchant, JPond^ 

Mill -. j, 

. Wigfall George^ brush manufacturer. South-street I 

^ Wjgfall J. Son and Co. merchants and file manu&otur^ 5^ 
JPond-street j •> 

WigfaH tienry, manufacturer, Pondtatreet Galena .- , i 
Wigfall Peter, gentleman, Highfield 
Wigfall Joseph, manufacturer of corks, 15 West-bar 
Wilde James, merchant, house Union-street 
Wilde Peter, manufacturer of table knives, 4 Charlea-ttreelt 
Wilde Mrs Mary, gentlewoman, SoUv-street 
Viide Johft, manu&cturer of table knives, Hollis-crpft 
Wilde John, boot and shoe maker, Centre-fielda 


ftouste, S(sn, i^tntture» anti ISecotattbe 



DiiriNO Rooms, Drawino Rooms, Staiboasbs, &c. 

Painted Plain, Panelled or Ornamented on the newest and most 

improved plans. 



W. and G., from their long experience in the above business, 
flatter themselves that they are competent to execute all orders 
with which they may be favoured, in the first style of fashion, and 
on terms which cannot fail to ensure the support and patronage 
of the public. 

N.B. Ptmmal atteHdanee and good workmau 

•«»if>-irif>«ri^-^4*'^l'* BLACXWELL, PaiNTBR.]4'"»4"*H^'^'^**^*^'^ 


Wilde Ebenezer, manufacturer of pen kiUTeSy back of Rad- 

Wilde Ann, milliner and dress maker, 9 Hick's-lane 
Wilde John, grocer, 57 South-street 
Wilde Mark, table knife manufacturer, Jericho 
Wilde and Travel, woollen drapers, tailors, clothe^ broken^ 

and hat warehouse, 20 Fargate 
Wilde Mary, victualler, Brown Cow, 1 Broad-lane 
Wilde George, victualler, Star, 35 White-croft 
Wilde Thomas, blacksmith. Little Sheffield 
Wilde Elizabeth, seminary for young ladies, George-Btraetr 

Little Sheffield 
Wilde John, manufacturer of table knives, scissors, razors, shoe 

knives, awl blades, &c. Pond-hill 
Wilde James and Son, merchants, table, pen, pocket kni&, 

and comb manufacturers, dealers in tortoise shell, pearly. 

hard wood, horn tips, &c. 29 White-croft^ 
Wilcockson Thomas, secretary and agent to the Gas Light 

Company, Gas Works 
Wilcockson Sarah, hosier and glover, 17 Church-street 
Wiley Frederick, linen and woollen draper, silk mercer, and 

^ laceman, Irish linens, &c, 16 Market-place 
Wiley Thomas, victualler. Theatre Tavern, Arundel-street 
Wilgoss, Deaiman, and Hoyland, file manufacturers, 20 Bailey-^ 

Wilkinson John, chemist and druggist, Union-buildingSr 

Wilkinson Elizabeth, victualler. New Inn, Penistbne-road 
Wilkinson Mary, tailor and draper, S Change-alley 
Wilkinson John, Fitzwilliam Brewery, West-street 
Wilkinson Benjamin, table knife manufacturer, 21 Meadow-ife 
Wilkinson John, coal and doke dealer, Duke-'Street, Park 
Wilkinson George, schoolmaster. Broom-hall 
Wilkinson J. gentleman, Spring-place 
Wilkinson James, plasterer, 6 Fig-tree-lane 
Wilkinson Henry, merchant, Albion Cottage, Siddel -street 
Wilkinson James, The Banks 
Wilkinson Henry, manufacturer of sSver and plated goodi^ 

South-street, Park 
Wilkinson James, irod merchant, and agent to the Low Moor 

Company, Arundel-street 
Wilkinson Elizabeth, gentlewoman^ 9 Howard-street 

104 lASt OF NAMEd. 

Wilkinson Sarah, 51 Norfolk-street 

Wtlley Benjamin, victualler, Green Man Inn, 7 Park-gate 

Wilks John, victualler. Chequers, 61 Wicker 

Wilks Joseph, brass and steel stove grates, wrought iron gratety 

J>ali8adoes for tombs, &c. manufacturer, 60 Wicker 
ohn, butcher, Allen-street 
WiUey Thomas and John, linen and woollen drapers, silk mer-- 

cers and lacemen, 9 Market-place 
Willey William, manufacturer of pen and pocket knives, S6 

Williams Matthew, smith and &rrier, Sportsman's Inn-yard« 

Williams Joseph, tallow chandler, 26 Waingate 
Williamson Mrs Mary, gentlewoman, 60 Norfolk-street 
Williamson John, manufacturer of table knives, 54« Trippel- 

WiDiamson Benjamin, table knife manufacturer, Orchard-laiM 
Williamson John, printer, bookseller, bookbinder, and sta- 
tioner, IS Norfolk-row 
Wills George, tailor, Hereford-street 
Wills Charles, tailor and draper, 15 Church-street 
Wills James, tailor and habit maker, 10 New Church-street 
Wilsan William and Sons, rectifiers and distillers, wine and 

brandy merchants, 12 Pond-street 
Wilson John, wine and spirit merchant, 4 Snighill 
Wilson Simon, victualler. Acorn, 62 Moorfields 
Wilson 9. and Son, Britannia metal spoon, soup ladle, Bri^ 
tannia pewter, and tinned iron spoon manufacturers, 1$ 
Union-lane, top of Charles-street 
Wilson Edmund, merchant, house 38 Norfolk-street 
Wilson James, victualler. Black Bull, 40 Hollis-croft 
Wilson Elizabeth, clasp manufacturer, Westbar-green 
Wilson William, collector of the Police rates, 10 Charles-st 
Wilson Thomas, woollen, silk, linen & cotton dyer, Forge-Iant 
Wilson and Younge, solicitors, Mr Wilson being commis- 
sioner for taking afiSidavits and judicial examinations ia 
the courts of law and equity in Ireland ; clerk to the 
Corporation' of Cutlers in Hallamshire ; and clerk to 
the Sheffield Gas Light Company^ East-parade 
Wilson James, Esq., Endcliffe Hall 

Wilson John,, table, butpher, shoe^ bread, cook, farriejr, and 
glazier knife, and steel manufacturer, 4 Sycamofe-B^reet 


Wilson Joseph I Tictualler, Thorn Tree, Park*hill 

Wilson Thomas, victualler. Ball, Carver-street 

Wikcm and Fowler, cast steel, iron, and brass founders, and, 

manufacturers of steel, Eagle Foundry, Duke-st, Fftd^ 
Witson Edmund, watchmaker, Sbarman's-row, Soutbostr^t 
Wilson David, confectioner, 9 Silver-street-head 
Wilson WilUam, bone scale cutter, 50 Westbarrgreen 
Wilson Thomas, dealer in flour and horse com, Westbar-gretQ 
Wilson George, manufr. of shoe and butcl^er knives, steels, 

&c., 1 1 New Meadow-street 
Wilson Mary, milliner and dressmaker, S8 Bridge-8(r€|et 
Wilson Godfrey, office to G. B. Greaves, £s^., Bfidgi^ 

Wilson Joseph, supervisor of excise, 2d district 
Wilson Gervas, grocer and dealer in flour. Broad-street, Park 
Wilson Elizabeth, victualler, Harrow, Broad-street, PiM^k 
Wilson John, CTocer and dealer in flour, 17 Finstone-street 
Wilson and Webster, whitesmiths, jobsmiths, and bell iHi^gei^ 

Cutlers' Arms-yard, Fargate 
Wilsou and Hawkesworth, merchants and manufacturer! i ccm^ 

verters and refiners of steel, 4 Sycamore-street 
vvuson Mrs. Thomas, 42 Anmdel>'Street 
Wilson Mr. William, Hi^hfield-terraee 
Wilson Hugh, blacksmith and jobsmith, South-stieel 
Wilton D« grocer, chandler, and com^Mtor, 1 1 Broad-s., Park 
Windle Joseph and Samuel, manu&cturers of t^ble knives, 15 

Wing M. and J., file manufacturers, 45 Lambert-stri^et 
Wing Samuel, file manufacturer, 32 Bailey-street 
Win^eld William, manufacturer, house Solly-Street 
Winks Mr. J., New George-«treet 
Winter Robert, victuallers Paul Pry, 63 Pea-croft 
Withers Mrs. gentlewoman. Broom Burch 
Witheia Benjamin, gentleman, 6 Pinstone-street 
Withys H. and M., ladies' boarding and day school, Nui8ery*sl 
Wolstenholme Je£^, grocer and flour dealer, 58 We9thar-|p» 
Wolstenholme Jo&eph, manufacturer of Britannia metal gopOH 

10 Broad-streetj, Park 
Wol^ienholme Thomas, baktf and flour dealer, 15 Scotbndni^ 
Wolstenholme J., victualler. Old Ball, S Norfolk-stiseet 
Wolstenholme James, manufacturer of files, Dufin-fields 
Wolstenholme John, victualler, Greyhound, Gibrsltarostreet 


Wobtenholme George and Son, manufacturers of table knivefi* 

and forks, pen, pocket, and sportsman's knives, and 

general dealers in cutlery, 78 Rockingham-street 
Wolstennolme Josepli, glass grinder, Taylor's yard, Bridge-st. 
Wood William, wine and spirit merchant, maltster, and porter 

dealer, Bank-street 
Wood Mr. Richard, Broad-lane 
Wood and Atkinson, merchants, and manufacturers of table 

knifes and forks, butchers' and shoe knives, steels, and 

boot and shoe plates, Rockingham-street 
Wood Robert, silk, cotton, and woollen dyer, Barker*s-pool 
Wood John, engine boiler maker, and smith in general^ 37 

High-street, Park 
Wood Tliomas, whitesmith, blacksmith, and bell hangec» 

Cooper*s-yard, High-street 
Wood Benj., cooper, 12 Lee-croft, house 9 Workhou8e*laD9 
Wood Henry, grocer and tea dealer, 33 Church-streel 
Wood B.I. and R., manufacturers of all kinds of pen, 8poit»> 

man, and table knives. Garden-street 
Wood John, tailor. West-hill 
Wood James, tailor, Ne«v Meadow^streei 
Wood Joseph, dyer !n general, 75 Wicker 
Wood Ann, shopkeeper. Castle-street 
Wood Mr. Joseph, 17 Norfolk-street 
Woodcock Samuel and Son, timber and blue slate merchant^ 

Sheaf Island 
Woodcock Samuel and Son, brush manufrs., 7 Change-allej 
Woodcock John, victualler. Fox and Duck, Bridge-hill >' 
Woodcock Millington, hair dresser and perfumer, 39 West-bar 
Woodhead Elizabeth, dressmaker, 11 Lee-croft 
Wpodhead, carpenter and joiner, Spring-street 
Woodhead William, joiner, 1 1 Lee-croft 
Woodhead William, cabinetmaker, Campo-lane 
Woodhead William, victualler, King's Head and posting house, 

Change Alley 
Woodhead — -, carpenter and joiner, Spring-street 
Woodhouse John, manufacturer, house Glossop-road 
Woodhouse John, tailor, 6 Townhead-street 
Woodhouse James, manufir. of table knives, New Church sftwct 
Woodruff Richard, tailor, 24 Charles-street 
Woodward John, clerk at Pond-street Brewery, house 16 



Woodward Henry, pUimber and glazier, and water closet 

inanuiacturer> ?7 Bprgess-streefc 
Woodward George, plumber and glazier, and water clostt 

manufacturer, 20 Hay market 
Wooffindin Thomas, gentleman, 58 Norfolk-street 
Wooffindin Alfred* manufacturer of guarded forks, and dealer in 

bones, 4 Union-street 
Woolhouse Amelia, grocer and tea-dealer, Tenter-street 
Woolhouse Joseph, victualler, Bull and Hawk, 58 Wicker 
Woolhouse Samuel, lancet maker, 13 Campo-iane 
Woolhouse W. H., merchant and table knife manufacturer, S 

Woolhouse Frederick, grocer, tea dealer, hop and seed mer- 
chant, 13 Haymarket 
Woolhouse John, lancet maker, 25 Smith-street 
Woolhouse Joseph and John, carpenters and builders, 9 

Broad-street, Park 
Woollen James, wood haft presser and turner,New-8treet, Park 
Woollen Hannah,, eating house, 5 Park-gate 
Woollen John, victualler. Ball, 83 Westbar-green 
Woollen William, butcher. Shambles, house Wicker 
Woollen George, miller and flour dealer, 19 Church-street 
Woolley Joseph, tea dealer and tobacconist, 34 High-street 
Woollin John, merchant and manufacturer of strong plated 

goods, table knives, &c., 71 Westbar-green 
Woollin John, merchant, Crook's-moor 
Worth Samuel, architect and surveyor. Chapel- walk 
Wortley John and Son, factors and scissor manu&cturers, 29 

Wortley John, grocer and com factor, 90 South-street 
Wortley Elizabeth, grocer and corn dealer, 76 Scotland-stivet 
Worrell Sarah, seminary, 62 Carver-street 
Wortley Mark, grocer, and corn factor, 64 Moorfields 
Woston William, tailor, Ebenezer-square 
Wragg Joseph, manufacturer of files, Porter-street 
Wragg and Shever, manufacturer of table knives, HoUis-croft 
Wragg John, victualler, Chequers, Meadow-street 
Wragg Charles, grocer and flour dealer, 53 Moorfields 
Wragg George, 31 Arundel-street 

Wreaks Joseph, post master, Norfolk-street, near the As- 
sembly Rooms, house Westfleld-terrace 
Wreaks Thomas, maltster, 37 High-street 

idB tfaT of KAMtS. 

Wreaks Joliny madutscturer 6f altUods of sSrMmitlbr, A^tal 
amUha', tinners' aiid cutlers' sbeats tad nippersi prun- 
ing and flower scissors, pruning shearSy and fine staa^ 
manu&ctufer, 61 Charles-street 
Wreak Miss, toy-seller» 37 High-street 
Wreaks G. D., chemist and druggist, 2 Angel-streiet 
Wreaks John, aasistaot secretary to Che Sheffield Fire Office, 

Wreaks Joseph, fishmonger, 5 South-street 
Wright William, victualler, Yeltow Lion Inn, 18 Haymarkel 
Wright Joseph, plumber and glazier, 5 Westbar 
.Wright Rev. Peter, school. Upper Chapel Vestiy, Pepper- 
alley, house Bath-grove 
Wright John and Son, manufacturers of saws, edge and 
joiners' tools, steel busks, elastic steel trusses, laneets, 
skates, table knives, &c. New George-street 
Wright John, saw and doctors' plat^ manufacturer^ Roberts'- 

buildings, Furnival-slreet 
Wright James Farewell, surgeon, I4« Union-street 
Wright John, victualler. Palace Inn, Baker's-hrll 
Wright Geoi^e, pen and pocket kAife manufiwtureri 5"SiddaO- 

street. Broad-lane 
Wright Mary, hosier ai^^over, 9 High-street 
Wright Joseph, grocer, 20 Trippet-lane 
Wright William, pattern card maker, 43 Bailey-streel 
Wright William, boot and shoe maker, 17 Townhead-streel 
Wright George, chair maker and turner, Westbar-green 
Wright Josepb, veterinary forge for young horses, 69 NotfoHc- 

Wright John, victualler, Norfolk Arms, 5 Bow-street 
Wright William, schoolmaster, Badk-street 
Wright Joseph, manufacturer of razors. Silver-street 
Wright Jacob, manufacturer of pattens and clogSy Beet*>8(reek 
Wright William^ gentleman, Philadelphia 
Wright John, confectioner, 39 Gibraitar-«redl 
Wright and Sykes, opticians, Nursery-street 
Wright and Haslehurst, Cricket-ground, Hyde^ailt 
Wright John W. gentleman, 31 Pinstone-street 
Wright Robert, boot and shoe maker, 4* Arundel-lane 
Wright Thomas, manufacturer of saws, edge toolsi steel busksy 
elastic steel trusses, paliette knives> hucets, &c, Hu^- 

^ C 'liltt. ^ ^V 



iTDffj? iiiTD ^oiirstta' tools, 




«BVMBS vsuLtsria or aul mams ahb mumt, 


surgeon;? saws of all kinds. 
JPA TTSir amiiraa, 




€ntltvu, of all Stintrs. 

J, BlackwtU^ PrinUr. 

. ^Ml aixnf aclurer cfo) W/ 











45, H10Q.8TREET, SHEirnELD, 
Retp^e^My-kifonn* the A«*iiity, Ofli«ry, mdtUFubUe, 


An :extensiye -and fashionable Assortment of Fancy and other 

' Goods, consisting of the most modem and approved Articles 

in the above Businesses, to which, he solicits their attention ; 

' and trusts thej will be found on Inspection, of such Quality 

and Ternis as will obtain their, approbation. 






of the best quality; Watch Olasses; Gold Watch Chains, Seals, Keys, &e. 


Lockets, Brooches, Breast Pins, Ear Rings, plain and fancy Fin- 

■gef Rings, and other Ornaments. 


Coral and Gonidian Beads, Pearl and Paarl^rung Beadsi &c. 

in great variety. 

iBor^«n'0 patent e^errpotntcly 9enci(iS, 

Bbajcab's patent Pens, Gold and Silver Thimbles. Pencil Cases, 

Silver and Tortoise-shell Spectacles, Snuff Boxes, 

Vin^garets, &c. 


A choice and extensive Assortment of 



Table, Dessert, and Carving Kinvss and Forks, either in, or out 

of cases, with Ivory, Stag-horn, Self-tip, See, Handles. 

Game Carvers, &c. to snit. 

N.B. C F. T. has a regulating Time Piece on the newest 

and most approved principle, which, from its peculiar construction, 

csperieaces no- variation from a change of atmosphere ; he is thus 

enabled to r^uUte his Watches with the greatest exactness. 

ft>* Wmiekegf Jtitellery, tfc^^rtpeartd bywuptriw Wwrkmm, 


o. F. Tomraa 



Ofwperior QutdUy, 
Dithesy Tureens, Liquor, Cruet, and Soy Frames, Salts, Toast 
Racks, Bread, Cake, and Fruit Baskets, Candlesticks and 
Branches, Snuffers and Trays, sets of Tea and Coffee Senrioes, 
richly mounted, embossed, and chased. 

SUber Spoonis, dTorfts. dTtst)* vtCH 9Btttter itnibe^, tct. 

Of the King's, Cobonrg, and other Patterns. 



BvaBAVzxro nr tbh bbbv BiAsmBB. 



Tmuff vnutmenua Shelif Leatkerf md Wood ArHcUtf ^v. 

Rich India, and other pattern Tea Trays, in sets or in paira^ 

Waiters, Flate Warmers, Coal Vases, Bread and Knife 

Trays, &c 

Plated on Steel Dessert Knives and Forks, in Pearl and iTory 

Handles, in sets. Table Forks, Spoons, &c 

Nutcracks, Corkscrews, and Steel Toys of all kinds. 

Ladies' Shell and Leather Reticules of the newest patterns, Wallets^ 

Ivory Tablets, Work Boxes, Tea Caddies, &c 
Portable and other Writing Desks, Ladies* and Gentlemen's 

Dressjng Cases, plain, and nchly inlaid with brass. 

Elegant Rose -wood Inkstands inlaid with brass; Ke plus ultra, 

or Blucher Travelling Cases, &c 


LUTXsraiNo silk astd scotch gingham umbkellas. 

With Synumbra Glasses, Passage and other Lamps, bronzed Tea 

Urns, Steel and Brass Fenders, Fire Irons and Braspes. 

Curtain Fins and Bows, Leather Travelling Trunks, and all 

Articles comprised in 


J, Skukwdi, Printer. 

^ „ .. , Msa^as-KAMBs^ 109 

Wrigbt James, sentlenutn, H^fi^ 

Wright, Dunhiu, and Co. Coach Proprietors, King's Head 

Inn Coach Office 
Wroot Israel, clothes warehouse, 26 High-street 
Wrofi Joseph, grocer and flour dealer, 40 Lambert-street 

Yarwood Thomas, saddler and harness maker, 1 1 High -street 

Yates John, boot and shoe maker, Blonk-street 

Yates John, victuall». Royal. Oak, Hollis-croft 

Yealand Robert, grocer and flour dealer, 19 Lambert-street " 

Yeadon John, Long-croft 

Yeomans James, tanner and Morocco leather dresser, MiU- 

Yeomans John, Philadelphia « 

Youle and Platts, linen and woollen drapers, silk mercers aM 

lacemen, S nigh^treet 
Yooll John, grocer and dealer in flour, 30 Gibraltar-street 
Yoange WilHam, M.D., 4S Churchnstreet 
Younge S. and Co., wine and spirit meiohants, Haymaiket 
Younge Samuel, solicitor. East-parade 
YodQjge, Walker, and Kitchen, silver and plated irianufactii- 
rers, (warehouse Beaufort^buildings, otnmd, London] 
Younge Samuel and Co. Rowlee Works, near Heeley 
Younge C. F. jeweller, sihersmitb, cutler and hardware-man, 

45 High-street 
Younge end Smith, manuiMluress of cotton, Qsx, silk, aiid 

worsted machines, 85 Nursery-street 
Yoange William, Esq. banker. High-street 
Younge George, Esq. banker. Sheaf-house 
Younge George, hair dresser, 6 Scotland-street 
Younge JcAn, fruiterer, 54 Gibraltar-street 
Younge Benjamin, brewer, Moorfields 
Younge Mary, dealer in fruit, 53 Gibralur-street 


Abraham J. H., F.L.S., Milk-at 
Addy John, drawing, 18 Baok-st 
Barlow Samuel, National School, 

Carver- street 
Blythe Misses, 9 St JamesVst 
Brady M» and B. Leavy Greayo 
Brelsforth Wro. 17 Wicker 
Brown John (dancing) Eyre sL 
Cadman James, 3 Hereford-st 
Cawood Job, free writing, Town- 

Licheri Mons. Italian, Spanish, 

&C. UnioD-street 
Cowley Wm. 8 FJgtree-lane 
Crooks Elizabeth, 8 Meadow-st 
Douglas Thomas, Arundel-street 
DuilTon Mons, (languages) 1 Nor- 

Eadon John, Bed-hill, and 15 

Eamshaw Joseph, Park free school 
Fawcett Misses, Belfield-house 
Fox Thomaa (surveyor) 4 Duke- 
Fpz Edward, Assembly Rooms, 

Gaakin Miss, 17 Norfolk-street 
Gordon Miss, dancing, 66 Nor- 

Green IMGss, Philadelphia 
Green Miss, Westville-house, day 

and boarding-school 
Guion James, 46 Broad-lane 
HaU Miss Hannah, ladies* school 

Cheney- place 
Haywood Elizabeth, Moor-fields | 

Haywood Joseph, Centre^fields, 

Horroz William, 80 Fargate 
Ingle William, Broom- spring 
Jepson Joshua, West-street 
Kelly Hugh, Garden-street 
Lew Mrs and Missies, ladies, Nor- 
Lee Henry, Rockingbam-street 
Littlewood Thomas, Spring-street 
Mather Elizabeth, Lancasterian, 

(Girls*) Gibraltar-street 
Megginson C. Netherthorpe-house 
Mycock John, Holly-street 
Oates Thomas, Lancast. (Boys') 

Gibraltar- street 
Oates Mrs. Gell-street 
Parkin Hugh, Surrey-street 
Parkin WiUiam, Allen-street 
Prince Sarah, ladies^ 12 Cheney- 
Pruen Rev. T. second master of 
the Free Grammar-achool, 
Riley Sarah, Girls* Charity-school, 

St. James*s-row 
Salt Misses, ladies, Spring-biU 
Salt Miss, Meadow-street 
Samboume E. ladies* boarding 

school, Highfield 
Sanderson Miss, 46 Norfolk* st 
Sewell James, Joiner-st., Wicker 
Sims Miss, ladies, Paradise-square 
Somerset and Widton Misses^ Na- 
tional School (Girls*) Cwer- 
Souter W. South-street 



Sparr Heniy, 71 Bridgehouses 
Stafford C H. (pr. of languages) 

1 Howard-stteet 
Stonn William Alexander, Para- 
Tattershall Miss Elizabeth, ladies* 

school, Broomhall-lane 
Taylor Madamoiselle, French, 26 

Thompson Robert, master of the 
drawing and commercial aca- 
demy, Portobello-street 
Thompson Miss, music, 56 Nor- 
Tricket Ann, 3 Tudor-street 
Tozer Mrs. ladies', 18 Portobello- 
Unwin John, Duke-street, Park 
Unwin Hannah, 12 Cheney^row 
Walsh Miss, ladies' schooi, Tu- 

Westbrook John, Pea-crofk 
White Rev. William, first master 
of the Free Grammar School, 
Charlotte - street, near St. 
George's Church 
Wilkinson George, Rroomhall 
Wilde Elizabeth, la^iieii', George- 
street, Little-Sheffield 
Withy's H. & M. ladies' board- 
ing and day school, Nursery, 
Worrall Sarah, 62 Canrer-street 
Wright Rev. P. Upper Chapel 

Vestry, Pepper-alley 
Wright William, Bank -street 



Bardwell, T. N. 20 Hay-market 
Becket Thomas, 9 Cheney-row 
Booker Thomas, 68 Norfolk-st 
Broadbent T. W. Canal-wharf 
Burbeary James, to the proprie- 
tors of the Sheffield Water 
Works, Church-street 
Buxton Jonathan, Green-street 
Clark William (poor rates) top of 

West- street 
Cockayne W. 75 Carver-street 
Cockin William, 19 Carver-street 

Crossland George, Vestry Clerk 1 * 
Damms Benjamin, Block Tin, 

12 Norfolk-street 
Downend Samuel, (assessed taxes) 

20 Trippet-lane 
Ellison Michael, Esq. agent to 
the Duke of Norfolk, 14 
Farnsworth William, clerk of the 

market, 3 Market-street 
Foot Joseph, 28 South-street 
Greenwood James, bailif to Earl 

Fitzwilliam, Tudor-street 
Gregory Joseph, 5 Coalpit-lane 
Heald William, 20 Wicker 
Hobson Thomas, 13 Wicker 
Hobson James, Canal Company, 

Canal warehouse 
Hodgson Joseph, Butterley Com- 
pany, Norfolk, row 
Jenkinsoti Charles, 9 Wain»ate 
Lister John, for Hunt and Co, f>6 

Eyre-street • 
Levick Ann and Co. to Hoddinot 
and Co. brass founders, Bir- 
mingham, 27 Pond-street 
Morton Francis (poor rates) 64 

Parkinson W. 29 Harmer-lane 
Perkin John, 5 Paradise-square 
Rodgers George, 56 Campo-lane 
Saunders W. H. East Parade 
Sawyer Thomas, 56 Wicker 
Schofield Benjamin, Hartshead 
Skidmore Jehoiada, 87 Fargate 
Southern John, (highway rates) 

Unwin G. 28 Fruit-markst 
Waddingham George, King's 

Head Inn 
Wilcockson Thomas, Gas Work* 
Wilson William (police 'rates) 10 

Alsop William and John, 21 

South-street, and 1 Earl-st 
Armitage George, Mouse Hole 

Burdekin Eben. Vulcan Works, 




Aldham Benjamio, 56 South-st 
Aldbam Williaio, Nag*B Head- 
yard, Haymarket 
Aldham John, 13 Jehu-lane 
Ashton Joseph, 24 Triolty-strcet 
Barker Samuel, 2 Westbar 
Barker John, 9 Snighill 
Barker James, 29 Pinstoiie-streel 
Barker John, 47 Gibraltar^st 
Barker Robert, 26 South-street 
Barton Godfrey. South -street 
Batson Samuel, Cumberland-st 
Batty Ann, 55 Higb-street ^ 
Bayet George, 102 Fargate 
Beaumont James, 73 Moorfields 
Beaumont Joseph, Silver-'st bead 
Beaumont Joseph, 79 West-bar 
Barnet (late Wynn) Angd-st ^ 
Berlsfofd Joseph, 5 Market-street 
• Blurten Anthony, Pinstone-street 
Bower Joseph, Blast-lane 
Brameld Joseph, Brldgehouses 
Broadhufst Thomas, Sl Saath^st 
Bromley J. and J. II MaHiet> 

plaae and 1 Angel-street 
Broombead Joseph, 82 Broad lane 
Brown John, 34 Church-st 
Eutterw<»tb ThomAs, 18 Pin. 

Cathnall Thomas, Bridgebouse^ 
Cawkwell Charles, 2 Spring-street 
Coates George, 57 Moorfields 
Cooper Thomas, 41 Gibraltar-st 
Cartwright Joseph, Flat-street 
Clarke William, 4 Westbar-green 
Dalton Willkm, 14 Waingate 
Dawson William, 1 5 Change-alley 
Derby George, 47 Broad-lane 
Dignum Dennis, Seotland-street 
Ellis George, Andiww- street 
Fenton Joseph, 24 Pinstone-street 
Gamble John, 5 Jehu-lane 
Garlick John, Allen-street 
Gereson James, 51 Porter-street 
Godley John, 68 Bridgehouses 
Grayson Thomas, 91 Bread lane 
Green John, Broad street, Park 
Greenwood John, Mill lane 
Gregory James, 48 Solly street 
Hallam Joseph, 17 Brown street 

Har^iaon John, 24 Bread str«et 

Healy Eliaabetb, 64 West b« 
Hill William, 10 Snig hill 
Hinde Thomas, 13 High street 
Hobson John, 5 Cross Burgess at 
Holland James, (patent) 2 High 

Howard John, 97 South street 
Husband William, Hawley croft 
Hutchinson Robert, Osborne st 
James A. 48 Wicker 
Jenkinson Thomas, 21 Waingate 
Jepson Joshna, Grindlegatv 
Johnson John, 5 Norris field 
Jones Samnel, 34 Campo lane 
Lenghall S. Little Sheffield 
Lord Joseph, 5 Market place 
Marples Robert, 31 Sooth atr 
Marsden George* SHver street head 
Marsh John, Flat street 
Marsh Joseph, 5 Spring street 
Marsh Robert, 96 Pond-street 
Marshall William, Spring street 
Meggett WilMam, 74 Bukew'n 

Middleton Joseph, Brammall lone 
Mills James, 29 Pond hill 
Mount John, 1 1 Townhead street 
Mount Samuel, 87 South street 
M«UBt John, 5S Trippet la«e 
Nells George, 15 Angel street 
Keedbam Thomasy Solly street 
Needham Joseph, Green lane 
Nicbolson Joseph, 5 Grindlegate 
Nicholson William, SmiOiiield 
Pilley John, SO Pond street 
Rose George, Glessep road 
Rotherham Thomas^ 27 Gibraltar 

Rowbodiam Thomas, New George 

Salmon Thomas, 76 Pea croft 
Seymore Thomas, 7 Duke street, 

Smith Thomas, 53 Charles street 
Smith Stephen, 11 Workhouse lane 
Starks John, 97 Duke street, Park 
Stenton John, 51 Moorfields 
Stones W. 28 Coalpit lane 
Storey John, Rockingham street 



Storey John, Duke street, Fai^E 
Tasker John, 8 Pond hiil 
Thompson Matthew, 41 Buigess 

Till Thomas, Furnace hill 
Tingle John, 83 Carver street 
Townend Wm. 49 Barker's pool 
Trown John, 2 Lee croft 
Turtle John, 8 West biur 
Turton WiUlam, 48 TrippetUme 
Unwin Luke^ 18 Porter street 
Waisoedge W. 3 Cheney square 
Walker Robert, Bailey street 
Watkinson Samuel, 4 Flat street 
Ward Thomas, Workhouse croft 
Ward Jonathan, Newhall street 
Wheatley John, 5 Castle street 
Wilde John, Centre fiekls 
Wright William^ 17 Townhead sT. 
Wright Robert, 4 Arundd lane 
Yates John, Blonk street 

Abbey Qtarles, Diyiskm street 
Ash William and Co. Norfolk 

Bee Jame«^36 Townhead street 
Brown and Flather, King*s Arms 

yard, Fargate 
Maw and Stiley% Rockingbam 

Round William, 68 Allen street 
Schofidd George, 16 Norfdk lane 
Slater Joseph, 22 Hollis craft 
Sorby John and Sons, Spittal kill, 

Saunderson William, 88 Pea croft 
Wheatcroft John, 47 Broad street, 


Batt and Kidgell, Meadow street 
Bolland Thomas, 96 Fargate 
Bridgens and Arnott, l& Pond st. 
Chadbum John, Nursery street 
Colquhoun James, (fuinishing) 

36 High street 
Cowen William, 38 Holly street 
Darwin and Co. Qneen street 
Greaves George, 34 West street 
Hague Thomas, 35 West street 

Hague Thomas, 24 Pond street 
Haigh Abraham, Sbemild croft 
Ingle and Tricket^ (late Greaves 
and Ingle) Rockingham st.' 
Kent John, 13 Snig hill 
Milner Frederic, Moorfields 
Noakes John, Allen street 
Tingle Joseph, Duke street, Park 
Walker Thomas, 15 Angel street 
Wilson and Fowler, Duke st. Park 

Bateman George, Smitfafield 
Buckley George, Norrisfield 
Buckley Jsm'ea, Eyre lane 
Featherstone Wm. Pinstooe street 
Fox George, Shales square. Park 
Hall John, Pea croft 
HaUin William, 5 Park gate 
Moriit John, Sim's eroft 
Moore & and Co. Townhead st 
Nanson Edward and Co. Bridge 

Parker, Gouldthorpe^ and Berry, 

South street 
Rawson Thomas and Co. 76 Pond 

Turner Samuel, Watson walk 
Waller John, 78 Westbar green 
Wilkinson John, West street 
Younge Benjamin^ Moorfields 

Brown S. and J. Rockingham st. 
Brown Charles, West street 
Brown S. Portobello street 
Boulton John, Blonk street 
Champion George, 6 New Church 

Clarebrough Franois, Allen street 
Copley Stephen, Sim*s croft 
Daff Robert^ Trippet lane 
Hanson John^ Bow street 
Emmett John, Norfolk lane 
Kennington John, Tudor street 
Law James, Bath yard. Green 

Law Thomas, 11 Rockingham 

Pashley Charles, Surrey street 



SUniforth James, Andrew street 
Steoton William, 42 Holly street 
Taylor Margaret, 6 Cupola street 
Wadswortb John, 14 Trinity st 

Broadbead Samuel, 15 Queen st. 
Constantine Richard, Scotland st. 
Dixon and Son, Cornish place 
Froggatt Jarai'S, 30 Eyre street 
Holdsworth William, 14 Angel 

Parkin William, 42 Campo-Iane 
Robinson and Kitchin» South et. 
Sampson Henry, 22 Orchard st. 
Shaw Geo* and James, Kilham's 

Vickera John, Britannia place. 

Garden street 
Wolstenholme Joseph, 10 Broad 

street. Park 
Wilson S. and Son, Cliarles street 

Clark and Osborne, Earl street 
Hagger and Linley, 28 Campo la. 
Jackson J. and Co., 3 Pin&tone st 
Jacques Wm., Portobello street 
Jeeves Geo. and Son, Little Shef- 
field, and 95 Fargate 
Richmond Richard, 47 Westbar 

Spooner Edward, Waterfall's yard, 

Unwin William, Coalpit lane 
Wigfall George, South street 
Wcwdcock Samuel & Son, Change 

Broadley William, Division street 
Lee William, 89 Fargate 
Turner William, 7 Grindlegate 

Alder John, Shambles 
Allen John 75, Scotland street 
Allison John, Barker's pool 
Anstiss Joseph, SiWer street head 

Asbby James, 15 Shambles 
Baker James, (pork) 21 Lee croft 
Barge Joshua, 27 Shambles 
Barker James, 50 Siiarables 
Barker Samuel, Shambles 
Barker John, jun., Shambles 
Barker John, 59 Shambles 
Barker Henry, Shambles 
Barton Thomas, 7 Waingate 
Batty William, 59 Nursery street 
Belt William, 94 Westbar 
Booker Richard, 44 Shambles 
Bottomley Eilis, Pea croft 
Bower Rebecca, South st, Little 

Bower Samuel, 91 South street 
Bowling John, 15 Flat vtreet 
Bramhall Wm., Shambles 
Brennand James, 8 Bridgehouses 
Brennand Richard, Hill foot 
Brinnen Wm., 9 Townhead st 
Brittain Samuel, 48 Shambles 
Brown Matthew, Shambles 
Browning Benj., 47 Bridgehouses 
Burton John, 51 Broad lane 
Butterill Thomas, 25 Shambles 
Buxton John, Little Sheffield 
Cardwell Joseph, 29 Shambles 
Cardwell William, 52 Shambles 
Chapman Thomas, Shambles 
Chapman Thos., jun., 11 Shambles 
Charleswortb George, Shambles 
Charlesworth Hiram, Shambles 
Charleswortb James, Shambles 
Clark John, South street 
Clayton George^ Sim's croft 
Clayton Francis, 5 Shambles * 
Crompton Chas., Harmony row, 

South street 
Crooks John, Shambles 
Crossland W. M., Shales moor 
Dale James, 52 Shales moor 
Deakin David, 57 Shambles 
Dickinson Joseph^ 86 Westbar gr. 
Dobb, F., Duke street. Park 
Dodson Wm., 45 Shambles 
Ebert Frederick, (pork,) 1 Pin- 

stone street and 12 High st. 
Ellis Matthew, 57 Bailey lane 
Els worth Edward, Bow street 
Farmer Joseph, 12 Fargate 



Farasworth Charles, (pork,) Silyer 

street bead 
Fawley William, 15 Flat street 
Fisher Joseph, 14 Scotland street 
Fisher Peter, (pork,) 59 South st 
Fisher John Shambles 
Fisher Henry, Trippet lane 
Fisher John, 96 South street 
Foster Joseph, S9 Church street 
Fox Joseph, Shambles 
Frank William, 51 Charles street 
Frudd Wm., Duke street^ Park 
Gaily Henry, 52 Moorfields 
Oenn James, 15 Shambles 
Genn James, jun., 15 do 
Genn William, 14 Shambles 
Gemi Henry, 25 do 
Gillatt William, ) 9 do 
Gillatt Elizabeth, 52 Broad street, 

Gleave George, Shambles 
Grant John, 74 Arundel street 
GVant Mary, Allen street 
Grant Joseph, 42 Gibraltar street 
Grantham Lucy, (pork,) 19 Wain- 
Habershon John, Shambles 
Habershon Matthew, do 
Hall Charles, 88 Westbar green 
Hallam Thomas, 35 Scotland st 
Hammond Joseph, 15 Gibraltar st 
Hancock George, Shambles, and 

68 Allen street 
Harris John, 35 Shambles 
Harwick James, Shambles 
Hawke Robert, 8 do 
Hibbard Rowland, do 
Hill James, 69 Bridgehouses 
HlUier Henry, (por£) Carver st 
Hillier George, (pork,) Market st 
Hides Henry, 46 Westbar green 
Hodgson Thos., (pork) 14Westbar 
Hoole James, 49 Shambles 
Houlgate THlliam, Holly street 
Houlgate Francis, 8 Silver st head 
Hoyland Hugh, Shambles 
Hoyland William, Tenter street 
Hudson Henry, West street 
Hukin John, 41 South street 
Hutchinson George, 51 Shambles 
Hutchinson Samuel, 55 do 

Hutchinson Robert, Shambles 
Hutchinson John, do 
Jenkinson James, do 
Johnson George, 4 Pinstone street 
Leonard Chas. (pork) 8 Snighill 
Lilly S., (pork,) 109 Broad lane 
Lister John, Lee croft 
Lindley John, 46 Shambles 
Lindley Samuel, 8 South street 
Littlewood Joseph, Broad st. Park 
Loukes James, 5 Shambles 
Mabson William, do 
Machin Joseph, 20 do 
Machin William, 74 Carver street 
Maleham William, Shambles 
Marshall Thomas, Westbar 
Marshall Thomas, 51 Barker's 

Marshall Charles, Centre Fields 
Martin William, Scotland street 
Middleton John, 66 Allen street 
Miller John, (pork) 80 Westbar 
Morant Thomas, (pork) Change 

Naylor Thomas, 46 Gibraltar st. 
Newton John, 80 Westbar green 
Nicholson Jacob, 17 Shambles 
North George, 20 Church street 
Nuttall Laurence, 46 Gibraltar st* 
Oldham John, Shambles 
Oxspring John, 5 do 
Parr John, 67 Snig hill 
Parr Wm. top of Sontir street 
Pass Thomas, (pork) 1 Pinfold 

Pass Edward, 5 Pinfold street 
Pass Wm. Chuich street 
Pearson James, 4 Park gate 
Proctor Wm. 38 Pinstone street 
Ridgway Wm. 25 Church street 
Roberts Joseph, Duke st. Park 
Robinson and Markfaam, 75 West 

bar green 
Rogerson Thomas, Chapel street 
Roper Wm. 22 Pinstone street 
Roper Abel, Broomhall lane 
Sagar Wm. Shambles 
Sandys Robert, 7 do 
Slater George, do 
Smith John, Little Sheffield 
Smith Charles, top of Sontii street 



Soea%by Charles, Shambles 
Sneasby Rfchard, Gibraltar street 
Steel Joseph, Bridge street 
Stevenson Thomas» S5 Shambles 
Swift George, 67 Wicker 
Taylor Samuel, Shambles 
Toyne David, 31 do 
Toyne Nathaniel, 42 do 
Toyne Thomas, 27 do 
Troth William, 74 MoorBelds 
Trout Mary, do 

Turner Wm. 45 Westbar green 
Vickers Godfrey, 2 Shambles 
Warburton John, 4 Wicker 
Ward John, Shambles 
Ward George, 34 do 
Ward William, 40 do 
Ward Joseph, 97 Pond street 
Ward William, top of South street 
Watts William, Shambles 
Watts John, do 
Wheatcroft Thomas, 22 do 
Wheatcroft Thomas, 1 2 Wicker 
Whitehead John, West street 
Widdis William, Shambles 
Widdison John, do 
Wilks John, Allen street 
Woollen Wm. Shambles 

Allcard Wm. Sprlng.street 
Bellamy John, 19 Broad street, 

Charlesworth Thos. Arundel st. 
Carr William, Bow street 
Deakin John, 37 Garden street 
France Peter and Son, Saville St. 

Horton W. and J. and Co. Rock- 
ingham street 
Kitchen Richard, 60 Barker's 

Iiaw and Oxley, 100 Eyre-lane 
I^vick Ann and Ca 27 Pond st. 
Lister Joseph, New street, Park 
Mappio Joseph and Son, Fargate 
May Wm. Pond street 
Roberts John, Back Fields 
Rooke J. S. 2 Queen street 
Shepherd Joseph, Hawley croft 

Thompson &IJnley, Norfolk lane 
Waiowright John, Button lane 


Bailey Edward, (and copying ma- 
chine) Bow street 
Bard well Ann, 95 Fargate 
Barker Hugh, Division street 
Brailsford Joseph Hill, 3 George 

Brown George, Lady's Bridge 
Clark William, Allen street 
Cocking R. 30 Norfolk street 
Cocking Wm. Union street 
Croft J. 19 Burgess street 
Ellis John, Fargate 
Fairest Maiy, 8 Workhouse croft 
Fowler William, West street 
Fox William, 13 Workhouse croft 
Gillatt George, Coulston street 
Green George, Queen street 
Hartshorn M. Campolane 
Jackson Wm. 9 Pinstone street 
Landers Wm. 93 South street 
Lister Wm. Workhouse crofc 
New Thomas, Westbar 
Outram Wm. 52 High street 
Outram Richard, 38 Portobello st. 
Rose John, Orchard place 
Shepherd, Malin and Son, 6 Hay- 
Styring Robert, Change alley 
Styring George, 22 Lee croft 
Woodhead Wm. Campo lane 


Alcock John, 9 Queen street 
Brown Joseph, Bank street 
Hukin George, 4 Workhouse lane 
Jackson John, Portobello street 
Nichols Thomas, 26 Solly street 
Oram and Adams, 55 West bar 
Petit F. 21 West street 
Revitt Wm. 6 Meadow street 
Steer George, bottom of. Charles 

Stones Joseph, Hartshead 
Tankard James, Snow bill. Park 
Walker John, Furnival street 



Eadon George, George street 
Henderson Robert, 7 George sL 
Marples Wm. Barker^s pool 


Armitage Jame$, 85 Workhouse 

Ball Jonathan, Paradise street 
Ball Edward, Barker's pool 
Belts E. West bar green 
Bing M. 62 West bar 
Brown H. 27 Norfolk street 
Johnson Ann and Son, Fargate 
Fickslay, Appleby, and Bertram, 

High street 
Riley J. and I. Norfolk street 

Brookfield Thomas, 21 Charles st. 
Mazfield Thomas, Finstone street 
Stevenson Job, top of South st. 
Stevenson John, Little Sheffield 

Brownhill James, 20 Castle street 
Gregory James and Co. 10 Hay- 
Gregory Richard, 5 Haymarket 


Dickinson Enoch and Sons, Or- 
chard lane 
Layland Jenris, 86 Lambert street 
Linley George, 60 Coalpit lane 
Skinner John, Stanley street 
Wilson Eh'zabetb, West bar green 

CLOTHES brokers; flrc 
Bartholomew John, 18 Westbar 
Bowman Sarah, 10 Queen street 
Cowlishaw John, 5 Waingate 
DaTies William, 17 Westbar 
Foster W. and G. 18 High street 
Fox J. A. Silver street h^ 
Griffith Ann, 12 West bar 
Holme Wm. Paradise street 
Naylor Robert, Fargate 
Wild and Travell, 20 Fargate 
Wroot Israel, S6 High street 

Bagshawe H. South street 
Blenkin Thomas, Moorfields 
Chadburn E. 28 Norfolk street 
Eells Wm. (harness maker) Mul- 
berry street 
Hutchinson John (harness maker) 

1 Porter street 
Robinson Robert, Fargate 
Stead John, Wicker 

Booth and Co. (Tinsley Park 

Colliery) Canal basin 
Brayshaw and Wilkinson, (White 

Lane Colliery) Canal basin 
Fenton William, (Greasbrook) 

Canal basin . 
Hounsfield, Wilson, Dunn, and 

Jeffcock, (Manor Colliery) 

Canal basin 
Newbould Thomas and WiUiam, 

Intake Colliery 

Barker G* Campo lane 
Cadman Seth, Young street 
Crocket Robert^ 5 Arundel street 
Clark and Osbom, Earl street 
Deakin George, 100 Fargate 
Douglas Richard, S5 Duke street 
Fletcher Joseph, Milk street 
Gordon John, 11 Shudehill 
Gouldthorp Henry, 54 Burgewst. 
Hall James and Son, Duke street 
Haslam Samuel^ 58 South street 
Hodkin Thomas, New street 
Hyde Wm. & Sons^ Furnace hill 
Hyde William, 22 Allen street ' 
Levick Joseph and Son, Pond st. 
Osbom John, Broad street, Park 
Warrington John, 7 High street 
Widdison James, White croft 
Wilde and Sob, White croft 


Charlesworth John, 23 Fargate 
Charlesworth Thomas, Park 
Cooper John, I High street 
Dearden Joseph, 15 Snig hill 
Harrison John, 56 West bar 



Hanrey Ann, 37 Church street 
Howe Michael, 13 Union street 
Johnson Samuel, Silver street head 
Parks Samuel, Silver street head 
Peacock Joseph, 29 Church street 
Powell Thomas, West bar 
Walker Benjsmin, 27 High street 

and 1 2 Fruit market 
Walker James, South street and 

Union buildin|n 
Waterfall John, 1 Targate 
Waterbouse Robert, 6 Westbar 
Wright John, 52 GibralUr street 
Wilson David, Silver street head 


Allen Thomas, Bridge street 
Barber Benjamin, I Flat street 
Battie WUliam,* 5 l(/wbhead st. 
Brelsforth John, Holly street 
Clizby John, 14 Catnpolane 
Dent William, 23 King street 
Derwent William, Barker's pool 
Duffield Abraham, Gibraltar st. 
Fanshaw Sarah, IS Eyre street 
Hall John, 46 Campo lane 
Howe Abrahain, Eyre street 
Lee John, High street 
Middleton John, St. James's at 
Mirfitt and Rhodes, Workhouse 

Mottram Wm. Broad street. Park 
Owen Robert, Silver street headt 
Southeran Hichard, 1 1 Castle st. 
Summer&eld Anthony, Fargate 
iSayton Wfli. Hidk's lane 
Wood Benjamin, X*ee croft 
WainwrJght John, Grindlegate 

Oliver Jolm, Old Park Com MOl 
Rowley and Crich, Orchard st. 
Shallcross George, Gibraltar st. 
Shippam Jonah, 17 King street 
Shirley Wm. Gibraltar street 
Ward John, 14 King street 
Wigfull Joshua, Pond Mill 
Woollen George, 19 Church st. 

BelUmy Wm. Sheaf Steam Mill 

Vicken and Soo» Town Mill, 

Wigfull Joshua, Pond Mill 
Woollen George, 19 Church st. 

Booth John, 22 Bank street 
Hill Thomas, 21 Haymarket 
Iredale John, 10 CasUe street 
Ridge George, 40 Lambert street 
Roebuck George, 6 Castle street 
Sanderson and Colley, Market st. 
Simpson Robert, 7 High street 
Simpson Philip, 7 Broad st. Park 
Smith Alfred, Figtree lane 

CUTLERY.— ^ifper JMaken. 
Kay Samuel, Blackwell's yard, 

Church street 
Round Wm. 68 Allen street 
Saunderson Wm. 88 Pea croft . 

CUTLERT-ZZ^ J^/ode XAen. 
Briggs Samuel, 52 Holly street 
Greaves Wm. Broad st. Park 
Howson John, Obome street 
Laland Jervis, 36 Lambert st. 
Roston Wm. 18 Bridge street 
Boston Luke, South street 
Southeran William, Cumberland 

Thornhill Samuel, Broad lane 
Wilde John, Pond hill 

CUTLERY— ^<^ ToU Maken, 
Ash Wm. and Co. Norfolk street 
Bradbury and TViylor, Fumlval st. 
Butcher, Brown & Butcher, Eyre 

Cam James, 50 Norfolk street 
Car, Woodhonse^ and Car, Bailey 

Cutler Wffi. and John, Stanley 

Deakin George, North street 
Eadon, Jessop, and Fox, Park 

Furaiss, Cutler, and Stacey,' Castle 

Gray and Sons, New Meadow st. 
Greaves Isaacs Scotland street - 



Greeo, Bnibwj and Frfth, 22 

GreaTes Xnac, 54 Seotland itreet 
Hawldii WilUam, 67 Sooth tkfeet 
Herring Tlioiiias, $4 CoalfMt lan« 
HiU Samiiel, Rockingham place 
Hodgson Charles and Co. Crown 

Woriu, Pond hill 
Ibbetson William and Oaorge and 

Co. Bridge street 
Ibbotson Brotbersy Globe Works 
Ibbotson and SariUe^ Brown street 
Law Philip, 66 Canrer street 
Linlej George, 60 Coalpit lane 
Marshall. Hadfield, and Co. Gib- 

raltar street 
Maw and Staleys, Rockingham st 
MitefaeU, Brothers, and Co. Fur- 

niTid street 
Moseley George, Workhouse lane 
Mottram llioma^ Eyre lane 
Newbouid Samuel and Co. Sooth 

Aurker, Potts, end Denton, 3 

Arundel street 
Pearson Franeis, Bocklnn^am lane 
Penistone, Wheatcroft, and Co. S8 

Arundel street 
Roebuck Jonathan, Broad st. Park 
Saville Charles, top of South st. 
Shaw, Marshall, and Ox Obome 

Smith John and Sons, GIossop 

Smith Joseph, 51 Carver atreet 
Sorby John and Sons, Spittal hill 
Sorby and Turner, Good croft, 

WiUey street 
Soiby Robert, Union street 
Spencer Matthias and Son, 50 Pea 

Stones Fred., Commerdal place, 

Arundel lane 
Tillotson John and Son, Coalpit 

Tomer Thomas and Co. Norfolk 

Ward Darid and Son, Portobello 

Watts Amos, Bailey street 
Wright Thomas, HighBeld 

Wrigjht John ft Son, New George 

CUTLERY. — Fori MoAsrs. 
Crooks Samnel, Spring street * 
Deakin Joseph, Spring street 
Fox Charles, New Church street 
Holdsworth and Kirkby, Wood- 
Mitchell Wa. S3 Coalpit lane 
Ptowel Robert, 25 White croft 
Sanderson Wm. 36 Hollis croft 
South Wm. Moorfields 
Twigg Jonathan, Obome street 
Woffenden Alfred, Union street 


Ash WUliam and Co. Norfolk 

Barber Ralph, Regent street 
Barton Wm. Coalpit lane 
Bee James, 36 Townhead street 
Butcher, Brown, and Butcher, 

Eyre lane 
Chumbley and Edley, Porter st. 
Darwin Samuel and Son, Shude 

Edley and Rutherford, Arundel 

Haslem Wm. Holly street 
Linley George, 60 Coalpit lane 
Marples Wm. Rockingham street 
Maw and Staley, Rockingham it» 
Moulson Brothers, Tudor street 
Penistone^ Wbeatcroft, Se Single- 
ton, S8 Arundel street 
Parkin, Potts, and Denton, Anin- 

del street 
Swift Michael, Coalpit lane 
Stones Fred. Commercial place, 

Arundel lane 
Ward David and Son, PortobtUo 

Wheatcroft Cbaricsy Andrew 8t» 
Wright John and Son, HighMd 

CUTLERT.^ZaNef<aiKi JWfans 

Butler G. and J. Trinity strwt 

Cluley Francis, Surrey street 



Gregoiy George, Bailey lane 
Johnson George and Son, Tudor 

Webster W; and V. Sycamore st. 
Rhodes Ebenezer & Son, Wicker 
43purr Peter and Son, Arundel st 
Tankard William, Lee croft 
Thompson and Barber, 27 Charles 

Woolhouse Samuel, Campo lane 
Woolhouse JiAn, 25 Smith street 
Wright and Son, New George st. 

CUTLERY.-Z^ and Pocket 

Knife Manufacturers. 
Allender Stephen, 1 1 Spring st. 
Alisop Thomas 48 Scotland street 
Amory Thomas, 14 Arundel st. 
Ashbury James, Lambert street 
Austin George, 59 Charles street 
Bagsbaw Wm. 12 Spring street 
Barber Edward, 29 South street 
Barlow Samuel, Neeptend 
Barnes William, 34 Portobello st. 
Barnes £. 67 HoUis croft 
Barnes M. Westbar green 
Barnes George, 54 Campo lane 
Bateman George, 51 Smithfield 
Baxter John, 4 Scotland street 
Beet Benjamin, 48 Gibraltar st. 
Beet Jonathan, and Son, Broad 

Benson Joseph, Little Sheffield 
Bingle Robert, Moorfields 
Birtles Isaac, 5 Copper street 
Bishop Joseph, 15 Furnace hill 
Bower David, Glossop road 
Bradbury £. and Son, 8 Arundel 

Brlttain, Wilkinson, & Brownell, 

Carver street 
Bunting R. Regent street 
Butler G. and J. Trinity street 
Buxton Geoi^e, Tudor street 
Buxton Thos. Mackenzie's walk 
Cadman Samuel, Young street 
Cam Charles, Carver street 
Cartwright Matthias, Pea croft 
Champion and Son, High street 
Chapman B. and S. Meadow st. 
Clark and Osborn, Earl street 

Close Joseph, Broad at. Park 
Cocker Joseph, Ladiea' Walk 
Constantine S. Hollls croft 
Crawshaw James, Solly street 
Crooks Jonathan, Rockingham St. 
Cryer John, 5 Trinity street 
Deakin Richard, Pea croft 
Drabble Joseph, Broad lane 
Elliott John, Rockingham street 
Elliott J. and R. Garden street 
Elliott Thomas, Union lane 
Epworth Joseph, near the Lead 

France George, 12 Balm green 
FHth James, 51 Bailey street 
Frith Samuel, Allen street 
Gell David, Long croft mills 
Gell Benjamin, Garden street 
Glossop Wm. 9 Smith's square, 

Bailey lane 
Gould Joshua, 24 Neepsend 
Gray William, Lambert street - 
Gray George, Carver street 
Greaves and Newton,. 15 West st. 
Hadfield Thos. Broad street. Park 
Hague Samuel, Steelhouse lane 
Hall John, Coalpit lane 
Hall Charles, Fond street 
Hall James and Son, Duke street 
Hall Matthew, Scotland street 
Hall John, Corn hill 
Hancock Benjamin, Bailey street 
Hanson M. Bailey street 
Harrison James, Spring street 
Harrison Thomas, Campo lane 
Hatfield Wm. Grindlegate 
Hattersley Isaac, Spring street 
Hawley Joseph, Coalpit lane 
Hemsall Joseph, Flat street 
Heward Wm. Silver street 
Hill John, Park 
Hill John and Son, Hill foot 
Horridge and Qallam, Silver st. 
Holly b. G. and Co. Mulberry 

Holmes Joseph and Co. Pea croft 
Horrabin Samuel, Scotland street 
Hounam Robert, Edward street 
Howard George, Radford street 
Hudson John, Broad lane 
Hndson Robert,, Hereford street 



Hunt Alexander, Grindlegate 
Hunt lliomas. Love street 
Hutchimon W. and Son, Pin- 
stone street 
Hutchinson Joseph, Smith st. 
Ibbersffti W. High street 
Ibbotson William, Pond street 
Jackson Wm. 11 West street 
Jenris William and Son, White 

Jessop R, and W« Radford street 
Jewitt William, 96 Pond street 
Johnson Ann and Sons, Farnival 

Johnson George and Son, Tudor 

Kirkby & and W. Eyre stteet 
Lemons Thomas, Lambert street 
Lerieks and Wastnidge, Pond st« 
Levick Joseph and Son, Pond st. 
Machin Joseph, Pond street 
Marples Joseph, Solly street 
Marsh W. and T. Park 
Marshes and Shepherd, Porter st. 
Martin Benjamin, South street 
Milner Thomas, Pea croft 
Moorhouse, Roshforth, and Steel, 

Solly street 
Morton John, Tudor street 
Kaylor Wm^ Division street 
Naylor Samuel, Coalpit lane 
Nicholson John, Pond street 
Nicholson John, Radford street 
Nowill Wm. and John, Meadow 

Gates Joseph, Radford street 
Gates and Son, Hawley croft 
Gsbome P. and Sons, Carver st. 
Parkin John, Kellam's wheel 
Pearce John, Gibraltar street 
Pearson Wm. Green lane 
PicksUy, Appleby, and Bertram, 

High street 
Radcliffe Robert, Westbar green 
Rayworth Leonard, Beet street 
Redfern Thomas^ Rockingham st. 
Renwtck Adam, Pinstone street 
Revill F. and Son, Little Sheffield 
Revitt William, 6 Meadow street 
Rhodes Benjamin, Meadow street 
Richardson Wm. Garden street 

Roberts John, Broad lane 
Roberts Wm. Centre fields 
Robinson and Arundel, Eyre st. 
Rbdgers Joseph and Sons, 6 Nor- 
folk street 
Rodgers and Smith, Workhousa 

Rodgers Thomas, Carver lane 
Rowbothara, Wingfield, & Wade, 

Tenter street 
Ryalls Chas. HolUs croft 
Ryalls Jesper, Little Sheffield 
Ryalls Wm. Hereford street 
Sansom and Sons, 22 Norfdk st 
Saynor Thomas, 14 Bank street 
Saynor Samuel, Edward street 
Shaw Jonathan, 5 Meadow street 
Shaw Thomas and ,Son, Meadow 

Shaw John, Blonk street 
Shirt .William, New Church street 
Shipman Joseph, Solly st \. 

Shoriland George, Coalpit lane 
Simpson John, Scotland street 
Skidmore Edmund, Little Shef- 
Skinner and Barber, Edward st 
Smith James, Carver street 
Spurr Peter, Arundel street 
Stafford John, Weeldon street 
Sraniforth T. Radford straet 
Staniforth C. F. Radford street 
Styring & Hadfield, Cross Smith- 
Swift James, Smithfield 
Tagg Charles, Arundel street 
Taylor John, Broad lane 
Teasdale James, West stteet 
Thompson & Barber, 27 Charles 

Thorpe John, (Spanish, German, 
and American) Cumberland st 
Tothill Wm., Bright street 
Turner Thomas and Co., 38 Nor- 
folk street 
Turton Wm., 4 Copper street 
Twigg Thomas, Norfolk street 
Unwin and Rodgers, Charles st 
Walker Peter, Pond street 
Warrington John, 7 Cliff's yard, 
High street 



Watson George, Gibralter etreet 
Webetvr sad Sutton, 19 Lam- 
bert itiieet 
Webster W. and V. Syeamore at 
White Daiid, Burgess stAet 
Wbit» John, Meadow street 
Wild James and Son, White croft 
Wild, K, Radford street 
Willey William, South street 
WoodB.J.&R., Furnace yard, 

Gerden street 
Wostenholme G. & Son, BodL- 

ingbam street 
Wright George^ Siddel street 


Addy George and Son, 24 Pea 

Allison Edward, Little Sheflield 
Amory Thos., 14 Arundel street 
Badger S.* Rockingham street 
Bagdiaw J. and Son, Button lane 
Bagahaw Benj., Thomas street 
Barber John, 14 Norfolk street 
Barlow James, 76 Allen street 
Bingham Jas., 8 New Church st 
Bishop Luke^ Broeco street 
Brammer Joseph, 12 Pye bank 
BrittaiB, Wilkinson, & Brownell, 

Carver street 
Cadman Hannah, Fargate 
Champion Thos.& Son, High at. 
Clark and Osbom, Earl street 
Crawshaw James, Solly street 
Crooks John, Smithfield 
Crodks Samuel, Broad lane 
Crossland Joseph, Allen street 
Daffin Benj., King street 
Dewsnap Chas. Rockingham st. 
DIckinsdto and RoUison, Pea croft 
Elliott Thomas, Union lane 
Elliott Joseph, Hollis croft 
Foster John, Canrer street 
Greaves and Newton, 15 West st 
Gregory James, Eyre street 
Hague Sanmel, Steel house lane 
Hall Jonatfian, Union lane 
Hall John, Mill lane 
Hall James and Son, Duke street 
Hammond George, Wicker 

Hancock Josh., Anmdol ttraei 
Hartley and Bennett» Bioad lane 
Heald John, Gibraltar street 
Hedley and Townsend, HolUs cr* 
Heifibr John, Scotland street 
Hobson Edward, Snighill 
Holy B. G. and Co., Mulfaenyst. 
Jackson William, Dunfielda 
Johnson Geo. and Co., Tudor at. 
Johnson Ann & Sons, 4 Furniral 

Johnson James^ New Church st. 
Kebberling S. E., Piastone stieet 
Lee Thomas, Burgess street 
LeWcks and Wastnidge» Pond sL 
Levick Joseph, Pond street 
Lord and Harvey, Churdi street 
Fearoe John, Gibraltar street 
Pickslay, Appleby, and Bertram, 

High street 
Pitt John« Sim's cioft 
Piyor John, Garden street 
Revitt Wm.» 6 Meadow itreet 
Rhodes Ebeneser and Coi, Wicker 
Rhodes Benj., Meadow stseet 
Roberts Joseph, Spring street 
Rodgers Joseph and Sons^ Nor- 
folk street 
Rowbotham^ WingEeld, Bt Wade^ 

Tenter street 
Ryalls Wm., Hereford stieet 
Sansom and Sons, Norfolk stre e t 
Saville Edward, Duke street 
Savage Thomas, Solly s^eet 
Savage G., 30 Dukeatreet,Faik 
Saynor Thomas^ Bank street 
Shepherd George^ Solly street 
Skidmore Joseph, Pond street 
Skinner and Barb^, Brocoo 
Smith John, Pea croft 
Smith Samuel, Carver street 
Styring and Hadfield, 2 Crasa> 

Swift James, Smithfield 
Thompson and Barber, Cfaadeaat. 
Wade Robert, Arundel etreet 
Warburton Thomas, Arundel at. 
Webster and Sutton, Lambert at. 
Wild Mark, Jericho 
Wild John, HoUia crofjk 
Wild John, Pond hill 



Wftihfr Johtt) Meacbw street 
Wrigbt Jo8^, Silver street 

CUTLERY— ^aw Makers. 

Ash W. and CJo., Rockingham Bt. 

Barker and Lord, Green street 

fieardihaw I. and Son, 5 HoUis 

Blake Thomas and Sons, Scot- 
land street 

Bargon, Green, and Co., Para- 
dise square 

Butcher, Brown, and Butcher^ 

CaH James, Norfolk street 

Canr, M^oodhouse^ and Carr, Bai- 
ley laoe 

Carmdl George and Co., Oborne 

Carnall George, Little Sheffield 

Cutts Wm. and John, Stanley st. 

Davenport John, Rockingham st. 

Deakin end Co., North street 

Drakbie^ Sanderson, Steel house 

EadoD, ^eldoD, and Co., Nor. 

folk lane 
Eadon, Jessop, Fox, and Co., 

. FArk Works 
£dley& Rutherford, Arundel st. 
Ellis Joseph, Rockingham place 
FsHRiihoagtl Joseph, Wicker lane 
Furniiiy Cihtler, and Stacey, Cas* 

tie fai»' 
Gaiton^RoliCTt (saw handle) Bai- 
ley kine 
Gray and Sons, New Meadow st. 
Greaves Isaac, 54 Scotland street 
Groves Richard & Sons, Allen st. 
Haywood, Hinchliffe, and Co., 

Chiurtes street 
Hill Samuel, Rockingham place 
Ibbetson William and Geo. and 

Co., Bridge street 
Ibbotson aiTd j^ville. Brown street 
IbbotsdB Brothers, Globe Works 
Jobnson tfnd Co.^ Allen street 
KenyoQ John and Co.; Wicker 

and Hoilis croft 
LAyr Phillip and Son, Carver st. 
lieadbeater, Norris field 

Marsden Wm., Norfolk iane 
Marsden E.J. and Ca> Green 

Marshall Martin,- 80 Scotland st. 
Marshall, HadEeld, and Co*, Gib- 
raltar street 
Mitchell Brothers, Furnivalst. 
Mort Henry, Castle hill 
Moulson Brothers, Tudor street 
New T. and Ca, Cross SmithEeld 
Newbould Samuel and Co., South 

Pagden John, Eyre street 
Peace Samuel, Smithfield 
Pearson Robert, Meadow street 
Penistone, Wheatcroft, & Single- 
ton, Arundel street ^ 
Sanderson John, Charles street 
Shaw, Marshall, and Co. Oboma 

Smith John and Son, Glossop rb«d 
Sorby John and Sons, Spittf^l hUl> 

Stuart, Jackson, and Co.| Gibral- 
tar street 
Spencer Matthias and Son, Pea 

Stones Frederick, Arundel lane 
Taylor Edward, Carver street 
Tyzack Wm., Rockingham street 
Vickers James, Thomas street . 
Ward David and Son, Portobello 

Wbitham Charles, Netherthorpe 
Wright Thomas, Highfidd 
Wright and Son, New George it. 

CUTLERY.— -iScwsor Mahen. 
Allott Joseph, 2 Allen street 
Aminston Peter, 12 Spring street 
Andrew Samuel, 3 South street 
Atherton Peter, 

Badger George, Rockingham at* 
Bagshaw John and Son^ Button 

Barlow Samuel, 18 Arundel st. 
Barlow James, 76 Allen street 
Barlow Thomas, 15 Howard st. 
Barnes ^^ 67 HoUis croft 
Barnes M., West bar green 

Beal Enoch, Trippet lane 




mbbf/ Jt^n'/ Furnace hill 
Bingham Geofige, S7 AUen ttrcst 
Bower Samuel, 42 Haivcst lane 
Bradshaw Samnel, 88 Broad Imio 
Braithwaite, R, & W.. Bailey lane 
Bright Matthew, Green lane 
Broadhead Samuel, 15 Queen st 
Bvtler WillUm, Xripit^ street 
Champion Thomi|i, and Son, 

High street 
CoUey Wm. and Bn)llier> Lam- 
bert street 
Cousins Joseph, Garden street 
Deifkin George, North street 
Deakin James it Tboinaa, Change 

Dearden J. and J.» Gibraltar st 
Dyson Joshua, Pea croft 
Kuioti Thomas, Union Ume 
Fumi&s Luke^ Howard st 
IPowler WilQam, 18 ScoUsftd st 
H^l James, Wicker 
Hancock' Godfrey, West bar green 
Haywood Johiv Difiaioo street 
Hi^nbotbam Oeorge, Wicker 
H(mson Joseph, Artmdel street 
^(4>aon M., SlWer streei 
Holnies Joseph and Co.» Pea croft 
Sunt th6nUtf» Lore street 
Rutchinson Wra. and Son, Ptn- 

stone street 
Jones Willianou Hig street 
Kebberling S. £., rinttone street 
Kent W;, Carrer street 
Leek James, 19 West street 
Mopre George, Arundel street 
Moorfield Alexander, Arundel st 
Morton Thomas, Eyre street < 
Gates Georgs, Lambert street 
Oatea Rrands, 22 Wu^er 
Ferkin WHliam, Pmstone street 
Penistoneand CowUshaw, Saidlb 

. Finder John, Porter street i 

Bagg Joseph, Nursery 
Bawuns George, BodcSngbani st 
RaworOi Beni and Jos. (late Jefan 

Henfrey) Arundel street 
Rayney Edward Bailey si ' 

Read Isaac, 16 Lamberrslivet 
Rhodes Ebeneser and Co.,\iicker 

Rhodee BanfanSm M«Bdo«relre«t 
Roberts Joseph, SUver atrael 
Roberts John, Bui^geas street 
Rodgers Joseph and fkum Kor-^ 

folk Btreet 
Saynor Thomas, Bank atfeet 
Sharpe Matthew and Bd«rard» 

Fond street 
ffliaw Jofait, Bfldgaatrset 
Shepherd Joseph, 99 Weal bar 
Skidmere Joacpb, Sycasaoreet 
Skinner Wilfiam, New haU at . 
Skinner John, Stanley ttieet 
Smith Joseph, Arundel sireel 
Smith George^ New Cbvudiatfeel 
fitttth Sawuri*8& Canrer street 
Steen and Wilkinson, GMde hill 
Swift Jamea, SmitUietd 
Swinden Wm*, 48, Sfaakenaae 
Taylor and Burgoo, Saosr lea* 
Tayktf John, Gibraltar alreee 
Illlotson John and Sen^ CHdpfil 

Unwln JoaepK Scoiiaad alMSI 
Wild John, Pond hlU 
Wreaka J^d, Charka etreat 
Wortley John & Son, Gibraharat 

CUTLERY.— ScytiU^ Jh^wid 

Straw X^ Mtam^iehiren. 
Andrew M., Syre street 
Booth and I>eakiii, Nettoa Ham- 
Cam James, NorlUk atraet 
Carr George a»d Ooi^ (Mbefit at 
Deakin George, Nortfi street 
Fcaraehoogh Joseph, Wieker laae 
Hftl 8aoniel» Bockinglianr^eea 
Heksea Joseph and Co.» 9»Vim 

Ibbetson William awE^ C a^e ge , 

Bridge street 
Ihbetsmi Brotben, Globe- Wflri» 
Marshall, Hadfield,aad C«, Gib- 
^ faltarstveet 

!Bfllehell Brolii«ir i^vmtal stecet 
Kewboold Smmielaail C^ I 

Tyaack William, RachiagMim st 
Whkbani Ghaslis (^ ai^hilMlea# 

of machines) NethiHhor pa 

<au8sivieATioN py kame& 


Bidiop^ MBttbcur, Sim's croft 
Booker J. attd Co., Arundel stroeft 
Bndshaw Win., 2 Townbead st. 
Briggt Sunml, SdXLj tlroet 
Bodev 6. and J., Tmdty straet 
Ddakin George, North street 
Ellin T.»bottoBi of Arund^ street 
Fishsr Bornardy Arundel Une 
Grevrts and Newton» West street 
Green John, iPbnd street 
HodgiMi James, 8hudehill 
liintojr 0«»rge^ Coalpit lane 
LorWmiam^ Westbar 
HiUa and Sanderson, Hollis croft 
Marshes And Shepheid, Porter st. 
Ozley John, HoUis croft 
Sandenoa Wnu, 36 Hollis croft 
Shaw Jonathan, Meftdow street 
Wild Jolm, Pond hill 
Wilson John, 4 Sycamore street 
Wood and Atkinson, Rocking- 

CUTi«£RT.-*Sm^ Maufft^^ 

/c-^owel and Brooks, 26 Broad lane 
^^^fiosith WHllam, West street 

CUTLBB.Y..II2W;, J^meri, ^ 

FhdtJSMffe Mamtfaeiurtn. 
Addy Geo. and Son, 24 Pea croft 
Amory Thmiia% 14 Arundel st 
Adifofftii Jonathan, 14 Fond st. 
Bacon Thomasand Son, 45 HoUis 

Badger Geo., Rockingham street 
BagiAiaw John and Son, Button 

BaflMr Jofaq, 14 Noifblk street 
Barnes Geo., 24 Campo laae 
BasMbfd Thoma% 6 Cross Smith- 
Beet J. and Son, Broad lane 
iBesi Thomas, 45 HoiArd street 
fifaghaa^ GieOi, SI Broed lano 
Blake Thomas and Sons, Scot- 
land street 
Bfidsbair Williatt, a Townhsnd 

Brittain, WiDdnsoD, & BnmmU, 

Carver street 
Brittain Benjamin, Carrer street 
Burdekins and Hawley, Canrev 

Bardekin H., West street 
Burgon, Green, and Co, Paradise 

Butler G. and J., Trinity street 
Broadbead J., Nursery street 
Buxton George, Tudor street 
Cadman, Son,and Broadhuist, Nor- 
folk street 
Cadman John, Lambert street 
Carlisle W. Grindlegate 
Carnall John, Lee croft 
Cbanoipion Tboma% & Son^ Iligh 

Colley William and Brother^ 

Lambert street 
Colley and Hargreavei^ Eyre lane 
Cowley Joseph, 33 Pinstone st. 
Crawsbaw James, Solly street 
Crossland Josepl^ Alien stieet 
Dalton George, Norfolk street 
Dalton Samuel, Norfolk street 
Dayy Bavi^nd Co. Eyre street 
Deakin J. and T. Change alley 
Deardon Jonathan, 26 Garden s|. 
Dickinson & RoIlioson» Pea croA 
Dodwortb J. Radford street 
Dunn Thomas, RedhiU street 
Ellen T. bottom of Arundel st 
Elliott J. and R. Garden street 
Elliott Thomas, Union street 
Elliott Thoouu and Son^ pav- 

den atreet 
Elliott John, Broad lane 
Ellis Wm. Hawley croft 
Eyre John and Co. Coalpit lane 
Frost Samuel, Broad lane 
Gardener John, 86 Pea craft . 
Gillatt John, Broad lane 
Greaves and Newton, West street 
GreaTes Wm. and Son% Sheaf 

Works, Park 
GreaTes Nathaoiel» Portobello at 
Greaves Francis, Scotland street 
Green, Bradbury, and Friths Bur- 
gess street 
Gregory James, Eyre street 



Gregory and Staniland, Jehu lane 
Hancock Joseph^ Arundel street 
Hardesty George, Norfolk street 
Harrison Thomas, Campo lane 
Hat6eld Aaron and Sons^ Pepper 

alley, Fargate 
Haywood, Hinchclifie, and Co. 

Charles street 
Hedlcy and Townsend, Hollis 

Holmes Wm. the Bank 
Holy D. G. and Co. Mulberry sc 
Hunter W. and A. Wicker 
Horton W. J. and Co. Rocking. 

ham street 
Howe John, Allen stveet 
Howe William, Hollis croft 
Ibbetson William and George and 

Co. Bridge street 
Jacob and Newgass, Pinstone st. 
Jewison R. and Son, Howard st. 
Jenkinson Thomas, Silver street 
Johnson George and Son, Tudor 

Johnson Ann & Sons, Fumival st. 
-Xaf fichrard, 37 Howard street 
Ketiberling S. £. Pinstone street 
Kershaw W. Lambert street 
Kirkby Samuel, Eyre lane 
Law, Atkin, and Oxley, Eyre st 
Leek James, 15 West street 
LeTick Joseph and Son, Pond st. 
Levicks and Wastnidge, Pond st. 
Linley James, Workhouse croft 
Lioley Samuel, Bargess street 
Loy Wm. Westbar 
Marshall S. and D. West street 
Marshes and Shepherd, Porter st 
Martin Benjamin, South street 
Middleton W. George street 
Moore George, Arundel street 
North W. and F. Eyre street 
Norton John, Tudor street 
Osborne P. and Sons, 15 Carver 

street * 
Pailtin, Potts, and Benton, Arun- 
del street 
Parkin James, Pea croft 
Perkinton Joshua, '54 Holly st 
Pickslay, Appl Ay, and Bertram, 


Rawlins Geoi^gf, Rockingham st 
Reyilt Wm. Meadow street 
Rhodes Ebenezer and Co* .10 

Robinson Ebenezer, Burgess st 
Rodgers and Sons, 6 Norfolk st . 
Rowbotham, Wingfield, & Wade, 

Tenter street 
Sansom and Sons, Norfolk street 
Saynor Samuel, 6 Edward street 
Shirtclifie C. and M., Broad lane 
Skidmore Joseph, 21 Sycamore st 
Smith James, Arundel street 
Smith and Moorhouse, Eyre street 
Smith W., Wicker 
Smith Joseph, Trippetlane 
Steers and Wilkinson, Castle hill 
Swinden James, Scotland street 
Thorpe, Wragg, and Co., Carver st 
Tillotson John and Son, Cos^pit . 

Turner Thomas & Co., Norfolk st 
Wade Mrs. Robert, Arundel street 
Warburton Joseph, Wicker 
Ward T. A. & J., Howard street , 
Ward Alfred, Fargate 
Webster Isaac, Duke street. Park 
Webster W. and V., Sycamore st 
White John, 17 Meadow street 
Wild James and Son, White croft 
Wild John, 27 Pond hill 
Wild Mark, Jericho 
Wild Peter, Charles street . . 
Wild John, Hollis croft 
Wilkinson Benj., 21 Meadow at . 
Williamson John, Trippet lane 
Williamson Benj., Orchard street 
Wilson John, 4 Sycamore street 
Windle Joseph and Samuel, Lam- 
bert street 
Wood and Atkinson, Rocking- 
ham street 
Wood B. J. and R., Garden st 
Woodhouse Jas., New Church st 
Woolhouse W. H., Carver street 
Woollen J., West bar green " 
Wostenholme 0. and Son, Rock- 
ingham street 
Wragg and Co., Hollis croft 
Wright John and Son, George 
street, Little Sheffield 



Canon M., Hat street 
Carr Jofan» Ffnstone street 
Evmtt WilUani, Queen etreet 
Sayles L. C. (surgeon) Fargate 
Wand JdbDy Gibraltar street 

Cooper Francifl^ Hoddngham st. 
Machin Joseph, Union lane 
Simpson WiUian, Tudor street 
Simpson W« W., Howird street 
Simpson W., West sfneet 
Sferenson Join South street 
Stef enson J. O., Little Sheffield 
Tysack M. and Sons, Carrer st 


Hai^^er and linley, 28 Campo la. 
Wilson Wnk and Sons, Pondst 

dbafersTlinen and 

AtfdiisOtt Joseph and Sons, 12 

Angel street 
Broedbursa W. 11 Wali^ate 
Brawn Joseph, Orange street 
Bttteher John, T Angel street and 

Carson Wul Church street 
Canrer and Son, Market place 
Caasons Samuel, Market street 
Corsan J. WesOiar 
Coweo, Davy, and Dixon, High 

Friifa and Greening, Angel street 
Frost G. B. Fargate 
Hardy Thomas and Co. Westbar 
Haalam Edward, Westbar 
Hcppenstall John, Philip^ and 
John, Angel St. and ftdghill 
Hindler William, Snig hill 
Ingle William, Moorfields 
Johnson and Co. Fruit Market 
Johnson John, St. James's street 
Jones Jdhn, Maiket place 
Lorimer Charles, George street 
Mangfaam Maik, Angel street 
M<2liiyJ6hn, Orcbaid place 
M«Turk J. aud A. Charles street 

Mitchell Alexander, Change alley 
Owen Samuel, High street 
Sawyer John, Ckmpo lane 
Smith George, FniU market 
Smith John, St. James's street 
SteTenson John, Angel street 
TaykNT John, South street 
Walker John, High street 
Wiley Robert, Market place 
Willey T. and J. Market place 
Touleand Hatls, High street 

Acton John, 11 Union street 
Boden J. and J« A., Fargate 
Booth James, 16 Angel street 
Buxton John, Little Sheffield 
Gillatt Joshua, (seedsman) Mar- 
ket pbce 
Harrison Richard, Higb atreet 
Hawksworth Geo., High street 
Hopkinson C R., Barker^e pool 
Hoyland Wm., Churdi street 
Huddleston A., Cbmeh street 
Hudson Robert, West bar green 
James J. F., (seedsman) King at, 
Jervis Geo. (seedsman) Westbar 
Lofthouse John, (eeedsman) Sb% 

hill and Edward street 
Marriott F., Westbar 
Middleton, H., (s eedsman ) Trip* 

pet land 
Owen George, West bar green 

and Broad street, Park 
Roper Robert, 11 Broad St., Park 
Bowbotham Alfred, Haymarket 
Sanderson John, 4 West bar 
Singleton Thomas, Waiogate 
Slack Geo. (seedsman) Church st 
Sutclifie Richard, 88 South street 
Taylor R. T., 94 South street 
Wand John (medical botaniat) 67 

Webstar Thomas^ Broad lane 
Webater John (seedsman) Fargat* 
Wilkinson John, Union street 
Wreaka Gw D., Angel atieel 

Allwood James, 8 Willey etraH 
Beard John, 7 Bridge UMl 



Coo|Mr John* Jtnop street 
Hunter Thonies, Gibraltar street 
Robertson Wau Becker's pool & 

GonlstoQ croft 
Wilson Tbomes, Forge laoe 
'Wilson Thomas, 10 King street 
Wood Robert, 38 Kuig street 
Wood Robert, Blonk street 

Mitchell aainuel* SS Norfolk st 

Chapmaa W.» .Campo lane 
Fleming James, H^ksfwotth's 

yard High street 
Foster Charles, Fargate 
Gilder William, Fargate 
Hall Wm. (tool maker) Pea croft 
Mappin Joseph and Son, Pepper 

alley, Fargate . 
Mappin Jame% Charles street 
Mequiner George, 12 Cross Bur- 
gess street ^ 
Rodgers John, Orchard street 
Bodgers John, Lambert street 
Smith James, 16 Scotland street 
Tompkin Samuel, (and Lithogra- 
phic) 18 High street 

Abbott John, €S West bar green 
Bird Edward, 11 Hawkswortli's 

yard, High street 
Bustard M., 11 Workhouse lane 
Horrahin Samuel, 7 Brown street 
Skinner Thomas, 22 Lambert st 
Smith Samuel, 82 Carver street 

Atkinson John, Bridge street 
Cockerton John, Mill sands 
Grant Chas., West bar green 
Hoole William, Mill sands 
Naylor William, Mill sands 
- Teomans James, Mill sands 


Booker and Ca, Arundel lane 

Carr George^ Meadow street 
Carr, Woodbouse, add Oarr, Bai- 
ley lane 
Eadon, Sheldon, and Co., Nor- 
folk lane 
Fisher Bernard, Arundel street 
Flower John and James^ Harts- 
Hatteisley George, New street 
Healey Benjamin, Wicker 
Hill Thomas, Wicker 
Ibbetson William, George^ and 

Co., Bridge street 
Ibbetson Brothers, Globe Works 
Jobson Robert and Co., Rosooe 

Lee William, Angel street 
Lingard and Greaves, Holliacroft 
Longden, Walker, and Co., Phce- 

niz Foundry 
Msrsden £., J.,& Co., Green lane 
Milner John, 29 Green lane 
Mitchell Brothers and Co., Fur- 
nival street 
Newton John, Broad street, Park 
Newbould S. and Co., South st. 
Padley, Norburn, & Co., George 

Parkin, Ingall, and Co. Bridge at* 
Plnder John, Sheffield moor 
Ratdiffe George, Love street 
Roebuck Jonathan, Park 
Rodgers and Stancer, New Cfaureh 

Stuart and Barton, Savlle street 

Alsop Thomas, 45 Coalpit lane 
Atkinson Richard, Green laoe 
Blake Thomas and Sons, Scot- 
land street 
Birkmshaw Jose{^, 69 West bar 

Brammall Thomas, Wbitehouse 
Brammall M. R. and Co., While- 
house lane 
Briggs Robert, South street 
Broadbent James, HoUis croft 
Burdekin and Hawley, Carver at 
Butcher, Brown, and Butchei 
Eyre lane 



Cadman Cbarlea, Lambert frtreet 
Cam JobOi North street 
Cam James, Norfolk street 
Carf Charles, 25 Broad lane 
Carr, Woodbousei aod Cavr, Bai- 
ley lane 
Cawton and Turner, Moorfields 
Doncaster William, Allen street 
Edley and Rutherford, bottom of 

Arundel street 
Ellison Joseph, Jericho 
Syre John and Co. Coalpit lane 
Eyre John, 46 Pond street 
Frith George, Arundel street 
Gaseoigne Ben. Westbar green 
Gaunt James, Furnace biU 
Goodwin James, Xambert street 
Grtaves Isaac, 54 Scotland rti^et 
Hall William, Porter street 
Hall George, Orchard street 
Hancock Wm. Grindlegate 
Hawkin Wm. South street 
Haywood^ Hinchcliffe, and Co. 

Charles street ' 
HeatOB Wm. Pond street 
Hill Henry, Lee crofit 
Hill Samuel, Rockingham street 
Hinchcliffe John, Rockingham st 
Hitchin, Wharton, and Co., Car- 
ver street 
Holroyd William, Green lane 
Hurst Richard, Green lane 
Ibbotsoo Brothers, Globe Works 
Ibbotson and Saville, Brown street 
Keayon John and Co., HoUis croft 
Kirkby Joseph and Co., Steel- 
house lane 
Law Philip and Son, Carrer street 
Lozley Thomas, Cross Smithfield 
Maofaon George, Edward street 
Marriott George, Cross Smithfield 
Martin J. and J., Smithfield 
Morton T. M., Meadow street 
Newbold Robert, South street 
Parkin Thomas, John, and Wm., 

West street 
Parkin, Potts, and Denton, Arun- 

'det street 
^fkm Edward and Charles, 7 
• Bower spring 

Parkin, Ingali, and Co., ^«lfiogu 

ton Works 
Parkinson Geoi^e, DnnlleldB 
Peace Samuel, Smithfield 
Peace John and Charles, 37 Pea 

Peace W. and S., Gaid^ street 
Roebuck Jonsthan, Park 
Rowbotham, Wingfield, 8c Wade^ 

Tenter street 
Smith John & Son, Glossop road 
Smith Benjamin and Son, top of 

Snow hill, Smithfield 
Smith Henry, 11 Steelhouse lane 
Spear and Co., Gibridtap street 
Spencer, Maittliias. and Son, Pea 

croft ^ 

Stones Frederick, Anmdei lane 
Tliempson Robert, Arundel street 
Trickett James, Coalpit lane 
Turner John, Broad strtet, Park 
Turner Thos. and Co. Norfolk st 
Turton Thomas, Spring street 
Waterhouse, Wright, and Co., 

Trinity street 
Wharton and Eyre, Carter street 
White William, 44 Lambert street 
Whitham George, Bridge street 
Wigfall, Son, and Co., 52 Pond st 
Wildgoose, Dearden, & Hoyland, 

20 Bailey field 
Wing M. And L, Lambert street 
Wing Samuel, Bailey street 
Wo]stenfa(4me James, Dunfields 
Wragg Joseph, Porter street 



Flower John, and James, Harts* 

Jobson Robert 'and Co., Roscoe 

Linley James, Workhouse croft 
Lockwood, W., Arundel street 
Padley, Norburn, and Co^ 8 

George street 
Stuart and Barton, Seville Works, 

Saville street 
Wilkes Joseph, 60 Wicker 



nifi AND UFE IN8UR. 

AVtiim^ SlHi HwitftDd £. J. H»- 

d^mvw^JmmWMB^ Fandiw 

Aqrl«Bi» Dr. YoiiDge, medical i»- 


Atei T. Newton 
BirmiDc^tm, Jotiah 

Britiah Ceaaacvcia], W. Wad^ 1 

Oidiard place 
Biitiah Fin and Weataaiiiater Li6^ 

GL CUIK High atreat 

Dr.YoQBga^ audieal 

Guaidian, Joaapb Haywood, jub., 

Fandiia aquare 
Leeda and Toriubire* J. Parker, 

8l Janes's tUeet 
North Britiah, Jaa. Sorby, High at 
Norwich Union, Benj. Sefaofield 

WataoD's Walk 
Pelican^ T. W. Broadbent, Canal 

Fbceniz, dot. do. 
Roynl Exchange, Goorge Turton, 

SI Charlea st 
Sheffield, Wm. Browndl, George 

Sim, W. H. Seundera, £aat pa^ 

Weat of England, A. A. Haidy 

Dickenson Saak Fidi market 
Jones David, do 

Lowther Mildred do 
Maskhill Joseph - do 
Moofe Robert do 

Moore GeOrge, Bridge atreet 
Smith Jemea, 58 Pargate 

Cliff Thomas, High street 
Cockayne Wm. Angel atreet 
Gould Micah, Fargate 


Bardweli Ann, Fargate 

Boatagr Wm. 1 Castle street 
Clayton W. H. Campolane 
Ckyton Philip, I^tct etm 
Clayton Jolm, Paradise street 
Cooper Stephen, Grindlegate 
Cowin Thomas, Townbeed street 
Lee Wm. Or^iard atreet 
Peat John, Broad lane 
Pfimreae Dnnid, fW-gate 
Shore Samuel, Dbum lane 
Smilter Ben. 46 Bridge street 
Sted Jesses 26 Weatbar 
Stevenson John, 08 High street 
Taylor Benjamin, Castle folds 
Timperley John, Caatle felda 
Unwin Charles, Westbar green 
Unwin Charles, Snig hill 
Tomge John, Gibraltar street 
Tounge Mary, Gibraltar street . 

Andrew James,. King street 
Beonet Joseph, Fruit market 
Bennet Wm. Froit market 
Brammall Ann, King street 
Burgin George, Kingstmet 
Burgitt Wm. Fruit market 
Burgin Jonathan, 53 Gibraltar st 
Cross James, Barker's pool 
Deaton John, Corn market 
Gatley John, King street 
Grant Wm. High street 
Harrison George, Fruit market 
Hanrey FVancis, King street 
Henderson Sam. Pinsione street 
Hides John, South street 
Hogg Paul, Campo lane 
Knowles Wm. Bridgehooscs 
Knowles John, Sou£ street 
Ley Peter, Fruit market 
Marsden Wm. South atreet 
Milner John, Fargate 
Milner John, King atreet 
Milner Wm. King atreet 
Moore Robert, 'Kmg steeet 
Nicholson John, Fruit naarket 
Oldham John, South street 
Parkin Isaac, Fruit market 
Smith Wm. Moorficlds 
Stevenson Luke, King street 
Stones Wm. King street 



Stones George^' Fruit market 
Stubbing George, King street 
SmUt Miehael, Bow street 
TaylcH* Henry, 21 King street 
Teasdttle Wm. Fruit market 
Toundrow — South street 
Turner Robert, Westbar 


Alsop Samuel, 64 Carver street 
Andrew William, 104 Fargate 
Andrew Samuel, 8 South street 
Andrew Joseph, Paradise square 
Andrew Matthew, 5 Piastone st 
Andrew Isaac, 46 Westbar 
Andrew Joseph, 30 Furnace hill 
Baggaley. Lydia* 30 Carver street 
Bagshawe William, Spring street 
Banks Matthew, 1 Pea croft 
Barker Joseph, 20 Arundel street 
Barraclough John, top o( Broad 

Bartoo Jonathan, 57 Westbar 
BartDU William, 75 Wicker 
Bates Bryan, Union street • 
Beadle Henry, Westbar 
Beadle Wm. Bower Spring 
Beck John, 18 South street 
Bell Jos^^, 103 Fargate 
Berry John, Spring street 
Biahill Slisabetb, 55 South street 
Birka Ebeneser, Fargate 
Birtles John, Little Sheffield 
Blurton A. New Church street 
Booker Wm. 16 King street 
Booker Samuel, 24 Church street 
Booker James, Hillfoot 
Boot John, 11 Norfolk street 
Bower Wm. Pinstone street 
Bradley George, 2 Casde street 
Bramraall Jamas, 37 Gibraltar st. 
Brindley Matthew^ Pond street 
Broadhead John, Westbar green 
Bromabead B. Pe* croft 
Browa Thomas, 9 Coalpit lane " 
Bullous G. Wellington street 
Burch John, Brown street 
Burgin Joseph, Beel street 
Bush & New George street 


Buttfher John, ^oad street, Park 
Butterell Edwin, Moorftelds 
Butterell John, 12 Broad lano 
Cam Charles, Carver street 
Cam Richard, New G^rge street 
Carrison J. Orchard street 
Cartlidge Ana, Sfaalesmoor 
Cartlidge Charles, Mourfields 
Citizen Joseph, Upper Edward st* 
Cocker Robert, 86 Pea croft 
Cole Thomas^ Porter street 
Collier William, Carver street 
Cook Mary, Townhead Cross 
Cooper Thomas, High street 
Cooper Thomas, Furnace Hill 
Cooper Hannah, Norfolk street * 
Cox Henry, Fargate 
Critchley Henry, Waingate 
Crossland James, Broad st. Park 
Cryer Robert, Port MaliOb 
Cummiogs John, Eyre lane 
Cusworth Charles, Chapel street 
Davenport Hannah, Allen street 
Davis Joseph, Wicker 
Davy James Smith, Fruit market 
Davy Dennis, Bridgehooeea 
Deare George, Tudor street 
Denton Benjamin, 9 Angel street 
Denton James, 9 Scotland street 
Derwent Sarah, Brood st. Park 
Dewhirst Thos. Coalpit lane 
Doneaster Henry, 41 I£gh street 
Downend Samuel, Trippet lane - 
Dyson Charles, Jehu lane 
Elliott Thomas, Garden street 
Ellis Hannah, Haymarket 
Ellis Elisabeth, Fargate 
Ellison Wm. Duke street. Park 
Eyre Joshua, 38 Church street 
Eyre EUis, Fargate 
Fletcher P. H. Bridgebousee 
Frith Thomas, Duke street, Park 
Frost Georg«, Church etreet 
Furniss Matthew, 1 Norfolk st. 
Garton Wm. Duke street, Park 
Gaunt John, 92 West bar 
Gibson Wm. Flat street 
Glossop Samuel, Pea croft 
Gower J. Scotland street 
Goodwin J., Scotland street 
Greaves f rancis, Scotland atrvot 



Otwnrei Thomasi Piostooe street 
Green Wm. Orchard street 
Green Wm. 64 Westbar green > 
Gfwn Marjr, Btoad street, Park 
Ofeenwood Sarafa, Pinstone street 
Gumey Bdnrand, Qoeen street 
Gomey Siomnel, Hill foot 
Hadiidd JToseph, Cricket Inn road 
Hadfidd Joseph, Union street 
Hagn* J. W. Scotland street 
HallJohn, MUUane 
Hall John, firoad street, Park 
Hall YFta. Union street 
Hattersley Isaac, Spring street 
HancodcJ. Bailey lane 
Hancock S. Bailey street 
Hardwick Wm. 14 Holly street 
Hardwick F. South street 
Hargate John, Carrier street 
Harpie Geoi^ge, Broad lane 
Hartiaoii Joseph, Gibraltar street 
Starrnon James» Change alley 
Hanrka Wnt. Westbar green 
Hawkrigg Jonah, Duke st: Park 
Haskhurst and Sob^ Chnrcfa at. 
Heeley Wm. Westbar green 
Hellifield Mfl^» Howard Hrtnt ' 
II|>iulug i» My - Jane, Tawnheadst 
Hemfnl^way* Jdra', Allen street 
HHI Jamtft, Broad «t< Paik 
Hinde Joseiih, Heymarket 
Hinde Ed#an), B^dad st. Bsik 
Hindky WMi. Burgesastreet 
Hogg ChflslG^pber, South street ' 
Holdiwortb Wm*. Angel street 
Horton T«' H. Market street 
Hoylaiul Bf rnabetb, Hkk^s kne 
Hudson Charles^ Solly street 
Hutftts Wm. {^th street 
Ibbotson Henry, West bar 
Innocent--^ Solly s^feet- 
Jackson Martin, Fargate 
Janris Joshua, Snig hill 
Jebb JattiieSi West street 
Johnson John, Bank street 
Kay John,' Broad lane 
Kay F., Duke street, Park 
Kerman George, Jehu lane 
Kirk David, Silver str^t'head 
Kirk Mary, Scotland street 
lArafo Sarah, Pond street^ 

Langston Joseph, Hill foot 
Lawson John, £yre street 
Laycock Eltiabetb, Burgess st. 
Leadbeater Mary, Allen street 
Lee Joseph, 47 Campo lane 
Lee Wm. Fargate 
Little wood Wm. 12 Snighil) 
Lockwood Benjamin, Sbude bill 
Lomas Wm. Little Sheffield 
Lomas Wm. South street 
Lomas Jonatiian, Broad lane 
Lomas James, Gibraltar street 
Lomas John, Moorflelds 
Loy Wm. Westbar green 
Ludlam Benjamin, Eyre street ' 
Mallinson Davids Hayraarket 
Mappin Wm. South street 
Marsden Saridi, Hereford street- 
Marshall Samuel, Campo lane 
Mason Sampson, Porter street • 
Mellor Richard, Barket*s poel 
Middleton Joseph, Chapel street - 
Millward Tbos. Westbar greien ^ 
Moss Edward, Edward street 
Newbould Geoi^e, Snig bill- 
Newton Bei^amm, Fruit ro«-k^ - 
Newton John, King street ~ 
Nicholsod Thomas, Castle str«e# > 
Nicholitow Alice, New St. Favk^ 
Osborn Benjamin, Mead^sr atntt^ 
Osborn Thomas^ Eyre lane 
Padley \^n. Eyre Istreet - 
Pagdeii Joseph^ Eyref street' 
Palfreymdn Tbos. Chape) str««ir 
Parkin Thomas, West bai^ 
Pai4dn George, 6 Waingatb' 
Pashley Jonathan, Wesibar gfMn- 
PInder John, Porter- street 
Porter Thomi^ - King #ti-i»er ' 
Powel Wniiam^ Patemostei^rc^^ 
Price John, 92 South street 
Pruder John, Porter street^ 
Raddiffb James^ Hartshead - 
Raworth E. H. Charles 6tr«s» 
Rhodes Jatnes, Moorfleldr 
Richmond Richard, Westbarigfi^ini 
Richmond Wm. Arundi^l strbet > 
Rindley John, Porter street- 
Roberts Sarah, Arundel street' 
Rogerson Thomas, Pdttd^atreet 
Rose Benjamin, West bar 



^•wbothjim Jjaac, T^tec street 
S«bofi«ld Samtiel^ Silver st bead 
Seoior Joseph, South street 
ShaIlcro»s LeUti8,Moor&elds 
Sbatman Sapnuql^ South street 
Shirley. Benjamin, Westhar 
Shirley. Thomas, Haymarket 
Shirley Wm. Gibraltar street 
Shirley Thomas^ Church street 
Siddel George, Philadelphia 
Simpson Richard, Pea croft 
Simpson George, Townfaead cross 
Simpson Ralph, Hartshead 
Singleton John, Fargate 
Skidmore Joseph, DiSce st. Park 
Skidmore Benjamin, Fargate 
Skinner James, West street 
Smith Aon, Moorfields 
Sinith Sam. Little Sheffield 
Smith Thomas, Porter street 
Spiers Thomas, Stanley street 
Staniforth Wm. Broad st. Park 
Staniforth Samuel, Broad lane 
Staniforth Joseph, Park gate 
Stetenson Samuel, Wicker 
Stoakes Samuel, Market place 
Straw James, West bar. 
String Josepbi Shepherd street 
Sykes Joseph, Pinstono' street 
.Thompson James^ Tenter street 
Thompson Joseph, Waingate 
Thompson John, Castle street 
Thombill John, Rockingham st 
Turton George, Charles street 
Tyzack Thomas, Joiner street 
Wakefield Wm. Fargate 
Wftlker George, Snighill 
Warburton A. Bank street 
Ward Isaac, Duke street^ Park 
Ward John, Wicker su 
Warriss George, Westbor 
Webster James, Westbar 
Webster Joho, Westbar 
Wells Sarah, Moorfields 
White Wm. High street 
Whitehead George, Broad street, 

Wild John, South street 
Wilson Thomas, West bar green 
•ip^iUpn Jerras,. Broad street. Park 
"l^ilsoa John, Pinstooe street 

Wihon David, Park 
Wolsteoholme JeOirey, Weatbar 

^ green 
Wood Henry, Church street 
Woolhouse Amelia, Tentecatrctt 
Woolhouse Frederick, Haymarket 
Wortley Mark, Moorfields 
Worttey Elizabeth, Scotland iL 
Wortley John, South street 
Wragg Charles, Moorfields 
Wright Joseph, Trippetlana 
Wroe Joseph, Lambert street 
Tealand Robert, Lambert street 
Youle Joho, Gibraltar street 

Allison' John, Barker's pool 
Showell Charles, Castle street 

Hitehen Charles,. Bridge street 
Laycock Brothers, ^ArundeL street 
Laycock S. and J. Mill sands 


Bootii Henry, 26 Snighill 
Bradsfaaw Jame^ Fruit naeket 
Carey G. Market place 
Cliff Charles, High street 
Cooper C. W. South street 
Cooper Robert, Haymarket 
Daniels James, Market place 
Dunkeriey George, Gibraltar ft. 
Gillott Samuel, King street 
Ibbotson George, Westbar green 
Johnson J. M. and H. Haymar- 
Johnson Isaac, High street 
Lisett Wm. Shalesmoer 
Mason Joho, Lambert street 
Middleton John, Pinstooe street 
Millington Timothy, Bow street 
Moore Thomas, Wicker lane • 
Raynor Thomas, High street 
Saunders Sam. Green lane 
Smith Sam. (cork) Canrer stveet 
Webster Edward, Trippet Une 
Wbiteley T. A. Haymarket 




Addy George & Son, Pea croft 
Aibiill George, Sim'a croft 
Basbfortfa Tbomas, Croii Smith- 
Belbany J. and W. Jenny yard, 

Berry Thomas, 103 Eyre ttreet 
Booler and Holland, 55 Rocking- 
ham street 
Boothroyd John, 76 Carver street 
Brittlebank Joseph, Pea croft 
Brooks John, Duke street 
Brooks Thomas, St. James's st 
Brooks John, Blast Furnace lane 
Butler Charles, Rockingham st. 
Chumbley Jeremiah, Fargate 
Crookes Samuel, Churdi street 
Dayy John, Grindlegate 
Dungworth Samuel, Porter street 
Dodge R. West street 
Fisher Robert. and William, Or- 
chard place 
Gore Archibald, Hollis croft 
Gouldthorpe Henry, Burgess st 
Greaves James, Carver street 
Greenhill Mark, Gibraltar street 
Hadfield Wm. AUen street 
Hawksley John, Hollis croft 
Holmes Wm. Allen street 
Lambert and Wigfall, Furnace 

Levick Ann and Co. (button) 

Pond street 
Levick James* Bridge street 
Matthews Thomas, 5 Carver lane 
Mettam, Roberts, & Co. Howard 

Morton John, Tudor street 
Newton Samuel, Sheffield moor 
Oldham Wm. Hollis croft 
Osborne Alfred, Smithfield 
Owen Thomas, Bailey lane 
Parker Samuel, Porter street 
Parkin, Potts, & Denton, Arun- 
del street 
Proctor Amos, Coalpit lane 
Ramsden John, Holy green 
Roberts and Mottram, Barker's 

RdbioaoB Tlioa. Rockingham at. 
Seaman Samuel, 4 Shales moor 
IKsson Benj. Well Meadow place 
Slack Wm. 16 Campo lane 
Stones Benjamin, 26 Arundel st. 
Taylor Richard, 33 Coalpit lane 
Wastnldge and Son, Pond street 


Bramhatl Joseph, Snig bill 
Bruem Samuel, Waingate 
David Abraham, Bank street 
Drury Sarah, Union street 
Lewis John, Market place 
Mather John, Fargate 
Raynor Thomas, High street 
Richards Thomas, Orchard street 
Senior Wm. 5 King street 
Swift Wm. 17 Aogel street and 

Westbar green 
Tnmell Joseph, High street 
Wright Mary, 9 High street 
Wilcockson Sarah, Church street 

Alcock John, Queen street 
Bartram James, Workhouse croft 
Broadhurst Lasarus, Pond hill 
Foster Thomas, Burgess street 
Jessop R. and W. Radford street 
Johnson Samuel, South street 
Rodgers Thomas, Carver lane 
Sykes W. and T. Arundel street 
Tankard Benjamin, Hartshead 


Angel, L. Cowley, top of Shef- 
field moor 

Angel, Edward Hancock, Angel 

Bladi Swan, John Crich, Snig 

Commercial, Wm. Taylor, Hay- 

George, Wm* Rodgers^ Market 

Hotel, Wm. Travis, Haymarket 

King's Head, Wm. Woodhead, 
Change alley 

Tontine, John Lambert^ Haymar- 

<sbuamokTnm 4Sf ibumeb. 


T«Iiow Uan, Wm. Wr^^-Hiy. 


Batt sod COb Metdow street 
Sooth and Co. Fterk Iron Works 
Bridgens John, Wbitehouse lane 
Bniteriey ConfMuiy, Norfolk row 
Cocker Robert, Pee croft 
Colqufaoun ^Mdes, 96 Iligh strebt 
Giowley aad Ptofsaai, Pond ttvefet 
Darwin and Co. Queen street 
Deakin J. and T. Pond stnet 
Duke Heniy, Church street 
Elliott Ebeneser, Burgess stfeet 
Ford John, Pond hitl 
GalUmore Josiab, Bridge street 
Gallimore Johoi Mill. sands 
Harder J. H. & Co. Westbar 

Haywood C W. Queen stveet 
Haazlebunt John, Wes^iar g^n 
Hill Thomas* Wicker 
Helbert Henry, Westbar 
Howlden and Ashlbrtb, Broad 

HoylaodJ. York street 
Jackeon Wm. Coalpit lane 
Jobson Robert, Roeooe place 
KenyoorFritb, and Woolhouse, 

Forge lane 
Keuyon John and Ce. HoUis 

Lee Wm. Angel street 
Longden, Walker, and Co. Phce* 

nix Foundry, Furnace bill 
l^eek James, 15 West street 
Marshall Jonathan, Mill Sanda 
Marshall Wm. West bsr 
Mitchell Brothers and Ca Fumi- 

yal street 
Pass Samuel, Coalpit lane 
Richardson and Co. Nursery st. 
SchoiieH Oxley, and Co. For. 

nace hill 
3bepberd and Son, Haymarket 
Smitli WilUan and Edwardi 

Steade John, 3Ioorfields 
Steade Joscpbi Eyre street 

n 2 

Staait and BaHon, Ss^la'Wotis, 
Saville street. Wicker 

Taylor Willlmm, Fsrgate 

Wilkinson James, Arundel street 

Waks Joseph, Wicker 

Wilson Sc Fowler, Eagle Foundry, 
Duke St. Fkrk 

Beet Thomas, Broad lane 
Bradney John, 31 High street 
Coh{uhottn Jaines, High street 
Emerson Richard, Nursery plaee 
Haynes, R. South street 
Hobson John, SntghiU 
Lee Wm. 17 Court, Angel street 
Lndey and Watson, Workhouse 

Marshall Wm. 65 West bar 
Milner Charles, Fargate 
Picksbgr, Appleby, & Co., High's. 
Quin, Edward, Snig hill 
Rodgers George, Sil^ar st head 
Shepherd Malin and Sou, Hay- 
Shepherd John, Saighill 
Staeey W.' and 6., Fruit market 
Walker Thomas, Angel street 
Wallia Joeepb, Fargate 
Wilfcs Joseph, 60 Wicker 
Tounge C. F., 45 High street 


Bsttie Wm., Townhead street 
Brooks Jamesb Rockingham st. 
Booler and Holland, Rocking- 

hsm street 
Chumbley Jeremiah, 46 Fargate 
Dalton Samuel, Norfolk street 
Davy John. Scotland atraet 
Fisher Robert and Williaro, Or- 

chard place 
Fisher Joseph, 1 Cheney square 
Gottldthorp Henry, jtorges* st. 
Gurney Joseph, 29 Arundlel st. 
Gumey Edmund (eocoa, box, end 

other wood*) 11 Queen strtet 
Hodigsoa Gcofge, Norfia field 
Howlden Ann, 4- Solly street 
Leave^ey, Wm., Moorfielda 



L«Tick James^ Bridge street 
hut J and Co. (tortoise shell, woody 

&c.) 32 Bridge street 
Mason George, Fargate 
Mettam, Roberts, and Co., How- 
ard street 
Roberts John, Arundel street 
Robinson Thos., Rockingham at. 
Slack William, Campo'lane 
Stones Benjamin, Arundel street 
Taylor William, Fargate 
Taylor Richard, Coalpit lane 
Vaientine Jonathan, Back field 
Wild James and Son, White croft 

Bright J. and Sons, Market place 
Champion Thomas and Son, 37 

High street 
Holden George, Fargate 
Lief G. T., Church street 
Mackenzie & Littlewood, High s. 
Snidall Samuel, 16 High street 
Youoge C. F., 45 High street 


A inley: Thomas, 14 Bright street 
A Heard J«mes, Rockingham st. 
Andrew A., Hawley lane 
Armitage John, Allen street 
Bailey — , Bow street 
BirtJes Thomas, 4 South street 
Burton John, Brown street 
Charlton D., Dixon lane 
Cooper S., Griodlegate 
Crossland John, New Meadow st 
Cundeli Joseph, Howard street 
Dodson William, Wicker 
Drake William, 58 Porter stteet 
Drury Edward & Son, 19 Eyre st. 
Eyre Samuel, West street 
Fisher Thomas, Eyre lane 
Fisher Thomas, Holy Green 
FJockton Tbos., Rcckiogham St. 
Ford Thomas, West hill 
Frith Thomas, Nursery 
Guest Thomas, Spring street 
Hague Thomas and Son, Broad 

street. Park 
Hagu« John, South street 

Harrop John, W^est street ' 
Hawksley William, Chapel ttreet 
Hodgson William, Spring street 
Holdsworth Geo., Shepherd st. 
Holdswortb John, Shales moor 
Howlden William, Solly street 
Hurst and Hancock, Bridgehousee 
Jackson John, 17 Moorfields 
Johnson John, Rockingham st. 
Kirkby Ralph, Bailey lane 
Kirk and Teasdale, Wicker 
Lemons Francis, Lambert street 
Machin William, Porter street 
Marshall John, Barker's pool 
Marsden and Kirk, Campo lane 
Morton Thomas, Green street 
Naisbut George, Bow street 
Ogden James, Norfolk street 
Peckett John, Porter street 
Perkins Solomon, George street 
Radley Joseph, Scotland street 
Rawson S., Hiilfoot 
Redtearn Samuel, Nursery 
Senior F., Lambert street 
Senior John, 1 Castle hill 
Shaw Thomas, South street 
Sheldon Joseph, Chapel street 
Simpson Joseph, West street 
Skinner Joseph, Eyre street 
Spencer Joseph, Eyre street 
Spittlehcuse Edward, Recking- 

bam street 
Townsend WilH&m, Broad latie 
Wall John, Dunfields 
Ward James, South street 
Watts and Son, Charles street 
Woodhead — , Spring street 
Woodhead William, Lee croflt 
Woolhouse Jo9. and John, Broad 

street, Park 


Bishop Thomas, South street 

Bright Paul, Wicker 

Drury Edward and Son, (areM- 

tects) 1 1 Eyre street 
Fairbank Josiafa and Soo, East 

Fairbank W., West bill 



Fox Thomas, Duke Btreet 
Horrax W., Fargate 
Hurst Thooias, 82 Fargate 
UnwiD, Wm.y & St. James' row 


Rawson, Barker, & Co., Poud st. 

Barker Joho, 6 Snig bill 
Booth John, 22 Bank street 
Bramball Joseph, 1 Snig hill 
Bromiey J. & B., 11 Hay market 
Cockerton James, 19 Mill sands 
Hoolc Wm., (Morocco and Spa- 
nish) 9 Mill sands 
Hopkinson H., West bar green 
Lowe Ellas, 25 Bank street 
Nells George, 3 Snig hill 
Ridge Geo., Lambert street 
Sanderson and CoUey, Market St. 
Smith Alfred, Figtree lane 
Yeomans James, Millsaods 


Cockburn Thomas, (circulating) 
Fruit market 

GiUatt John* (circ.) Church street 

Laycock M. and S. (religious) 
Norfolk street 

Mechanics* & Apprentices*, Wat- 
son's walk 

Sheffield Subscription, Music HaU, 
Surrey street 

Townrow Ann (circ.) Surrey st. 

Wade Whitehouse (circ.) Church 

Whitaker Anthony (circ.) Fargate 

Whitaker Mark, ^circ.) Chapel 


CaTiU Thomas, Norris field 
Greaves G., Wood grove 
Hili Tbomasi Wicker 
Hutchinson John (weighing) Por- 
ter street 

Raworth B. and J. Arundel street 
Smilcer George, Tudor %treet 
Thackray Jonathan, Kelham place 
>Vard James, South street 
Younge and Smith, S3 Nursery-s. 

Broadhead John, West bar green 
Hall John, Parkgate 
Nanson end Co., Bridge street 
Owen John, Scargill croft 
Rawson and Co., Pond street 
Rowley an4 Crich, Orchard street 
Shippam Jonathan (and hops) 

King street 
Timm Nicholas, Coalpit lane 
Walker George, Snig hill 
WigfuU Joshua, Pond mill 
Wood William and Co., Bank 

Wreaks Thomas, High street 

Cartwright Thomas, 75 Pea croft 
Ellis Isaac and Son, Hawley croft 
Fox Isaac, Bridgehouses 
Hattersley John, South street 


Addy George tfnd Soo, 24 Pea 

Arundel and Mappin Hate Robin- 
son, Lamb, and Arundel) 

Eyre lane 
Bailey S. and Co., Love street 
Barker William, 22 Carver street 
Barnes George*, 34 Campo lane 
Barton James and Henry and Co., 

Norfolk lane 
Beardshaw J. and Son, 5 Hollis 

Beet J. and Son, Broad lane 
Best Thomas, Howard street 
Bibbey and Goddard, Arundel 

Binney Brothers and Co., Harts- 

Blake Thos, and Sons, Scotland 




BramhftU James and ,Sm% S6Uy\ 

Brifctain, Wilkiason, aqd Browcell, 

Carver street 
Bordekins and Hawky, Canrer a. 
Bargon, Greeiit and Co^ Paradise 

Butcher, Brown, and Butcher, 

Eyre lane 
Butler G. and J., Trinity street 
Cadman, Son, and Broadhurst, 

Norfolk afreet 
Cam James, Norfolk street 
Cam and Blrks, Woi-khouse lane 
Champion Thomas and Son, High 

Clarke and Osborn, Earl street 
Colley Wm. and Brothers, X^am- 

bert street 
Colley and Hargreave, Eyre lane 
Deakin James and Thoa., Change 

Deakin George, North street 
Dewsnap John and .Son, Broom- 
Dixon and Son, Coroish place 
Dickinson and R(4Uns0D, Pea 

Dodge Robert, 52 West street 
Doncaster William, Allen street 
Drabble JatQes» Eyre street 
Dunn Thomas, Redhill street , 
Eadon and Son, Pond street 
£^on, Jessop, Fox, and Co., 

Park Works 
Elliott J. and R., Garden street 
Elliott Thomas, Union lane 
Elliott Thos, and Sons, Garden st. 
Ellen Thos. and Co;, Arundel St. 
Eyre J. and Co., Coalpit lane 
Eyre Edward, Green lane 
Fisher R. and W., Orchard Place 
Flower John and James, Harts- 
Fox Charles, New Church street 
Froggatt James, Eyre street 
Frost Samuel, Broad lane 
Furness Cutler, & Stacey, Castie 

Gaunt James, Furnace hill 
Gouldthorp Henry, Burgess street 

Gray asd Sons^ New M««dDw «|. 
Greaves and Newton, West street 
Greaves William and SoQs« ^aaf 

Works, Park 
Greaves Nathaniel, Portobello at. 
Green, Bradbury, and Frith« Bur- 
gess street 
Groves Richd and Sons, AUen «t. 
Gumey Joseph, Arundel street 
Hall James and Son, Duke street 
Uardar, J. H. and Co., West bar 

Harwood William and Sonst Nor- 
folk street 
Hatfield Robert and Ca, St. 

James's street 
Hawksley and Son, West street 
Haywood and Hinchliff^ Charles 

Hobson Edward, Snig hill 
Hobson J. C, Norfolk stre^ 
Hodgson Gea Norris field 
Hodgson Ch. and Co., Pond hill 
Holy Daniel & George, and Co., 

Mulberry street 
Hoole William^ Netherthoi|)e 
Hounsfield J. and B.» LiUla Fbnd 

Ibbetson William and George, 

Bridge street 
Ibbotson Brothers, Globe Worka 
Jacob and Newgass, Pinstone st.^ 
Jewisson Richard and Son, Hpw^ 

ard street 
Jobson Robert and Co., Boscoe 

Johnson Ann and Sons, Fumival 

Kenyon John & Co., HoUis croft 
Kirkby Jos. and Co., Portpbello s. 
Kitchin and Peacock^ Barker'^s 

Linley James, Workhouse lane 
Lister and Co^ Broad lane 
Levick and Son, Pond street 
Lockwood William, Arundel st. 
Marshall S. and D., West street 
Marshall Martin, Scotland street 
Marshes and Shepherd, Porter st. 
Maw and Stayley,. Rockingham st. 
Myers Solomon, ^2 Pinstone st. 



Mitchell Brothers and Co., Far- 

oiTal street 
Moore George, 21 Arundel street 
MotUam Thomas, Arundel street 
Naylor and Sanderson, West st. 
Mewbould Thomas and William, 

South street 
Newbould Samuel and Co., South 

North W. and F., Eyre street 
Oakes Edward and Son, Orchard 

Parkin Benjamin, Norfolk lane 
Pfu^kin, Ingall, and Co., Bridgest. 
Parker, Potts, and Denton, Arun- 
del st. 
Parker Wm. (American) South st 
Penlstone, Wlieatcroft, and Single- 
ton, Arundel street 
Pickslay, Appleby, and Co., High 

Rawlins Geo., Rockingham lane 
Raworth Benjamin and Joseph, 

Arundel street 
Bayner William and Co., St. 

James's street 
Reritt William, Meadow street 
Bodgert Joseph and Sons, Nor- 
folk street 
Roebuck Jonathan, Park 
Rowbotham, W ingfield, and Wade, 

Tenter street 
Sansom and Sons, Norfolk street 
Shaw, Marshall, and Co., Oborne 

Smith and Moorhouse, Eyre street 
Smith John and Son, Glossop road 
Smith W., Wicker 
Sorby John and Sons, Spittal hill 
Sorby Robert, Union street 
Spurr Peter, Arundel street 
Stevenson and Atkinson, Comhlll 
Steers and Wilkinson, Castle hill 
Stones Frederick, Arundel lane 
Sykes and Son, Duke street 
Thomas Lewis and Son, George st. 
Thorpe^ Wragg, & Cob, Carver at. 
Tillotson John and Son, Coalpit 

Todd and Co., Orchard street 
Tiirn«r Thoi. and Co.» Norfolk it 

Ward Dand and Son, Portobello 

Ward T. A. and J., Howard st 
Wharton and Eyre, Carver street 
Wigfall I., Son, and Co., Pond st 
Wild Jas. and Son, White croft 
Wilson and Hawksworth, Syca- 
more street 
Wilson Edmund, Norfolk street 
Wood and Atkinson, Rocking- 
ham street 
Woolhouse W. H., Carver street 
Woollen John, West bar green 
Wortley John and Son, Gibraltar 

Wright John and Son, George 
street, Little Sheffield 


Alnley Elisabeth, 51 Pye bank 
Allwood Misses, 3 Willey street 
Alsop Sarah, 64 Carver street 
Barker H., 11 Tudor street 
Bertram M., 10 Grindlegate 
Baxter Rhode, 21 Pinstone street 
Bennett M<, Nursery street 
BickeU £., 38 Allen street 
Biggin E., 18 Brown street 
Booth F., 30 Howard street 
Bradford E. and S., Market place 
Bramwell £., Solly-street 
Brotherhood M, Bailey street 
Bullae Miss, Bridgebouses 
Burgin £., 1 Pond hill 
Cadman H., 56 Norfolk street 
Candall Miss, Coalpit lane 
Clark Ann, Harvest lane 
Clough M. and £., Cheney row 
Cooper Elisabeth, West bar green 
Cooper and Barker, Barker's pool 
Cutu Martha, Hawley street 
Dawson Harriet, Moorfields 
Dawson Harriet, Furnace hill 
Dobbs M., Rockingham sUeet 
Drake Elisabeth, Cheney square 
Eadon Jane, Moorfields 
Freeborough Hannah, Chapel st 
Furness M. A., Pye bank 
Gillatt Misses, Church lane 
Hague Isabella, Campo lent 



I^flgwe Mary* Garden street 
Hagiifi A. aod E., Trinity street 
Hfgue Mary, Wicker 
jiaU Sarah. Pea croft 
Hammond Mary, West bar 
Hancock M., Sycamore atreet 
. Hardy Mary, Waiogate 
Hardy Hannah, %re street 
Hartley Sarah, Carver street 
. Hawksworth .Sarah, Barker's pool 
Hobson Marie, Button lane 
lioUand Fanny, Bank street 
HoUiday Elizabeth, Norfolk st 
. ^olroyd Mary, Carver street 
Hoyland Sarah, Moorfields 
. Xl^hierion E., Puke street, Park 
Jackson E* and R M., Coalpit la. 
Jinkinson Harriet, Waingate 
X'awton Elisabeth, Wicker lane 
Linley Ann, 9 Norfolk row 
Linley E., Duke street 
Loy Jone, South street 
JLypn Sarah, .Arundel street 
Mahony £., Glossop road 
Halkin S-^iah, 45 Spring street 
Marples Elizabeth, Wicker l^e 
Slarples M., Wicker 
Marples Mary Aon, Orchard Iaq^ 
Marplet Thirza, Waingate 
Marriott Mary, Hoyle street 
Middleton Anp, Pond atreet 
Morton Aoo, Jesaop atreet 
Mosley Caroline, Nursery 
NetUeabip Miss, Bow street 
Nicholson Ann, Jessop street 
Oatea Maria, BuUon lane 
Oglesby Elizabeth) Orchard street 
Oxley Maria, Bailey street 
Parkin Edith, Campo lane 
Farl^ Mary, Norfolk row 
I^igott Mary, Shade hiU 
Pollard M., Broad lane 
Rawson M. A*, Shude hill 
Re^sbaw M., Pinstone street 
Reberts Ann, Howard street 
Roberts M., Bailey lane 
Robinson Mary, Bridge street 
Rodgers Mary, Hick*s lane 
RodgersM., Allen stieet 
8cott Misses, Wicker 
8hanr9w.Mr% Su^vy street 

Sheldon £., West street 
Sbortland Ann, Coalpit laoe 
Smith S., Carver street 
Smith Mlss« Norfolk street 
Smithies Mrs,, Hay market 
Staley S., Button Une 
Taylor S., Spring street 
Thompson & Lawton, Baker's hill 
Thompson Miss, Trippet lane 
Turton Jane, Burgess street 
Wastnedge l^iss, Cheney square 
Warburton M. Hollis croft 
White E. J. and M^ Cbenej ro^ 
Whiteley E., Bridge street 
Wbitham Misses, Gell street 
Wilde Ann, Hick*s lane 
Wilspn M*) Bridge street 
Woodhead En Xiee croft 


Christie and Co., Sheiiif bridge 
Darwui atid Son, Sbudchiik 
Durwla aod Co.i QuEri?[i street 
Freeborough John, Chapel ttreet 
GallifD^re JohD, Millsands 
Gal 1 1 mo re Josi^ih, liridge street 
Ygugbai; aad MIckkurtiiQ^ Ponds 

Barlow Charles, 18 Arundel stre^ 
Burt John (pianoA>rte manolrf) 

South street 
Clegg Charles, Barker's pool 
Dawson George, Music Hall . 
Foster. Thomas, Burgess street 
Frith Thomas, Nursery 
Hawke Samuel, Cupola street 
M*Kenzie & liltlewood, High st 
Miller W. E., West Terrace 
Morey Elihu, Norfolk row 
Rogers Robtft, Norfolk row 
Shaw W. R., South street 
Thompson Miss, 56 Norfolk street 
Wilkinson Miss, Change allqf 

Dearden J. and J., Gibraltar street 
Dickinson Eno^h and Senj^ Or- 
chard street 

CLilfiSinCATIOK 09 KAM«S« 


Griea? es Win*, Broad street. Park 
Hague Thomasi Watson's walk 
Houslejr €heorge» Solly street 
Layland Jer^is, §6 Lambert street 
Linley George, Coalpit lane 
MMiiuill Martin, Scotland street 
Taylor Wm., Dokistreet, Park' 
Peace Samuel, Smiihfield 
White John, Meadow street 

newspaper" OFFICES- 

^acon H. A. (Independent^ piih-' 
lisbed on Saturday) 19 Ang«l 

Blackwell John, (Iris, pnblisbed 
on Tuesday) 48 High street 

Flatt and Co. (Cmir&ati p*blfshed 
on Friday) 6 Haymarket 

Ridgft Oeo^e, Mercury, (pub- 
lished en Saturday) King st. 


Allllirt A. 8 WaiDgat» 
Asbmore and Osborne^ 43 Buv- 

eess street 
Bifd-Tbomfas, Ha;wkiiwor&*e yd. 

High street 
Chadbsm John, MUlbeny street 
Cntto J. P. Division street 
Prttb Peter and Ca 58 Aruadri 

'BrofggKtit R, T. Twehre o*dook 
Ooggiari C. Cburob street - 
Hancoek Hannah, Waingato 
Idnton John, Ptmd street ' 
Thorpe Janes, Westbar green* 
Wright and Sj^es^ Nbfscry street 

PAINTERS.— Hirtwwii; iV- 

KordMA Satnhel Rhodes, 7 South 

Poole W., Norfolk street 
Scott James, Nursery walk 

PA<NTBRa-«-J9oiise, I>Nom- 

tivBf^nd Sign Board TVW^ers. 
Atkroyd Wm. 9 Chnrch street 
BmtCer <?eorge^ Townh^ad street 
Baxter Wm. 28 Pinstone street 
Bwri»fidg« Jeiuv West aiMet 

Bennett Osorge,' 19 Orchard^' 
Beimett John, 5 York street 
Brooks Ann and E. Campo laM 
Brooks Joseph, Silver street - 
Day Wm. Smith street 
Drury Robert, Eyre street 
Evers Moses, Silrer street head 
Johnstone Alexander, High street 
Kirkby Joseph, Castle street 
Leaf John, Norfolk street 
Maquire John, Moorfielda 
Owen John, George street ' 
Robinson Tbos. Little Shefflnld 
Robinson Wm. South street 
Ross George, George street 
Stephenson Samuel, Gibraltar St. 
Warris Thomas, Gibraltar street ' 
Whitehead and Guest, High st. 

Ibbotson and Co. River Sheaf 
Hoult John, Wadsley Bridge 
Thompson and Co. Owlerton aaA 

Storrs» Loxley 


Addiman Mary, Pinstone street ' 
Bloomer John, 36 Church strcM^ 
Coates George, Moorfielda 
Cooper Thomas, 41 Gibraltar «t^ 
Garlick J. Pinstone street 
Gillatt Mary, 9 Market street 
Hague Joseph, Campo lane 
Lord Joseph, Market place 
Mitchell Isaac, Snig hill 
Rodgers Nathaniel, Gibraltar^* 
Wright Jacob, Beet street 

Ashtnore James, Sooth street ' 
Atberton Wm. 28 Bridge 8tf«* 
Batt Thomas, Westbar green 
Binge John, 44 Church street ' 
Bowman Sarah, Queen street 
CbnpetMMi and Storey, WesONHP 

Davies Morgan, Westbar 
Fox Benjamin, Westbar 
Hammond Charles, Church i 
Hoe John, 27 FargaCe 
King Thof., Wettbbnr grtta ^ 



Liff J. T. Cburch street 
Myers Solomon, Piostone street 
Naylor Robert, Fargate 
Ridgway Wm. Snig hill 
Spink John, Westbsr 
Storey Wm. Broad st. Park 

Addy Charles, Fargate 
Addy Joseph, Union street 
Aspinall John, Park gate 
Aveyard Joseph, Watson's walk 
Bellamy John, 11 Workhouse 

Blackwell A. 11 Cburch street 
Blackwel) Ebeneser, 18 Change 

Bower John, King street 
Bradshaw Henry, Bridgeliotises 
Cooke John, Bridge street 
Cooper Robert, I Haymarket 
Cpoper C. W. South street 
Copley John, 10 Broad lane 
Copley M. 48 Campo lane 
Cupid. Charles Townhead cross 
Fawcett Jonathan, Fargate 
Fletcher W. Coulston street 
Gnrnett Brice, Fruit market 
Gopdlad George, Pea croft 
Grayson H. Fargate 
Hatfield Thos. Waingate 
Heiflbr John, 51 Scotland street 
Holland Wm. Gibraltar street 
Msunder Robert, We^tbar 
Morton George 26 Castle street 
Naisbett Thos. 4 Silver street 

Norton Joseph, Norfolk street 
Parkin George, f^orfolk street 
Richardson James, Scotland streiet 
Roebuck George, Gibraltar street 
Sleafprd Henry, Westbar green 
Snape John, Little Sheffield 
Strotber and Marples, Norfolk st 
Wood Wm. Castle street 
Woodcock M. Westbar 
Young Geo. Scotland street 

Brown G. C 16 Norfolk tC^Mt 

Ernest Robert, Intrm«f7 
FaTell C. F., Fargate 
Knight J. A. Norfolk street 
Tbompson Gordon, George tt. 
Timm Charles, Bank street 
M*Dowall Robert, 6 Union 
Younge Wm. Chiucb street 

Allen and Ware,. West street 
Ashley John, Gibraltar atreet 
Bendelow J. Green lane 
Bradley and Son, Hollis eroft 
Dempster —, Trippet lane 
Denton Thomas. 19 Fargate «^ 
Hobson Charles, Park 
Holmes John, West street 
Jenkinson Brothers/ SiUer atfoel 
Jenkintton Edward, Moor fields 
Newbould & Wilkinson, Hi^^ at. 
Nicholson Wm., St. James*s at. 
Taylor Wm^ Townhead street 
Walton Matthew, 7 West bar gr. 
Wear Joseph* Car rer street 


Ashall James, top of South street 
Ashmore Cornelius, Snig^bill, and 

8 Market street 
Barnsley Wm., 42 South street 
Bennett Geo., Orchard street 
Bothamley Oeo,t 64 Bridgehouses 
Broadhurst James, Tenter street 
Clegg James, 26 Duke street 
Drury Robert, Eyre street . 
Gilder John, 91 Fargate 
Gleadall Sarah, Fargate 
Himsworth Beestoo, Silver street 

Hobson Thomas, Pinfold atrtct 
Holmes TboB., Broad at.. Park 
Morley Wm., Porter street 
Pitt Mary, Waingate 
Pitt John, Campo lane 
Porritt O., West street 
Priourose Wm., West bar green 
Pryor William, Gibraltar street 
Titterton Charles, West bar greoa 
Watkinaon Wm., Townhead cross 
Woodward George, Haymarket 
Woodward Henry« BurgeiB strs s t 



Wright Jdsepb, West bat 

Cockburn Thomasj Fruit market 
Leftder Robert, Angel strei^t 
Orafh and Adiaraa, West bar 
Orton Thomas, High street 
Paul Ann, Silver street 
SCoives Joseph, Watson's walk 
Wright Wni., Bailey street 


Ateock John, 9 Queen street 
Battle Joseph, 6 Furnace hill 
Beetson Francis, 20 Orchard st. 
Bovrer Samuel, 42 Harvest lane 
Frith Peter and Co., Amndd st. 
Johnstone Samuel, South street 
«jk«B W. and T., Arundel street 
%ke8 and Son, Duke street 

Bacon H.A., Independent Office, 

Angel street 
Blackwell John, Iris Office, 48 

High street 
Cbeetham J. A., Furnival street 
Crome John, Bridge street 
Fish Oeorge, Fruit market 
«*rd W. and T. York street 
Hopkinson R., Coalpit lane 
Johnson Joseph, Trinity street 
Orton Thomas, High street 
Piatt J. C. and Co., Courant Of- 
fice, Haymarket 
Ridge George, Mercury Office, 

5 King street 
Plater S. and £., Fargate 
Thompson C. and W., West bar 

and Corn market 
Williamson John, Norfolk row 

Badger Jonathan, 25 Pof tobello st 
Savtlto George, Earl street 

Cfatimbtey Jpremiali, Fargate 

Holbert Iffenry, West bar *' . , 
Holdsworth Wm., Angel street 
Marshall Wm., West bar 
Robinson Wm., Barker's pool 
Taylor John, 49 Gibraltar street, 
Tyas Aaron, 54 West bar 



Binney and Brothers, Heeley tUt 
Blake and Son, Nether Holmas, 

Burdekin and Hawleyi Vulcan 

Cadman and Co., Sandbed tilt, 

river Dun 
Cam James, Clough wheel 
Cam, Blake. & Co., Upper S)ac^ 

liver Dun 
Darwin Sam. and Son, Shtid^'hill 
Hodgson Charles and Co., V^ood-, 

house mill 
Holdsworth J., Old Park mill 
Hounsfield, Sheldon, Parkin, and 

Co«, Philadelphia 
Ibbotson W. and G., river Lozlay 
Kenyoh,' Frith, and Woolhouae, 

Pond forge and Middlewood, 
' river Dun 
Lockwood and Sorby, Ought!* 

bridge, river Dun 
Marshall Jonathan, Wadsley bridge 
Mitchell and Co., Whiteley wood 
Naylor and Sanderson, Atterclifie, 

river Dun 
Oakes Messrs., Walkley bank, ri- 
ver Rivelin 
Schofield John, Royds mill, river 

Smith Wm. and Edward, Wicker 
Ward, Blonk, and Co., Lady*i 

bridge, river Dun 
Wilson John, Glass tilt, river Lok> 

ley . . . 



Cliff Tlioma6, High streci and 

West street 
Cockayne W*, Angel atreat 
Gould Michael, Fargate 



Styles John, Duke street, Park 
Styles Semuel, Soutb street 
Styles Thomas, Gibraltar street 

Howard Thomas, Fargate 


Belcher and Sons, 4 Bright street 
RoberU W., Gibralurst. 


Barlow John, West bar 
Kansbb Edward, 'Waiogate 
JiludsoD Jpbo, Waiogate ^ 
Jkfajor Wm., Broad street. Park 
Roebuck Thomas, 9 Haymarket 
Sliatt i. B., Shales moor 
Thomlinson John, Fargate 
Travis Simon, Waingate 
White Thomas, South ^reet 
Yarwood Thomas, High street 

Bishop Matthew, Sim*8 crpft 
Cam James, Norfolk street 
Greaves George, {Scotland street 
Holmes Joseph and Co. Pea croft 
Linley George. Coalpit lane 
Matkin and Wood, Campo lane 
Sorby Jolin and Sons, Spittal hill 
Steers and Wilkinson, Castle hill 
Stoakcs John, Fargate 
/Sutton and Son, Broad lane 
Wreaks John,' Charles street 

Crowley and Pearson, Pond street 
X<eek James^ West street. 
Wood and Atkinson, Kdckioghara 

Dixon G.A.-^6 Wicker 
Dizon Jpsepl), (gold) Wicker 
J[^ucas Whi. and Co, (gold) at the 

MilUj Bright side 
Read and Co. (gold) at the Mills, 

near AttercIiCTe 

Aabforth, Cretawiek, tad Htff»- 

horn. Silver street 
Blackwell Wm. and Son, Bridge- 
Blagdeu, Hodgson, and Co. 90 

Nursery street 
Briggs Wm. Carver-street 
Cre&wick Thos. Jas. and Naihl. 

Paternoster row 
Dixon and Frith, Bailey street 
Fentem, Webster, and D^bjf, 

Howard street 
Fenton, Allanaon, and Machao, 

Norfolk street 
Furniss, Poles, Turner, and Fur^ 

niss, Furnival street 
Gainsford, Fenton, and Nicbol- 

sop. Eyre street 
Holy Daniel aud G^prge, and Co, 

Mulberry street 
Howard, Batty^ and Hawlcsworth, 

Watson's Mralk 
Howlden John, Solly street 
Kirbys, Gregory, and Co. Carver 

Needham Charles, Wicker 
Parkin Wm. Brootnhali lane 
Roberts, Smitbi and Co. Eyra st. 
liooke Thomas, Tudor street 
Settle John, Thomas, Gunn,.and 

Co. Norfolk street 
Smith, Tate. Hoult, and Tate, 

16 Arundel street 
Smith Benjamin, 44 and 45 South 

Underdown, Wilkinson, and Co. 

Sycamore street 
Water bowse L and L. Hodgson^ 

and Co. Portpl)ello plai:e 
Watson and Bradbury, Mulberry 

Watson John, and Son, £arker*s 

Wilkinson Henry, South street 
Wollin John, We^tbar green 
Younge S. and C, Walker, and 

Kitchen, Union street 
Younge C. F. 45 High street 



Dixon att<i^ Son, Cornish phice 
Houldsworth John, Old Park 

YouDge jS. and C. Clough Mills 

Ash Wm. and Co. Norfolk lane 
Chumbley and Edley, Porter st 
Hall Geor);e, Pond street 
Maw and Stalej, Rockingham st. 
Penifltone, WheaCcroft, and Co. 

Arundel street 
Stones Fred. Commercial place, 

Arundel lane 
Strtft Michael, Coalpit lane 
Ward David and Son, Portobello 

Wheatcrofit Charles, Arundel st. 
Wright J. ft Son, New Gem-gest 

Brown S. J. and R. Division st 
Brown Charles/ West street 
Copley Stephen. 9 Sim's croft 
Law James, 38 Green lane 
Nunney Matthew, 8 Bradwell row 
Pashley Charles, Stanley street 
Stenton Wm. 48 Holly street 

Brown S. J. and R. Canal Basin 
Woodcock and Sons, Sheaf Island 


ShutUeworth John, near Canal, 

Bower Sarah, Park 
Hawkin Wm, South street 
Hodgson Charles and Co. Crown 

Works, Pond hill 
Linley George, 60 Coalpit lane 
Sorby John and Sons, Spittle hill 


Linley George, Coalpit lane 

Lueas Edward and Sons, New 

Church street 
Taylor, Yeomans, 8r Shaw, Bridge 



Adams Joseph, 40 Pea croft 
Bastard Matt. Workhouse lane 
Heppenstall John, Scotland street 
Holdsworrh Wm. Angel street 
Kay JoliM, New Meadow street 
MappiM Joseph and Son, Fargate 
Simp: ;» John, Scotland street 
WiU.n) S.and Son, Union lane 

Beardshaw J. and Son, 5 Hollis 

Gray and Sons, New Meadow st. 
Groves Richard and Sons, Allen 

Johnson Samuel, Allen street 
Marsden Wm. Norfolk lane 
Tyzack Wm. Rockingham street 
Whltham Charles, Netherthorpe 
Wright J. & Son, New George st. 



Binney, Brothers, and Co. Harts- 

Blake and Sons, Scotland street 
Brittain, Wilkinson, & Brownell, 

Carver street 
Butcher, Brown, and Butcher, 

Eyre lane 
Cadman, Son, and Broadhurst, 

Norfolk street 
Cam James, Norfolk street 
Cam, Blake, and Co. Loxley 
Carr George, Oborne street 
Carr, Woodfaouse, and Co. Bailey 

Deaktn James and Thomas, Pond 

DoDcaster Wm. Allen street 
Drabble and Sanderson, Steel- 
bouse lane 
Eadon, Jessop; Fox, and Co. 

Park Works 
£yre> Smith, and Cc South stree- 



Taylor WiDiam, Haymarket 
Taylor Tliotnas, Jehu lane 
Titnm Franei?, Moorfieldff 
Wake Robert* Barker*8 pool 
Ward Will ism, South str«et 
. Ward William, Campo lane 
Ward James, top of South street 
Welsh John, Norfolk street 
Wheat Ibomas, Carver street 
Wills Charles, Church street 
Wills James, New Cburco street 
Wiikiuson Mary, Change aUey 

Andrew Joseph, Furnace hill 
Booker Samuel, Church street ' 
Cooper Thomas, High street 
Newton Francis, Change alley 
Nicholson Thomas, Castlo street 
Rowbotbam Isaac, 1 2 Tenter it. 
Schofield Samuel, Silver st. head 
Straw James, b5 West bar 
WiJJiams Josepii, Waing^te 


Addy John, Upperthorpe 
AUham John, Upperthorpe 
Cooper Thomas, Neepsend 
Crow David, Philadelphia 
Hoole John, Crooks 
Sanderson Joshua, Upperthorpe 

Actfrn, Simon Wilson, Moorflelds 
Albion, W. Travis, Haymarket 
Angel, — Hancock, Angel st* 
Angel, Leonard CoWley, South st. 
Angel, Ellis Howe, West bar gr. 
Anvil James Sirapson> Waingate 
Anvil, John 'Wright, South street 
Ball, Mary Petty, Pond street 
Ball, Martha Holland, Forge lane 
Ball, George Bray, Lambert st. 
Ball, Francis Beleher, Broad lane 
Ball, J. Beardshaw, Hawley croft 
Ball, Geo. Pallet, Grindlegate 
Ball, Joseph Bray, Green lane 
Ball, Edward Oake?, Spring st. 
Ball, Thomas Felstooe, Wicker 
Ball, S. Wade, Broad street, Park 

Ball, John Bibbs, Furnace biU- 

Batl, Hannah Marshall, Town- 
head street 
- Ball, Thomas Wilson, Carver st.. 

Ball, Charles Eyre^ Pye bank 

Ball, Frederick Daft, Burgess st. 

Ball, J. Wolstenholm, Norfolk st. 

Ball, A ntipas SteVenp, Cainpo la. 

Ball, John Woollen, West bar gr. 

Balloon^ W. Baker, Sycamore st. 

Barrack Tavern, John Sfi^nor, 
Hill foot 

Barrel, Edward Allison, Lictle 

Barrel, John Newton, Charles st. 

Barrel, Thomas Finder, Pond st.. 

Barrel, Geo. Robinson, Pond st. 

Barrel^ F. Chambers, Water lan« 

Barrel, Elia. Avbion^ Broad lane 

Barrel, Thomas Simpson, Broad 
street. Park 

Barrel, W, Husbftnd, Hawley croft 

Barrel, Luke Ellison, Plnstone st. 

Barrel, Jos. Peason, Pye bank 

Barrel, Samuel Moore, 1 Town- 
head street 

Barrel, Joseph Lingard, 15- Ed- 
ward -street 

Bay Childers, Elisabeth Brumby, 
High street 

Bay ChiMers, John HenM>n^ 
Bridge street 

Bay Horse, Thoa. Lee, Sottthat.* 

Bay Horse, Cassey Crawshaw^ 
West bar green 

Black Bull, James Wilson, 4a 
Hollis croft 

Bee Hive, T. Rose, Glossop road 

Birmingham Arms, Robert Gre- 
gory, New' Church street 

Black Hone, Thomas Barritt^ 
Allen street 

Black Horsev WtlUam Dent0D» 
Howard street 

Black Rock Tavern, John Ford- 
ham, Castle street 

Black Swan, J. Cricb, SnighiU 

Black Swan, Luke Stanifoith, 15 
Pond street 

Black Swan, Joseph Emmott, 9» 
Burgess street 



Black Svrm, W. Tyzack, Fargate 
Blue Be», Sarah Ellis, High st. 
Blue Bell, J. Barber, Jehu lane 
Blue Boy, J. Stringer, Moorfields 
Blue Boar, R. Holland, Westbar 
Blue Boar, Thomas Webster, 6 

Workhouse lane 
Blue Pig, Joseph Baggaky, Cross 

Burg«S9 street 
Brushmakers* Arms, J. Loy, Coal- 

pit lane 
Bricklayers' Arms, Wm. Harriss, 

8 Jehu lane 
Bridge Inn, Jeremiah Ogden, 

Britannia, Sarah Toyne, Porto- 

bcUo street 
Broomhall Tavern, Abel Roper, 

Broomhall lane 
Brown Bear, George Whaley, 54 

Norfolk street 
Brown Cow, George Fearn, Rad- 

ibrd street 
Brown Cow, J. Hagae^ 6 Bridge^ 

Brown Cow, Mary Wilde, Broad 

Brown Cow, Jonathan Gould, 1 

Red croft 
Brush Makers' Arms, Coalpit lane 
Buirs Head» Thomas Turton, 36 

Duke street 
Bull and Hawk, Joseph Wool- 

bouse^ Wicker 
Bull and Mouth, John Broad- 
bent, Waiogate 
Burns's Head, John Cooke, Town- 
bead street 
Bush Tavern, Isaac Crooks, South 

Canning's Tavern, Joseph Shirt, 

Norris field 
Castle Ion, WiUiam Holland, 28 
Snig hill, facing Angel street 
Checquers, John Wragg^ Meadow 

Checquer^ John Wilks, Wicker 
Chequers, James Brindley, Rough 

bank, Park 
Chequers^ Thofl* Alsop, 43 Coal- 
pit lane 

Cherry Tree, Wm. Huakuson, 

Gibraltar street 
Cleakham Inn, Thomas Hobley, 

Cornish place 
Coacbs James Rodgers, Water 

Cock, Thomas Ibbotson,^ Paradise 

Cock, J. Booker, q.Holliscroft 
Corn Mill Inn, Elisabeth Greaves^ 

Cossack, Joseph Gouldthorpe, 15 

Howard street 
Cross Daggers, Jervia Hanton, 

35 We&tbar green 
Cross Daggers, Richard Green- 
wood, 26, Fruit market 
Cross Keys, Mary Brelsworth, 

Crown, J. Benson, Little Sheffield 
Crown, Thomas Furniss, Grindle^ 

Crown, Mary Lawton, & Duke st^ 

Crown, W. Hutchinson, 10 Pin- 
stone street 
Crown and Cushion, AbrahsfD 

Ashman, Old street, Park 
Crown and Sbakspeare, William 

Hakes, 10 Sycamore su 
Cup, Thomas Ramsay, 4 Market 

Cutler's Arms, Joseph Green, 9 

New Church street 
Cutlers' Arms, John Daf^, Far- 
Devonshire Arms, Wnu Broadley, . 

Division* street 
Devonshire Inn, I. Eyre, South 

Dog and Partridge, T. Bramley, 

Trippet lane 
Dog and Partridge, E. Middle- 
ton, Coalpit lane 
Dove and Rainbow, Sam» Prior, 

, Hartsbead 
Elephant and Castle, John Brown, 

Norfolk street 
Evening Gun, John Booker, Scot- 
land street 
Falcon, Thomas Smith, Flat street 



Feathan, Jane MftSQii,High ttreel 

Fleur de Lis, Ann Slack, Angel 

Fortune of War, Geo. HouslejE* 

Scotland street 
FouBtain, Jobn Riobaids, Pinfold 

Fox and Duck, John Woodcock^ 

Bridge hill 
Fox and Duck, Geo, Hattersley, 

Broad lane 
Full Moon, George Taylor, Silver 

Gate^ Tho6. Mirfio, Hollis croft 
George, John Cooper, Bank street 
George and Dragon, William 

Rodgers, Westbar green 
Globe Tavern, Francis HuUey, 

Porter street 
Golden Cock, Enoch Gillatt, 

Broad street, Park 
Golden Ball, George Pallett, 

Golden Lion, George Webster, 

Forge lane 
Gooseberry Inn, William Jepson, 

Pea croft 
Graoby^s Head, George £<ock« 

wood, Hartshead 
Grapes, Enoch Beal, Trippet lane 
Grapes Tavern, E. Blackwell, 

Furnace hill 
Great Tankard, Peter Deakin, 

■ Westbar green 
Green Man, Benj. Wilby, Broad 

street. Park 
Green Man, J. Bridge, New 

Church street 
Green Seedling, Francis Newton, 

Bailey street 
Grey Horse, S. Perkins, High st. 
Greyhound, John WoUtenholm, 

50 Gibraltar street 
Hague Tree, Joseph Wilson, Snow 

lane. Park 
Hare and Hounds, David Scott, 

Trinity street 
Hare and Hounds, James Frow^ 

Nui*sery street 
Harrow, Elizabeth Wihon, Park 

Hen and Chickens, Mai7 Kinder,. 

Castle green 
Hope and Anchor, Isa^c Cham- 
pion, Bridgebo'uses 
Horse and Garter, Thomas Crown- 

sbaw, Water tone 
Horse and Jockey, George Sykes, 

10 Tenter street 
Horse and Jockey, John Ailinson, 

Barker^s pool 
Hospital Tavern, Thomas Kaighl, 

Park hill Une 
Hussar, Luke Arnold, Scotland 

Industry, Wm. Midgeley, I Broad 

street. Park 
King's Head, Thomas Gould, 

Rockingham street ■ 
King's Head, Samuel W^atson, 

King William, William Fearnley, 

. Holly atreet 
King's Arms, Benjamin Smith 

9 Fargate 
King and Miller, Joseph Cooper, 

Norfolk street . 
Lamb, George, Bailey, Radford 

Lincolnshire House, Wm, Booth, 

Silver street 
Light Horseman, . Maria Dixon, 

Lion, John Allen, West bar 
Little Tankard, Thomas Elli^ 

West bar green 
London' Prentice, Thos; Moseley, 

West bar greeix 
London 'Prentice, Samuel Beadle, 

Spring street 
Mason's Arms, James Watson, 

Bridge street 
Mermaid, C. Clegg, Orchard st. 
Milton's Arms, Jesse Frith, Bai- 
ley lane 
Milton's Head, Thomas Robin* 

son, Allen street 
Minerva Tavern, W. Ball, Hill- 
Mitre, Benj. Hartley, Orchard st. 
Murray*a Arms, Thomas Walsh, 

Queen street 



Vag*s Head, John Tasker, Nag*9 
Head yard 

Navigation Inn, John Simmonite, 
Castle fold 

New Inn, Eliz. Wilkinson, Peni- 
ston aoad^ 

Norfolk Arms)9. Wright, Bowst. 

Norfolk Arms, R. Brown, Dixon 1. 

Nursery Tavern, W. Chadwick, 

Old Harrow, Josiah Greatorex, 
Harvest lane 

Old Hermitage, Mary Roddis, 
Little Sheffield 

Old Tankard, West bar green 

Old White Horse, Wm. Drayton, 
Copper street 

Old Crown, T. Furness,>Grindleg. 

Old Turk's Head, J. Yo^le, Scot- 
land street 

Olive Branch, R. Allen, Hollis 

Orange Branch, £. Rawson, Hol- 
lis croft 

Original Cutler*s Inn, Wm. Har- 
rison, Fargate 

Oxford Blue, S. Linley, Burgess s. 

Pack Horse, W. Smith, West bar 

Paioter*8 Arms, Geo. Hattersley, 
Silver street head 

Palace Inn, J« Wright, Baker's hill 

Parrot, Wm. Hirst, South street 

Paul Pry, R. Winter, Pea croft 

Peacock, M. Mawson, Hoyle st. 

Pheasant Inn, John Smith, Broad 
street, Park 

Pheasant, J. Dutton, Carver st. 

Prince of Wales, J. Cadman, Sy- 
camore street 

Pump Tavern, G. Saville, Earl st. 

Punch Bowl, T. Linley, Silver st. 

Punch Bowl, W. Gray, Coulston s. 

Punch Bowl, J. Smith, Bridge st. 

Punch Bowl, T.Fellstone, Wicker 

Punch Bowl, H.Fielding, South e. 

Q in the Corner, Ann Sykes, Pa- 
radise square 

Queen's Head, Castle street 

Queen's Head, J.Taylor, Sheaf st. 

Queen's Head, J. Fordham, Cam • 
po lane 

Red Lion, J. Doughty, Smithfield 
Red Lion, S. Kite, Coalpit lane 
Red Lion, J. Belk, Duke st. Park 
Red Lion, J. Perkinton, Holly st. 
Red Lio^, I. Marshall, Hartshead 
Red Liop, J. Sanderson, Charles 

Reubens' Head, G. Cooper, Bur« 

gess street 
Robin Hood, J. Goulder, Duke 

street. Park 
Rockingham Arms, Sarah Morton, 

Rockingham street 
Rodney Arms, W. Wagstaff, Bar- 
ker's pool 
Rose and Crown, Richard White» 

Rose and Crovin, Geo. Siddons, 

Paternoster row 
Royal Oak, J. Layland, Pond st. 
Royal Oak, Ann Adams, Allen st. 
Royal Oak, J. Yates, Hollis croft 
Royal Oak, C. Hobson, West bar g. 
Royal Mail, S. Eyre, West street 
Royal Hotel, E. Unwin, Eyre In. 
Saddle, B. Armitage, West street 
Salutation, Mary Bramley, Silver 

street head 
Seven Stars. A. Beet, Trippet lane 
Shades, S, Turner, Watson's walk 
Shskspeare, B. Beet, Gibraltar st. 
Sheaf Tavern, J. Thorpe, Canal 

Ship, R. Fowler, Water lane 
Sidney's Hotel, Hannah Smith, 

Hay market 
Sir John Falstaff, Wm. Cooper, 

Sir Francis Burdett, J. Challenger, 

Pond hill 
Sportsman, W. Norman, West bar 
Sportsman, Mary Mattbewman, 

Sportsman's Group, S. Roberts, 

Spread Eagle, R.Carriss, High st,- 
Stag, Thos. Outram, Carver street 
St. George's Tavern, J. Shirtcliff, 

35 Broad lane 
Star, J. Smith, 26 Gibraltar st. 
Star, Geo. Wilde, 55 White cron 



Star, Joseph Swindell, Pea croft 

Sun, Joseph Garside, South street 

Swan with Two Necks, J. Dyson, 
8 Furnival street 

Tankard, Thos. Kay, Pond street 

Tankard and Punch Bowl, Chas. 
Hazlehurst, Broad st, Park 

Tap Room, Tontiue yard, Wno. 

Tap Koora, Angel yd.. G» Hewitt 

Theatre Tavern, T. Wiley, Arun^ 
del street 

Three Cranes, B. Smith, Queen st. 

Three Stags* Heads, John Water- 
house, Pinstone street 

Three Tuns, John Higginbottom, 
Orchard street 

Three Tuns, James Staniforthf Sil- 
ver street head 

ThreeTunsjJ. Armatage, Bridges, 

Three Whitesmiths, M. Darling, 
1 Bridge street 

Travellers, W. Richardson, Snig h. 

Turk's Head, Eliz. Priest, Scot- 
land street 

Twelve o* Clock, Hannah Greaves, 
Saville street 

Union, W. Hunter, Duke st., Park 

Union, S. Lockwood, Bridgehous. 

Union, J. Taylor, "5 1 Furnace hill 

Union Inn, W. Axe, Coalpit lane 

Union Inn, Thomas Hunt, Scot- 
land street 

Union, W. Cockin, Lambert street 

Vine Tavern, Richard Alexander, 

Waterloo Tavern, Hannah Ashley, 
Watson's walk 

Wellington Tavern, Ellas Shirt, 
Coalpit lane 

Wentworth House, Francis Cas- 
tleton, Rockingham street 

White Bear, Geo. Moor, High st. 

White Hart, Charles Hammond, 

White Horse, Joseph Drayton, 
Copper street 
-WKtftB Lion, Elizabeth England, 

White Lion, John Allen, West- 
bar Green 

White Horse, J. Saville, Solly st. 
While Swan, Thouias Crawshaw, 

Woodman, J. Marshall, Soutli st. 
Yellow Lion, Elizabeth Shaw, 

Coalpit lane 


Doncaster Henry, High street 
Heighington George, High street 
Labrey and Walton, FargaU 
Linton John, Norfolk street 
Riley John, Waingate 
Wolley Joseph, High street 

Cocking Robert, Watson's Walk 
Cockmg William, Furnival street 
Creassey M. Westbar green 
Drury George, Pond street 
Morley W., Sons, and Co. Canal 

Shepherd M. and Son, Saville st. 
Wallis John, Wicker 
Woodcock Sam. and Son, Sheaf 


Akeroyd Hannah, Fargate 
Akeroyd John, Gibraltar sreet 
Akeroyd Joseph, Westbar 
Harrison Henry, Campo lane 
Ingleson Andrew, Ladies* Bridge 
Wilson J. & Co., Sharrow mills 


Davis Thomas, King street 
Roebuck T. 9 Haymarket 
Sutton Mary, 26 King street 
Wright Thomas, Highfield 

Cluley Francis, 4 Surrey street 
Marsden Wm., Norfolk lane 
Wright John and SoQ, New 

George street 
Wright Thomas, High6eM 



Bertram Jas., Workhouse lane 
Broadley Wm., Division street 
Brookes Thos., St. James* street 
Brookes J. Rockingham place 
Elliott John, Charles street 
Halleley Thomas, Eyre Une 
Lee William, Pond street 
Matthews Thomas, S Carver lane 
Roper John, South street 
Smith Jo8«, Arundel street 
Swinscow John, Wesibar 
Turner William, Grindiegate 
Woollen James, Park 
Watson Thomas, Brid^ehouses 
White Wm. Balm Green 
WelliBgton George, Castle folds 

Blake, Gamett, and Co. Allen st. 
Bower and Bacon, Nurvry lane 

H^nt John, Paradise square 
Lewis John, Market place 
Morton George, Castle street 
Walker Wm. Westbar 
White Reuben, Union street 
Say nor Elizabeth, Fargate 

Brailsford J. H. George street 
Landers James, South street 
Outram Wm. High street 
Shepherd, Malin, and Son, Hay- 
Stevenson John, High street 
Styring Robert, Change alley 

Huddlestone Alfred, Church st. 
Peach Samuel, 8 Market street 
Wright Joseph, Norfolk street 

Barton James, 12 Union street 
Beal Samuel, Cumberland street 
Bright J. and Sons, Market place 
Brown Joseph, Bow street 

Dyson and Johnson, Campo las* 
Heaton Thomas, King street 
Holden John, fargate 
Leif G. T. Church street 
Lomas Joseph, Broad s|. Park 
Raven Wm. Waingate 
Robinson Tboma;, High street 
Russell John, Coulston street 
Smith Samuel, Gibraltar street 
Snidal Samuel, High street 
Shwerer Lawrence, Watson walk, 
Wilson Edmund, South street 

Beardow George, Gibraltar street 
Coward Peter, South sL Park 
Frith Robert, South street 
Goodwin George, South st. Park 
Hall John, Sheaf street, Park 
Hall Jbseph, Sheaf street^ Park 
Stancer George, 6 Wicker 

SMITHS, &c. 
Alsop Wm. and John, South st. 
Amory Wm. Little Pond street 
Chambers Charles, Eyre lane 
Elliott — , Fargate 
Greaves Wm. South street 
Irish Wm. Moorfields 
Jepson Thomas, West street 
Marlden Thos. Spring street 
Mate John, Pond hill 
Moore John, bottom of Broad lane 
Oates James, Button lane 
Ramskar John, Grindiegate 
Ramskar Thos. Yark street 
Ramskar W. Pinstone street 
Roebuck Wm. Love street 
Sherwin John, Westbar 
Simpson John, Portobello street 
Smith George, Tudor street 
Sorby Thos. Lambert street 
Staniforth David, Burgess street 
Stainrod John, Hick's lane 
Swindell and Ashton, Duke st. 

Wilson and Webster, Fargate 




AldAOH Tbos., 13 Church streee 
Barton W. jun., 75 Wicker 
Bramley Thomas, Trippet lane 
Coxen Matthew, Fargate 
Oaiatt J. Fargate 
Grant M. A., High street 
Hagger and Linley, Campo lane 
Hei^ington George, High street 
Johnaon V. M. Solg hjll 
Linley Hios., Westbar 
Middleloa John, Market strict 

Palmer Thomas, Pea croft 
Parkin B., Scotland street 
Pearson and Colley, Hartohead 
Pigott James, Dixon lane 
Poole John, Castle street 
Porter and Taylor, High street 
Rodgers W., Fruit market 
Smith Hannah, Haymarket 
Storer John, Haymarket 
Ward and Bawer, High straet 
Wilson W. and Sons, Pond street 
Wood W., Bank street 
Younge & and C., Haymarket 




AwDUS Roberti blacksmith 

Bailey 8. and Co., steel converters 

Bailey Thomas, victualler, Robin Hood 

Banks William, victualler. Travellers' Inn 

Beaver James, boot and shoemaker 

Booth Henry, schoolmaster 

Blackburn Rev. John, A.M., minister 

Blyth Mary, victualler, Hope and Anchor 

Blythman George, plumber and glazier 

BrownhiU Charlotte, teacher of the Girls' National fchoot 

Butler Samuel, confectioner 

Charlesworth James, butcher 

Corker Thomas, carpenter and joiner 

Corker George, carpenter and joiner 

Davysbn John, spade and shovel manu&cturer 

Deakin Charles, table knife manufacturer 

Deakin David, butcher and farmer 

Drabble George, victualler and farmer. Green Dragon 

Elliot Benjamin, carpenter and joiner 

Eyre John, victualler and stone mason. Masons* Anna 

Fawley Thomas, butcher 

Feamally John, pot maker 

Flather John, Governor of the Poor House 

Gaunt William, pen knife manufacturer 

Gilberthorpe John, tailor 



&)odwin William, wheeiwrighl 

Glaves Samuel, brickmaker 

Graj William, victualler, Plough Inn 

Groves Samuel, steel refiner 

Habeishon Joseph, butcher 

HabershoD Henry 

Habershon Thomas, butcher and constable 

Hague George, blacksmith 

Haldart Ann, chemist, druggist, and dealer in oils and c(doui% 

Hancock Joseph, penknife manufacturer 

Hancock C. and B., fender, shoe, butcher and cook knife 

Hawksworth John, pen and pocket knife manufacturer 
Haywood Thomas Bolton, master of the Boys' KatM»al 

School, and organist of Christ Church 
Hill George, miller. Wind-mill 
Hilton John, grocer . 
Hobson George, victualler. Barrel Inn 
Hobson John, stone mason, town clerk, and sexton 
Howson John, grocer, tea and flour dealer 
Hudson George Frederick, pen knife manu&cturer 
Huntsman Francis, steel converter and refiner 
Jackson Mary, grocer 
Johnson Michael, gent. 

Johnson Gearge, victualler and stone mason, Druid's Inn 
Johnson John, scale presser 
John89n Benjamin, boot and shoe maker 
Lucas Samuel, vitriol manufacturer, residence Bolsoverrhlll 
Lodge Jancji ladies' boarding school 
Makin William, (successor to Benjamin Gilley) manufacturer 

of roller bars, bottom plates, rope axes, wrought iron 

spindles, chisels, &c. &c« for paper mills, tobacco knives,. 

mill chisels, steel, &c. 
MarshaU William, saddler and harness maker 
Marriott Wm. jun., maltster and farmer 
Milner John, Esq. 

Mellor Thomas, penknife manufacturer 
Mellor John, do. do. 

Naylor Geoige, nail manu&cturer 
Oakes Jonathan, scissor manufacturer 
Oakes Mark, casting pot maker, for melting diver, copper, 

brass, steel, iron, and all kinds of metal 


, ,V 

Oglesby Rev. Richard, curate 

Osborne Henry, boot and shoe fnaker ^ , ^ 

Osborne Joseph, do. 

Oldfield E., confectioner < I 

Parker William, manufacturer of spades, shovels^ shodtoo]^ 
wi^on clouts, chain cables^, crane chains, hames, tracee| 
paring spades, patten rings, mill chisels, spade shafts^ &^ 

Priest Wm., victualler. Horse and Jockey ^ 

Pritchard Rev. J. W. H., dissenting minister, Zion Chapel 

Rawson W. Esq., the Mills 

Read & Co., gold and silyer refiners. The Milla 

Reaney George, penknife manufacturer 

Riohardison E. W., surgeon 

Rodger George, grocer ; 

Schofield John, miller, Royd's mill ^ 

Schofield John, forge and rolling mill, Rdyd's Mill 

Shaw John and Sons, surgeons 

Shirley John, miller and maltster^ Steam-mill 

Smith George, grocer and gardener 

Smith Johnl victualler, Queen s Head 

Swallow Richard, Esq. 

Taylor Wm., grocer and flour deakr 

Wales Joseph, mason and slater 

Watsdn Geoige, vletuaSer and butcher. Golden Bali 

Worthington William, victualler, Robin Hood 

Westboume Thomas, boot and i^oe maker 

Wheatman William, blacksmith and jobsmith 

Whitehead George, victualler. Bowling Green Inn 

Whiteley Mary, victualler. Blue Bell 

Wbitham Philip and John, grocers and chandlers 

Wild Joseph, penknife manufacturer 

Wild Robert, tailcHr 

Willey John, grocer — — 

Brown James, fork manufacturer 
Dawson Robert, do. do. 
Gregory John, do. do. Gilberthorp hill 
Godard Joseph, do. do* Blad^bum wheel 
IJjggiii^Eliaabethydo* do. 
Ortbn Samuel, ^^ dp. do. 
Powel William, do. do. 


Sayles Joseph, fork-manufacturer 
SaylesJohn, do. do. 

Siddons Benjamin, do. do. Gilberlhorp hill 
Slack Valentine, do. do. Blackburn wheel 
Vaughan George, do. do. 
Wilkinson Wm. do. do. Gilberthorp hill 
Wood Francis, manu£eicturer of pen and podcet knives, Blacks- 
bum wheel 
Woodger George, fork manufacturer^ Blackburn -wheel 
Linley Peteir, tater, Blackburn tik . 


Bingham John, scythe manufacturer 
Lindley Peter, scythe manufacturer 
Ifaisdeti Joseph, boot and shoe maker 


Biggin Thomas, scythe manufacturer 
Biggin Samuel, do. do. 
Hall Samuel, do. do. 
Hair John, do. do. 


Ashmore John, victualler, Old White Swso, Brightside 

Chaloner Hugh, blacksmith, Tinsley 

Gardener Wm.,. master of the Free School, Tinsley 

Goodwin Thomas, wheelwright, Tinsley 

Goodwin George, do. do« 

Humstance T„ victualler, Old Crown,, Brightside 

Jenkinson David, clerk of the township, Tinsley 

Linley John, shoemaker, Tinsley 

Lucas William, gold and silver refiners. The Mills, Brightside 

Moore Rev. James, Tinsley 

Naylor and Sanderson, tilt, sheet, and rod rollers, Attercliffe 

Forge, river Dun - * . 

Parker William, Brightside Iron Works 
Punshon Elizabeth, victualler. Plumpers' Inn, Tiosley 
Sayles and Co., coal masters, Peacock Colliery 
^Shepherd John, grocer 


Thompson James, shoemaker, Tiosley 
Wilby Jonathan, Tictualler, Red Lion, Tindej 


Booth John, cabinet maker 

Dickinson Joseph, tilter. Holmes tilt 

Grayson Henry, boot and shoe maker 

Morton John, victualler and manufacturer of filet \ 

Stanley Benjamin, blacksmith 

Marsh Wm., wheelwright 

Shaw Wm., wheelwright 

Dickenson Geor^, file manu&cturer 

Elliott Thomas, manufacturer of pocket knivea ' 

Ibbotson John, boot and shoe maker 

Lingard Mrs. Robt, Tictualler and manu&oturer of pockel 

Crooks Matthew, manufacturer of files 
Grayson George^ miller, Whamcli£fe side 
Garside William, slate and stone quanry, Bithon's house 


Chandler Rev. G., A.M., vicar, Treeton 

Foster James, miller, Woodhouse mill 

Hodgson Charles and Co», forgers, Woodhouse mill 

Jackson John, miller, Canklow mill 

May Joseph and Thomas, glass manufacturers 

Stacey and Co., colliers, Baillifield 

Sorby and Co., colliers, Dore house 

Taylor Robert, miller, Treeton 

Wheatley Mr., solicitor, Treeton 


Booth John, saddler 

Caton Edward, victualler, Coach and Horses 
Darwin John and Co., cast iron founders 
Deplidge John, victualler. Waggon and Horses 
Fielding Joseph, smith and edge tool manufacturer 
Frith John, grocer, draper, &c. 
Hovland Charles, victualler and butcher. White Horse 


Hall George, spirit merchant 
Jeffcock John, tinman, Croiriey 
Kay William, blacksmith 

Newton, Scott, Chambers, and Co. cast iron founders, grocery 
attd drapers. . • ^ < ^ 


Bradshaw Wm., pen and pocket knife manufacturer 

Garlick Samuel, do. do. 'dok' • 'Steel bank 

Hoole John, tanner ' • - . ' 

Kinder John, governor of the poor house 

Skelton John, manufacturer of pen and pocket knives 

Skelton John, vioUiaUer^ Ball ..,. 

Slack Isaac, pocket and penknife manufacturer, Crooksmoor 

Slack G«oi^ey do. , do.: do.. .' ' ' 

Stafford John, pen and pocket knife manufacturer 

Stead George, victualler, Grrindlestone, Crook'« dxoor 

Swift Wm., pen and pocket knife manufacturer^ Crooksmoor 

Tomlinson John, schoolmaster and surveyor - 

Wi?son Zachariah, wheelwright, See, 

Wragg John, .victualler, Punch Bow) 


Allen George, victualler, dlu'e'Batt ' 

Bradshaw Thomas, victualler, Duke of York 

Caterer Joseph, lock knife maniffaeturer 

Eyre Joseph, pen and pocket knife manufacturer 

Fisher John, butcher • • i . . > j 

Goddard Charles, pen and pocket knife manufacturer 

Grayson Wm. pen and pocket knife raanu&eturef '^' 

Hancock Joseph, screw manufactul^r c - ' •' • 

Hardcastle Wm., victualler,, JYellington Inn, stone mason, 

grocer and fiour dealer 
Hibbard Rowland, butcher 

Hounsfield, Wilson, Dunn, and Jeffcoek, ooal masters 
Innocent John, peii^ knife mainiiliKJturep - ^ ■ • > ' / .. Ji- ^•. * » ^ 
Lindley Wm. boot and shoe mak^r - 
Liversedge Joseph, wheelwright and joiner 
Machin Thomas, grocer and fiouf d^er ' 
Moor George, grocer, dealer in floiM* 4n4''&Mlt 


Reaney John, blacksmith 

Robinson James, Bradley Well Inn 

Pashley John, cattle dealer 

Shaw John, blacksmith 

WooIhouseW. H., victualler, and manu&cturer of table knives, 

Cricket House, Manor hill 
Taylor Wm., butcher and fanner 
Wade Wm., boot and shoe maker 


Bargh Wm., victualler, Half-way House 

Bargh Wm., farrier and blacksmith 

Bargh John, carrier 

Butterman Wm., boarding school 

Clark Rev. David 

Dobb and Ward, chemists 

Hollingworth Samuel, tailor and draper 

Lucas and Sons, manufacturer of spindles and castors 

Marsden Thomas, boot and shoe maker 

Fidcock Wm., master of the Free School 

Priestley Samuel, victualler, Coach and Horses 

Reeves Misses, ladies' boarding school 

Roscoe T., dissenting minister and schoolmaster 

Spencer Rev* Wm., A.M., vicar 

Ward Robert, draper,, &c. 

Wright Mr., surgeon 


Biggin Samusl, scythe manu&pturer 
Biggin Isaac, do. do. 


Couldwell Joseph, pocket knife msnufiwCiirer 
Hasue Thomas, do. do. 

Nicnolson Geovge, do. do. Hilltop 

Nixon Joseph, do. do. Hill top 

Wright James, do* do. 


16i LIST OF NAMES. \ "^i 


Bagshaw Rev. Win., A.M., Banner-cross house '.^ 

Barker Joseph, victualler. Wheat Sheaf, Park head 

Barton Geo., schoolmaster. Broad oak green • 

Barton Wm., brass bolster and pocket knife manufacturer^ 

Beal James, scissor manufacturer, Rustling park 

Burrows Thomas, wheelwright and carpenter, Silver hill , 

Crooks Jonas, carpenter. Bent's green 

Ellis Thomas, wheelwright, Bowling green 

Garfitt Thomas, saw file manufacturer, Well field house, Little 

Green George, victualler. Prince of Wales, Bowling green 

Hallum Wm., pocket knife manufacturer, Little common 

Hallum John, jun., pocket knife manufacturer 

Hawke Samuel, woold turner. Button lane 

Louks Wm., victualler, forged scythe and pocket knife manu-; 
facturer. Rising Sun, Little common 

Louks Edward, victualler, Barrel, Bent's green 

Makinson Jonathan, brush manufacturer. Park head' ' 

Mitchell Brothers and Co., saw, fender, scythe, and emerj 
manufacturers, Whiteley wood ^ * ^ , 

Osborne Joseph, victualler and blacksmith, Hammer and Pin- 
cers, Bent's Green '^ 

Priest W., pocket knife manufacturer. Button lane 

Walker John, stone mason, Button lane { 

Wardle Ezekiah, pocket knife manufacturer, Dobbin hiU 

Whitworth Thomas, wheelwright. Bent's green 


Ashton Aaron, victualler, Black Bull 

Ball Thomas, saddler and harness maker " 

Barlow George, butcher and farmer 

Bowler George, victualler. Traveller's Inn 

Bowler Joseph, schoolmaster 

Bryer Miles, rope and twine spinner 

Clithero Edward, Aail manufacturer. Burton cross 

Clark Thomas, cattle jobber 

Coward John, wheelwright ^ 

Falding Samuel, boot and shoemaker 


Fletcher John, tanner and butcher 

Foster Wm., victualler, Sportsman's Inn 

Gleadhall Wm^ plumber and glazier 

Greaves Benjamin, file manufacturer 

Greaves John, maltster and farmer 

Greaves Samuel, chemist and druggist 

Qreaves Thomas, butcher and farmer 

Greaves Wm., grocer 

Grange John, linen manufacturer 

Gregory. Robert, fork manufacturer 

Hall John, fork manufacturer, Oliver Wheel 

Hasland Hannah, grocer and draper 

Hilgae Joseph, naU manufacturer 

Hawksley Sarah, seminary 

Heaton Robert, Governor of the Poorhouse 

Hobson Wm., nail manufacturer 

Holmes Wm.« fork manufacturer, Oliver wheel 

Jepson Matthew, cooper and victualler, tan^d 

Kay Joseph, blacksmith and farrier 

Kindey Joseph, chandler and farmer 

Lister John, carpenter and wheelwright 

Loxley John^ wheelwright 

Xixai&Y Joseph, wheelwright 

Machon James, vestry clerk 

Mo9r David, hatter 

Morrell Wm,, rope and twine spinner 

Morwood Henry, miller and com dealer 

Nicholson John, boot and shoe maker 

Parker Amos, tailor 

Rider Rev. Thomas, vicar 

Ridge Geo., brace and bit, and gimblet manufacturer 

Roebuck Wm,, fork manufacturer, Oliver Wheel 

Smith Geo., nail manufacturer 

Spilling Matthew, surgeon 

Spilling Ann, ladies' boarding school 

Stringer Matthew, parish clerk 

Stringer Matthew, victualler, George and Dragon 

Swift Charlotte, tailor 

Shaw Wm., constable 

Tingle Thomas, sen*, fork manufacturer, Oliver wheel 

Tingle Thomas, jun., 4o* .do. 

Tingle Charles, do, do* 


Umrin 9e^}amrn, grocer and draper 

Unwin Wm., victualler and sexton 

Utley Wm., file inanufiicturer 

Wood Aaron; fork manu&cturer, Oliver wheel 

Warburton Samuel, boardiog school 

Yeardley Thomas, fiax spinner and thread manuCictttrer 

Yelliod' Wm^ victualler and cattle dealer, Ball 


Allen George, maltster 

Allen George, victualleri White Hart 

Barber Wm., butcher 

Bell Wm., draper, &c. 

Bellam Ephraim, nail manufacturer 

Booth Joseph, spade shaft manufacturer 

Broomhead Rev. Alexander, curate 

Burrows Thomas, sickle manufacturer, Mar^ lana 

Field John, sickle manufacturer, Marsh lane 

Gascoigne *— — , plumber and gkzier 

Hardy Thomas, maltster 

Hardy Robert, saddler and harness maker 

Hooley Wm. victualler, Duke of York 

Lant George, spade shaft manufacturer 

Marsden John, edge tool manufacturer 

Morton John, cooper and timber dealer 

Nicholson and Hardman, surgeons . 

Oxspring William, butcher 

Parkin William, sickle manufacturer 

Rickett Rev. Frederick, A.M., rector 

Rowbotham J. grocer, chandler, and flour dealer 

Slagg Thomas, maltster 

Weelhouse John, grocer 

Weelhouse George, grocer 

Wheeler Richard, victualler, Angel 

White and Sons, stone masons 

Wolstenholme John, parish clerk 

Darwin John and Co. cast iron founders 



Broomhead Wm. sickle manufacturer, Ridgway j 

Buirows George, sickle manufacturer, Birley Hay 

Burrows John, sickle manufacturer, Birley Hay 

Fox William, do do Troway , 

Hutton Thomas and Joseph, do do High laoe 

Rose Joseph, auctioneer. Haven 

Rotherham Thomas, sickle manufacturer, Birley Hay 

81agg Thomas and Son, sickle, hook, indigo hook| and edge 

tool manufacturers, Ford (mark B Y) 
Staniforth Thomas, sickle manufacturer, Hackenthorpe \ 

Staniforth Aaron and Ezra, do do Troway 

Webster Mark, sickle and hook manufacturer, Ford 


Biggin Isaac and William, masons and builders 

13e^rs John, carpenter 

Cooper Robert, tailor and draper 

Croft John, tailor and draper 

Fiddler Benjamin, mason and builder 

Furnace Francis, seedsman and tallow chandler 

Harrison Thomas, tailor and draper 

Lupton John, farmer, at the Hall 

Makinson George, victualler. White Swan 

Rayney John, blacksmith 

Wagstaff John, joiner and cabinet maker 

Seston James, victualler and shoemaker. White Hart 


Allott Matthew, nail manufacturer 

Ashton Joseph and Co. cast steel refiners and spindle manu- 
Ashton John, nail manufacturer 
Bailey and Tingle, cast steel refiners 
Beedford and Beet, screw manufacturers 
Bower Thomas, nail manufacturer. Lane head 
Bower Thomas, machine, bolt, and screw manufkciorer 
Bower Thomas, grpcer and flour dealer 
Burrows Jesse, grocer and shoemaker 


Downibg Benj., carpenter and wheel wngbti Nether Houses 

England Edward, aish turner, Whitley 

Frocffatt William, tailor, Middleton green 

Gledhill William, linen manufacturer 

Hartley John, victualler, Blacksmith's Arms 

Helliwell James, victualler, Norfolk Arms 

Higgins John, fork manufiKrturer 

Hobsou Joseph, victualler, Red Lion 

Marsh Enoch, blacksmith 

Oates Benjamin, fork manufacturer 

Oates Joshua, wood agent to M. Ellison, Es^« 

Oates George, woodman 

Oates Wm. do. 

Sutdiffe Joseph, fork manufacturer 

Swift Robert, fork manufacturer 

Swift John, fork manufacturer ^^'"'^^ 

Tingle and Jackson, bolt and screw manufacturers 

Tingle Jonathan and Sons, iron founders 

Turner Mary, victualler, Harrow 

Wadsworth Robert, schoolmaster, Woodend 

Walton Joseph, guard fork manufacturer 

Walton Wm« fork, table, and butcher steel manu&cturer 

Walton Benjamin, fork manufacturer 

Wyke George, screw manufacturer, Lane head 


Ashforth Wm. and John, stone masons and builders 

Beardshaw Paul, table knife manufacturer 

Burt Wm., victualler. Tavern 

Cantrill Wm. fork manufacturer 

Chaloner Joseph, fork manufacturer 

Drabble George, fork, shoe and butcher knife manufacturer 

Hall James, fork manu&cturer 

Middleton Wm., grocer ' 

Newham John, grocer, &c. 

Swann Thomas, schoolmaster 

Walker John, boiler manufacturer 

Wheatcroft Thomas, butcher and farmer 

Wigfall Elizabeth, grocer 

Wilkinson Wm«t common and patent sheep, horse, ao^ 
glovers' shears, shoe, butcher, bread, cook, and bed 
knife manufacturer 

Wilkinson Joseph, victualler, Ball 

Wilkinson James, grocer, &c. 


Dodson Paul, victualler. Cross Keys 

Ensland Joseph, victualler. Crown 

Fishers, Charles, Holmes, and Co., nursery and seedsmen 

Gleadall Rev. John, curate 

Huddleston Rev. W., A. M., vicar 

Hifst R. M., master of the free school and parish clerk 

Leadbeater John, wheelwright 

Harsden George, blacksmith 


Croft John^ tailor 

Hotham John^ grocer and flour dealer 

Mirfin William, boot and shoeqi%kQr 


Archdale TliomiWf.podset knife manu&cturef 
Binnev and Brolbera, Heeley Tilt, river Sheaf 
Brailsiorth John, com miller, Hedey Mill 
Close Georgei podset comb manu&cturer 
Hollady Mark,.|rBocer . 
Jackson John, .wood turner 
Memmott Samuel^ pocket knife manufacturer 
Reynolds George, victualler, White Lion 
Sawcock James, wheelwright 
Vardy Joseph, blacksmith 
White John, victualler. Red Lion 
Wright Lear, pocket knife manufacturer 


Barker George, Waggon and Horses 
Barlow William, pocket knife manufacturer 


170 LIST OlP if AMEl^ 

^ • ■ ^ , 

Bimitff Sdhtif pocket knife manufacturer 
Cameron Richard, TictuaHer, Ball 
Eadbnfhanaeli ueEdunt 
Gill Edward) pocket knife laanufiictarer 
Gill Jane, . do. do. 

Gillatt William, do. do. 

Gillatt David, dob do. 

Goding George, file manufacturer 
Hasland and Birley, pocket knife manufacturers 
Hide William, master of the free school 
Memmott George, pocket knife manufacturer 
Naylor James, butcher 
Parker John, horn button manufacturer 
Palfreyman George, pen knife manufacturer 
Pemberton Thomas, pocket knife manufacturer 
Robinson Martha, victualler, Shakspeare 
Stones James, pocket knife manufacturer 
Thompson Charles, do. do* 

Wheatcroft Wm. do. do. 

Wilde Joseph, file manufacturer 


. . ■ J 



Blackwell Thomas, slate quanry, Benlyhobn ^ .. ^ 

Brook John, manufiKiturer of pocket Icntves ^ J 

Brook Samuel, manuficturer of pocket knivsv - 

Biiok Sinntiel, miniifaetiirer of pocket kliii«sr h : :H 

Morton John, file mami&eturer 

BnMk' Benkmin, manofectorer of pocket knives 

Rodgers nilliam, do. do. die. ^^ 

BMey Joseph, do* do. do. 

Birley George, do. do. do. - , /^ 

HurM Benjamin, stone mason 

Hobsofi Thomas, stone quarry, Spout house 


Dyiaon Wm., pocket knife manufacturer, Strotuell 

Garrett Joseph, do. do. Skew hill 

Hobson Joseph, file manufacturer 

Machin M. G. and J., file manufacturers 

Turner Stephen, pocket knife manufacturer "' '^^ 

Turner John, do; do. Ske# fciff' ^-"^'"^' 

USX 07 Jf4W^ lt\ 


Hardwick John, shoemaker / '' 

Hartop Henry and Co. cast iron fotiiidefs> Miltoa FanuBOii I 
Jones John, pocket knife snaoufecturer i ' 


Bailey George, brickmaker 

Beetson Matthew, potter 

Bellaoiy Robert, hair dresser 

Bennet Rev. James, D.D., theological tutor, College ., •/, 

Brown Benjamin, victualler. Spade Bone . .. ^s 

Ca?ill Bbeiiezer, victualler. Crown and Anchor , . .} 

Close and Clark, glass manufacturers } 

Cooper William, victualler. Queens Head 

Crossland Ann, victusdier. Waggon and Horses <. 

Downs William, fellmonger 

Ellis Samuel, organist and music preceptor 

England James, porter dealer ,^ 

Fleck Wm., merchant, commission i^ent, and agent to t^f 

Phcenix Fire Office 
Flockton Mary, manufacturer of axletrees, beak irons, fire 

irons, nesh forks, gridirons, garden ndces, hanunerS) ftc 
Grant Marv, victudkr. Bridge Inn ^ 

Guthrie John, mahc^any, timber, Weetmofdaiid apd. WMk 

slate meDrimnt . - : (Mi 

Hill Richard, NMVcastle crowtt glaaa wafehois^i .wbdeuft 

brewer and maltster, Phcsnii Brewery hi 

Hinchliffe CharitSy pocket comb and pen k^ife QiAufii^tMiiftd 
Hodgson Thomatf* teacher of. the Fr^e school ^^ 

Horsfield Wm., vietuallei imd wharfinger for timbeVy Ship Jm 
Eimpster H., manu&cturer and repairer of scale beama^ mA 

spindles, wrought iron boilers, gasQmeters and pipi of 

all descriptions, oart axletrees^ knives for pap^ milH 

straw knives, &c. 
. Lempriere Mrs. 
Nicholson Joshua, manufacturer of all sorts of fire irons, toast- 

ing Jacks, spits, garden rakes, &c« 
Oxley and Hodgson, steel converters & refiners, New Park gat^ 
Rooth Wm., flax spinner 
Sandford and Yate^ iron masters 
Sanderson ||n^ J^tsoii, iron masters, Newb%gin 

Il2 LXS-rOi^NAMfe.' 

Shaw Wrt.^fettiaDer, Plough Itm 

Shackleton William^ earthenware dealer 

SimpsoD Charlesy ship carpenter acid boat builder. Wharf aiid 

Yard, iSwhiton 
Slagg Ridhaid, Kibfaurst steel works, near Doncaster ; and at 

Masbro'y near Rotherham 
Smith Rev. Thoroas, classieal tuto/^ college 
Smith Wm., victuaDer, Red Bull 
Swan Joseph, chain maker 
Walker MisSy^entlewoman, Masbfo' hon^ 
Walker Miss £., Masbro' 

Walker Joshua, and Co., manufacturers of pi^ iron, Holmei 
Wheatley Thomas, grocer, maltster, and dealer in corn 
White Wm., manufacturer of bed screws and chains 
Woodgen William, cable chain, baekbandi cart trace, pfoiTgb 

and rack chain manufadOrer 
Wright Thomas and Co., vessel owners^ 
Young John, victualler, £lack Bull * 


Cadman S. and C. maltsters 

C9i^la!f Jdtin, g^^eman - ^ » 

Fei^ Samud, scyfbe and sickle manufieictarer 
Hutton George and Thomas, sickle manufaetcnrefs* 
Keeton John, do do 

Rose Thomas, blacksmith 
Rose and Co. bnish nianu^tuters 
Staniforth Naboth, sickle manufacturer 
Statoh Nathan, sickle and hook ntonufa(*turer 


SiUkef George, victualler. Cross Scjthes, Four lane ends 

Pearson Rev. Henry,' B. D. vicaif 

Pip6r Rev. Henry Hunt 

Read John, Esq. 

Shore Samuel, jun., Esq. 

T;^s»c Paul, hammered and pateint scythe iiiadtifiict^ref 

Webster William, valuer 


Bingham William, file manufacture 
Crich Cornelius, blacksmith 


Gascoigne William, victualler^ Horse and Jockey 

Goodlad Peter, blacksmith 

Lee Williams boot and shoe maker 

Linneker Revel and Sons, hammered and patent scythes, hay 

and straw knife and horse nail manufacturers 
. Bamsden John, joiner and carpenter 

|;^^ NORTON LEES. \ 

^ V ^. , Brittain William, gentleman 
' .Golley Benjamin, land surveyor 
Shore Samuel, Esq., Meersbrook 
-:TI|prpe William, merchant 

'-%, ):'■; ^ NORTON WOODSEATS. 

; /^both Jonathan, sickle and reap hook manufacturer 
jFrith William, victualler. Free Masons' Arms 
Gillatt Samuel, cattle dealer and farmer 
. Hi|>bard John, saw file manufacturer 
. . Hopkinson Joseph, forged and patent scythe, hay and straw 

knife manufacturer 
• Oskome Thomas, saw file manufacturer, Norton Woodddt 

. Sfaiydish Samuel, wheelwright and blacksmith 
/'iSwift Williami boot and shoe maker 


rS/ff^SpxditoTi John, pocket manufacturer, Mill-houses 
fiJr^JSishop John, com miller, Mill-houses 
V-*- Sbibitli and Deakin, scythes, sickles, hay and straw knives, . 
reap hooks and edge tool manufrs., Norton Hammer 
Dyson Thomas and John, forged and patent scythes; hay and 

straw knife manufacturers, Abbey Dale Forge 
Tbbptsons & Mitchell, paper makers, Wauke Mill, Abbey Dait 
Lingard Ann, victualler, Robin Hood, Mill-houses 
l.inley Peter, scythe manufr., Moscar Wheel, and Bole hill . 
Oldham Matthew, nurseryman, Norton Hammer 
Smith James, victualler. Waggon and Horses, and woodman 

for Ecclesall woods. Moat house 
Toplis Wm. wood agent 

Webster Wm. scythe, hay and straw machine manufacturer^ 
Little London 


17* LIST oi i^AMBS; 


Ashforth Benjamin, file manufacturer 

B^nat Joseph, boot and shoemaker 

Bedford John, miller, Old mill 

Brammall Ann, victualler. White Hart 

Cooke Thomas, grocer and stone mason 

EHiot Benjamin, shoemaker and grocer 

Elliott Benjamin, wheelwright 

Fairest John, victualler ana stone mason^ Cock Inn 

Fairest George, shoemaker 

Fox Joseph, blacksmith 

Grayson Edward, forger and tilter, KeW tilt| river Dun 

HelUwell Joseph, wheelwright 

Ken^ron and Co«, ibrgers and tilters, German and shear steel, 

and file mftnufiiGturersi Middlewood 
Loy Martha, victualler, Gate, Clay wheel 
Naylor John, file manufacturer 
Redfeam Joseph and Son,, file and steel maau&cturers^ Berten 

Redfearn John and Co, file and steel manufacturers, at the Gate 
Spencer -, foieer and tilter» Old tilt, river Dun 
Stanley Wm., milfer. New mill 
Stanley Martin, victualler, Stanley Arms 
Turner Matthew, file manufacturer, at the Gate 
Wood Benjamin, boot and shoe maker 
Wilson and Co^ forgers and tilters, Beeley wood 


Armitage Benjamin, pocket knife manufacturer 

Bimes B.. victualler. Ball 

Cockhill William, maltster and flour dealer 

Crowther Joseph, surgeon 

Hague Thomas, pocket knife manufacturer 

Hawksley Charles, carpenter and joiner 

Hawksley George, millwright and farmer 

IVfachin Joseph, butcher 

Morton Brothers, file manufacturers 

Ralph Thomas, butcher 

Taylor Joseph, blacksmith and wheelwriglit 

Thompson and Co», paper manulactufers 

White John, victualler. Red Lion 


Woodbouse George, victualler, Star Inn 
Woktenholm ■ , victualler and blackamith, Crown 


Anderton William, tailor 

Best John, grocer and flour dealer ; manufi:. of files 

Blake. Mr., merchant 

Carr Stephen, pocket knife manufacturer, Piper house 

Dixon George, merchant 

Fisher Robert, merchant 

Greaves Nathaniel, merchant 

Houldsworth and Kirkby, fork manufacturers 

Jones Samuel, boot and shoemaker 

Middleton John, merchant 

Poles Joseph, grocer and flour dealer, table knife and pocket; > 

comb manufr., haft and scale presser 
Parkin Joseph, merchant 
Rose Benjamin, gentleman 

Sestin John, metal button manufacturer, Piper house 
Shaw John, joiner and cabinetmaker 
Ward Joel, pocket knife manufacturer 
Warburton Thomas, penknife manufacturer 
Wright John, victualler. Bay Horse 
Yeardley Joseph, victualler. Sportsman's Inn 


Adams George, blacksmith and jobsmith, Vicarage lane 

Adams John, grocer and tea dealer, High street 

Aldred Henry, nail manufacturer. Well gate 

Aldred John, manufacturer of pyroligneous acid, Chemibal' 
Works, Well gate 

Alvey Richard, victuaUer, Cranes Inn, High street 

Athey John, joiner and carpenter and joiner. High etreet 

Anley John, victualler. Red Bear, Bridgegate 

Anley John, carrier to Sheffield, Bridgegate 

Babb Wm., victualler, Pack Horse, Doncaster Gate head, 
waggons to York, Mondays and Thursdays : waggons 
to Tickhill, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 

Badger Benjamin, auctioneer and appraiser, High street 

Badger Thomas, solicitor, High street 

Badger William, boot & shoemaker & leather cutter, High st. 


Badger Thomas, agent to the Royal Exchange Fire Offioe^ 

High street 
Baglev John, bookseller, binder, printer, & stationer* High si. 
Bornsley and Rhodes, grocers and tallow chandlers, Bridgegatt 
Barr Catherine, straw hat manufacturer, Shambles street 
Bayliffe Rev. Thomas, M.A., vicar and surrogate, Greasbro' 
Bayliffe W. R., ironmonger. High street 
Beaumont Greorge, grocer, tea and flour dealer, Wellgate 
Beatson Robert and Brothers, oil of vitriol and allum manu- 
facturers, Wheathill and Masbro' 
Bell Thomas, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Westgate 
Bellamy Elisabeth, dressmaker, High street 
Bellamy John, hair dresser and toy dealer. High street 
Bentley Robert, wholesale ale and porter brewer, maltster, &c« 

Bingham James, farrier, cow leech and compounder of cattle 

medicine, Bridgegate 
BingleyWilliam, grocer and tea dealer, High street 
Bmks Thomas, plumber and glazier, Westgate 
Blackley Rev. Thomas, M.A., curate 
Blacker John, blacksmith. College street 
Blackmore John, joiner and cabinet maker, Bridgegate 
Boomer, Phitt & Bray, wine and spirit merchants, Market-p^ 
Booth Mary, straw hat manufacturer, High street 
Booth Richard, tailor and habit maker, Crofts 
Bouhon William, victualler. Butchers' Arms, Crofts 
Brammar John, wheelwright, Wellgate 
Breedon Thomas, grocer and flour dealer, Westgate 
Brown Wm., constable of the gaol. Bridge 
Brown Cuthbert, tailor and draper. Shambles street 
Broomhead Henry, solicitor, office, Bridgegate, Mondays and 

Brurtt Wm., tanner, West^te 

Burkitt Richard, master of the Free Grammar School^ Col- 
lege street 
Caldwell William, victualler, Traveller's Inn, Westgate 
Calton James, grocer, tallow chandler, and dealer in corn, 

Chrimes Edward, plumber and glazier, Market place 
Clarke and Nightingale, liquor merchants, Millgate 
Clarke John, librarian, Tiibrary 
Clayton Edward John, tinner and brazier, High street 

LiiiT or NAMli^ VfJ- 

Coe uavidy cabinet maker ancL upholsterer • " 

Co«!p^ John, maltster and bretiver, Westgate ' 

OofBiltWiUi9i% vktuaUeiv Old An^l, BridgegM 
XJowen William, landscape painter, Weilgate 
Cowen, Davjr^anci I)ixony linen and wooUea^ di^eia, and s% 

mercers, tiigh street 
Cfsv^n yfmkf shedff^s offieer, We^tgote 
Craven Wm., auctioneer .and appraiser, W^istgate 
Crawshaw Andrew, watch and clock. maker, silvefsmitfaijefi^ 

eller, and ironmonger, Higb street 
Oookes Thomas, auctioneer and appraiser, Wesfgate 
Crookes S./ bodcseller, printer, and stationer, Agent te^th^' 

Sheffield Fire Office, Westgate t 

Crookes £. atid M. A., miUiner^s and dress makers, Wes^ate 
Crosby Benjamin, taSor and draper, Bridgegate 
Crosby Wm., grocer and flour dtealer, Westgate 
Crosby Matthew, mfiMer, Windmill ^^ 

Crowthe^ Jos. mi Son, caqpenters an*d whedwrighis, CfoAi*^ 
Cudbert John, gardener andseedsmoi!^. Church strettt t 

Dttrwebi I'homad, »iddle and collar maker, WieUgate* '< 

Didsbury-Riijiard, com factor, Westgate 
Earnshaw Wm., linen aad woollen draperi Highalreat « 

Easton Wm., nail manufacturer, WeDgate - '^ 

Evans John, teacher of HolKa's Chatity School, (M mitt yari 
Bvetiifield Samh, gentlemen's boarding school, J. J. Applatcuil- 

governor, Moorgate Academy 
Farnell Wm., watch and clock maker. Market place ^ 

Farr Johi>, house and ornamental pamter, afid atainer too ^m^ 

College street 
Favill Wm., nail manufacturer and dealer in bar iron, Westgattt 
Fields Wm., cooper, College street 
Fisher John, chief constable and clerk to the mif^istntee, Cl^ 

ton Cottage 
Flockton Benj., victualler. Cutler's Arms 
Garside M. and N., hattera, hoaers, tea dealers, aitd glfifeis,^ 

High street 
Gee Greorge and Son, joiner and cabinet maker, Hollia aqiiare 
GiUatt Thomas, hat manufacturer, Westgate 
Gillott Thomas, currier and leather cutter, Doncaatergate head 
Gobdhall John, clothes broker and glover, Market place ^ 

Gordon John, nail manufacturer, Westgate 
Gray^ William, victuaflcr, Black Swan, Crofta 

17$ uam OF mamm. 

Green Jpho» rope manu&Qtutter, Weslgelbe . >< 

Guest Jawea, tailor. Bridge street 

HaberBhon Joseph Jooe^i linen and vfooU^n disaper vai^iSk 

merceri Higbstfeet , a^, 

Rackett Philip^ London tea warehouse. Market place . . 
Hague ThomaSy coach, sign, and fancy painteri, Church Btn^et 
Hague Wm«, hair dresser, perfumer, and London hat 941^? 

house, Church street 
H«nie John, tailor and habitmaker. Shambles Mreet 
HaU ReT« Mn, curatp, Greasbro*. 

llardy^George, house, sign, and furniture painter, Bridg^gaM 
Harris Jervis, cast iron and brass founder, Wellgate ./( 

Harrison William, governor of the poorhouse. Crofts 
Hatt Richard, victualler, White Hart, Bridgegate . .4 ^ 

Hattersley Mary, victualler, Angel Inn, High street , 4 

Hattersl^j Jamei|f, rope and net manufiaicturer, Westgate . , .^ 
Hawksworth William, gentleman, Westgate j( 

Heathcote Thomas, joiner and cabinetmdcei^ Shambloa . ^^ 
Heeson^ William, comfactor, Westgate 
HeppenstaU J«y whitesmith and fire iron maker, Markejt {dacf^ 
Hobfon Abraham, boot and shoemaker, Market phce ;/ 
Howden ThooMS, tailor, Donea8teq;ate hea4 .4 

Hjo^ W. F., solicitor, Westgate ■ , /: 

itudsou. Janesi patten maker and nail cutter, Bridgcgatu .. v^ 
Hudso^. John, victualler. College Inn, auctioneer ai^d appiatfffyi 
.,. ., College street . ^^ 

Hudson Mary, victualler. Ship Inn, Crofts 
Hunt and I|eseltine, 9gwts to the Albion Fire Offioa ^^^o>l 
Hunter Wm^ King's Arms, Doncastergate head ,.( i 

Jaipkaon Petef, corn miller, Ickles Mill 
Jackson John, miller and com merchant, Westgate & Oanklow 
Jarvis Emmanuel, victualler, Mail Coach, Well^gate 
Jenkinson Samud, plasterer and whitewasher Wellgate 
Jesson William, parish clerk 
Jesapp George, confectioner. High street 
Jubb William, joiner and cabinetmaker, Crofts 
Kent Thomas, brazier and tinphue woiker. Market place 
Kpxxi. Joh^, butcher* Church street 

Ke^t Geqrgf^, hair dresser, Bridgesate . . .«. 

Kirk, Kidgell, and Co., ironfounders ; manu&c^i^qia of stove 
,. grates^ {eoders, 6re jrom^ wrought iron AOQcks,.c^V§l 

grate models and ornaments, &c. &c., Ma^et phica 


Ii^iV^r ^AAl^9. ltd 

Kirk Thomas, victu^r^ Ring'of Belb, CburcTi street 

Law Thomas, h'nen and woollen draper, H^h street 

Law Jt^ri, tafloF and draper, High street ' 

Lawson Ann, importer of and dealer in foreign spirits, High ^ 

Lent George, Windsor and fancy chair maker, College streer 

Liddle Thos.^ apothecary and secretary at Dispensary, We9gal« 

Liildle Tbos., asastant at the Dispensary, Wellgate v - 

Lilley James, boot and shoemaker, Bridgegate 

LiTeisidge and Orownshaw, iron masters ; wholesale saild&fii; 

and linen manufactureri, Millgate and Ma'sbro' bridsa; 
Lodge Richard, sadder and harness maker. High street '^ 
Ladbun Joseph, baker, Westgate [ 

Marshall George^ boot and shoemaker, Bridgegate 
Mason John, clock and watchmaker. College street '^ ' 

Mellor John, victualler, Masons' Arms, Westgale ; 

Mopdy Benjamin, grocer, com and flour dealer, Crofts 
Moore John, saddler. Market place ' '' 

Naden Mites, potter and dealer in pipes, Westgate' 
Naylor Sarah, glass and earthenware desder. High strieet 
Keed^aim Alice, vietualler. Nag's Head, Market place 
Needham Robert, basketmaker. Shambles street 
Needham John, boot and shoemaker, Bridgegate 
Newton Jacob, chemist, druggist, and colourman^ High stveet 
Newton Josepl), rope and twine manufacturer, WeBgate 
NMolsott Michael, i^ctuidler. Black Horse, High street " - 
N^htingale Charles, grocer, chandler, and maltster, We8tgat«^ 

and High street 
Norman WtlHam, chemist and druggist, High street 
Oldfield Ann, victualler. Crown and Commercial inn, pbstbg ; 

house ; maib and coaches to all parts of the Ubjgdotn, ' 

High street ^ 

Oxley John, solicitor, Bridgegate 
Parker T., basket and hamper manufacturer, Bridgegate 
Parker Francis, oil drawer 
Parkin Zechariah, chemist and druggist, oil and colourman, '" 

Parkin Zechariah, victualler. Blue Bell, Maricet place 
Parkin J., chemist and druggist, oil and colourraen, Bridgegate 
Pearson Thomas, coal master, valuer, attd civ3 engtBeer, Her' 

Potter John Wright, agent to the ASianc^ Wbe Offce, High at 


Potter ^)m Wright, soIidtDr, High stnset 
Radclifie George, boot and shoe maker, Westgate 
Reckless Thomas, baker jand confectioner, High street ^ 
« Reecb' Rev; Thos., afternoon lecturer of All Saints' Church. 
Ridgway Elizabeth, stmw hat manufacturer, Crofts 
Ro^juison Richard, tailor and draper. High street 
Robinson John, surgeon, Wellgate 
Sales James, baker and tfonfectioner, Bri4gi^te 
fiflt Qharles, hair dresser, Church j^eet 
JSbarpe Ann, grocer, Wellgate 
Sheaif^an Edward- Jame% surgeoi), Mai<ket,pl||^ 
Shillito Wm., classical and commerdal academj, £!oiIqge street. 
Smith John, joiner and carpenter, Crofts 
Smith William, saddle tree manufacturer, Westgate 
Sipith Thomas, victualler, White Swan, Wes^te 
Smith Thomas, do* True Britoq, Westgate 
Smith James, do* > Royal Oak, Wesljgate 
Smith Robert, linen and woollen dsraper, Westgate 
Smith;Samuel, joiner and carpenter, Shambles 
Steel William, grocer and maltster, Bridg^gate 
Steel Thomas, victualler, Harrow, Wellgate 
Steel George, do. Cross Key^ Crofii ■. 
iSteer John,, timber merchant, Westgate 
Swift Joseph, com factort Westgate 
TaskfB Mrs*, com miller. Windmill 
Taylor Geoige, linen and wooUen dcaper, . Bridgi^glte 
Tliomas Edward, currier, Westgate 
Thompson Elizabeth, iaiUiner> High street 
Thoiaton John^ carpventer andwhedwr^t) Westgate 
Towasnd G^eorgeiK graeer. College street 
Turner and Co., oil drawers and seed crushers, Aldwark mifls 
Turner and Co., starch and soap boilers. 
Turner Joshua, iBurgeonrHjjgh street 
Turner J., surgeon, Wellgate 
Tumer Joseph, viotualbr, Cleaver, Wellgate 
Turton James, hat manufacturer. Market place 
Waites Peter, boot and shoemaker. High street 
Walker, Eyre, and Stanley, bankers, High street 
W«lkApfr^frs«,j gentlewoman, Cli&OQ 
Walker William, slater and slate merchant. College street 
Ward. Aiidrew, music preceptor, Bridg^ate ; 


Watson George, liquor mercjhauti Market placje* 

Watson J., yictiialler, Red Lion and Posting hou$ei,Qridg9g|il|i 

Watson John, plumber and glazier, Wellga^e 

Wells William, dyer, Westgate 

Wheatley Joseph, solicitor, Westgate 

White John, grocer and flour dealer, Wellgate 

Whiteman Elizabeth, victualler, Boot and »Shoe, Brjdgegat% . 

Wigfield Mary, grocer, tea dealer, and tobaccomsti UIgli stji^Q^I 

Wilde Francis, victualler, Wellington, Westgate 

Wildsmith John, hatter and bone merchant, College; g|i^ 

Wilkinson James, surgeon, Vicarage lane 

Wilkinson Rich., victualler, Wheat Sheaf, Doncastexg^te hfi9li 

Wilkinson Edward, carrier, Doncastergate head 

Wilson Martha, post mistress and stationer, stamp office, Higbst 

Woodhead Joseph, wine and brandy merchant, Westg^tev 

Wright Mark, boot & shoe maker, and leather cutter. Church at 

Wright William, boat and shoemaker, College street 

Wright James, watch and clock maker. High street 

Wright James, blacksmith, Westgate 

Young Henry, victualler, Elephant and Castle, High 9treet 

Hall Jonathan, manufacturer 

Jenkinson T., hammer and saddlers* tool maker, Cherrytree hill- 
Jenkinson Thomas, Cherry tree Cottage and Bowling g^eea 
Newbould Henry, merchant 
Newbould John, merchant 
Newton Isaac, haft and scale presser 
West George, schoolmaster 
Ward Joseph, Esq. 

WisoD J« and W., tobacco and snuff manufactaren ^ 

Wilson Joseph, Westbrook 
Woodcock Thomas, hafl and scale presser 

Barker Joseph, fork manufacturer 
Chaloner Joseph, do. 
Chaloner Stephen, do. 

Ellis John, spade and shovel manufacturer, Hatfield Hotweit 
Ellis Marmaduke, fork manufacturer 
Ellis Joseph, do. 


Fklcher Willianiy fork manufacturer 

Finch Thomas, schoolmaster 

Gregoiy Joseph, fork manufacturer, Bell house 

Howson Wilham, 'do. ' , , . 

Hutchinson William, eentlemaii 

Kay John, fork manufacturer 

Ozspring Mary, victualler, Seven Stars 

Platts Joseph, fork manu&cturer 

Platts William, do. 

Pktts Robert, do. '"_, 

Sellers Benjamin, do. Windmill hill ^ 

Sellers Jeremiah, do. do. J 

Thacker William, shoem&ker .^ 

Tinker Thomas, gentleman, Brush House 

Wood Robert, paper mold manufacturer, Boazer hill .' 


Beardshaw Jonathan, fork manufacturer U 

Judd John, pocket knife manufacturer \^ 

Tringle George, fork manufacturer 


Green John, pocket knife manufacturer, Moonshine 

Lozley William, carpenter and wheelwright * ' . 7 

Swift Benjamin, blacksmith 


Barber Thos. and Isaac, pocket knife manufr., Townficid head 

Birch Thomas, do* 

Broomhead Benjamin, saw file manufacturer 

Crapper George, boot and shoemaker 

Cheek Charles, victualler, Crown and Glove 

Crobs William, tailor 

Earnshaw Octavus, pocket knife manufacturer 

Furnace Robert, pen and pocket knife manufacturer 

Grayson George, victualler. Peacock 

Hudson William, grocer and flour dealer 

Marsh John, blacksmith 

Morris John, fork manufacturer 


Nichols Thomas, blacksmith and jobsmith 

Nichols, John and Elias, pocket knife manufacturers 

Gates Luke, do do 

Oates William, do do 

Oates John, do do 

Oxley Jehoiada, do do 

Oxley Jonathan, ^^ . ^^ 

Revitt George, scale presser 

Shaw Joseph, razor manufacturer 

Shaw John, do 

Spooner Joseph, pocket knife manufacturer 

Spooner Benjamin, do 

Thompson Greorge, victualler. Anvil, Stannington wood 

Whittles John, file manufacturer 

Wilson George, millwright 

Wilson Abraham, victualler, caipenter and wheelwright 

Wilson George, wheelwright 

Worstenholme George, razor manufacturer 

Worstenholme James, do 

Wragg Joseph, pocket knife manufacturer 

Wragg Matthew do 

Wrimksley William do 


Feam William, pocket knife manufiicturer 
Thompson and Co*, paper manufacturers 

Newton, Scott^ Chambers, and Co., cast iron founders 


Blagden Wm., carpenter and wheelwright. Nether green 

CSreswick Richard, victualler. Plough, Sandy gite 

Etchels Benj., pen and pocket knife manufr., Tapton hill 

Eyre Elizabeth, file manufacturer, Sandy gate 

Harrison Farewell, victualler, blacksmith, and farrier, Blackr 

smith's Arms, Goule green 
Hinchlifie Joshua, file manufacturer, Goule green 
Hinchlifie Joshua, jun., do Wran moor 

Pearson Jonathan, blacksmith, Lidgate 

194 U6T OF lUtfK& 

Pitchford WiUiamy raxor manufiicturery near Sandy gate 
Platts John, pen and pocket knife manufacturer, Lidgate 
Russel Willianiy blacksmith, Sandy gate 
Rya]s William, pen, pocket, and table knife, and manufadtqcr, 

Tapton hill 
Rydal Charles, boot and shoemaker, Lidgate 
Sarson Joseph, scale presser. Cross pool 
Stringer S. and G., Spanish and pocket knife maniifiu3liir«r, 

Nether green ^ 
Warburton John, 61e manufacturer. Nether green 
Wilson Joshua, tailor. Hill top 
Wilson Benjamin, wheelwright, Lidgate 
Worral George^ boot and Ghoemaker, Wran moor 


Armitage M. & H. (late Cockshut and Armitage) iron mastern; 

and manufacturers of anvils, vices, stakes^ tongs, ham-^ 

mers, &c. Mousehole forge 
Armitage John, pocket knife manufacturer 
Bamforth Wm., wheelwright 
Barker James, butcher, Wisewood house 
Barker Joseph, pen and pocket knifie manufacturer 
Barker John, pocket knife manufacturer 
Barker Mary, victualler, Star Inn 
Bateman Ralph, pen and pocket knife manufacturer 
Bland James, pocket knife manufacturer 
Bland John, pocket knife manufacturer 
Boot Abraham, tailor 
Boot Jphn, tailor 

Brammer N., victualler. White Horse 
Bfoomhead Benjamin, butcher and cattle dealer 
CoUey William and George, pocket knife manufacturers 
Crownshaw J6hn, do. do. 

Downing Elizabeth, do. do. 

Downing Samuel, do do. 

Fowler John, farmer and land surveyor, Wadsley hall 
Heyward Jonathan, pocket knife manufacturer 
Hobson Elizabeth, teacher, Free School 
Hounsfield George, surgeon 
Houeley George, pen and pocket knife manufacturer 
jtlowe Robert, boot and shoe maker 


X.I9r Ot MAMEi. 1^5 

Hoyle Gtovgei Tictasller, Hare and Hounds 

Ibbotson Robert, butcher and cattle dealer 

Ibbetson G. and W., Loxley Forge 

Jepson Samuel, blacksmith 

Knott Thomas, cabinet maker 

Lingard John, pocket knife manufacturer 

Matthewman Wm«, pocket knife manu&cturer 

North Edward, file manufacturer 

Nutt Joseph, pocket knife manufacturer 

Rose George, do. do. 

Rose John, do. do. 

Rose Wm., do. do. 

Rose Wm,, pocket, pen, and vine knife manufacturer 

Rose Stephen, do. do. 

Rojstone Wm., do. do. 

Shaw Benj., victualler, Yew Tree 

Stringer Wm., pocket knife manufacturer 

Trick et Benjamin, do 

Tricket George, do 

Webster Peter, victualler, Stag 


Henderson Joseph, victualler and seedsman, New Inn 

Hoult Johnj paper manu&cturer, river Dun 

Hoult John, tilter, river Dun 

Lunn Joseph, table knife and fork manufacturer 

Marshall Jonathan, forger and tilter, river Dun 

Mills George, victualler. Travellers' Inn, and wheelwright 

Phoenix Abraham, shoemaker 

Wells Joseph, victualler. Gate 


Burgin John, pocket knife and imitation stag scale manuficr 
Cropper Sampson, victualler. Ball 
Egborough William, tanner 
Hobson Thomas, pocket knife manufad^er 
Hobson Geo., victualler and razor manufr., Sportsonan Ina 
Marshall Thomas, pocket knife manufacturer 
r2 ^ 

l#S risr (ctfSAMt*. 


Cawood John, wine and spirit merchant 
Cawood Thomas, file manufacturer 
Eyre John and Joseph, file manufacturers 
Foster George, nail manufacturer 

Warburton Samuel, classical and commercialtK>ardin|;aoadem]r» 
Whiteley Hall 


Beardshaw Jonathant tork maaiifiialurer 

Beardshaw John, do 

Ellis George, maltster and farmer 

Muscroft John, fork manufacturer 

Muscroft Joseph, 4o 

Muscroft George, do 

Muscrofl Geo., jun., do «bd florist 

Read Joseph, Esq. 

Sellars Josephs fork manufacturer 


Charleswortb WillUmt Ti<ttual]«r«'Sfa0iiUer of Ma^loK 

Grrayson Thomas, pocket knife isamifiuAiirsr 

Hutchinson William, do 

Il^otfion Thomas, Ao 

Linsard Jeiemiahy do 

Micklethwaite Jonathan, do 

Rhodes Joseph, do 

Staniforth Thomas, do 

Waite Robert, victualler, Ball Inn 

Wtndle James, pocket knife manufacturer 

Darwin John and Co., cast iron founders. 

lASr OF BANKfiBS* 1 S7 


Barclay, Tritton, Bcran Mid co. 54Xottbard i 

Barnard, Dimsdale, Dtmsdale and Barnard^ $0 CoHihlll 

Bametts, Hoare and co. 62 LcMnbard iMMt 

Bond John, Sons, and Fjitisbali, d Change alley 

Bosanquet, Pitt, Anderdon and Ffancks, 13 Lombard airv«t 

Brown, Jansen and co* 92 Abcburch lane 

Child and co. 1 fleet street, Teenpte tor 

Coutts and co. 59 Strastd 

Curries, Raikes and co. 29 Cornhi]! 

Cocks, Cocks, Ridge and Biddiilph, 43 Charing cross 

Curtis Sir W. hart., Robarts and Curtis, 15 Lombard straec 

Denison Jos., and co. 106 Fencburcb street 

Dixon, Langdale, Dixon and Brookes, 25 Cbancery lana 

Dorrien, Magens, Dorrien, Mello and co. 22 Finch lana 

Drewett and Fowler, 60 Old Broad street 

Dnimmonds and co. 49 Cbarins cross 

Eadaile Sir J. kot, Esdalles, Hammetts and cOb SI Lombard street 

£Terett, Walker, Maltby, Ellis and oo. 9 Mansion*house stresi 

Frjs and Chapman, St. Mildred's «oim, Poultry 

Fuller Richard and George, and co. 34 Comhill 

Gill, Thomas, and co. 42 Lombard street 

Glyn Sir R. Carr, bart., Mills, Hafifkx, Glyn aiidjffk. «7 Lontenl iC 

Gosling Francis and William, and B. Sharpe, 19 Fte«t siMat 

Grote, Prescott and CO. 62 Threadnoadle street 

Hiimmerskys, GreenKm>d and co. 76 Pall matl 

Hanbury's, Taylor and Lloyds, 60 LoHbard street ^ 

Hankeyand co. 7 Fenchurch street 

Herries, FsMpihar and co. 16 St. Janses's street 

Hoare Henry, H. Hogh, Charles^ and HeMr^Merri^ MiMn^ Wl 

Fleet street 
Ho)»kinsons, Regent street, St. James's 
Jones, Lloyd and co. 45 Lethbury 

Kay Sir W. bart,. Price and Coleman, 1 Mansion^hooie Mreet 
Ladbrokes, Watson and GUman, Bank btfiMingSi Conihill 
Lees, Brassey and Farr, 71 Lombard street 
Lubbock Sir J. W. bart. Forster, Ciariie and ee. II MaatioB fawwa 

Marten, Call, and Arnold, S5 Old B<md street 


Its . LI0T 07 BAVKBU. H 

Hartiii, Stone and Stone, 66 Lombird street 

Bietterman, Peters, Mildred and oo. 55 Nicholae lane 

Morlandi and co. 50 Pall mall 

Pares and Heygate^ 25 Bridge street, Blackfriars 

PraedSk Mackwortb, Newcombe and Fane, 18d Fleet street 

Puget, Bainbridgeandco. 12 South side St. Paurs Cbureh-yard 

BAnsoms and oo. Pall mall 

Remington, Stephenson, Remington, Toulmin & co. 69 Lombard at ^ 

Rodgers, Towgood, Olding, and co. 29 Clement's lane 

Sansom, Postlethwaite and Sansom, 66 Lombard street 

Scott, Sir Claude, hart, and co. Holies street. Cavendish square 

Smith, Payne and Smiths, George street, Mansion-house place 

Snow, Sir J. D., Paul and co. 217, Strand 

Spooner, Attwoods, and co. 27 Gracechurch street 

Stevenson and ^It, 20 Lombard street 

Veres, Ward and oo., 77 Lombard street 

Weston, Young, and Bostock, 57 High street, Borough 

Whitmore, Wells, and Whitmore, 24 Lombard atreet 

Williams, Deacon, Laboucbere^ and co. 20 Birchin bne 

Willis, Percival and co. 76 Lombtfd street 

Wright, Selby and Robinson, 5 HenrietU itncty Cawuki garden . 


Place and Firm, On whom droMm. 

Aberdeen Banking Co., Glyn and co. 

Do. Commercial Banking Co., Kinloch and Sons 

Do. Maberly and co., Maberly and co* 

Do. Town and County Ban^, Jones, Lloyd and coi, (far. at 

Goltspir, and Stonehaven) . 
Abergavenny, Hills and co., Esdaile and co. 
Do. J. W. and P. Jones and co*, Williams, Deacon and.oo. 

Aberystwitb, Davis, Williams and co., £sdaile and co. 
Abingdon, Knapp and co.. Remington and co. 
Alireton, Wild and co., Lubbock and co. 
Alnwick, Ridley, Bigge and co., Glyn and co. 
Do. Batson, Benj, and co., do. 

Alresford, Knapp, Son, and co., Barclay and co. 
Alton, John Levy and co., Williams and co. 
Andover, Heath and co., Masterman and co. 
Do. (Old Bank) Wakeford and co., Lees and co. 

Appleby, Thompson and co-, Masterman and co. « *f - 


Place and Firm. Onwhoindri»m, 

Arundel, Henty «nd eo., Lubbock and co. ''^ 

Ashbourne, Arkwright and co., Smith, Payne and «o. 
Ashby and Measbam, Fishers and cd., Barnctts, Hoite, and co. ' 
Ashford, (Conmercial Bank,) Haffendeo and coi, Remingtdii & co. ' 
Do. • Jemnett and CO., Esdaileand CO. 
Asbton-uader-Lyne, Buckley and co., Jones, Lloyd and co. 
Atbeirstonc^ Cbapman andco., Spooner atid co. 
Axminster, Gundry and co., £sdai)e end co. 
Aylesbury, (Old Bank) W. Rickford and Son, Piraediand co. 
Aylsbani, (Norfolk) Copeman and Co., Hankeys atid co. 
Ayr, Huiit#r;s and Co., Herries and co. 
Bal^ock, Williamson and Wellis Barnetts, Hioare and co., or Gi^, 

Thomas, and co. 
Banbury, Gillett and co., Esdaile and co. 
Do, (Old Bank) Messrs. Cobb, Jones, Uoyd and «o. 

Bangor, Williams and co., Esdaile and co. 
Barnsley, Beckett, Birks and eo., Glyo and co. 
Barnstaple, Drake, Gribble and co., Esdaile and co. 
Barnard Castle, Backhouse «nd co., do. 

Barnstaple and North De^on, Pike, Seocts^and eo., Bavclay send cio. 
Basingstoke and Odiham, Ragget and co., Masterman and co. 
Badi (Bladud Bank,) Tuffoell and co., Jones, Lloyd and ca 
Do. Hobhouse and co., Jones, Lloyd and eo. 
Do. Tagwell and co., Barnard andtCO. 
Battle, Smith, Gill, and co., Spooner and co. 
Beedos, Gurneys and eo., Barclay and co. 
Bedford, Thomas Barnard, Kay, Price and co. 
Belfast, Provincial Bank of-Ireland, Masterinan-andco., or Spooner 

and CO. 
Do. Teonant, Callwell and CO., Denison and CO. 
Do. Northern Bank, H. and J. Johnston 
Berwickron-Tweed, Commercial Bissking Cbnopany, Jdnea, Lloyd, 

and CO, 
Berwick, (Tweed Bank) Batson and co,, Glyn and ds. 
Bererly, Bower and co.. Curries and co. 
Do. Machell and co,, Glyn aifll co. 
Bewdley, Pardee and CO., Bansetts, Hoare and eo. 
Bicester, Tubb and co., Masterman and oo. 
Biddeford, Ley, Wilcock and eo., Esdailis tod co. 
Biggleswade, G. Hogg and co., Barclay and oo. 
Bilstoo, C. Forster and Sons, Spooner and co. 
Do. Jones, Son, and Forster, Spooner* and' oo. 
Birmingham, Taylors and Lloyds, Hanburys and co, 
Vo. Attwoods and co., Spooner and cOk 

Do. Galtons and James, Barday and co. 

Do. Moilliet, Smith and co., Xubbodc and eo. - 

Do. Freer, Rotton and co., Hanburys and co. 

Do, Agent, Mr. Nichols, Bank of England 

Bishop's Waltham, Fox, Seymour and co., Barchiy and co. 
Blackburn, Cunliffb, 'Brooks, Ond co., CanKffss and €o. 

JPtoM omT JRhK« OnwAom eTi-oiMi. '*^'*^ 

Bkmdford, Dmcoy aad Bftttavd, Esrfaile and co. '-■ "^"'f ; 

X>Ob Fryer and eo., Glyn and co. ''^': . 

BodmiD, John Wallft* Em}., Dixon and co. ""'^ 

Dow Robins and co., WilUama and co. "H 

Bolton-lo-moor, Wjlde, Griffiths, and co. 

D«. C9^*^ Bank.) Hardcastle and co., Jones, Llojd ik eo^ 

Borougbbridge, Fletcher, Stubbs and co., Glyn and co. 
Boston, Claypon and co., Masterman and co. ' ^ 

Dow II. T. Gee, Curtis and eo. 
Bourn, Qaypon and co», Masterman and co. 
Bradford, (Wilts.) Hobhouse and co., Jones, Lloyd, and co 
Do. (Yorkshire) C. H^ and A. Harris and co., Esdaile and ed^t 

Braintree, Sparrow and co., Barclay and Co. 

Brecon, WiUuns and co., Bafnetts, Hoare, and co^ ' t 

Do. Bromage, Snead. and co., Masterman and co. 
Bridgewater, Studceys and Woodlands, Rogers and co. 
Do. £. gealy and Sons, Williams, Deacon and ca 

Bridgnorth, C Cooper and co., ditto 

Do. J. G. and J. Pritdiard, Bametts, Hosre, and oo. 

Bridlington, Harding and Hdltby, Lubbock and co. 
Bridport, Joseph and Samuel Gundry, Esdaile and co. 
Brighton (New Bank) Wigney and co., Masterman and co. . 
DOi ?Union) Hall, West, and co., Jones, Lloyd and co. 

Do. Lashmar and eo., Hanburys and oo. 

Do. Tamplin and oo., Kay and co. '*\ 

Bristol Old Bank^ Elton, BaOlie and eo., Grote and co. and Smii&«' 
Payne and co. * 

Do. Miles, Harford and oo., Bametts, Hoare and eo. 
Do. iSabda Bank, Ricketts and eo., Lubbock and co. 
Do. and Somerselshins Stodieys, Lean and co., Curtis and-oo.' 
Do. Savery and 00., Ilogtrs and eo. 

Do. City Bank, Haytbome and co., Bametts, Hoare and to', 
Bromsgrore, Rufibrd and Biggs, Spooner and co. 
Brooday nod Bridgnorth, J. G. & J. FHtchard, Bametts, Hoare & eo. . 
Bmton, Stt^eys and co., Rogers and eo. 
BuckMi^^liaoi, Baftlett and Nelson, Praeds and co. 
Do. George Parrott and CO., Morlands and eo. 

Bungay, Onrnay, Turner and co., Barclay and co. 
Burford, Pitt, Gardnefs and Co., Esdaile and co. 
Burnley, Birkbecks and co., Barnard and co. 
Burslem and Pottery, Wood and Holden, Jones, Lloyd, and co. 
Burton upon Trent, Joseph Clsy and Sons, Curtis and co. 
Do. Blnrton and co«, Smith, Payne^ and oo. 

Bury, Lancashire, Grundys and Wood, GWn and co. 
Bury, Brawtt) Bavan and oo., Barclay and cok ' 

Bury St. Edmunds, Edmund Squire, Barnard wA^ eo. ^ 

Bury, Suffolk Bank, Oakes and Son, Lees and co. 

Calne, King, Gosling and co., Spoonor and co. < • 

Cambridge^ Thamas, Fisher and Co.» Cumetond cO. 

Place and JPknu On whom dimwik * ' 

Cambridge^ Charlea Hurofray, Jo9fi9> JUofd aad;€Ot 
Do. Barker and Eadon, - do* > ^ 

Do» J. Mortlock and Sons, Esdaile and a»> 

00. £. ai^d C. Foster, Groteandco. 

Canierburyy Hammond and co., Remington and co. ^ : \ 

O^Mmrj Upion-Bank, Halford, Baldock and co^ Grote and oo« * 
daroiff! Savery and ca, Rogers and co. 

Do. Guest and co., Glynn and co^ ' 

Carlisle* T. Forster and co., do. 
Do^ Carrick and Sons, Mastermaa and co. 
Do. J. M. Head and co.> do. ^' 

Do. Connell and co., do. 

Carmarthen, Waters and co., Barclay and co. 
Do. Morris and Sons, Lubbock and co. 

Carnarvon, Williams and co., Esdaile and co. 
Caitle Carey, Stuckeys and co., Rogers and co. ^ 

Castle Douglas, Arthur Welsh, Smith, Payne» and eo. 
Castle Town, Isle of Mao, £. Gawne, Mastermaa and eo. 
Chard, Joseph and Samuel Gundry, Esdaile and co. 
Dd. Samuel Sparks and co., Rogers and oo. 
Chatham, Jeffirys and co., Masterman and co. '^. 

Do. Day and Sons, Glyn and cp. 

dheadle, Jpbu Higgs, Esdaile and co. ' 

Chelmsford, Sparrow and co., Barclay and oo. 
Cheltenham, Pitt, Gardner and co.. Gill and eo. 
Do. Pitt and co., Esdaile and co. 

Do. Hartland and Sons^ Williams, l)eacoD, tad co. 

Chepstow, Buckle and co.. Cocks and co. 
Chertsey, La Coste and co., Mastermaa and co. and Gffl and «o. 
Chester, Dixons and Chilton, Jones, Lloyd and eo. 
Chester and N. Wales, WiUiams add co., Esdaile and oo. 
Chestei%l|^£:romptoQaDd oo., Leeaandco. . * 

Do. ^ Maltbyand RoUnson, Glyn andco« . . -t 

C\^^{9T Old Bank, Ridge, Murray, and €0»f Frys m 
Do. Hack and co., Masterman and co. 

Chippenham Com. Bank, W. Gundry and ca, Frys aod ( 
Chipping- Norton, Whitehead and co., Glyn and coi 
Do. T.T. and T. R. Cobb, Jones^ liogrd and eo. 

Christchurch, Hants, Ledgard and oo., Rogers and co. 
Cirencester, Pitt, Bowley, and co., Eadaile and eo. • 
Do. Cripps and Co., Masterman and co. 

Clare, Oakps and Son, Lees and Son 
Clonmell, Provincial Bank of Ireland, Spooner and co. 
Coalbrookdale, Darby and co., Esdaile and co^ 
Colchester, Round and co^, GUI aad oo. and Esdaila and oo^ 
Do. Mills and co., Hankeys and cow 

Do. Fowler and oo., Rogers and co. 

CoUumpton, Devon, Skinner, Heath, and co., Frys and 
Cork, Provincial Bank ei Ireland, Spooner and Co» 
Coventry, Little, ^joodflock ai4 9o»« Smith* Pi^ii^Midoo. 


Flaee and Firm* On whom dhmm^ 

Coventry, Beck and Prime, EsdaiU, and co. 
Do, Goodall, Wilmot, and ce.| Glyti and co. . 

Do. Bunneys and Pepper, do^ 

Cranbrook, Buss and Co., Weston and Co. 
Crewk«rne, Samuel Sparks and co., Rogers and -oo^ 
Do. S, P, Payne and Co., Masterman and ci»« 

Croydon, Piper, Gale, and co., Barnard and c(h . 
Cupar, (Angus,) Arbroath Banking Co., Glyn.aii4)^ 

Darlington, Backhouse and co., Esdaile and co^ 

Do. W. Skinner and co., Barclay and eOm 

Dartford, Jaaaes and co., Mastermiin and co. 

Dartmouth, Harris and co., Stevenson and Salt , 

Daventry, Charles Wntkinsand Son, Glyaand c(V 

Do. Hall, Jenkins, and co«, Jones, Llpyd apd. CP^. 

Deal, Hulk and co., Grote and co. 

Denbigh, R. and C. Sanl^ey, Bosanquet and co. 

Derby, Samuel Smith and co., Smitii, Payne, and cp«, 

Dow Cromptbn and co., Lees and ca 

Do. ETana and co., Jonea. Lloyd, and cp^ 

Devises, Locke and co., Lubbock and co. • . 

Do< John and T. Tylee and co., Lubboc]k an^^f ; 

Devonport, Hodge and co. do. 

Do. Husband and Son, Willi^m^, Deacon 4Vli4.C9* ^ 

Dewabury, Hagues and Coojf, Smithy Payne. an4cp*. 

Disfl^ Flncham and Son, Lees and co. 

Do. Taylor and co., Barnetts, Hoare and co. 

Dolgelly, Jones and Williatns, Esdaile and co. 

Doncaster, Coo)^e, Cbildersandco., Coutts andco. 

Do. Leatham, Tew, ani^ co.. Denison and co. 

Dorchester, Williams, Pattison andco., William^ Deacon, .and eo.. 

Do. Bewer and co., do. 

Dorer, J. M. Fector and co., Minets and Strides 

"Do. Latham and co., Barnetts, Hoare, and co. 

Do. Union Bank, Latham, Rice, and co., Herries,and co. 

Douglas, Isloof JVIan, Holmes and Son, Masterman and co. 

Dowlais, Guest, Lewis, and co., Glyn and cp»^ 

Dublin, Bank of Irels^id, Bank of England or Coutts and cO., (br« 

DnbUn, J. D. Latouche andco., Puget, Bainbridge^ andco. 
Do. Benjamin Ball aujd co., Mor lands and co. Ransom & oo. or 

Puget and co. 
Dublin, Shaw and cOm Harman and co. 
Do. Hibernian Bank, H. and J. Johnstone and co. 
Dudley, Dixon, Dalton and co., Masterman and co. 
Do, Hordern and Molineaux, Sansom and co. 
DufBeld, Harding and co., Lubbock and co. 
Dumfermliue, Commercial Banking co., Jone^y J^^^J^. *?>^ ^^ 
Dumbarton, do* do. 

Dumfries, do. dot 


jHo/Ob €moL xMtnit* iJn trnotn €ttown% 

Dumfriefl, Gordon, Biggar, and co., Jones, Lloyd and co) 
Dundee Banking Company, Kinloch and Sons 
Do. . New Banking Co., Ransom and go* 
Do. Union Banking Co., Glyn and co. or Clialmen & Guthii^j 

(bra. at Arbroath, Brechin, and Montrose} 
Dundee^ Maberly and co., Maberly and co. 
Do. John Symers, agent ; Smith, Payne, and co. 
Dorhaniy J. Backhouse and co., Esdaile and co. 
Do. Ridley, Rigge, and co., Glyn and Co. 

Dursley and Uley, Bloxsome and co., Masterraan and co. 
Dursley, Vizard and co., Esdaile and co. 

Eastbourne^ Smith, Gill and co., Spooner and co. 

East Cornwall, Robins and co., Williams, Deacon and co* 

East Grimstead, Hiirley and co., Esdaile and co. 

Edinburgh, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of England or Coutts 
and CO. (br. at Glasgow) 

Edinburgh, Bank of Scotland, Coutts and co. (branches at Alloa, Ayr, 
Dumfermline, Damfries* Falkirk, Fort William, Invernessy 
Kelso^ Kirkudbrigbt, Kirkaldy, Letth, Perth, St. Andrew's, 
Stirling, and StonehaTea) 

Edinburgh, British Linen Co., Smith, Psyne and co. (branches at 
Annan, Dundee^ Dunse, Elgin, Forres, Glagow, Haddington, 
Inverness, Jedburgh, Kerseymere, Leith, Montrose, Newton 
Stewart, Peebles Perth, Selkirk, Stranraer, Taine, and 

Edinburgh, Commercial Banking Co. of Scotland. Jones, Lloyd^co. 
(brs. at Aberdeen, Annan, Banff, Beitb, Campbell Town, 
Crief, Cupar, Dunkeld, Elgin, Falkirk, Hawick, Inverness, 
Kelso, Kilmarnock^ Kirkaldy, Kirkwall, Lanark, Leith, Stir- 
ling, Taine, Thurso, and Wick) 

Edinburgh, National Bank of Scotland, Glyn and co. (brs, at Banfi; 
Castle Douglas, Dalkeith, Dumfries, Fife, Galashiels^ Inter- 
ness, Jedburgh, Keith, Kirkwall, and Leith) 

Edinburgh, Ramsays and co., Coutts and co. 

Do. T. Kinnear and Sons, Smith, Payne and cof 

Do. . Sir William Forbes & co., Coutts & co. or Barclay &«o. 

Do. James Inglia and co., Bosanquet and co. 

Do. Robert Allen and Son, Barclay and cow 

Do. Donald Smith, and cob, Glyn and co. 

Do. Alexander Allan and co., Barclay and co. • 

Do. Maberly and co., Maberly and co. 

Do. Robert Allan and co., Bosanquet and co. 

Ely, Mortlock and Sons, Esdaile and co. 

Eyersham, Oldaker, Day and co., Barclay and cou 

Do. Hartland and co., Williams, Deacon and co. 

Exeter, (General Bank) Sparkes and co., Hankeys and oo. 

Do. (Devon Commercial Bank) John Cole& co., CurriM tad t» 

Do. Milford and co., Curtis and co. 

Do. Floud and Co., Hanburys and co. 


Plaee and Firm* On whom drawm 

Fakenham, Gurneys andco., Barclay and cOb 
Falkirk, A. Ramsay, (Cashier) Remington and ecu 
Falmouth, Praed, Roagem and co., Praeds and co. 
Farington, Ward and co., Spooner and co. 
Do. Pitt and co., Esdaile and ca 

Famhain» J. Stevens and co., Lubbock and oo* 
Ferersham, Wright and ca, Grote and co. 
Folkingham, Hardy, Turner and co, Jones, Lloyd and co 
Forfar, Arbroath Banking Company, Glyn and oo . 
Frome, Hoopers and xo, Frys and Chapman 
Do. Barton and co, Jones, Lloyd and co 

GaiaslHMrougfay Smith, Ellison and co^ Smith, Payne and co 

Galway, Ptowcial Bank of Ireland, Wright and co 

Glasgow, Thistle Banking Company, Smith Payne and co 

Do. Glasgow Banking Company, Ransom & co^ or Glyn & oo 

Do. Commercial Banking Company, Jones, Lloyd and co 

Do. J. and JBL Watson, Smith, Payne and co 

Do. Carrick, Brown and co, Smith, Payne and co 

Do. John Maberly and co, John Mabcrly and oo 

Glastonbury, Brown and Reeves, Masterman and co 

Gloucester, (C. O. IL) James Wood, Lubbock and CQ 

Do. J. and T. Turner, Esdaile and co 

Do. Russell and Skey, Jones, Lloyd and co 

Do. Ageiift, Mr. Cripps, Bank of England 

Godalming, Rdbert Moline and Sons, Frys and Chapman 

Do. Mellesh and co, Barclay and co 

Grantham, Hdlt and Kieroey, Barclay and oo 

Do. Hardy, Turner and co, Jones Lloyd and co 

Gravesend, Brenchlcy and co, Williams, Deacon and co 

Greeno<k Blinking- Company, Kay, Price and co 

G.uilford, W. T. and J. Haydon, Kay, Price and co 

Do. Sparkes and co, Esdaile and co, or Gill and co 

Haddington, W, and G. Ferme, ( Agents) Smith, Payne and co 

Hadleigb, (Sufifolk) Alexanders and co, Frys and Chapman 

Do. . „ jMills and co^ Hankeys and co 

Hailsham, Smith, Gill and co, Spooner and co j 

Halesworth and Suffolk, Gurneys and cOt Barclay and co 

Halifax, J. W. and C Rawson and co^ Jones, Lloyd and co 

Do. R. Briggs and Sons, Williams, Deacon and co 

Hamilton, J. Henderson, (Agent) Smith, Payne and co 

Hanley, Wood and Hidden, Jones, Lloyd and co 

Harlestone, Gurn^ and co, Barclay and co 

Harwich, Cox and Nocke, Frys and Chapman 

Hastings, Smith and co, Spooner and co 

Hawick, Dickson and Davidson, Smith, Payne and oo 

Haverfordwest, Saer, Thomas and co^ Masterman and co 

Helstone, Grylls, Vivian and cob Dixon and to 

Hemel Hempstead, Grover and Pdkrd^ Dotraen tod e» -. 

Lisra? BACKERS. 195 

place and Firuu On u>hom drawn, 

Hertford, Samuel Adams and co, Mastermaii *nd co 
Hexham, William Bell, Jones, Lloyd and co 
Hitchen and Herts, Plerson and co^ Masterman and co 
HitcheD, Sharpies and co, Barclay and co 
Holbech, Gurneys and co, Barclay and co 
Holywell, (Flintshire) R. and C. Sankey, Bosanquet and CO 
Do. Douglas and co, Masterman and co 

Holt (Norfolk) Gurneys and co, Barclays and co 
Honiton, Flood, Lott, and co, Lubbock and co 
Horncastle, Claypon and co, Masterman and co ' 
Howden, (Yorkshire) Schofield and co, Spodner and co ^ 
Huddersfield, Wilson and Son, Masterman and co 
Do. J« W. and C Rawson and co, Jones, Lloyd and co 

Do. Buckley, Roberts and co, Jones, Lloyd and co 

Hull, (Old Bank) Pease and Liddell, Glyn and co 
Do. Harrison and co, Kay, Price and co 
Do. T. and T. Raikes, jun., Curries and co 
Do. Smiths and Thomp«on, Smith, Payne and co 
Hungerford, King, Gosling and co, Spooner and co 
Huntingdon, Bust and Vesseys, Remington and co 

Iliracombe, (Deyon.) Vye, Vye, and co, Glyn and co 

Ilminater, Gundry and co, Esdaile and co 

Do. Stuckeys and co, Rogers and co 

Ipswich, Bacon and co» Esdaile and co^ and Gill, Thoims, and co 

Ipswich and Needham, Alexander and oo^ Sarnett% Hoare and co 

Jersey, (Com. Bank) Janyrin, Durrell and co, De Lisle, Ja&yrin & co 
Do. (Old Bank) Amiraux and co, De Lisle, Jannln and co 

Keith, Aberdeen Town and County Bank, Jone% Lloyd and eo 

Kendal, Crewsdon and co, Masterman and co 

lyo. Wakefield and Sons, Masterman and co 

Kettering, Gotch and co, Masterman and co 

Kidderminster, Wakeman and Turner, Curtis and co 

Kilmarnock, Hunters and co, Herries and co 

Kingston (Surrey Bank) Shrubeole and Lambert, Cnrriet and co 

Kington ( Herefordshire) Da?is and co. Lubbock and co 

Kirby Lonsdale, Gibson and co, Masterman and co 

Knaresborongb, Harrison and ccs WiUiams, Deacon and co 

Do. John CoateSy Esdaile and eo 

Lancaster, Banking Company, Barclay and co 
Landovery, D. Jones andco, Jones, Lloyd and co 
Langport, G. and V. Stiickey, Rogers and co 
Leamington, Tomes and Russel, Ladbrokes and co 
Ledbury, Webb and iion. Cocks and co 
Leeds, Field JMd eo^ Curtis and co 
Leeds, Blayds, Beckett and oo, Glynmid co 
Do. Perfeolf «iid&Bitb,'Lulibadc«iKlGo, 

166 UST OF BA2^XJ5B8. 

lUei <md Firm, On whom drawn. 

Leeds (Union Baiik) W!Hiams, Brown and co, Brown, Jaoson & co 
Leek, (Staffordshire) Fowler and co, Rogers and co 
Leicester, Manifield and co, Smith, Payne and cO 
So. Pares and co. Pares and Heygate 

Do. Hiomas Millar and Son, Masterman and co. 

Do. Paget and co, Glyn and co 

Do. Clarke and Philips, Williams, Deacon and co 

Leighton Biunard, Bassett, Grant; and co, Barclay and co 
Itfeith Banking Company, Barnetts, Hoare and co 
Lewee, (Old bank) Hurley and co, Esdaile and co 
Leybiirn, Hutton, Other, and co^ Hankeys and co 
Lichfield^ Scott and co. Smith, Payne and co 
Lincoln, Smith, Ellison and co. Smith, Payne and ca 
Limerick, D. F. Blahony, Puget, Bainbrldge and co 
Do. ProYineial Bank of Ireland, Spooner and co 

Liskesrd, Robins and co, Williams, Deacon and co 
Liverpool, Moss and co, Barclay and co 
Do. Lowry, Roscoe, Jones, Lloyd and co 

Do^ , A. lieywood and co, Dcoison and co 

Do. . Leyland and co, Masterman and co 
Do* James Asptnall, Frys and Chapman 

Do. S. Ho^ and co, Glyn and co 

Londonderry, Provincial Bank of Ireland, Spooner and CO 
Loughborough, ThoriM and co, Bametts, Hoare and co 
Louth, Claypon and co^ Masterman and co 
Lutterworth, Qoodlicre and Buzxard, Smithy Payne and co 
Luton, Bassett and co, Barclay and co 
Lyme-B(^gi8, Gundry and co, Esdaile and co 
Lymingtooj C. St. Barbe and co, Lubbock and co 
Lynny Bagge and Bacon, Gill, Thomas and co or EsdaHe ttud CO. 
Lynn Regis (Norfolk) ^assey and co» Grote and £0 
Ljim and Lincoln, Gurne^fs and co^ JBarclay and co 

MaedesSeld, Daintry, Kyle and co, Whltmore and co 

Do. Brocklehurst and co, Jones Lloyd and CO. 

Maidstone, Corrall and co. Curries and co ' 

Maidenhead, Stefens and co, Willis and co 

Mallow, De la Cour and Cuthbert, H. and J. Johnston 

Mahncabury, Robins, Young and co, Lubbock and co 

Malton, Bower and co., Curries and co 

Manchester, A. M'Gregor, agent, Bank of England 

Do. Heywood and co, Masterman and co 

Do. W. Jones, Lloyd and cp, Jones, Lloyd and co 

Do. Daintry, Ryle and co, Whitmore and co 

Do. Cuoliffes, Brooks and co, Cunliles and po 

Do. Charles Eyans, Rogers and co 

Do. Scholes and co, Curries and co 

Manningtree and Mistley, Alexanders and co^ Fryai^d Chvptnun 

Manidngtree, Nuons and ca» Esdaile and co, or Glll^ lliPlBasand c» 

Msnsfieldy Maltby and Robioaon* Glyu and co 


^ Place and Firm. On whmn dtenm. 

Mansfield, "Wylde and BoI|;ar, Lubbock and co 
Margate (Isle of Thanet) Cobb and co, Eadaile and co 
Market Drayton. Jeryis and co, Curtis and co 
Market Rasen, Smith, JBlUsoo and co, Smith, Payne and oa 
Market Harborough, Inkersole and co, Esdaile and co 
Martlock, Stuckeys and co, Rogers and co 
Mayfiald, Early and co, Esdaile and co 

Melton Mowbray, Clarke and Philips, Williams, Deacon and. co 
Do. Hardy, Turner and co, Jones, Lloyd and co 

Marlborough Old Bank, King and co, Spooner and co 
Marlborough and Wiltshire, Ward, Brown and co, Lubbock and co 
Melksham and North Wiltshire, Mbule, Son and co» Drewett and «b 
Merthyr TvdTiI, Quest and co, Glyn and co 
Mirfield, Wilson and Son, Masterman and co 
Mold,' S. and J. Knight, Jones, Lloyd, and co. 
Monmouth, J. P. and W. Jones and co, WilUams, Deaoon, and co 
Do. Bromage, Snead and co, Masterman and co 

Montrose Banking co, Barclay and co 
Do. John Mabcrly and co, John Maberly and co 

Morpeth, Chapmans and co, Frys and Chapman 

Neath, Williams and Rowland, Jones, Lloyd and co 
Newark, Godfrey and oo, Barclay and co 
Do. Peacock and co, Barnetts, Hoare, and co 
Newbery, Slocock and co, Curtis and co 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, VU J. Lambton and co, Bvcliy and co 
Do. Ridley and co, Curtis and co, Olyn andVo ' 

Do. Chapmans and co, Frys and Chapman 

Do. Backhouse and co, S^aHe and co 

NeWcaitl^ and Staffordshire, Kianersley and Sonii fiCastarman and^ 
Newmarket, Eaton and co, Cocks and co - *■ 

Do. Commercial Bank, Bryant and Son, RemlngUnf aikl^t# 

Newport (Isle of Wight) Kirkpatrick and co^ Lees and co 
Do. Sir R. Bassett and co, Gtyn iind eo 

Do. (Monmoutha.) Williams and Son, Cocks and co 

Do» (Salop) Parsons and co, Frys and Chapman 
Do. Hodson, Son, and co, Sansom and. eo 

Newport Pagnell, Bassett, Grant, and co, Barclay and eo 
Newton Abbott, Witfe, Farwell and co, Williams, Deacon and co - 
New Town, (Montg.) Tilaley, JoAes, and co, Glyn and co 
Northallerton, Fletcher and co, do 

Northampton, Perceval ; Esdaile and co ' * 

North Shields, Chapmans and co, Frys and Chapman • 

Do. Ridley and co, Glyn and co 

North Walsham, Lacon and co, Esdaile and co 
Do. Gumeys ; Barclay and CO 

Norwich and Norfolk, do. do. 

Norwich Crown Bank, Harvey and Hudson, Hank^ attd eo. 
Do. Thompson and co, Barnetts, Hoare $nd co, or ^iQ and %if 

Nottingham, Moore and co, Glyn and'co • •* - '" -* ^' ' 

' L98 Vm Of BAKttM. 

JPfaMaadrj%toi . On vJbm Atflmk 

NotUnghaiii, a SiaMi and «o, AniOii Pajne and o*. ' -^^ "T 

Do. X bad J* Wr^ht and co, Cvitit akid ea .a 

Bo. Han and €0, Haaborj and ao n ^i 

NunaatOB, Cf add at fca and Ball^ Venfl» Wardaad ea 

Odiam. R«ggatt and oo, Mulfrmaii and ca 

Oiwntry, Croxon and co^ do. '-( 

Oundi^ Dl Jb apdC S. Yarka, Fi7«aad Cbapoian 

Do. J. T. and W. aiiutb» Barclay and ao 

Oxford and Woodrtoek, Comt MoveU, and eo» ^doai, Llaydawd'co 

Oxford Oid Bank^ natchar, Parians and ocv Hanimiisle^ anit tt» 
Do. UniTarti^i Walker, Lofka and ear Willw and eo 
Do. Woaiao and 00, Mitteniianaad«o ^ 

Paklij Baokkv Cvtapmyf Smilb, Pttyna and ^ 

Da Ccmmareial Banking Coi, Joowy Uoyd and ao • -' 

Do. Union Banking Co., Olyn and go r 

Penrith, Dreavf aad aa, MMtarman and co 

Do. Atkinson, Craig and aa^ OIgm and ao ,, 

Do. Thomai Forater and co, do. 

Pensanca, Batten and ce^ Lubbodcandc» - •'! 

Do. Bolitho, Sons and oa^ Banaon and aa v *^ 

Do. Union Baids, Boaie, GranfeU and ao, £idattaandoo 1 

Perth, (Bank. Co.) D. Spottbmaada^ Barclay and «a ' ^'j^ 

Do. Union Bank, J. Syme, (caikiar,) Ratningfcon atHl«o ^^ 

Petafborongh, Sinpaoo and White, Grote and co 

Do. ) B. X and C. F. Yofka, Frys and Chapman "^ 

Peterhead, Aberdeen T^mn and County Bank, Jonas, Lkjfd and" ^ 

Do. Conanaercial Banking Co., dtik ^ 

Peterafield, Hector and CO, Wiliiams and eo -^ 

Patirortb, BboiwM and ed^ Mastaraaan and ea ,2^ 

PlymeuUi, Kingalo» aod«o, Barclay and eo ' . '*^. 

Do. (Naval B.) Hairis and eo, I^ubbock and eo 

Pontefraety Perfeeta and Smith, do. ^<^ 

Do. Leatham, Tew, and ea, Danison and eo '^ 

Pontypool, J. P. and W. Jonea and 00, Williana and ao 

Poole Old Bank, Fryer and co, Glyn and 00 

Do. Ladgard, W^ofa and eo, Bogeraandeo -* 

Portsmouth, Bnrbey and eo^ Frys and Chapman ' '"- 

Do. Grant and co, Ladbrokea and co 

Portaea, Thomas Wildey, Baasom and 00 

Do. Grant and eo, Ladbrokea and co 

Preston, Lawe and co, Jonea, Lloyd and co 

Do. Pedders and eo, Daalsonandeo 

I>o. Claytons and Wilaon, Glyn and co 

Ramsgata fOld Bank) Aueten and eo^ Curtis and (SOw 

Do. (Isle of Tfaanet) Burgees and eo, Remington afid co 

Reading, Stqphaaa and co, WiUis and €q -" 


rfaeeandMmh Onwhmikdmpm: 

Do. J. GrMKdlBUSsmaMdi, WmmtAw 
ReigRtt^ Piper, Oftle a«d co, GiU snd «^.or BafMrd*iind eo 
Benfirewshire Bankittg Compwft K«y» FtiMi>.«id.«o 
Retford cNotts,) Cpfikc^ CbUdeiv.uid ct, CqiHI»#ri'.«i v. ^ 
Richmond^ Backboase and oo, Eadaile and eo 
Do. (Yorks.) Sta|detonMd-cokB««kqr«iKd«0" ; '* 

Do. (Yotki.) Hntton and ci^ Hank«irira»d>€0 •. . 

Rinipvood and fioole^ Ledfwdy Welch and oo, fliograi.and oo 
Ringwood, Fryers and co^ Oljrn aad co 
RIpvV HarriMn endeiN Wttlia and CO 
Do. Farrer, Williamson and co^ Spoooer and e» 
Btpmi and Hiddeidale, John Coats £adailo«Mi co 
Roberto Bridget Smith, GIU and co^ Spoon«r and o» 
Rochdale, J. W. and C RniMon and eo,. Jo«e% Lloyd and co 
Do. dementoandRoydsy Smith and co 

Do. Fenton* CttnU£Ki and oo^ Barday-nndao . 

Rochester, &e.. Day and oob Glya and eo 
Romsay, Sharpe and co, do. 

Romsey and Hampshin^ Wamarand ao^ Iiobboek andanr. 
Ross, Richard and MoUb% Barnacd and CO 
Ross and Archenfield, Jonas and eo^ Bavday and aa . 
Rotherham, Walkenandco, do. 

RoystoD, MorUoek and Sons, Bsdaila and co 
Do. - Fordhatt and co, Whitmoia and co 
Rugby, A. ButHnand Sao, Paras nad UeiygaUs 
Rye, Cartas and co, WDUs and co 

Saddlewor«li^-(¥afk9) Buckley and co, Janai, Lloyd and eo 

Sal&op Walden, Gibsona and oo, Drawiu and eo 

Salisbury, ETCfett and co, Barclay and oa 

Do. Brodie and co, Ramington and eo 

Salop, Price and co, Bamalts, Hoam aad aa 

Do. Burton, Lloyds, and Salt, Bamington. and ea 

Sandwish, Emarson add co, Glyn and co 

Sarum, Seward and eo, Barclay and co 

Seaiboroagh, WoodaU and co^ Deatson and co 

Selby, Scbol^^d and ao^ Spooner and aa 

Settle, Birkbeck and co^ Barnard nad oo 

Sisven Oaks, Beechings ; Masterman and aa 

Shaftesbury, Storey and co, Barnard and co 

Do. Storey, and co. Gill and oo 

Sheffield, Parker, Shores and co, Morlands and ca 

Do. Walkers, Eyre and co, Barclay and oo 

Do, Rimingtons and Younges, Masteemaa and ea 

Shepton Mallett, Brown and co, Mastsrman and eo 

Sherborne and Dorsetohire^ Pretor and co, Rogeia and co 

Sherborne, Thome and co, Barnard and eo 

Shetland Banking Company, Barclay and oa 

Shiffnal, Biddle, Mountford and eo, Haaburya and ao 

Shipeton*on-Stour, Whitehead and co, Glyn and co 

Do. T.T. and T. R. Cobb and co^ Jones, Lloyd, A co 


Plaet and Firm. On whom drawn. 

Shrewsbury, Beck, Dodton and eo, Maiterman and eo 
Shrewsbury and Ludlow, Rocke, Eyfon and ro, Curds and eo 
Sittingbourne, VaNanc* andeo^ Spcxmerand co 
Skipton, Chippendale and co» Haaterman and co 
Sleaford, Peaoock, Handlcy and co, Bamettt, Hoare and co 
Sligo, Provincial Bank of Ireland, Wright and co 
Sluminster and Donctshirc, Colboume and eo, Grote and co 
Soatbampton, Maddison and co, Bametts, Hoare and co 
Bo. Atherley and Fall, Lubbock and co 

South Shields, Backhouse and co, Eadaile and co 
Do. Ridley and co, Glyn and co 

Do. Chapman'i and co, Frys and Chapman 

Southwell, Wylde and Bolgcr, Lubbock and eo 
Spalding, Claypon and eo, Mastorooan and co 
Stafford, Stevenson, Salt and co, Stevenson and Snlt 
Do. Birch, Yatea and co, Glyn and co 
Staines, Ashb^ and co» Frys and Chapman 

St. Alban*8, Martineaui and Storey, Lubbock and co^ or GlUMid.oo 
St Austle, Coode and Sons, Lubbock end co. 
St. Columb, Major, Turner and co, Glyn and oo 
St Ive's, C and J. Pashellcr, Eadaile and co 
Stamford and Rutland, Eaton and Caley, Mastevman and co 
Stockport and Cheshire, Cbrysty, Lloyd and co, HanburyU and co ' 
Stockport, Heywoods and co, Masterman and eo 
Stockton, Backhouse and co» Esdafle and co 
Do. W. Skinner and oo, Barclay and co 

Stone, Wm. Moore, Esdaile and co 
Stoney Stratford, Olivers and York, Jones, Lloyd and co 
Stourbridge, Rufford and Bigga, Spooner and co 
Do. (Old Bank) Hil^ Bate, and co, Esdaile and eo 

Stourporty Wakcman end Tttmer, Cuitis and co 
Stow on the Wokl, Crippa and co, Masterman and co 
Stowmarket, Sparrow and co, Banlay and co 
Do. Oakes and co^ Lees and co . 

Stratford on Avon, Whitehead and co, Glyn and co 
Do. Oldaker^ Tomea and oo Spooner, uid co 

StroudwatBTp Martin, Mills and co, Jones, Lloyd and co 
Do. Grazebrook and co^ Lubbock and oo 

Sudbury, Brown, Ferm and co, Barclay and oo ' • ' 

Sunderland, J. Backhouse and co, Eadaile and co 
Swaffham, Gurneys and co, Barday and co 
Swansea, (Agent) J. P. Wilkins, Bank of England 
Do. J. and J. Waiters, Jonca, Lloyd and co 

' Do. Haynea and eo^ Kay, Price and oo 

Swindon, Snangei: and co^ Maaterman^iod co 

Taunton, Woodford and co, Esdaile and co 
Do. J. and D. Badoock, lUnaom and co 

Da Stuckeys and 90, Curtis and co, or GiU and co 

Tavistock, Gill and CO, Bernctta, Hoare and €0 . • -^ 

Teigomoutb, Longmead and co, Masterman and co 


PlacB and Finu On whom dnaaau 

Tatbury, Wood, Pitt and oo^ Esdaik and co 
Tewkestraryy Lecbmere and eo, Curtia and co 
Do. Hartlaads aad co» WilUaoMy DeaDoa and co 

Think. Backhouse and eo, Gsdaile and co 
Thornberryy Parslow, Rolpbe and c/H K^y* Price.aod fio 
Tbrapston, Eaton and B«1and| Mastcrman and co 
Tioehurst, Smith, Gill and oo^ Spponor and co 
Tiverton and DeyoDshire» Dunsford and co» Idibbipek and co 
Torringtofiy Loveband and co^ Jones, Lloyd, and oo 
Totnes, Wise, Farwell and ca, Stevenson and Salt 
Do. General Bank, Prideauz and Beotallr WiUiaflM and co 
Towcester, Perceval and Sons, Eadaile and co j 

Trowbridge^ ^arton and co^ Curries and co I 

Do. Hooper and co, Prys and Chapioaa 

Truro, Praed, Rogers and co^ Praeda and oo 
Do. Turner, Magor and co^ Glyn and co 

Do. Miners* Bank, Williams and co^ Lnbboek and co 
T^inhiidge^ T. Beaching and Son, HftsteraBaa and co 

Uley, Bloxsome and co^ do. 

Ulverstooeb Fell and co, do« 

Uppioghan, Eaton and co^ do. 

Do. Clarke and FhiUips, WiUiams, Deacon and co 

Upton, Lechmere and co, Curtis and eo 

Uttozeter, Thomas Hart, Whitraoce and co 

Do. James Bell, Jone% Lloyd and co 

Usbridge, Hall, Smith and cc^ Glyn ^ndco 

Wakefield, Leatham, Tew and «o^ Dcnison and eo 

Wallingfoid, Wcllsy Allnatt and oo^ Jones, Uojd and f o 

Walsall Old Bank, C. Forstar and cii, Spooner and co 

Do. Barber and eo, do. ' 

Ware, S. Adams and coi Maslennan and co 

Warminster, Everett and co, Barclay and eo 

Do. Phippa and co» Lubbock and co 

Warrington, Parr, Lyon and ca, Dorrien and oo 

Warwick Old Bank, Tomes, Russell and co, Ladbrokea and co 

Do. Whitehead and CO, Giynimdno 

Waterford, Provincial Ban of Ireland, Spoeoer and co 

Watlington, Coseos and oo^ Masterman andco 

Wednesbury, S. Addison and co» Lubbock and co 

Welshpool, Beck and co, Mastennan and oo 

Wellingborough, Smith and co^ Praedsandeo 

Wellington (Salop) Reynolds and oo^ Mastennan and co 

Do. (Somersets.) lliomaa Fox and Sons, Bsdaile and co 

Wdls^ Payne, Tuffbell, and co, Jones^ Lloyd and co 

Do. Stuckeys and co^' Rogers and co' 

Do. Brown and Reeves, Maslorman and co 

Weatbnry, Matavars and co, Hanbury's and co 

Westbuiy and Wilts, Hoopers and co^ Fry and Chepmsn 


Fiau amd Firm' On whom drawn, 

Wexford, Redmond and co, Smitb, Pajme and co 
Do. Provincial Bank of Ireland, Si(x>oner and co 

Weymouth, WiJUams, Pattison and co, Williams, Deacos and co 
Do. Bower and Elliott, Williams, Deacon and co 

Whitby, Simpson and co, Barclay and co 
Do. J. and J. Saunders, Masterman and co 
Do. J. and R« Campion, Williams and co 
Do. Richardson and co^ Curtis and co 
Wbitediurcb, (Salop.) Coraer and cO) Frysand Chapman 
Wbitehayen, Hartley and co, Kay, Price and co 
Do. Harrison and co. Remington and co 

Wigan, Tbicknesse and co, Barclay and co 
Wimbome, Frytr and co^ Glyn and co 
Wlncanton, W. and G. Messiter, Bosanquet and co 
Do. Musgrave and co, Frys and Chapman 

Winchester, Knapp and co^ Barclay and co 
Do. Dean and Littlebales, Remington and co 

Do. Wickham and co, Glyn and co 

Windsor, Ramsbottom and co, Williams and co 
Wirksworth, Arkwrishts and co, Smith, Payne and co 
Wisbeach and lincolnsbire, Gurneys and co, Barclay and co 
Witney, Clinch and Sons, Masterman and co 
Wiyelscombe, P. and W. Hancock, Jones, Lloyd and co 
Wolyerhampton, Horden, Sons and co, Sansom and co 
Do. Ricbard Fiyer, Spooner and co 

Do. Sir J. Wrottesley and co, Hunburys and co 

Woodbridge^ Alexanders and CoUett, Frya and Chapman 
Do. Wood and Son, Esdaile and co, or Gill and co 

Woodstock, Cox, Morrel and co^ Jones^ Lloyd and co 
Woolwich, Budgen and Cortes, Masterman and co 
Wofvester (Old Bank), Berwick, Lechmere and co, Curtis and eo 
Do. Farley and co, Curtis and co 

Wofksop, Cooke, Cfaildera, and co, Coutts and oo 
Worthing and Sussex, Henty and co, Lubbock and co 
Wrexham and N. Wales, R. M. Lloyd, Smith, Payne and eo. - 
Wraham, Kenrick and co, Lubbock and co 

Yarm, Backhouse and co, Esdaile and co 

Yarmouth Lacon and co, Esdaile and co, or Gill and co 

Do. Gurney and co, Barclay and co 

YeoTil, Batten, Sparks and co, Barclay and co 

Do. Wbitmarsh and Whiter Ransom and co 

York, Wilson and co,. Curtis and co 

Do. Swan and oo, Glyn and co 



For £1 X Rvepence 

Above 1 1 net exceeding £2 2 Tenpence 

Above 2 2 ditto 5 5 One shil. and threep. 

Above 5 5 ditto 10 One shil. and nincp. 

Above 10 O ditto ' 20 Two shiHings. 

Above 20 O ditto 50 Three shillings. 

Above 50 O ditto 50 O Fiv6 shillings. 


L. 8. 







100 O 

200 O 



L. 8. 

S. D. 








1 6 


2 ^ 

. 50 I 

Two Mo 
ite, or 60 

1 2 6 

4 6 


U -^ a 





^ ^ 



8 6 

8. D. 

1 6 


2 6 

3 6 

4 6 



8 6 

12 6 




^50 .....<> £1 O 

50 and not exceeding • £l(30 1 10 


200 . 

30O . 


500 . 
2000 . 
4000 . 

4000 * 5000 

5000 10000 

Above 10000 

,15000 15 






















. £2 and under ....... £S Twopence. 

. 5 ••. 10 Threepence^ 

. 10 20 Sixpence. 

. 20 50 One Shilling. 

. 50 100 One Sbill.& Sixpence. 

.100 200 Two Shill.& Sixpence. 

.200 300 Four Shillings. 

And every Receipt in full ..••...... Ten Sbillind^. 


A INS WORTH Thomas, dealer in bats. Angel street 
Bartlett Henry, batter, Snig hill 

Binney W., auctioneer, office opposite Church gates, High st 
Bright Paul, agent to the Protector Fire Insurance Company, 
and European Life Insurance Company, London ; 21 
Foster Edward, grocer. Angel street 
Ford William, printer, &c. removed to York street 
Frith and Greening, drapers, removed to 51 High street 
Hattersley Geo., victualler. Painters' Arms, Silver street head 
Hill Samuel, victualler, Brushmakers' Arms, Coalpit lane 
Hopkinson Robert, printer, &c., Coalpit lane 
Johnson Valentinei spirit merchant, Snig hill 
Middleton Martin, victualler, Brown Cow, Bridgehouses 
Nicholson and Hoole, (successors to Edw Eyre,) merchants 
and manufacturers of edge tools, fenders^ &c. Green lane 
Schofield Benjamin, auctioneer, removed to George street 
Thompson Gordon, M. D., Norfolk row 
Tingle J. and T., ironmongers, Snig hill 
Ward T. A., Esq., Town Regent, vice Peter Brownell, Esq., 

Warlow John, (successor to George Carey,) hatter and lace- 
man, 10 Market place ^ 

>'^ / 


J. Blackwell, Printer, Iris Office, Sheffield. 




1. 'V ^^ 

Tliis book Is under no oiroumstanoes to be 
takeft from the Building